Donald Trump Hosts Airborne Press Conference – En Route To Iowa Rally (Full Video)…

On the way to Iowa Candidate Donald Trump held a press conference aboard his private Boeing 747 airplane as he transported members of the following press corps.

The “optics” are brilliant as candidate Trump projects the image of President Trump, Air Force One, and the traveling press corps.  Brilliant !  Big Smarts…. Big Smarts.

(Unfortunately audio is little sketchy, turn your sound way up)

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46 Responses to Donald Trump Hosts Airborne Press Conference – En Route To Iowa Rally (Full Video)…

  1. marierogers says:

    TRUMP very serious.not as jovial as he is at the rallies!

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  2. H Hutto says:

    The MAN just exudes confidence. President TRUMP, got a good ring to it. Holidays are soon to be over, time to Hat up and let em know we are here.

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    • smiley says:

      they should do the debates from his Boeing 747, imo.

      give us all a lift, for a change.
      do away with that ridiculous stage and the obnoxious needless props (ie/moderators).
      soar with the eagles !
      TRUMP 2016!

      sure do like your style, Donald Trump.


  3. H Hutto says:

    Reporter – Jeb has spent $40 million. Trump – No, Jeb has wasted $40 Million dollars. Get em, TRUMP..

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    • NJF says:

      Or put another way, “I’m $35 mil under budget!”

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    • Ono says:

      Trump is always the businessman by bringing up governments wasted spending policies. Watching Yeb ( Government as usual) and the RNC take a a digger brings a smile to my face. Throwing good money after bad…time and again. Their ethic and it’s result…failure.

      Yeb is a economic stimulus package for the advertising business, no doubt.


  4. mollyp1776 says:

    I am the LAST person Hillary wants to run against.

    LOVE IT!!

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    • TRONGOD2000 says:

      The ONLY person Hillary can run against is Burney and she can’t even do that. He is handing everything to her. Trump is going to be her Obama. She WILL lose to him.

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      • smiley says:

        hillary run?

        she can’t “run”….with those thunderous thighs & ankles and mountains of baggage and smelly scandals, she’s way too unwieldy to run…she’ll have to be lowered by a forklift into position, which is a little risky when compared to the likes of the soaring Trump.

        she looks/sounds bad already.
        he’ll make her look/sound even worse, if that’s possible.

        can’t wait.

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  5. tz says:

    I’m waiting for him to say he will use Trump1 instead of Airforce1 to save the Taxpayers.
    I really don’t want to love and endorse Trump, but his authenticity wins.

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  6. NJF says:

    I keep saying it…..FEARLESS!!!!

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  7. Brucerit says:

    The Greatest Man of my lifetime.

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    • margarite1 says:

      The man has his flaws but he is right on the big things and he’s just brilliant at campaigning! He’s a juggernaut. Thank God he’s on our side!

      He’s going to drive Hillary to drinking. /s She has got to absolutely be shaking in her boots…at least if she has any sense.

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      • Ono says:

        “going”??? Every time Trump has a rally and Hillary gets called out she goes deep. Trump brings this up and she goes deeper.

        Trumps battle is in the primary.

        Very important to check your registration and register republican. That way the bases are covered and on primary election day you won’t get a ballot with Trumps name missing on it. Don’t think for a second that there won’t be voting fraud! High voter turnoput discourages “stuffing the ballot box”

        Also remember that George Jr was elected president over Al Gore because of a Florida recount. Florida the home of Yeb who was governor and oversaw the recount!


  8. anon says:


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  9. AghastInFL says:

    One minor correction, Trump’s plane is a 757 not a 747.
    BTW if anyone has the opportunity to watch it the Smithsonian channel has a program “Mighty Planes” the episode on Trump’s plane was excellent.

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  10. Vinchenz says:

    Trump has endured business loss also running for President. There is an very short article at Breitbart cataloging this. So Trump is self-sacrificing for the good of the Country and the idiots he is running against are sacrificing is and the Country for themselves.

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  11. The Boss says:

    Great optics. Better audio on YouTube.

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  12. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Trump on his 747 being interviewed and as always he does a great job it’s under 12 minutes watch it.

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  13. Trump Force One trumps Air Force One.

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  14. Chow says:

    I don’t know who’s advising Trump on this whole shutting down the internet thing or how he thinks it is helping him, but I think he should drop that stance. I think it hurts him a lot politically because it’s not very clear on what exactly he intends to do and all people hear is shutting down the Internet. A lot of people are already fearfull of the government using terrorism as a reason for censoring and shutting down the internet and silencing political dissent.

    He’s going to lose a lot of voters with that stance like libertarians, independents, and millennial voters who are all tech savy internet users who support internet freedom. The last thing Trump needs is all those users of online hangouts like reddit, 4chan, etc. going against him. As of now he has a lot of support in that community, but that could easily change. He also needs to reach out to them more by saying he supports internet freedom and guys like Edward Snowden who is extremly popular among them.

    If he’s going to stick with that stance I think he should at least be a little more clearer. He should say I plan on shuting down internet communications and websites of ISIS by targeting exactly where they are coming from. If they are coming from Iraq or Syria than I will destroy all their communications ability there. If they are coming from UK, France, or the US than I will work with all our intelligence agencies and tech companies to find out where they are and shut them down.

    I thinks that’s a little more clearer of a message. Hopefully someone from Trump’s campaign reads this.

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    • Martin says:

      He’s not going to shutdown the internet.

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    • Garrison Hall says:

      “I don’t know who’s advising Trump on this whole shutting down the internet thing . . .”

      Trump commented not too long ago that he’s talking about turning off internet access for ISIS, cutting off ISIS’s banking connections, stopping ISIS oil production and sales and basically shutting the whole thing down in terms of it’s ability to function in the world. He spoke about this in a larger context of criticizing Obama inaction in allowing ISIS to transport and sell oil to gain foreign currency. I think he tends to speak too lightly about such matters which allows more confusion and distortion about his words than he should permit.

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    • conservativehippie says:

      chow, i at first thought, “monitoring the internet? hmmm?” then 30 seconds later i was like “WE MUST”. i personally believe trump will micro target the jihadis and leave the rest of our freedoms in place. jihadis should not be afforded the freedoms that the rest of us enjoy. if you’re breaking the law then that needs to be stopped and as of now, these jihadis I’m sure are breaking lots of laws in the course of spreading propaganda and messages through illegal porn, etc. I’m pretty sure live snuff films are illegal on many levels but it’s ok to circulate as long as it’s in the name of allah? you try to circulate a snuff film or illegal porn and see how fast before FBI is at your door. muslims are being allowed to due to PC culture. that needs to stop. so I’m sure the laws on the books just need to be enforced like everything else that’s f’d up. every time someone says something “controversial” in an effort to fix a problem, the so-called “controversial” thing being proposed is usually what the un-enforced law already states to do (sanctuary cities vs deportation come to mind). what’s controversial is that these jihadis have been freely using the internet in criminal ways to radicalize a new crop of dumb and weak minded lost souls into jihad. this recruitment must stop and in any sane free society would not have been tolerated for this long!

      i also know of anarchist libertarian types who think cutting off muslims from the internet is a GOOD idea. because they are using the internet to plan mass MURDERS. it’s not theoretical. i mean, hello? anyone home? techies won’t be able to play their online games if they’re dead. am i right?

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      • Ono says:

        The internet has been monitored from day one. It’s a recording mechanism. Limiting or shutting down signal to suspect areas makes perfect sense in this day and age. Remove communications, is a game winner for a low cost, in dollars and human knife.

        Let ISIS have a “day of pigs”


  15. freegz says:

    This press conference was done on the tarmac not airborne.


  16. Millwright says:

    I wonder if DT and his advisors haven’t considered using the press cities of demographics to “hinge” to segue ( a tactic he’s master of ), into a call for unity as americans. It might go a long way to thwart the DNP and (even more) , the RNC tactics.


    • anon says:

      I expect he will go there (call for unity) during the general election. He has already made it clear that opposition to our globalist establishment is one of if not the key reason he is running. I expect that it will be front and center in his campaign to woo Independents and Dems into his camp. It will work, too. I expect he won’t want to go there in the primary so as not to unnecessarily alarm the globalist establishment. They suspect and fear, but they don’t know for sure exactly how far he intends to go as long as he uses moderate and imprecise language, e.g. “some of those people are not loyal.”


  17. marierogers says: i see it millennials are more interested in the kardashians and star wars than politics..doubt if many will take time off from their cell phones to vote!
    anyone watched WATTERS world?


    • andrewalinxs says:

      Well all my friends and me in the Millennial bracket are actuly hand over fist in trumps corner actuly amazing to me as My bests friends wife who was playing with going Hillary. (she was rather liberal) completely converted to trumps team in fact it was my Friend and his wife that got me on the trump wagon.

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    • margarite1 says:

      I like Water’s world but really…it would be too borning to have only well informed people – they’re sort of force to put on idiots for the shock/entertainment value.


    • Chow says:

      I think millinials are going to be a bigger factor in the next election than people think and are a lot more informed than any other prior young generation because of the Internet. Jesse Waters would get schooled by someone lets say like Luke Rudkowski from WeAreChange who is extremly popular with millinials. Jesse Waters just hand picks his idiots he wants to air to make all his and Bill O’reilly’s viewers feel like they’re so smart and all these young people are just idiots. It’s fake like reality shows.


  18. justfactsplz says:

    Trump comes across very presidential and he exudes class. He is looking very rested and well lately. He is like the Energizer bunny, he keeps going and going. He will make a great president and will help make America great again no doubt.

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  19. beaujest says:

    No Reggie Love on this 747 !

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  20. BT says:

    Oh My Gosh! Luv Luv Luv this Man more and more every day! He just resonates. All the things I have thought and just wish, for ONCE, the media would question or ask or say, and then BOOM, there HE is! Amazing.


  21. LawrencePaul says:

    Every dictionary should have under its definition of
    Leader DONALD J TRUMP.


  22. KMack says:

    Gosh! Can it be true that we finally have someone who will put America and her citizens first. I cannot wait to help President Trump “Make America Great Again”. Trump 2016!


  23. Pinkie says:

    I think there are a couple of reasons for Trump’s staying power. Both stem from the fact that most Americans dislike politics and politicians. First, Trump has brought a certain entertainment value to the race – this could begin to wane but the MSM has been predicting that for a while and it hasn’t happened. Ands Trump is a master salesman who has had experience in holding an audience through the years with his reality show series. Second, many voters do not vote for but rather against. This is why negative advertising is effective. This is why candidates have sometimes sought to have their legal names changed to “None of the Above.” Cruz and some of the other wing nuts are competing with Trump for the anti-establishment vote. But at this point, Trump still remains the ultimate vote against.


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