Attkisson: “Sanctuary Crime” – Murder By Illegal Alien is Much Worse Than Media Presents…

Sharyl Attkisson investigates the murders committed by illegal aliens.  She presents a two-part series on her new media venture “Full Measure” to disclose the results.

This week, the Senate blocked a bill aimed at cracking down on America’s nearly 300 sanctuary cities. Laws in these cities help shield illegal immigrants from deportation, even after they’ve committed felonies.

sharyl attkisson - full measure

The proposal was motivated by the death of Kate Steinle. In July, she was fatally shot by an illegal immigrant who’d been deported five times and convicted of seven felonies. The Full Measure team found the problem of Importing Murder is much larger, and often understated by politicians and advocates with special interests at stake. (site link)

Part I  and  Part II

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60 Responses to Attkisson: “Sanctuary Crime” – Murder By Illegal Alien is Much Worse Than Media Presents…

  1. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    Sheryl Attkisson is very possibly the last honest journalist in America. And for that she has been marginalized by the MSM.
    Meghan Kelly couldn’t carry Sharyl’s ……
    Well, you know.

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    • judyw says:

      I agree she is possibly the last honest journalist but not “marginalized” …. I see it more as “freed from the MSM”. I believe she knows where the “bodies are buried on both sides” and as she keeps talking – now without corporate constraints will be able to open more information for public consumption. She’s spoken truth to power and her perseverance I hope will inspire others who have lost touch with their sense of personal ethics and responsibility associated with their role in the public information sphere.

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    • stringy theory says:

      I wouldn’t put Kelly and journalist in the same sentence. Kelly is one of Murdoch’s stable of “pretty faces” that reads lines off a teleprompter. As you say, she couldn’t carry Sharyl’s whatever.

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  2. Attorney says:

    Amazing woman.

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  3. The Boss says:

    Sheryl would make a terrific FCC commissioner in the Trump administration.

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  4. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Good work. What is the business model? Is she going to find some big financier for her on-line shop?


  5. wolfmoon1776 says:

    Just watching Part 1, I’m outraged that Obama is still allowed to sit in the White House.

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  6. I like Sundance’s “Illegal Alien” term best because it is true and accurate term. To call an illegal alien an illegal immigrant is just to much for immigrants to bear. The report uses the oxymoron of “illegal immigrant” to describe illegal aliens aka foreigners roaming around murdering Americans. only serves to strengthen the other side who wants so desperately for illegal aliens to be thought of as immigrants without papers. all immigrants have papers or they wouldn’t be immigrants!

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    • Melania for 1st Lady says:

      So true, MoniCat, “illegal alien” is an honest, accurate term. I also like “invader” and “infiltrator”.

      The late, great comedian George Carlin was a total left-winger but he had some great stand-up bits about euphemistic language and how it’s dishonest and basically brainwashing. People think in language. If you can control the language you can control thought. George Orwell rolls over in his grave every time the government/establishment/media says “undocumented worker” or similar nonsense.

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      • squid2112 says:

        “invader” and “infiltrator”

        It is an INVASION! … a HOSTILE invasion!


        • Hillbilly says:

          It is exactly that. At some point Americans will not tolerate this from the administrative services of ICE and take matters into their own hands. They always do, and it won’t be nice, fair or even just in many case’s. Relational does not always reflect reason. But I guarantee that at some point a Father or a Brother of a victim will take matters into their own hands and go “straight up vigilante” on a particular group. This will be contagious in America and it is a result of inaction by those we used to trust to do the right thing. Judges, Community leaders, politicians and other leaders have sold us out.


    • Doodahdaze says:

      This is the law promoted by O’reily. What could be wrong with it? My take is that it is designed to pacify people. It misdirects the focus. The gist is that only criminals that commit crimes in addition to evading customs illegal entry should be prosecuted. It does nothing at all to seal the border up tight that would in itself eliminate the need for the law. Typical bait and switch.

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      • nimrodman says:

        My take is that Kate’s Law is designed and intended to solve ONE problem: seriously criminal illegal aliens, more specifically FELONS.

        It’s not intended to solve the ENTIRE illegal alien problem, for which all have committed the crime of illegal entry, as you point out. That’s a much larger problem.

        I’m happy to see one part of the problem solved at a time. Kate’s Law bites off the most readily defensible portion of the problem. Those opposing it will look idiotic or pathologically partisan.

        The rest of the problem is much larger, will require much more effort for enforcement, and is going to be much, much more subject to ideological tug-of-war.

        One step at a time.

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        • nimrodman says:

          More specifically, Kate’s Law sidesteps those larger arguments involving “amnesty” and “our immigration system is BROKEN” and “we need COMPREHENSIVE immigration REFORM”.

          It reduces to “these are dangerous felons, how can you defend not incarcerating and deporting them?”. Easy argument to make and win.

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    • DGinGA says:

      I agree and am sick and tired of the politicians and the media creating “Newspeak” terms for something to pretend that it isn’t what it is. Shame on Sharyl Atkinson for allowing that immigration lawyer to pretend that people who are here ILLEGALLY are somehow not criminals. They are criminals by their very presence in this country!!! It is an insult to every single person who ever immigrated here legally to lump them in the same category with people who sneak in illegally.

      I have been railing about illegal aliens for over 35 years, ever since the nice community I lived in became overrun with illegals who came across our borders in the dead of night to pick fruit on farms in the summer, then never left. Suddenly they were getting welfare and public housing and their children were being enrolled in our public schools, and anyone who objected to that was called names and treated like we were crazy. I remember one article in particular, about the controversy surrounding enrolling illegal alien children in the public schools, where they gave statistics about how many illegals were enrolled in the public schools, but then argued that it would be impossible to deport these people because the authorities don’t know who they are. Hmmm, you know how many of them there are in the schools, but you have no idea WHO they are? How does that even make sense? But I am the crazy racist. This was back before there were 30 MILLION of them. Now that lovely little community I lived in is over 50% Hispanic, most of whom came here illegally. The crime rate is way up, especially violent crimes like rape, assault and murder. I don’t live there anymore and haven’t since it became apparent they would not do anything about the invasion.

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  7. emet says:

    The countries south of our border retain their caste systems: Light skin on top, dark om the bottom. Indiginous people below the bottom. I watched Sabado Gigante for years (just went off the air), but never did see an indian. Of course, this can’t be racism, because that term is reserved for white people in the US. But with the millions of immigrants from south of our border, and no end in sight without a Trump victory, it would appear that the caste culture may well become engrained in our Nation.

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  8. USA better do something or else, Europe is a sneak peak of things to come!

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  9. Nearly 900,000 Illegal Aliens with Removal Orders Are Still in U.S. – 167,000 Are Convicted Criminals

    October 16, 2014 By JG-MMP 8 Comments

    CNS News — Nearly 900,000 illegal aliens who have received a final order of removal are still in the United States – and about 167,000 of these are convicted criminals who were released by ICE and are currently at large, a new analysis of government data by the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) shows. According to the CIS’s review,of a leaked Dept. of Homeland Security (DHS) document, 883,000 total illegal aliens are legally required to leave the U.S, but are still here: “As of the end of the 2014 fiscal year, there were approximately 167,000 convicted criminal aliens at large in the United States (released by ICE) who have been ordered removed and exhausted all appeals. In addition, there were approximately 716,000 deportable non-criminal aliens at large who have been ordered removed and exhausted all appeals.”

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    • (oops! i posted the wrong photo for the minute men article, please delete it, here’s the right one):

      Nearly 900,000 Illegal Aliens with Removal Orders Are Still in U.S. – 167,000 Are Convicted Criminals

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      • Melania for 1st Lady says:

        Those look like some some honest, hardworking teens on their way to church and/or university who just want a better life for themselves and their families. Only a racist would want to keep those hardworking family-oriented nice young men out of his or her kids’ school.

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      • rodney says:

        Those look like the inmates of any Southern California jail or prison. Where I live there are several companies that employ after they are released, stone cold monsters to a one and all tatted up like the ones in the photo. But you’ll never read about these programs in the news, never or the problems companies have with them.

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      • fred says:

        Monique seems smart to reply to. I live in it right in the middle of it all in SO CAL so here’s how it works. These guys in the picture are Maras, and sicarios and halcones from Central America. Those countries are narco run states by drug gangs. That’s all there is to do there. How they get here to be your neighbor is the problem. They are the dreamers….Border is wide open….. They find a girl to have a baby. They get welfare and section 8 housing in the babies name. They can never be deported as they wave the baby and plead to stay …it works. The govt has these section 8 units where rent is less than 100 bucks. They are like jail and full of mentals and early release criminals paroles sex offenders, drug addicts and of course illegals with babies. Never go in there at night….They sell dope and gang bang all night… Not enough cops to stop it. Every morn you read the news and yep same guys same crimes… The politicians have destroyed these areas cause hey they don’t stay in their own neighborhood… They are fully experienced fearless predators and it’s easy pickin’s here for them. 85% of crime here is Hispanic. It’s harsh and hope your not mad to hear the real reality.

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      • Juan says:

        Was this taken at a Hillary rally ?

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  10. Melania for 1st Lady says:

    The debut episode of “Full Measure” had an interview with Trump in the second half of the episode. The first half was about “refugees”, specifically the thousands of Somalis and other muslims already in a town in Maine. Good news: the 200,000 refugees Obama plans to bring in from Syria won’t be taking ANY jobs away from Americans. The Bad news? Reason they won’t be taking our jobs is because “refugees” are prohibited by law from working. They are required to go on Govt. assistance. Don’t worry, I’m sure it won’t cost much and it’s not like we’re in debt or anything.

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  11. e.g.g. says:

    Thank goodness there are a few honest journalists left in this country, willing to speak out.

    If citizens don’t get outraged about the Senate blocking the bill to get rid of sanctuary cities then I know something is wrong with people. I hope Trump jumps on this latest information, if he even knows.

    (The muslims are trashing their living areas because they are unhappy with what they have been given. They are demanding larger apartments or houses, demanding their food, saying apprentice jobs are beneath them. I read this on many sites. Their behavior makes it obvious they are not poor refugees but opportunists, and like blacks, destroy everything until they get what they want. Hopefully the citizens will be able to make inroads to get the muslims deported after the ungrateful behavior)

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  12. tz says:

    Thanks for introducing Sheryl Atkninson.
    Now where is MADD?

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  13. TwoLaine says:

    ❤ Sharyl !

    Clinton: ‘I will go as far as I can, even beyond Obama’ to welcome illegal immigrants

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  14. TwoLaine says:

    October 23, 2015
    by wethepeoplerising

    Their headline is very confusing, but these are the people who have been working hard to get Sanctuary Cities out for a long time. Many of their family members have been murdered by illegals.

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    PARTIAL Virtual Cemetery of Victims of Illegal Alien Nationals in the USA


  16. Daniel says:

    I need comment section on that site.

    I wanted to point out the REAL and TRUE racism is the prejudiced belief that anyone who complains is a racist. That woman who was a legal immigrant and lost her half-black son was attacked and criticized without knowing who they were talking to and based only on a single agenda talking point. They, on the left, very often do not believe opinions contrary to their own are to be allowed and this is ESPECIALLY true when those opinions originate from the people they claim to protect and defend.

    When the existence of people destroys their position of who and what they defend, a sane person would step back and say, “Hrm! Maybe I should revisit my position..?” Not these people though… they just attack any black, hispanic or other person who violates their agenda even worse than they would a white person.

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    • NJF says:

      Completely agree. That fact that MSM & the current administration has been able to silence so many via their fall back “your racist” meme is disgusting. Sadly it’s become a self fufilling prophecy for me, b/c the more Obama et al encourage the likes of BLM & the Jorge Ramos’ of the world, the less I care about being racist. Sad but true.

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  17. NJF says:

    I wish she could get a broader platform. Her ouster at the hands of CBS was deplorable, and should never have happened.

    And although I know that much of this problem was perpetrated by administrations past, I’m very happy that it’s coming to a head under Obozzo’s watch.

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  18. I’m totally supportive of Kate’s Law, and have nothing but contempt for those in Congress who voted against it. But, obviously, Kate’s Law isn’t enough. What Donald Trump proposed, the removal of ALL who entered the country illegally, must be undertaken, despite the cries (from the leftists) that we can’t afford such a task. The reality is, we can’t afford to not do it.

    One thing I would add to Trump’s plan: DNA samples taken from every illegal BEFORE they are deported, which should be entered into a nationally accessible database. Anyone who has entered illegally should automatically sent FAR to the back of any line for legal re-entry, since they have already committed at least one crime (illegal entry) on American soil. Any 2nd offense should be declared as enough to permanently eliminate them from further consideration for any type of entry (immigration or work visas).

    Also, it should be codified that ZERO federal tax dollars may be spent for the support of non citizens. That goes for SNAP, Section 8, legal assistance, or public education. Want to come to America? Fine. Do it legally, and at your own expense. Pay to rent (or buy) your own house, buy your own groceries,hire your own lawyers, and send your kids to PRIVATE schools. If the various state governments choose to finance immigration into their own states, that’s between THEM and their own voters.

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  19. kallibella says:

    This is appalling! We either have a country or we don’t, like Trump says. The liberal mentality is really one of life-depriving policies. It is so backwards to let in illegals who already have criminal records to stay in the US. Sanctuary cities/counties are wrong for inflicting this type of criminality on its law abiding citizens. We need Trump!

    Sharyl Attkinsson did a great job at exposing the untold story and the magnitude of the problem of illegal aliens. Where does her program air? Network? I don’t watch much TV so I’m not aware who is out there, with the exception of FNC.


  20. mrscribbler says:

    We don’t need NEW laws! Heck, we don’t even need “Kate’s Law.” All the government is doing is locking the barn door after the horse is stolen.

    What we DO need is for existing laws to be enforced. And that means both keeping illegals out and punishing those who enable them. If we did that, “sanctuary cities” would cease to exist and a whole bunch of people — from Choom Boy, Shrillery, Rubio and Cruz to local mayor and members of city councils — would be thrown in jail.

    The system is not “broken.” Those who fail to obey the laws of the “system” are morally broken. And each should be punished to the full extent of the law. The law already in place.

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  21. coltlending says:

    Not only is the matter of illegal immigrant bad actors deadly to America, it’s financiall costly.

    Social Security Benefits
    Public Schooling
    Legal Aid
    Cash sent outside the U.S.
    Credit Card defaults

    Just in Chicago, a website named tracks crime. According to their calculations, year to date there have been about 2,500 shootings with a cost to the city in of about $128,000,000

    No one knows how many shootings are done by illegal aliens, but it is not a wild assumption that it is a lot.

    I don’t mean to lessen the impact on families who have lost loved ones, but the economic impact of these people is massive.

    We either have a country or we don’t. Those who say we can’t deport millions are mistaken. Yes we can, even I f it takes one at a time.

    The lawyer who propses legalizing all the illegals as a solution is attempting to brainwash people easily duped.

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  22. coltlending says:

    Cheryl Attkisson is a real treasure. She’s right up there with the all-time greats in her field.

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  23. dsp says:

    Wait a minute. The GOP-CONTROLLED Senate blocked a bill to fight crime in sanctuary cites? What’s the point of electing Republicans again?

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    • fred says:

      no point whatsoever to being a Republican voting for any of them . It’s a poisoned well that can’t be made drinkable. Drain it and start a new down the road. Working with them will only get more CoC guys and folks like Ryan and Jeb. Some stuff you can’t fix face it early even though it’s getting very late. Walk away from this nightmare GOP or be constantly depressed at every decision they make and kabuki fan dance program they put on. Just look at last week alone…..


    • rodney says:

      There isn’t any. The GOP is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chambers of Commerce. Even Rush is openly talking about how Congress is totally owned by the donor class. That it’s all kabuki theater.

      Face it, we the people have been frozen out of having a voice in our governance. We have none. This is why Hillary can prance about and mock the GOP in the Benghazi hearings, she’s knows it’s all theater, a joke.

      In short, Wall Street and company now run the country and select who runs Congress and the Senate along with the presidency.

      Soon the Chambers of Commerce and Wall Street will implement the rest of their agenda with Ryan in charge. Which Rush is now warning us about. Once Hillary wins(and there’s a good chance she will because the GOPe will openly support her against Trump), we’re gonna see a torrent of nightmare legislation come out of Congress, from TPP, mass amnesty, permanent open borders, gun confiscation, etc. Effectively reducing us to serfs.

      At that point the white Americans are going to have to decide how will they confront this treasonous cabal.


  24. Gary says:

    A few days back I asked “What made America great in the first place? Short answer is the people.
    Once upon a time people came here expecting nothing more than a chance to build a better life for themselves, today the come expecting a better life to be given to them.

    Fix that!

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  25. Josh says:

    “Importing Murder” Good and accurate phrase


  26. Mr.Right says:

    Do we really have an under employment problem ?
    Do people think we need more immigrant to work in fields and in kitchens?

    The us agricultural system actually need LESS hand today then it needed a decade ago,
    yet we have 1 million new illegal, poor, uneducated latino entering and staying in the US each year.
    This greatly hurt the US economy by diverting precious resources away from its tax paying citizen. Wasted resources, that are used to sustain a growing lower class that bring nothing as they are not part of the workforce and never will be.

    Their is ZERO jobs to warrant bringing in more, we already have 50+ million poor illegal, first and second gen of immigrant unemployed.

    Reality is, Central/south american countries dont want the burden to have to take care of their poor and criminals… they kick them out toward the US so its ultimately the US taxpayer that will have to pay to sustain the lives of tens of millions of uneducated and potentially dangerous people.

    On the flip side, H1B are already filled by the end of may. A quarter million skilled worked a year are now entering the US legally to take on 6 figure salary at top US firms like : Apple, Google, Mcrosoft, Adobe, Intel, etc.. etc..

    Thats a quarter million job , that by definition no US citizen is not educated/qualified enough to fill.

    On one end we are flooded with 1+ million a year of illegal that have destroyed the non-skilled labor market.
    And on the other end, we have over a quarter million really high paying jobs with superb benefits that goes to citizen from China, India, etc…

    H1B is the canary in the coal mine.. and “its dead Jim”

    The part that makes me mad is that India created many technical learning institutions in the past decades, and they now have hordes of people that can fill position at our fortune 500 companies.
    Beautiful jobs with incredible benefits… not going to American.

    For example in the Bay area, Silicon valley. The birth or home of nearly every tech company in the world… its only this year that they are adding “Computer Science” as part of the curriculum.

    This country has been managed by monkeys in the past 50 years… Actually politician have NO clues whatsoever on how to run a country. Its been on cruise control, running in the field, miles from the highway and nobody cares because we are are still moving along.

    I dont think Trump can reverse 30 to 40 years of decay and corruption..
    But I would love to see him try…. Even so every institution will try to sabotage his effort to “Make America great again”

    My rant for the day…


  27. fred says:

    Don’t waste your time with east Coast people trying to tell you about the border and illegals. Bill O’Riley knows nada. There are many guys here like me who grew up in San Diego and know the border for 50 years. We went there when it was only dirt roads, we speak Spanish and have many friends there and here. We can go on the other side most anywhere. We talk to the guys you only see pictures of. We know how the crime works and what goes on for real. We don’t need to watch Sicarrio to tell you how it works. Our friends are BP and we work and live among the Hispanic community. Funny we love the people but are warning you that open borders is so wrong minded you will never know what’s over there and comes here . If you knew you would be burning up the key boards…Talk to the right people….


  28. fred says:

    I lost the post but what I said was don’t listen to east coast guys like O’Riley about the border. Guys like me, and there are many, just ask… we know that border for 50 years growing up in San Diego. We know all the people and the real deal what goes on… We work and live in amongst the Hispanic people and speak Spanish and have lived down there for many years. I laugh at all the info like they are experts but have never eaten a taco on a street corner or really have any good friends they talk with…. We love the people!!!!!! but must warn you ….you cannot fathom the degree of what goes on down there and easily comes over here. Your head would explode so I won’t tell you… Just don’t listen to fake experts who went to the border in the daytime. Like going to the zoo to see the big cats in the day….They come out at night……


  29. mcfyre2012 says:

    About a month or two ago, O’Reilly had a stat that in five states, illegals commit 1/3 of the crimes.


  30. S. Hancock says:

    I’d like to add that I work in a prison as a nurse. One comment I made to my husband from the get-go was how odd it was that so many of the real Hispanics (not native-speaking, some not able to speak English at all!) inmates are labeled white males instead of hispanic. Would that be so they could not be measured accurately for prison statistics? They obviously don’t label them as blacks, although some are way darker in color than you’d consider white. I think the rate of incarceration of illegals is larger than we know because they hide the real numbers by falsely labeling them.


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