New CNN/ORC Poll – Donald Trump Extending A Commanding Lead – Massive Leads On All Key Primary Issues…

A new CNN/ORC Poll today (full pdf below) shows Donald Trump has taken a commanding lead over the rest of the field.  An interesting aspect to this poll, it is almost identical to a November 19th Reuters/IPSOS result that CNN and other media sought to dispute at the time.  At the time we called it a “Tripwire Poll”  in part because it showed Cruz and Rubio unelectable with independent minded voters; and the conformational results today reflect how prescient that declaration actually was:

The poll reflects Trump’s dominance over the rest of the field on the issues voters deem most important to them. He holds massive margins over other Republicans as the candidate most trusted to handle the economy (at 55%, Trump stands 46 percentage points over his nearest competitor), the federal budget (51%, up 41 points), illegal immigration (48%, up 34 points), ISIS (46%, up 31 points) and foreign policy (30%, up 13 points).

Looking at those Republicans who consider each issue to be “extremely important” to their vote, Trump’s standing on each issue is even stronger. Among those Republican voters who call the economy extremely important, for example, 60% say they trust Trump to handle that issue. Among immigration voters, 55% trust Trump on the issue. On foreign policy, Trump inches up to 32%, and among those who call terrorism an extremely important issue, 49% say they trust Trump most on ISIS.

(via CNN/ORC)Donald Trump is once again alone at the top of the Republican field, according to the latest CNN/ORC Poll, with 36% of registered Republicans and Republican-leaning independents behind him, while his nearest competitor trails by 20 points.

Three candidates cluster behind Trump in the mid-teens, including Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at 16%, former neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 14% and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at 12%. All other candidates have the support of less than 5% of GOP voters in the race for the Republican Party’s nomination for president.

Carson (down 8 points since October), former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (down 5 points to 3%) and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (down 4 points to 1%) have lost the most ground since the last CNN/ORC poll, conducted in mid-October.

cnn orc poll december 4th

Cruz (up 12 points) and Trump (up 9 points) are the greatest beneficiaries of those declines. Rubio is also up slightly, gaining 4 points — an increase within the poll’s margin of sampling error — since the last CNN/ORC poll.  (read more)

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91 Responses to New CNN/ORC Poll – Donald Trump Extending A Commanding Lead – Massive Leads On All Key Primary Issues…

  1. Raffaella says:

    Corrupt Newsmax headline: Cruz surges into 2nd place.

    Oh how I hate the media.

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    • wizzum says:

      Should be Daylight surging to second, Cruz third, a long way back.

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    • Vinchenz says:

      How they hate Trump.

      Newsmax with that passive-agressive headline just shows how demoralized they are — they have to hold onto some kind of hope of beating Trump. Cruz btw is just riding on Trump’s coattails. He was doing this before that memo was sent out teaching other candidates to fake being like Trump. Cruz is just smarter than the other dullards running. He never attacks Trump. He isn’t stupid. So he tries to be like Trump. “I wanna be like Trump” song.

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      • Stefano says:

        Actually Cruz clearly did attack Trump a couple of times already, going as far as repeating the establishment typical line of : “Trump can’t get elected, no chance bla bla bla”


      • keebler AC says:

        Cruz is an unctuous weasel with long lower lashes (shiver) who is self-admittedly very strongly influenced by his equally unctuous weaselly traveling Cuban American-come-lately father. He is crafty and cunning like that snake in Jungle Book.

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        • So absolutely true..It looks like those looking for a preacher in this poll are spit now between Cruz and Carson. Well, since Cruz dad prophesied over Cruz and said that Cruz was going to be a king.. then I guess he won’t be a preacher, but a self appointed king who gets to take all the money and distribute according to wether he thinks you are worthy or not. There is a video going around of him praying over Cruz anointing him as the coming king..So any of you still for better re think and understand his agenda..NAU..etc.

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  2. Doodahdaze says:

    No One, is beating Bush, by a point, 4 to 3.

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  3. agryphon says:

    There is a word that describes what is happening. It starts with a bit of a shakeup, then a ripple, then a wave, and finally it becomes a TSUNAMI and the shoreline never looks the same again. Several groups better head for the hills!

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  4. Trumpfan80 says:

    This is so awesome to see! Less than 2 months until Iowa and his support is growing. Sundance, do you think this could be the pollsters actually starting to publish the “real” results so that they start to appear credible as we get closer to when voting starts?


  5. JoeS says:

    As posted on the “Presidential thread” earlier, this is AWSOME!:
    CNN/ORC Poll: Trump plus 20%!

    Trump 36%
    Cruz 16%
    Carson 14%
    Rubio 12%
    Rest equals 4% or less with Jeb! at 3%!

    Striking new numbers show Trump up on competition and growing significantly (up 9%) from the last poll.

    The BEST MSM media narrative is that Trump’s voters are the stupid uneducated Republican voters without college degrees where he is leading big, but he is losing in fourth place with college-educated Republican voters.

    This is NOT TRUE! Trump is NOT in fourth place among college-educated voters. Trump is actually statistically TIED for FIRST PLACE amongst these voters, well within the margin of error of 7% for this subgroup. Furthermore, there is an IRONY within the college educated group crosstabs. On an issue by issue basis of illegal immigration, ISIS, Economy, who can win the general election, commander in chief, most effective at solving the nation’s problems, the federal budget, Trump leads BOTH the college-educated and the no college groups on the critical specific issue subgroups. In fact, the ONLY college-educated subgroup where Trump is not winning is the foreign policy issue group where he is, again, within the margin of error for this subgroup at 22-16% to his nearest competitor.

    For the first time, a MSM poll of voters by live, in person, polling techniques shows Trump with polling outcomes much closer to what has been observed in online polls. It has been suggested before that Trump, and very uniquely Trump, polls higher in online polls (by about 10-15 percentage points) than live interview polls with the actual graphic representation between the two samples following a VERY similar graphic curve or plot. It has been suggested by me previously that there may be a “Bradley Effect” or similar phenomena occurring where people have been afraid to say they support Trump in person because of fear of being labeled all of things that Trump has been labeled. It may simply be that some felt that Trump’s candidacy was not real and that he would drop out eventually.

    We may be seeing, for the first time, a convergence between the two polling techniques suggestive of a “hardening” of support for Trump and a defeat of political correctness. There may very well be a trend toward the online polling numbers meaning a COMPLETE collapse of Trump’s competitors.

    We must keep in mind, that this poll was conducted BEFORE the San Bernardino RADICAL ISLAMIST TERRORIST shootings. It is LIKELY, based on the poll results that were observed after to the Paris attacks, that Trump’s position will be STRONGER post San Bernardino. It has now been reported that Tashfeen Malik pledged allegiance to ISIS online, making this clearly an ISIS related terrorist event. Trump, in the latest CNN poll, by far and away amongst ALL subgroups, is the candidate best suited to deal with ISIS! Trump could very well be in the mid 40% figures now, nationally.

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    • Doodahdaze says:

      She’s baaak. This might shave a few points off Marco and his 11%. The Bayshore Bimbo? Nahhh. That would be too rich. Can’t be true.

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      • JoeS says:

        Nice work Doodahdaze. I wonder who is shopping this story Cruz or Jeb!?


      • WSB says:

        Which one or both?


      • Betty says:

        Oh my gosh that picture is funny. At first I thought of Ross Perot – all ears, then I had to wonder what else might be sticking up.


      • sundance says:

        Do you know who that is? Jill Kelly is the lady from Tampa Florida who Paula Broadwell was arguing with about General Petraeus. Kelly is also the one currently suing Secretary Jeh Johnson for leaking her name to the media.

        Kelly also turned up in the correspondence with General Allen – currently in charge of ISIS operations in Syria/Iraq.

        Put “jill Kelly” in site search box (over there —->) and you can read all about her exploits.

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        • andymilken says:

          Don’t know if you’ve noticed, but it seems the anti-Trumpy crowd is “phasing” through the Kubler-Ross model like a blazing machete through butter; getting closer to the final stage.

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        • EggsX says:

          Sundance, if I catch your drift, you are entering the realm of high-end prostitution which permeates most if not all aspects of high-society. I think that is why the media takes such a hands off take to these types of stories – as they are likely also involved in these things. I am reminded of the latest escapades of Sen. Menendez and Bill Clinton. I would not be surprised to see a lot of leaders of the world/society caught up in this. Almost a literal fulfillment of Rev. 18:1-17. I recently heard about “tag the sponsor” which discloses these women that travel from one rich client to the next around the world. The site isn’t against this, just the aspect that these women pose as though they are living the high life without showing their real occupation – which is a literal fulfillment of Luke 12:3.
          Regarding Trump…Is it likely that he was also caught up in this? His wife is a former ‘model’. Of course he married her and she seems respectable. This may be an issue the establishment may not want to touch because it would disclose their own depravity. Nevertheless, I see this as a possible issue (if/when the establishment gets really serious). I hope Trump keeps track of everyone’s mistresses, as mutually assured destruction is probably the best guard against any movement by the big players. Perhaps that is one aspect of why they have been mostly hands-off Trump and have only used subversive tactics against him.


          • sammyhains says:

            Maybe not high end prostitution, but perhaps high end espionage.
            All of these people are people with access to classified battleground information.

            Using women to seduce men with access and get them to divulge national secrets is not just the stuff of Bond films. It has been standard practice by all sophisticated spy agencies, particularly the Russians and the US, and there is no reason to think it couldn’t have even been adopted by a technologically savvy operation like ISIS, too.


    • zadatn says:

      Lobbyist. Research found while going through his financial situation. Wow.


    • Southern Son says:

      RuhRow…wish I had da taKen coworkers bet now. He bet Marxio was gonna trounce Trump. I’m not a bettin’ man. But I wanted to before DooDah dropped this bomb. I will bet, that Cruz ppl leaked though. DT don’t need dirt. He’s got Truth and Sunshine!

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  6. zadatn says:

    The Mosque where Farook attended doesn’t like Trump. Close these terrorist Mosques. Investigate whether these Terrorists were in contact with the Obama boys in the FSA that he has been funding.

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    • fred says:

      It’s like the way the Cape bees take over the Africanized bee hives. Ruse and deception. The mosques are the seeds of the whole thing paid for by evil people and really bad folks brought in to do the propaganda.Imperative to close mosques or infiltrate them. They are the heart beat.

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  7. You could hear the passion in from the questioners tonite in his NC rally. There’s an undercurrent that won’t be stopped. Went to Home Depot today, and checking out with my Trump hat the lady checking me out, (probably mid 60’s) asked if that was a Trump hat. I said yes and she replied I like it and I like Trump too. He’s tapped into a passion that hasn’t been seen for a long time. Trump2016.

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  8. bofh says:

    CNN/ORC Poll: Trump plus 20%!

    Hot Air hardest hit. Film at 11…

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  9. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Trump understands the PROBLEM which is the the Political Class (R’s & Ds) have morphed into a single two headed Monster. This monster is out for only what is good for it and it will eat up everything in the country if not stopped. This is not a fight for electing the next president — this is a fight to save the Republic pure and simple! Trump understands we are at war with Islam and China is steeling all our jobs while the Drug loads and doping up the Citizens. ALL OF THIS MUST BE STOPPED!

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  10. JoeS says:

    Who has “ceiling” now MSMs?

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  11. rjcylon says:

    I expect Trump to keep his commanding lead. Look at the crowds and the impact he is having. It would be foolish to expect that to change. I like Cruz and would vote for him, but no one is going to come close to Trump. There will be no more REAL, GENUINE surges. It’s Trump. The people have spoken.

    Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Carson was declared by the media to have already won Iowa, and he was the dominant front-runner? Now no one is even talking about Carson, it’s like he never even entered the race. I guess no one bought the BS that he was the “frontrunner”.

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    • dick8johnson says:

      Gentle reader:
      Ted Cruz is GARBAGE !!!!!!!!!
      Ted’s wife Heidi
      *Currently on leave from Goldman Sachs – While on the Council of Foreign Relations HEIDI S. CRUZ completed a task force report on Building a North American Global Community – she was also an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Mrs. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.

      The same Goldman Sack that helped bring down the world’s economy.


      • dick8johnson says:

        My apologies Sundance,
        The above quote copied from CTH.

        The Cold Anger Awakening Continues – TPP Contains The Vehicle For Passage of Global Climate Change Rules
        11/30/2015 BY SUNDANCE.


  12. coeurdaleneman says:

    While others refer to the graphic as Hollywood Squares, to me it looks a little more like bingo.

    BTW, the usage of Trump buttons is a stroke of genius.

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  13. BenY says:

    Apparently Cruz is starting some kind of 2nd amendment coalition. I think he will continue to try mimicking Trump. Cruz is the guy who said he would never attack another (R) candidate because he follows Reagan’s 11th commandment, and now he is out there attacking Rubio. Rubio deserves it but that makes Cruz a hypocrite.

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    • Raffaella says:

      I have said it before and I will say it again, Cruz is not likeable no matter what his positions. People vote their passion, dreams and aspirations. Cruz is not that. Only Trump connects to voters passion/dreams/aspirations.

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      • Doodahdaze says:

        My best girl says the same. But she likes Trump. She is a bleeding heart lib too. Does not like the Beest. Likes Sanders but picks Trump over Sanders.


    • flawesttexas says:

      With a CFR wife….Ted Cruz does not really support 2d Amendment

      The CFR is a Liberal Anti American Globalist organization. They do not support individual rights or individual nations laws & sovereignty

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  14. snaggletooths says:

    Like the poll numbers for Trump Cruz seems high when we never see any events of his a ouple pictures I have seen at get together’s he has are 40 or less people. Trump has thousands.

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  15. Attorney says:

    So I am working on a new gig, and jeez, there’s a meeting and all of a sudden the attendees start slamming Trump. Good liberals, I suppose, and all. Had I opened my mouth among these “tolerant” people, there is no doubt in my mind I would have lost the work. God I hope Trump wins. Please God. Keep the guy strong, opinionated, and safe. Please.

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  16. aprilyn43 says:

    And, if you go on Yahoo topic board they are preaching Trumps doom ; or how he’s the cause of every evil thing that happens.


  17. stevendufresne says:



  18. Bill Bower says:

    Lol @ Don’t know beating Bush by 1% He’s winning without the base entirely. ROFLMAO

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  19. Test. Can you hear me now?

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  20. Millwright says:

    This story in POLITICO Magazine might cause some increased worry at the RNC headquarters.

    Of course these folks in Virgo Cty. IN could be wrong, but the odds are long !

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  21. AuH2O says:

    There is a swing of 25% in this poll. Collectively, Trump Cruz and Rubio gained 25%. Trump got 9 (just over 1/3), Cruz 12 (just under 1/2) and Rubio got 4 (1/6). The so called experts said has the field shrinks Trump won’t go up. But this poll shows he will get the votes of the other candidates as they go down.


  22. deanna laurence says:

    vigo county sounds like a wonderful place with very sensible people


  23. Coda says:

    Newsmax is antibtrump


  24. flawesttexas says:




    FOR IMMEDIATE ACTION: Please keep Mr Priebus and Mr Rove away from windows in tall buildings. Also, remove all rope, cords, belts, and other tying items out of vicinity when they are nearby

    HQ, GOP

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  25. rhondakelly07 says:

    No more illegals or Musliums please


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