Kentucky “Refugee Terrorists” – Mark Levin Discusses Current U.S. Refugees Who Are Confirmed Terrorists (audio)…

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kentucky terroristsVia ABC News) Two al Qaeda-Iraq terrorists were discovered living as refugees in Kentucky in 2009. The men later admitted in court that they’d attacked U.S. soldiers in Iraq, ABC News reported.

The investigation showed that Waad Ramadan Alwan was mistakenly allowed to resettle in Bowling Green, home to Western Kentucky University and very close to the Army’s Fort Knox and Fort Campbell.

Alwan and another Iraqi refugee living there, Mohanad Shareef Hammadi, had been detained during the war by Iraqi authorities, federal prosecutors told ABC News.

Stunningly, federal officials said Alwan lived in public housing across the street from a school bus stop, and collected public assistance payouts.

Alwan was secretly taped by the FBI bragging about building a dozen or more bombs in Iraq and used a sniper rifle to kill American soldiers in the Bayji area north of Baghdad.

“He said that he had them ‘for lunch and dinner,’” recalled FBI Louisville Supervisory Special Agent Tim Beam, “meaning that he had killed them.”

The two men were also linked to an IED attack in Iraq in 2005 that killed four U.S. troops.

In all, there are more than 70,000 Iraqi war refugees in the U.S., the report noted.

ABC News reported that Homeland Security spokesperson Peter Boogaard said in a statement that the U.S. government “continually improves and expands its procedures for vetting immigrants, refugees and visa applicants, and today [the] vetting process considers a far broader range of information than it did in past years.” (read more)

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34 Responses to Kentucky “Refugee Terrorists” – Mark Levin Discusses Current U.S. Refugees Who Are Confirmed Terrorists (audio)…

  1. JeremyR says:

    If you have a bowl of cherries, and you know two of them are poisonous, how many will you eat?

  2. hocuspocus13 says:

    Obama is placing these refugees in our States and not giving any information on them…none

    So how then can we track them for possible terrorism?

  3. screwauger says:

    SD, way out in front of the curve. Wolverines!!

  4. preppin247 says:

    War criminals on the dole…killed our soldiers and now Barry gives them food stamps? Can I close my eyes my heels together three times and wake up in America?

  5. PatriotKate says:

    Interesting article from Chuck Baldwin on the ISIS situation and whose to blame for what’s really going on:

  6. Ursula says:

    Cold Anger knows what to do and has a plan!

  7. freepetta says:

    0bama says ISIS is contained and Republicans are scared of widows and orphans? Hmmmm if his lips are moving he’s lying.
    I used to think during the first year we were cursed with 0bama he was braindead. Now I’m sure he is nothing but pure America Hating Evil and low class trash.
    I can honestly say I have never had so much contempt for anyone like I have for him.

    • bleep21k says:

      @freepetta – Osama Bin Laden or Obamas ben lyin – who’s had a worse effect on the United States? (I really cant take credit, the memes are out there on the net)…

      • freepetta says:

        No question it’s Barry. He is responsible for more then 3,000 deaths in the last 7 years. Yesterday, the dirt bag in chief said he was going to spend his whole last year on gun control. So he wants as many terrorists as possible infiltrating us and he will render us helpless. All he needs is horns.

  8. allhail2 says:

    After the whole Bruce/Caitlin it’s a shim kerfuffle, all these ass clowns have to do is say they are widows, and presto, they’re in

  9. bob e says:

    wonder how much longer this is going to last. surrender, genocide, or what ??

  10. WeThePeople2016 says:

    That is comforting to know that our Gov. has improved its vetting process. Not! They will say anything to the American people and expect us to believe them.

  11. judyw says:

    Not far from Bowling Green, Ky, is a terrorist camp named Islamville just outside Dover, TN in a rural area and conveniently their property is on the back side of Ft. Campbell in Stewart County.

    There are 3 terrorist camps in TN are just a stones throw from I- 24 allowing fast access to major road ways. The camps are nestled along the north, northwest TN border near Nashville. The Dover and Paris camps are about a 30 minute drive apart and about equal time to Nashville. The newly reported Shelbyville camp is approximately 90 miles from Chattanooga and about 57 miles south, southeast of Nashville. The three camps in TN are intertwined with a string of other camps, some say as many as 37, scattered throughout rural America, maybe more.

    Muslims of America claim 107 business entities or charities in America according to the IRS, which leads one to think many more terrorist camps are on the way or are yet to be discovered.

    The camps have a common theme. They are linked to one person, one terrorist group. They are a tight network tied to Sheikh Mubarrack Al Gilani, Muslims of America and Jamaat Al Fukra.

    • yohio says:

      Just imagine yourself in Iraq, your platoon members have been killed. Now years later your still fighting over there and you find out Your President has allowed the people who killed your friends and platoon members to be living in the U.S. near your family members while living on food stamps. How could you even want to fight anymore, this to me is the definition of treasonous. This comes from someone who knows soldiers don’t fight for politicians and all the lines were fed. We of course fight for each other, but I couldn’t dream of something more awful except the betrayal of maybe family.

    • Judyw thanks for the info. I live in Middle Tennessee. Had heard of these camps but now I know where they are.

      • judyw says:

        News Channel 5 did a story on the one in Dover and actually were allowed to enter w/cameras around 2010.

      • AdukeLAXobserver says:

        Not sure about these so called camps in the us. If they are real it wold be something to be concerned about. But I would frankly be more concerned of the enclaves of muslims citizens in middle Tennessee. There radical elements can hide. There they can plan attacks.

  12. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Mark has it right Obama and Hillary want the bad guys here and we know this to be true because of Occam’s Razor, which states thusly: “The simplest explanation is usually the best.”

  13. Paco Loco says:

    Name the enemy, declare war, attack the leadership, isolate the enemy, liquidate. This has been a war since the marines landed “on the shores of Tripoli” in the 1800’s. Jihad is fundamentally part of Islam and will not stop until the west unites, faces the truth and behind steadfast leadership, destroys this cancer without mercy. Trump should choose a general for his VP. we are at war and need to fight to win. “Live free or die”.

  14. Big Picture says:

    Richard Fernandez has a great article analyzing this problem:

    Essentially, he says that Western powers are treating mujahideen like criminals. He thinks we should treat them as enemy combatants. That would give Western governments far greater powers and protect the rights and freedoms of loyal citizens.

    I think the mujahideen should be classified as spies and saboteurs. They have no civil rights, and are not even given the protections granted prisoners of war.

    I also think that Congress should declare war on the Islamic State. It is a nation, not a covert group operating within another nation. Once we oust their forces from Mesopotamia, we can still hunt those who escape, no matter where they try and regroup.

    I also think that we need to broker a peace that redraws the lines between Iraq, Syria, Jordan, and Turkey. The Sunni Arabs in Mesopotamia need to become part of Jordan. The Kurds need to be recognized as an independent nation that stretches from Iran to the Mediterranean, including large swaths of southern Turkey and northern Syria.

    If we separate the Sunnis and the Shiites, and put our allies in charge, the ordinary people will live in more homogenous, cohesive, and stable societies. This could actually lead to economic growth, hope for a better future, and young men more interested in getting ahead than it chopping off heads.

  15. Millwright says:

    Its been a long time since I resided in the Middle East, but I’m certain traditions old when I was there persist – perhaps thrive with greater intensity – today. Anyone there can get any sort of “document” our government demands . Meanwhile the bureaucratic naivete – or perhaps directed ” situational blindness” – seem unconcerned with the realities – and jeopardy – placed upon every american by their actions.

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