Wow ! Excellent Video – “The Monster Vote”… The American Vote… The People’s Vote

You know there is something rather unique and profoundly wonderful happening when ordinary people take their own time to make better videos than the professional politicians.   What really makes the difference is the heart behind the message.

Here’s another exceptional example:

You can read the transcript HERE from Citizen Dale

Trump rally texas 2

Trump rally illinois 4

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70 Responses to Wow ! Excellent Video – “The Monster Vote”… The American Vote… The People’s Vote

  1. Ursula says:

    Great letter, I hope his staff gets to see this video.

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  2. carolmcd says:

    Awesome video. Brought tears to my eyes.

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  3. Steele81 says:

    That is beautiful.

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  4. 240grjhp says:

    Brought a tear to my eye and a fierce sense of patriotism. Well Done Citizen Dale!

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  5. Vinchenz says:

    The Monster Vote v Zombie Vote (illegals, dead people, felons – the democrat voters)

    That’s the only way to defeat the Zombie vote in the general election and the GOPe in the primaries – the Monster vote

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    • TheFenian says:

      Fantastic video.

      66 million – Obama (how many were fraudulent ?)
      61 million – Romney
      100 million – do not vote

      Staggering numbers. Proves WE CAN DO THIS.
      Remember, Trump himself has said “I haven’t won anything yet. I need you to vote.”

      Please don’t wait for Trump’s “ground game” to get out the vote. Do it YOURSELF.
      • Ask family, friends & neighbors if they are registered.
      • If they are not, you help them get registered.
      • Make plans NOW to drive family, friends and/or neighbors to the voting booth.

      Don’t say “Trump’s got this”. Make it happen yourself. Americans don’t wait for others to carry the water. We dig the well, pump it out and carry it OURSELVES.

      This is going to be great !

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      • margarite1 says:

        First everyone who isn’t already a Republican needs to register as one so we can get him through the primaries. I think this could be more difficult than the general what with the GOPe looking at losing their (until now) election proof empire.

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  6. hocuspocus13 says:

    Most meaningful when one takes the time to send a “hand written” letter 🇺🇸

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  7. Donald Joy says:

    I am whitey hear me RAWR

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  8. Betty says:

    I shared this video to my facebook page.

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  9. Bull Durham says:

    Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!

    Register. Vote. Pass this along.

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  10. Mordecai Gallows says:

    Yes, Citizen Dale! Powerful message. Awesome video.

    The force of tyranny and deceit has awoken the sleeping monster.

    The monster will not be defeated!

    Behind every blade of grass and dangling chad is a patriot with a vote –


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  11. TwoLaine says:

    Beautiful! Excellent! On the money!

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  12. tz says:

    The “Reagan Democrats” now have a franchise.
    Voting for the blue or red republicrat is meaningless.
    But Trump is the alternative. You might not like everything but he will do it.

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    • delmarvajim says:

      I don’t have to like everything he will do. I’m not voting for a preacher or a saint. I’m voting for our weapon of mass destruction to the status quo. Like everyone else, I damn sick and tired of being damn sick and tired

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      • boutis says:

        That is what is making Trump teflon. He isn’t a saint, he has very human warts and faults, a big blunt mouth and a temper, he brags, he’s proud, he is flashy and quick, he works hard but so smart, he is vain but self deprecating. He is bold and aggressive, manly and funny. He is in it to win it or he wouldn’t bother. Smart, wise, tricky, and a master of multi-level planning. Make America Great Again. Lead the way Mr Trump. We are ready!

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      • Ivehadit says:

        Right on! 🙂


  13. snaggletooths says:

    Great Video thanks for posting it and Thanks to the creator of it. Very nice

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  14. Only Trump knows that the greatest threat to safety is Political Correctness.

    PC used by Liberals to control us and now by Muslims to kill us.

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  15. fred says:

    Makes ya feel proud to be a citizen again and yes there is some hard dirty work in front of us to clear the rats and roaches but we must try. Luckily for me I found the CTH which has explained so much I never understood before so get out the videos and guide folks to the truth. The tide is turning I feel it….. like getting over a hard illness you can feel your getting better.

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  16. zadatn says:

    NassimNicholasTaleb – Verified account ‏@nntaleb

    How many Christmas party drinks will it take you to admit you would vote for Trump vs Hillary Clinton-Malmaison:
    3:37 PM – 22 Dec 2015


  17. Bobbi D says:

    Breath taking!!!


  18. Bill Quick says:

    Blogged it at Daily Pundit. It’s beautiful. Hope it goes viral.

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  19. justfactsplz says:

    I heard a talking head say today that Trump voters are mostly white blue collar workers with only a high school education. Wait until they see the monster voters. Trump voters come from all races, walks of life, age, and education. It will be a landslide. I am honored to be a part of Team Trump.

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    • TheFenian says:

      Don’t believe the lies. Trump has massive support across all education levels, all economic groups and all, quote-un-quote, ethnic groups.

      Trump has huge, widespread support among black Americans. We are all in this together and together we are going to make it happen.

      A new era is coming (if WE make it happen). History books will mark this as the turning point were we became a post-racial, unified America. A truly united United States.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        I don’t believe any of the lies. I have been a Trump supporter from the start and a Treeper for a long time. There are a lot of Wolverines out there that support Trump. We got this. We CAN make it happen.

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      • anon says:

        I don’t believe that either. They are arrogant enough to see it as a putdown, and their use of it says a lot about what they really think of the majority of the American people. I’ve got three degrees in various kinds of physics and I was in 100% as soon as Trump said (about Wall Street financiers) “some of these people are not loyal.” The man gets it and says it out loud.

        Credentials are irrelevant: the only requirement is to BE an American, to self-identify as part of the American people. We are a national people, like Irish or Poles or Hungarians, and by definition come from all backgrounds and trades. The globalists and radical leftists want all the Western peoples broken so that our traditions of liberty and self-government do not pose a threat to their rule of the Earth via global “trade” treaties that put shackles on national sovereignty.

        They don’t fear Bangladeshi. They don’t fear Indians. They don’t fear Africans. They fear us. And they should, because we are coming for them, with Trump leading the Charge.

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        • Donald Joy says:

          Bingo. That’s what cuckservatives don’t get — the racial/ethnic makeup of a country really matters. For all the talk of rule of law, etc., the bottom line is that if we continue importing the third world, and sacrificing our own families to pay for them to breed like cockroaches here, America will simply no longer exist. Heck, it’s probably too late as it is, to reverse the breakneck non-white birthrates and invasion waves….the “rule of law” and Western Civilization is a distinctly white phenomenon….


        • Donald Joy says:

          That’s not to say that’s there’s anything wrong with SOME ethnic diversity within a dominant and cohesive ethnic/racial national character, but if all we have is chaotic diversity, with no racial majority to provide a stable dominant culture within which an amount of diversity can flourish/add flavor, then all we have is just constant racial conflict, tension, and endless power struggles & strife, as we are seeing more and more and more as whites abdicate their majority privilege.


  20. I feel like our great nation is a patient that has been getting sick for a long, long time. Each election we have a new doctor that talks about the problems but fails to tell the patient truly what they need to hear to give them a fighting chance to beat the illness. Well we have gone undiagnosed for far too long and the patient has slipped into a coma. Many that don’t know the patient very well consider the patient a lost cause, but those that know and love the patient most visit often staying by the bedside praying for help. In walks someone known by all who truly loves the patient and is so grateful for what the patient has given him but he doesn’t speak like a doctor, he speaks firmly, tells the patient exactly what they need to hear without sugar coating the smallest detail, even if it upsets some in the room. Now to those that don’t know the patient this person is looked at as crude and unbelievable because he isn’t a doctor but to the patient’s family and friends they know he means only the best FOR THE PATIENT, he’s like an angel. The words he speaks cause a flutter in the E-E-G and the patients vitals begin a flurry of activity, almost as if all in the room witnessed a miracle before their very eyes. This is what the patient needed all along to have the will to fight. The patient is America and the person who speaks the words that gives her the will to fight is Donald J Trump. Let’s make sure he visits her more than anyone else for the next 8 years.

    From a friend who visits her daily and loves yelling at the incompetent doctors currently in charge of her care.

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    • NCPatrick says:

      East, your letter is profound and you made such a wonderful analogy. Yes, our precious patient has been ill, very ill, and those of us who love her so have watched in near despair. And I believe as you said that it took someone with a hefty dose of common sense and courage and a track record of overcoming obstacles to get us all to try something new.

      I have seen just such medical miracles this year with my husband and other family members. When the doctors basically threw up their hands, I said no … there has to be a reason and I will find that reason. Unorthodox methods that were certainly not PC but dang it, they worked! Thanks for your great letter. It spoke to me.

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  21. furtiveadmirer says:

    Why Trump Matters According to Ann Coulter

    Ann is signing “Adios America” in her home in Palm Beach last Monday 12-21-15.

    Local talk prevaricator (flaming “reformed” liberal – wherever the wind blows, Hispanic -Catholic-American, raised ny Jew, Joyce Kaufman -“I will do what I have to, to get a radio show”,) dishes with Coulter.
    (Her kids went to ivy leagues schools by applying as “Hispanic” minorities with scholarships when they grew up Jewish American.)

    It us obvious Ann has no awareness about how Joyce scams the system; yet that is the thesis of her book.

    Joyce manipulates Truth: The ends justify the means.
    Ann will eventually discover Joyce’s allegiance & be shocked.
    Joyce has bii-racial grandchildren, & she is in an interracial 2nd marriage as well.
    (Ann’s previous book was “Mugged” about Blacks in America under Obama & before.)

    That being said, is is a great informative interview by Ann, for those who don’t really understand Trump’s mentality.

    Enlarge the video for great quality



    • furtiveadmirer says:

      Why Trump Matters

      How Trump saved a Georgia Farm:

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    • PreNanny says:

      Do you live locally to Joyce and know her? I do not live in Florida but have listened often to her radio show over the internet and felt she was fighting the conservative fight. If memory serves me first heard of Joyce through Pam Geller.
      Would you care to elaborate why Joyce is not trustworthy please.
      Thank you for link to their chat, glad to hear both Ann and Joyce are on the Trump train.
      Note to anyone going to link the video is a bit delayed in starting starts 2-3 minutes in.


    • starfcker says:

      Furtive, I went to a Trump rally in 2011 in boca raton, Joyce Kaufman was the host. She’s all over the place on a lot of things, but Trump is not one of them. She has been a supporter for at least 4-5 years.


    • AtlantaPatriot says:

      Good video. Thanks for the link.


  22. drdeb says:

    Can I say Super Yuge WOW? Donald J. Trump Shall Be our Next President! After, as Sundance posted before, about 30 years, FINALLY We The People with the Election of Donald J. Trump Shall Make America Great Again.
    Please don’t just sit there and blog. Volunteer! Even in my Red State, there is a strong ground movement afloat. Get Involved!
    We are! And it feels terrific.

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  23. LawrencePaul says:

    My goodness how the establishment must hate the internet. They can no longer control the conversation. We are never going to get the 100M to vote as a good percentage of them are doped up semi literates or welfare moochers. However there tens of millions out there who have just given up on politics all together. If just a fraction of those people vote this time around this will be a landslide.
    As I have said before. This election was effectively over the very day Donald J Trump decided to rum. We just didn’t know it then.

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  24. Kristin says:

    Yes! Let’s participate in this monster vote!!! Go do it! Register! Vote in primary and then let’s inaugurate him.
    Trump 2016.


  25. shipley130 says:

    Through the ages, people have put up with a lot of shyt from people that have been appointed to be leaders. Caligula, Herod, FDR, LBJ, Obama. It’s high time the current leadership around the world meet their end.


  26. Tampa2 says:

    How prescient of Whittle’s conclusion. This was a 2012 speech. Did he not describe
    Trump? Even to the Concealed Carry!


  27. Donald Trump is not perfect so go and vote for Hillary (Obama 2.0). Let the destruction begin!

    Want more terrorism? Vote Democrat.

    Want more Shariah Law? Vote Democrat.

    Want more Islam? Vote Democrat.


  28. lisainva says:

    Reblogged this on lisaandrews1968 and commented:


    The III% that are taking back this nation


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  30. Mr Trump you are our only hope for the future of America. We will do everything in our power to make you our president. The GOP Establishment has left us even though we voted for them. Now we must show them how we feel. We must leave them in the dust and bring out that beautiful spirit of America. No more division, no more political correctness, no more liberalism, just hope for the future of our children and grandchildren!


  31. Michael John says:

    Thank you Citizen Dale!


  32. lynne downhour says:

    Brought tears to my eyes too. We the people are powerful. We must vote for the only candidate who can’t be controlled. Donald Trump.


  33. Wonderful message and video.. shared on my Facebook page.. thanks so much!


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