WOW – Iowa Reporter Data-Mining, Doxing and Mocking Trump Campaign Donors…

media jerk 3If ever the media needed evidence of why the vast majority of Americans despise their profession you only need to look as far as Des Moines Register reporter Brianne Pfannenstiel, and the agenda she displays as she carries out her assignment.

Ms. Pfannenstiel is assigned to cover the campaigns of Donald Trump and Lindsey Graham, and apparently she views part of that responsibility to research and broadcast who is donating to the campaigns.  She then ridicules donors publicly through social media.

Obviously Ms. Pfannenstiel went out of her way to look up the federal election campaign filings for donors to the Donald Trump campaign and then took to social media to highlight the name, address, contribution amount and belittle the $250 contributor.

We have covered the personal information of the campaign contributor she chooses to mock.  However, we can assure you it was not deleted in her original presentation:

media jerk 2

Perhaps people might want to ask Brianne Pfannensteil exactly what was the objective she held as she made these decisions.  Perhaps people might also want to ask the Des Moines Register how people like this get hired, and what exactly does this say about the “doxing agenda” carried by their “reporters”?

Brianne Pfannenstiel  – Twitter Account HERE

Des Moines Register – Twitter Account HERE

Des Moines Register – Website HERE

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302 Responses to WOW – Iowa Reporter Data-Mining, Doxing and Mocking Trump Campaign Donors…

  1. manickernel says:

    What I am wondering, is do all these kids grow up, and then look in the mirror one day, and say to themselves “I look like a trendy liberal….therefore I am!! ” ‘Cause they all cultivate a certain appearance, I guess better to recognize each other as members of the herd.

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    • littlelaughters says:

      The Go-Along Crowd. Makes me wanna puke when I see them.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        I always wanted to see what a female hipster from suburban Kansas, progressified at the KU school of “journalism”, and transplanted to Iowa, would look like.

        Collegetown Cher in a windy ’80’s time machine. “Like, I know it’s cooler to be for Bernie – you, know – ‘feel the Bern’ and all that – but I’m just SO ultimately stoked for a woman in the White House. You know? TOtally.”


  2. I’m huitecouture from Twitter. Thank you for your great work. OK, here’ s a more coherent synopsis. I hope.

    Called the Newsroom asked for her (BF) supervising editor. Advised she was in a meeting and gave me name Annah Backstrom x 8065.

    I advised better get her out of meeting because of something BP did.

    Ten minutes later she answered. Denied knowing anything happened so I advised her. I was ranty. In the middle of my rant explaining it, she threw me on speaker with mute. Then was silent. When she didn’t respond when I stopped talking, the mute came off, heard close up to speaker laughing, then hung up on me. I know that sound because I worked at the phone company forever ha ha.

    So I waited 15 minutes and she actually answered again, using her name. When I calmly called her out, she denied being Annah Backstrom, her supervisor. Was very sarcastic but you could tell she was laughing. And I’m sure it was the woman because she had some kind of accent. Said some nonsense that she thought I hung up. LOL can you believe that?

    SO , I found the list of all employees, started calling getting all voice mails.

    FINALLY the Exec Editor Carol Hunter X8545 answered. Said BF did work for her.

    I asked “Are you aware of what is going on with BF?

    She said she “heard about it” but no problem because deleted. I told her the story about them hanging up on me.

    I objected to her just “hearing about it” and asked what she thought of the Tweet content and she couldn’t answer. I realized she didn’t KNOW the content, so I asked her several times what it said and she couldn’t answer and finally said “I heard what was in it”.

    I go “Are you KIDDING ME? You’re are her supervisor and weren’t even interested in seeing what the content was?”

    Long story short she “trusted her people” and would not be taking any disciplinary action or anything or even pulling her off the Trump campaign and it wasn’t my business.

    “It is public record”. Passive aggressive.

    I GO. REALLY? Do you think it’s ethical blah blah blah…

    I made her listen to me read it. I could tell she was shocked LOL.
    She claimed the address was redacted as if that matters. Said we had nothing further to discuss. I advised her this was not the end of the episode.

    SO 15 minutes later, I called back again and said “BTW, since you didn’t bother to even LOOK at the Tweet, NO, the address wasn’t redacted and your people put that lady’s life in jeopardy just because of your department and paper’s partisan hate for a political candidate.

    That’s AMAZING you’re paying someone to go through all those donor records for WHAT exactly? So you can harass voters for their participation in their legal responsibilities? Of course NO comment on that.

    Then she LIED and denied saying she never saw it and trusted them, she said “NO,I just said I hadn’t seen it yet.”So I called her a liar and said “Don’t worry your name will be all over the internet now and you’ll be lucky if it stops there”.

    Her big response was saying she’d discuss it with the supervisor and BP

    Can you really imagine that the NEWS DEPT is going through all his donors for whatever purpose and doing WHAT exactly with that data???

    Then I tweeted her and reminded her that Iowa was a ONE PARTY state and she better remember that next time. LOL. (you can record the conversation without a felony)

    I plan on escalating to all of them in the chain of command, tomorrow.


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    • dizzymissl says:

      Excellent! I’m Women4Trump and I’ve been posting here for several years. Thanks for the re-cap and let us know the results of your endeavors.

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      • Hey, nice to meet you. The thing I took away from yesterday was the Exec News Editor’s COMPLETE detachment from everything. I guess I really expected a sharper person. I asked her about 10 times no exaggeration – for a official comment on the incident and she just sat there saying nothing. Didn’t even give a fake answer like “I’ll have to look into it”. A logical response.

        I mean how do you NOT have a comment on “Do you condone mocking citizens on social media?” Her only defense was “It’s public record”. (the donor’s form) I mean, I even said, yes DUH I know all about FOIA and it’s bad enough you’re scouring Trump donors for some reason but what about her ACTIONS thereafter?

        They obviously NEVER EVER EVER hear from the real public. Sit there in an ivory tower they think.

        They deserve Trump to expose this at his next Iowa rally. Wishful thinking.

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      • MsCynlynn says:

        I follow YOU!!!! I’m the same name on Twitter as here. Just now I started following huitecouture.

        This is kinda like bumping into a friend while on vacation!

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    • Sentient says:

      That’s @AnnahBackstrom. FYI

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    • stringy theory says:

      Wow, I admire what you did. Thank you for your persistence. I think we need to call out every one of these left wing bozos each time they do something like this. Of course the Des Moines Register is just another piece of political hackery these days and I have no doubt their circulation and earnings are headed in the same direction as the NY Slimes and other liberal rags.


    • keebler AC says:

      Superb work! @AnnahBackstrom, the reporter’s supervisor ought to be fired right along with Brianne. Both are not laughing now. That reporter is malicious doing this doxing to another woman due to her circumstances. Goes to show again, that being a tolerant and good person is “all poseur” among Democrats and of course, we are not surprised they vote a corrupt female who turns on her gender in action but operates on smooth talk.

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      • wolfmoon1776 says:

        Exactly. If a Hillary donor was subjected to this behavior by a white male conservative working at the Des Moines Register (if there even is one), that staffer would be toting his miserable cardboard box out the door under armed guard before the close of banker’s hours.


    • Freddy STuckey says:

      This rag, BF, and Backstrom are despicable. With all the people talking of hate and harmingTrump and his supporters, these hacks are jeopardizing our safety and welfare by disclosing personal info. I hope there is a legal recourse available or maybe they will publish their personal info and campaign contributions. Serious lack of quality control. Trump warned us about their credibility, so none of this is surprising. Thank you Huitecouture for contact info- it’s payback time!


  3. Sentient says:

    I’m sure we could glean lots of interesting personal info about Pfannenstiel here: xxxxxxxxxxx


    • joshua says:

      you know, glad the no doxing rule is in play here….every one of her wedding party are on Facebook with tons of personal data…the girl is playing fast and loose with social media with twitter and the newspaper writing….She needs to grow up and get responsible REALLY FAST.

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  4. RINOKiller says:

    How low can the DMR can go?


  5. 22227z says:

    For some reason that young woman makes me want to smack her. My town is full of these types and it is hard to be out among them.

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  6. moogey says:

    Yesterday, Shaun King’s Twitter account was shut down due to a request by CNN. Shaun and the MSM failed to mention the rest of the story…..Shaun posted a CNN email without redacting the CNN Producers personal information ( phone, email and address.).

    Ms. Pffffeennnnstein and Shaun King, yep, that sums it up nicely.

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  7. American Girl says:

    I just sent this to 4 editors at the DM Register (Chivers; Hunter; Backstrom; and Grundmeier; Their contact info is at )

    Dear Mr. ______
    As a retired journalist and former Democrat, I am continually stunned by the tyranny and intolerance of the progressive Left, and how it has degraded the once-respected art of journalism.

     If Ms. Pfannensteil 'reported' (and I use the word loosely) on Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders and their donors with the same antagonistic agenda she shows toward Mr. Trump, would that be OK? Does the DM Register even hire reporters with diverse political opinions, or does "diversity" apply only to one's exterior appearance?
     Ms. Pfannensteil  intended to tweet the Trump donor’s address. It was not a mistake.  And so... society becomes less civil, citizens feel less free to donate to the candidates they choose, and open, free discourse becomes less open and less free. 
     The smug, hypocritical nature of the Leftist media will be its own demise. Count on it.

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  8. Liberals are grown-up hall monitors. The person who used to chide you for walking too fast and threaten to report you to the teacher for chewing gum in class is the same person trying to shame you for having the beliefs any sane person would 30 years ago (and that’s if your’e a moderate) and trying to get you fired from your job. I’d say it’s time we took off the gloves and sank to their level. Playing virtuous with disingenuous progressives has gotten us nowhere.


  9. Fred says:

    Maybe a violation of the 1965 Voters right act Section 11(b).


  10. stringy theory says:

    I wonder how long it will be before this little bimbo is on the street looking for a new job. Seems her paper is financially crashing, cf., article posted in part below:

    Sunday, daily Register circulation continues to plummet. And everything you want to know about Ankeny bowling.


    The circulation of The Des Moines Register is continuing its free-fall.

    Combined print and digital circulation of the Monday-Friday newspaper in the six months ended March 31 totaled 86,982, down 6.7 percent from the 93,304 of a year earlier. Two years ago, the figure was 101,915. Five years ago it was 128,062.

    That five-year drop is more than 42,000 daily subscribers, or 32 percent.

    The Sunday numbers are just as bad. In the latest six months, the print and digital circulation of the Sunday Register totaled 152,239. A year ago, the number was 171,287; two years ago, it was 200,660. And five years ago, it was 211,668. That’s a one-year drop of 11.1 percent, a five-year drop of 28 percent.

    That five-year drop is nearly 60,000 Sunday subscribers.

    The drop is so severe that executives now are leaning on reporters and editors to sell subscriptions to sources and other folks they encounter.

    And price-cutting is also severe. Last week, the paper was offering a subscription to the Sunday paper plus full access to the digital edition for $10 — for three months. That’s $3.33 a month for the Sunday and digital — a combination that carries a list price of $20 a month. That’s an 83 percent discount.

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  11. Three Tickets
    Three Tickets is the @DMRegister’s podcast of Iowa caucuses history and culture, hosted by @jasonnobleDMR. New episodes available every Thursday!


  12. User Actions

    Annah BackstromVerified account
    A new episode of our #IAcaucus podcast comes out tomorrow. Catch up on the first 4 episodes here:


  13. mpmp2015 says:

    Kudos SD! Dan Scavino just tweeted this story!!! Trump Team is following the story!!

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    Brianna’s timeline shows she was JUST assigned Trump campaign.

    She then posted she was CALLING PEOPLE to “discuss” politics.

    Was the Register using donor information to call the people to interfere with the election.

    The Register tweeted the poll that IMO was a PUSH POLL about Trump’s “Christianity” This is why he mentioned his versus Ben because the POLL asked it.


    I am at a loss how to convey all this to Corey L.

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  16. Brianne PfannenstielVerified account
    Cheers to all the Iowans willing to talk politics with a complete stranger who calls on a Sunday morning. You’re the real MVP. #iacaucus


  17. Des Moines Register slobbering love affair with Democrats while their NEWS dept harasses Trump donors and commits election interference.

    “We pinch ourselves every morning,” joked David Chivers, the Register’s publisher, after Clinton left the room and he reflected on the newspaper’s unusual access to presidential candidates.”


  18. millard fillmore says:

    In eastern Virginia, the local paper is highly protective of democrat politicians.When conservatives began posting on their site in their own names, many found vandalism increasing on their property(the tolerant left).People began posting under fake names,as is common on the internet.The paper countered by demanding paypal information to be able to post on their site.Readers fled their web site and their subscriptions.They are now primarily a reprint service for the AP with a shriveled staff and few subscribers under the age of 75.


  19. ZZZ says:

    Haters gotta hate.
    Shame on her…if i were her Mom I’d be ashamed of my daughter.


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