Benghazi Select Committee Hearing #4 – “Hillary Clinton Testimony” – Open Discussion Thread (Live Stream)

Morning Session

At 10:00am Eastern Time the House Select Committee on Benghazi will hold Hearing #4 – “The Testimony of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton”. (advisory)

The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10:00am and may run until 6:00pm depending on depth of questioning. Here is a live Stream Link:

Hillary Clinton hearing

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702 Responses to Benghazi Select Committee Hearing #4 – “Hillary Clinton Testimony” – Open Discussion Thread (Live Stream)

  1. bpk1300 says:

    giggles, now Rush is saying he is doing a play by play of the hearing, and he will be talking about Paul Ryan…….this is an awesome day for Trump, GOOOOO TRUMP

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  2. RINOKiller says:

    SNL has to be salivating over this!

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  3. flaladybug says:

    There are some that say Gowdy is just putting on a show….I’m not buying it. I think/hope his passion and conviction on this matter is honest and true. Besides….watching “Rowdy Gowdy” making people SQUIRM is quite entertaining and enlightening all at once! 😉

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    • I don’t think this has ever been a “Show” for Gowdy, but I DO believe it is for a couple of the “Rs” on the committee.

      Sadly, though, nothing will come out of it, no matter the findings.

      In the end, once the committee publishes their findings (to which Cummings and every other Dem on the Committee will attach a “dissenting opinion”) this will be deemed a “Partisan Witch Hunt” by the media, and there will not be a single person who is ever punished for what happened to Stevens, Smith, Woods and Dougherty. Nothing.

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      • “this will be deemed a “Partisan Witch Hunt” by the media,”
        of course it will. but that’s THEIR SCRIPT, not ours and not the truth. what is more important is that we seek the truth and stand on it. wickedness will not prevail.
        lies cannot hurt truth. and darkness cannot cover light. your name LET JUSTICE PREVAIL still stands! keep hope everybody! ridding wickedness can be a long process, what is most important is we be on the right side.

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        • Ono says:

          “Script” is the key word! Hitlerly has to wait for her script/notes to be delivered before answering (splaining how she feels is more like it) every question, that is of coarse with exception to the questions asked by her supporters. Those answers were delivered before the inquisition.
          Witch hunt? I see nothing wrong with that reference We got one so let’s start the bon fire. Let her get used to her new surroundings.

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      • Aussie says:

        it is already dubbed a partisan witch hunt by the media in Australia. Their comments make me feel totally disgusted. Our media is barracking for a criminal who shoul be in jail.


    • archer52 says:

      He is serious. If he were the DOJ attorney looking at the violation of secrecy complaint, she’d be looking for a deal. She would not want to take the stand. She’d get life plus ten!


  4. Dora says:

    They will gavel in at 2:15. Just heard someone say it.

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  5. shiloh1973 says:

    Correct me if I am wrong. Did the former Liar of State say that Chris Stevens did not have her E-Mail? Now she is saying that Chris Stevens found some of Blumenthal”s information helpful. Did she forward that info via E-Mail? If she did then Stevens, in truth did have her E-Mail address!

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  6. UpsideDownFlag says:

    During the hearing I thought about how slick willy might be reacting to the hearing. Is he slapping his knee laughing hysterically, is he angry and concerned that his little Hilly is being persecuted, or is he not watching at all?
    I’d love to be a fly on that wall.


  7. boojum says:

    Rush talking about “Ryan Circus” in terms of Donor class maneuvering after Cantor shock.. Very spot on.

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  8. sundance says:

    New Thread Alert

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  9. Doodahdaze says:

    The Beest was arming AQ. Knowingly. Sweet. Amb. met with her AQ pals just before the attack. Quack daffy was fighting AQ. Obama switched our allegiance from Quackdaffy to AQ in Libya. Betcha McLame was in on it too.

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    • BigMamaTEA says:

      The Beest was arming AQ. Knowingly. Sweet. Amb. met with her AQ pals just before the attack. Quack daffy was fighting AQ. Obama switched our allegiance from Quackdaffy to AQ in Libya. Betcha McLame was in on it too.

      Chris Stevens, the American ambassador to Libya, is assassinated using American weaponry that Obie and the Beast illegally sold to terrorists, in violation of American law and apparently even against a UN vote. Quack daffy was fighting MB/Al Queda, not his own people like Obie and the Beast want us to believe; because Obie and the Beast switched our allegiance without our knowledge from Quackdaffy to AQ for power and control. Also, Libya is essentially the gateway to Europe. Europe was even PAYING Quackdaffy to hold ’em back.
      All the GOPe , leadership of committees, etc. had knowledge. Also at the same time, John Brennan w/Obie was running a private hit squad with through JSOC and the drone program.
      Which they all were not sharing ALL info with each other (hmmm isn’t that WHY we have that behemoth called Homeland Security cause they were not talking to each other still!)

      As Libya was being “Arab-Springed” or community agitated, (Quackdaffy demise) Brennan was shooting drones and infiltrating with secret forces in Libya too. Killed one of the “terrorists” that also pizzed them off, and compounded what turned out to be Benghazi.

      And the mortars at the end came from the Sule-monie’s guys (Iran’s special forces) who I believe have been identified by some as actually the supposed Iranian Red Crescent (ambulance guys) that you occasionally hear about. (I have pics) Iranian warriors were in Libya in civies being greeted by the “new” government.


  10. Daniel says:

    Mr. Cummings wants to release the truf! LOL!


  11. jake says:

    I read these Sidney Blumenthal emails on Drudge when the hacker, Guccifer, hacked them a few years ago. Blumenthal repeatedly mentions he is sending intelligence briefs to Hillary from Tyler Dumheller. Do you remember Tyler Dumheller? He was the CIA European station chief who personally handled the intel from the shadowy CIA contact, ‘Curveball’, about the Iraqi mobile WMD biological labs. This was the info that Colin Powell relied on in his presentation to the UN in the run-up to the Iraq war. It was later discredited and the Bush administration and Secy Powell’s reputation took a hit. Keep in mind the CIA was undermining Bush every chance it could: Joe Wilson, Valerie Plame, etc. This same Tyler Dumheller now is a private consultant and has the ear of Blumenthal and Clinton, or has he always had this access.

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  12. Daniel says:

    Holy cow! I love the “last word” from Gowdy!

    He basically said “You ain’t heard nothing yet!” The crowd murmurs excitedly.

    I guess we’ll get some more truf!

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  13. santomr says:

    More on Benghazi –
    The entire affair stems from a sense of liberal progressive idealism when it comes to the handling of foreign affairs. Right before the Benghazi attacks the world was experiencing the so-called Islamic spring, we were downsizing Iraq if not gone already, the surge had worked in Afghanistan, and Bin Laden was dead. By all accounts at the time Obama wanted to take credit for his great success across the globe on counter-terrorism. The War on Terror was over and we were on the brink of a new relationship with the Islamic world! Obama was taking bold moves against dictators in Libya and Syria….he was making new friends in the Islamic world.
    And then – Benghazi hit him like a cold slap in the face. How could this happen right before the 2012 Presidential election! How dare they!!!!!! This could not be allowed to be painted as a terrorist attack, but rather a protest against Islamophobia! It was the INTERNET VIDEO!
    Since 2012, the security of the world has worsened and indeed the threats from Russia, China, North Korea and Cuba have all grown. Libya and Yemen were declared major Obama Administration success stories that turned out to unravel and be untrue.
    In 2015 the Obama Administration has continued down it’s same idealistic path with respect to Iran in its efforts to appease that radical regime. The response? The Islamic Republic of Iran continues to espouse policies to destroy Israel and America. Iran is actively pursuing the spread of terror throughout the world despite everything Obama has done.
    Obama’s naive approach to foreign policy is dangerous.

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  14. JoeS says:

    NO ON IS addressing the elephant in the room. First, why did Obama work with known terrorists to help topple a stable government that kept terrorists at bay. We provided Al Qaeda with weapons! Second, why did we then try to buy up all of those weapons and send them to more terrorists who were aiming to topple another stable government? None of these leaders Gaddaffi or Assad) were/are saints, but it is OBVIOUS that both of these nations are FAR Worse OFF, and the terror network has matastasized into a far worse terror network which now includes ISIS. ISIS is operational in Iraq, Syria, and Libya now, arguably aided by the Obama administration with Hillary as one of the chief architects. The Obama administration has literally taken the side of terrorists, fostered their growth, and plundered Libya, Syria, and Iraq causing untold loss of life, persecution and murder of anyone not willing to live by Sharia law, and mass-migration of millions of people. Can someone please tie this all together in one single and focused BIG PICTURE ARGUMENT instead of arguing RELATIVELY minor points like video-terrorist attack OVER AND OVER AND OVER.



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    • rashamon says:

      Bingo! Hopefully, Gowdy’s plan is to wrap with this.


    • Jim says:

      There is also a massive strategic blunder being glossed over by everyone. We want ‘bad actors’ to give up there WMD. So what do we do when they do. Gadhafi did and we ousted him. These idiots make the Kim’s look sane as North Korea protects the regime with nukes. They have every other ‘bad boy’ around the world scrambling for their own. And now they are enabling Iran to do the same.

      Of course, everyone threatened by a ‘bad actor’ will turn to us for protection. NOT! Look at how we helped Georgia, Crimea, and the Ukraine. So everyone else is looking for their own protection too.

      So much for non-proliferation.

      Thanks so very much Bozo and the Shrew. They just had to undue every good thing W ever achieved. (Or Reagan, the Founders, or anybody else for that matter.)

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    • nimrodman says:

      JoeS said: “… the elephant in the room. First, why did Obama work with known terrorists to help topple a stable government that kept terrorists at bay”?

      Because that was the method and mode of operation of the Obama regime at the time. The “Arab Spring”. All dictators must go!

      It derives from an inflated and delusional 60s-throwback “power to the people!” idealism that most libs have – particularly the generation who was shouting that slogan on campuses in the 60s (Hillary’s generation and that of innumerable high-level staffers in Barky’s government).

      Yeah, sure, “power to the people!” – yeah, that’s the ticket.

      Never mind that “the people” are feral savages with scimitars and Ka-Bar knives – all the better for beheading all the Christians in the Mideast. It’s simply a mindless Lefty 60s idealism that “all dictators must go!”, even ones that were tamping down and suppressing the all-out chaos that we now see across the Mideast as a result of that oh-so-lovely blossoming of “democracy” called the “Arab Spring”.


      • nimrodman says:

        … and compliments to Santomr above, his phrase “a sense of liberal progressive idealism when it comes to the handling of foreign affairs” is what prompted my thoughts, I simply added a bit of perspective that that idealism dates back to the 60s.


  15. archer52 says:

    Gowdy moving in on the point. It is all about painting her in the a corner.

    Are you the sec of state?

    Do you know you are supposed to personally administer a security review- via earlier ARB

    Do you as sec of State do your job?

    Her answer, “that other guy was in charge. I don’t remember their name and they never let me know their was a problem.”

    So you basically screwed up, right?

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  16. archer52 says:

    Wrapping herself in the corpses of the men who died. low voice, tears, somber tone.

    Yeah, whatever.

    Her version is Chris took control of everything, made decisions on security, how to set up the embassy etc. But NEVER talked to her about security- ever.

    Of course we can’t ask him, he’s dead.

    Laying the blame on the dead.


  17. Ono says:

    Am I the only person who sees a giant gorilla in a tutu destroying the living room?
    Why is Hillary not held in contempt for not answering questions?
    Why won’t the chair demand that she answer yes and no questions directly, rather than spinning off on a tangent?
    Why is Hillary allowed to waste tax payer money by not coming forward with everything she knows in an investigation to find out why Americans were allowed to be murdered on American soil. Embassies are American soil,

    This whole session is a poorly written script. Puppets reading their lines and not following rules. Worse yet, the puppets have to have their handlers send in the answers to the puppet by messenger during questioning.

    “If you need time to read a note let me know”


  18. TexasRanger says:

    Benghazi Hearing:

    Hillary Clinton Ignored 600 Requests for More Security in Libya

    Hillary Clinton Testimony Video Oct-22-2015:


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