Donald Trump Releases America First Policy Statement On U.S. Trade Deals….

The currently considered TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) trade deal has the potential to be the fulcrum under every plank in the 2016 presidential election.    Many people view immigration as the #1 concern underlying further economic issues – however, few people recognize that immigration is actually part of the TPP construct.

Globalists, via Wall Street international financiers, are determined to get TPP passed into law.  Few of the GOP candidates stand in the way; Donald Trump is the primary roadblock to the current globalist goals.

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“Either we have a country, or we do not – it really is that simple”  ~ Donald J. Trump

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin — GOP frontrunner Donald Trump is releasing his policy plan to protect American workers and businesses from China’s destructive currency manipulation and financial policies.

The move hints he’s planning to come out guns-a-blazing on trade policies at the Fox Business Network debate here in Milwaukee on Tuesday evening.

The hallmark of the plan is a tough guy approach only Trump can pull off with regard to dealing with China. Titled, “Reforming The U.S.-China Trade Relationship To Make America Great Again,” the plan opens with an explanation of what Trump says caused America to start getting beat by China on the world stage in trade policy.

Under a section that details how “Washington Politicians Let China Off The Hook,” Trump puts much of the blame of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill Clinton and actions he took at the end of his administration.

“In January 2000, President Bill Clinton boldly promised China’s inclusion in the World Trade Organization (WTO) ‘is a good deal for America. Our products will gain better access to China’s market, and every sector from agriculture, to telecommunications, to automobiles. But China gains no new market access to the United States,’” Trump writes. (read more)

Raise your hand if you are the only candidate on stage AGAINST the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal !

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26 Responses to Donald Trump Releases America First Policy Statement On U.S. Trade Deals….

  1. I heard a guest on Laura Ingraham say these things. He said everyone knows that when we gave up tariffs, China and other countries \assessed VAT and other taxes that were not in the original deal.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:


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  3. Athena the Warrior says:

    Thanks for creating a separate post on this Sundance. Naturally the media isn’t reporting about it. Once again, Trump puts Americans and America first.

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  4. Libertas says:

    Brilliant, Mr Trump. Whittling down the 270B commodities deficit with the maniacle punitive Islamic nations should be a no brainer, regardless of the $10-$20 per barrel production costs. With technology enhancements and infrastructure improvements the United States should be able to become at least North America neutral. The significant transportation costs out of the Middle East is the difference. Let the Chinese and other Asian nations subsume their product. The trade deficit in manufactured goods is a little more difficult, but at least you have a plan. Many of the inputs for the electronics such as produced by Intel, Texas Instruments, are already here. Marrying smart assembly with these inputs should not be out of the realm and you eliminate the transportation cost bottleneck. The loser periennally striking union thug longshoremen in Los Angeles.

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  5. Pops says:

    Can you imagine how Trump is living inside the other candidates’ heads? They must wake every day and wonder what the hell he’s going to hit them with next. Have any of them issued even one policy statement?

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  6. JoeS says:

    Thank you Donald Trump. Trumps plan is filled with too many “Trumpism’s” to list here. Jobs, negotiation, leadership, free trade and fair trade are just a few.

    Way to go Mr. Trump!

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  7. Nanny G says:

    That was a terrific policy statement that anticipates almost every possible argument against Trump for being against the TPP.
    I loved how Trump emphasized the goal as not protectionism but accountability.
    It was true that he could have been attacked during tonight’s debate as an ”isolationist,” which he certainly is not.

    It is almost as if China saw this coming.
    Last night (business hours in China) there was a first big attempt on China’s part to bypass the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency.
    Donald Trump plans to bring China to the table on his first day of office by accusing China of currency manipulation. With all the harm China has done to our economy over recent years this is music to my ears.

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  8. mazziflol says:

    Raise your hand if you are the only candidate on stage AGAINST the Trans-Pacific Trade Deal !

    I will drop a gold deuce if this happens at the debate. I’d love to see how Cruz would react.

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  9. Bluto says:

    Trump yet again, a dozen steps ahead of the entire field of PANDERING LIARS OF THE UNIPARTY GOP Candidates

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  10. wizzum says:

    Hooo Rah for ppoint 3 on his plan!

    Reclaim millions of American jobs and reviving American manufacturing by putting an end to China’s illegal export subsidies and lax labor and environmental standards. No more sweatshops or pollution havens stealing jobs from American workers.

    This is the number 1 reason American companies cannot compete internationally with China and India.

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    • zephyrbreeze says:

      This is no different than people who supported slavery, who liked how it worked in their favor, regardless if it victimize people or not. China and India victimize people with great enthusiasm. And those systems will not change drastically from the inside out because of the cultures.

      In China a US NGO president said he was returning to the US because after spending 3 years trying to get his group started to help the people of China he made a startling observation: On average the people of China care only about themselves and their families, and not much beyond that. He couldn’t motivate them to care about other people in China who were suffering. People forget that caring and sacrificing for the stranger or someone of another tribe, is largely a Judeo/Christian value.

      Meanwhile in India, I read an account of a man from the US walking with a very wealthy Indian along the edge of the slums of Calcutta. The US man asked him why India didn’t do more to help their own poor, and the man responded: They deserve this; it’s karma. Remember, what motivated Mother Teresa was when she was riding in a train and seeing thousands of dead and dying laying on the street with no one to care for them. There was a reason it took a Catholic nun to create a new tradition.

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      • Lee says:

        This is exactly what I obsrved in my travels to Asia. Life is cheap, people are just commodoties, and in India, no compassion for the suffering. The version of karma in the US is sanitized for US consumption… In india, it is a curse.

        We really take for granted here the great heritage of Judeo-Christian values that are the bedrock of real civilization. We are appalled at what we see happening in Fergusn, Planned Parenthood, and on Wall Street, as if these are something unusual in the world. But those things are the NORM, and our US exceptionalism is just that, THE EXCEPTION, and we lose that awareness at our peril. Trump gets it.


  11. MrE says:

    That was to my eyes what Liszt and Chopin are to my ears. He excellently argued against every claim the libs make for (not-so) “free” trade, while simultaneously calling the Chinese government on the carpet for their crimes. I’m thinking there might be some labor union endorsements for him in the near future? Methinks the domination potential for Trump in tonight’s debate is particularly YUGE.

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  12. zephyrbreeze says:

    What’s good for America is good for Trump.

    “None of what President Clinton promised came true. Since China joined the WTO, Americans have witnessed the closure of more than 50,000 factories and the loss of tens of millions of jobs. It was not a good deal for America then and it’s a bad deal now. It is a typical example of how politicians in Washington have failed our country.”

    No wonder there are 47 million people on welfare/foodstamps, and 93 million people out of the workforce. I was going to say this isn’t brain surgery…but….

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    • Jill says:

      Every one was warned…
      James Goldsmith warned America of the consequences of GATT (WTO, NAFTA, etc.) in this interview back in 1995 ( Goldsmith is also author of the book “the Trap ” which also includes his warnings )
      The interview is in 5 parts…

      Goldsmith also pleaded with the U.S. Senate…



  13. tz says:

    NAFTA. Mexico strengthened its Peso to make it more palatable. Then as soon as it was passed, they devalued the Peso 20% IIRC, and it has been sinking further.
    This is the EQUIVALENT of a 20% import tariff, and a 20% export subsidy.
    How is this “Free Trade”? You can only have free trade when the cultures are similar (no theft, exploitation, slavery), and when you have a standard monetary unit of exchange like gold or silver.

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  14. Jill says:

    From the referenced article:

    “protect American ingenuity and investment by forcing China to uphold intellectual property laws and stop their unfair and unlawful practice of forcing U.S. companies to share proprietary technology with Chinese competitors as a condition of entry to China’s market.”

    Boeing just did a deal with China this past September. In order to get the aircrafy contract, China demanded and Boeing agreed to open a plant in China.

    I hope Trump highlights Boing in tonight’s debate.


  15. zephyrbreeze says:

    “Sakamma, a 42-year-old mother-of-two working for Gap supplier Texport in Bengaluru, told the tribunal she earned just 22p an hour and that when she finished at the factory she had to work as a domestic help to top up her wages.

    “It hurts us to be paid so little. I have to do this and they sell one piece of clothing for more than I get paid in a month,” she said. “We cannot eat nutritious food. We don’t have a good life, we live in pain for the rest of our life and die in pain.

    “Low wages is the main reason. How much burden can a woman take? Husband, children, house and factory work – can we manage all these with such a meagre salary? So we are caught up in the debt trap. Is there no solution for our problem?”

    “Like many of the women giving evidence, she said workers faced abuse if they failed to meet quotas. “The targets are too high. They want 150 pieces an hour. When we can’t meet the targets, the abuse starts. There is too much pressure; it is like torture. We can’t take breaks or drink water or go to the toilet. The supervisors are on our backs all the time,” she said. “They call us donkey, owl [a creature associated with evil], dog and insult us … make us stand in front of everyone, tell us to go and die.”


  16. Beenthere says:

    What does George Soros & Warren Buffet think of Trump’s Plan? Both Democrats & GOPes are in their pockets.


  17. shirley49 says:

    Laura Ingraham said that Trump should take the 3 foot stack of papers that are the TPP bill to one of the debates and put it on his podium for all Americans to see, Great Idea


  18. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Trump is 100% correct if there are no “real” borders then you do not have a country!


  19. Angry Dumbo says:

    Ingraham is right. Legislation like TPP restricts individual freedoms and serves only the powerful. Trump’s opposition to TPP is powerful because we know he cannot be compromised. Trump opposed NAFTA 25 years ago, he opposes TPP today. Trump’s view on trade is as consistent as it has proven forward looking. The US has lost too many jobs, long past time to reverse the process and bring some money and jobs back to the USA. We are not opposed to working, we simply need jobs. No other Republican has a jobs platform like Trump’s.


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