Massachusetts Poll – Donald Trump Laps Entire Field With 48%…

It would appear that Donald Trump has locked up the entire Scott Brown coalition in Massachusetts.  A new poll from Emerson University (full pdf below) shows Trump with a whopping 48% of the electorate supporting his campaign.

Boston (Oct. 20, 2015) A new statewide poll suggests the state’s Republican primary race is Donald Trump’s to lose. With 48% of the vote, Trump is trouncing Dr. Ben Carson (14%) and Marco Rubio (12%).

The 34-point gap between Trump and Carson dwarfs the 9-point margin between the two in Emerson’s recent national poll. Lagging behind the leaders, Jeb Bush has slid to 7%, only slightly ahead of Carly Fiorina and Ted Cruz (read more)

Recent Polling:

ABC National 32%

  • MA – 48%
  • SC – 36%
  • NV – 38%
  • CT – 34%
  • NH – 32%
  • FL – 28%
  • OH – 23%
  • PA – 23%
  • NC – 28%
  • IA – 24%

Trump thumbs up

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99 Responses to Massachusetts Poll – Donald Trump Laps Entire Field With 48%…

  1. sundance says:

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    • woohoowee says:

      All the young faces in TRUMP’S audiences 🙂

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      • Rosies Seeing Red says:

        All the young faces who love Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. 🙂 I bet this demographic explodes for Trump as they help the momentum build via their social networking.

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    • sunspots7 says:

      SD — this interview with Mike Murphy, head of the Jeb! super-pac, openly admits and discusses their delegate Roadmap plan. He confirms your brilliant analysis.

      Murphy clearly has Trump derangement syndrome. He talks a lot about the delegate strategy and money, but he can’t allow Trump to even exist in his universe.
      “Those will be underfunded guys, and a lot of money will flow to the leader—unless the leader’s an unelectable grievance candidate. Then there’d be no money at all, just massive depression among the pragmatic wing of the party that knows that we just give Hillary the White House for free. I think that shadow of thought will loom larger and larger as we get to January.”

      He keeps saying how clever they are and they will have the money where others will run out. But he can’t let enter his mind that Trump has almost unlimited funds — and then add Ichan.

      A long but worthwhile read.

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  2. hocuspocus13 says:


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    • hnlbeach says:

      it is all over 45th President…. TRUMP.. Conservatives sick of being lied to, like in 2010 , 2014. ….Bush Carly ,Marco has beens ….when will Megyn Kelly see the light ??

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      • notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital says:

        Lying IS NOT a Conservative Value!

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        • georgiafl says:

          Song of the Middle Class:

          I’ve been cheated, been mistreated
          When will I be loved
          I’ve been put down, I’ve been pushed ’round
          When will I be loved
          When I vote in a new man, one I hope will do right, he
          Always breaks my heart in two, it happens every time
          I’ve been made blue, I’ve been lied to
          When will I be loved
          When the new guy, is just like the last guy, it
          Always breaks my heart in two, it happens every time
          I’ve been cheated, been mistreated
          When will I be loved
          When will I be loved
          Tell me when will I be loved

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  3. Bluto says:

    Our Illustrious Media (I love TV!) :

    “Tomorrow on Good Morning PROPAGANDA MACHINE America we’ll be joined by Mitt Romney.”

    “Mitt, you’re the former Governor of Massachusetts. We’d like you to comment on the latest poll that has Donald Trump at 48% – top of the field. This would be his highest polling percentage since he announced. Our question to you, Is this the tipping point where Trump inevitably decides to drop out of the race?

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  4. Belle says:

    Do you think the GOPe gets it yet?

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    • TheTorch says:

      Oh I think they do – but the poor things are in shock.

      This is an amazing POLL.

      and we have the Paul Ryan fiasco going on at the moment too. I suggested something in a previous thread but now I would like to go further based on the reaction I see. If they install Paul Ryan as speaker, then they might be inadvertantly nuking the GOPe! This is the sort of thing that could flip the undecideds to TRUMP, big time.

      Way to go GOPe you are the most unbelievably useless nitwits in the history of mankind!


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    • NVA Patriot says:

      They get it & it’s why they are jamming through the things they can while they can.

      I think what you may be asking is this like 1828 with the Jackson era or is this like the time in the country around 1856? I think 1856. You have an out of control supreme court (Dred Scott/O-care/Kelo/Roe v. Wade), a moral issue of great import (slavery/abortion) a controlling clique (Whigs & slaver Dems/GOPe-prog Dems) with a lock on government, moneyed interests (western expansion, tariffs, mineral rights, logging/immigration & global-theft-of-USA etc.) and then a convulsion when a real leader steps up with a new political movement (and party). Looks like historical rhyming to me.

      GOPe knows, they think they can keep a lid on it. Great Britain thought that, 1776. IBM thought that about the PC, 1980. Whig-slaver Dems thought that, 1860. Carter era Dem-GOPe thought that, etc.

      The problem for GOPe is that Active Americans are slow to realize a danger and accuse X of being an intractable enemy. That said, once the Active America identifies an intractable enemy, the intractable enemy meets the Active Cold Anger American. GOPe have been ID’d as intractable enemy.

      After seeing Carl Ichan CRUSH GOPe $100M man jeb! with 1 move of the likely 30-40 he has available, I’m ever more confident that Cold Angry American is just getting warmed up – Mixed metaphors and all 🙂

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  5. truthandjustice says:

    Hearing Ryan has gotten “support” from the Freedom Caucus – but just short of an “endorsement”……..

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    • phil fan says:

      UGH, groan, sigh. Amnesty here we come (continue), open borders, sickening.
      Not sure what POTUS Trump will be able to do in face of this?


  6. Maybe I am reading this wrong, but why does the first page of this post say “lose??” It’s says “state’s Republican primary race is Donald Trump’s to lose.” Shouldn’t that be “to win?”

    “Boston (Oct. 20, 2015) A new statewide poll suggests the state’s Republican primary race is Donald Trump’s to lose. With 48% of the vote, Trump is trouncing Dr. Ben Carson (14%) and Marco Rubio (12%). Continue reading →”


  7. Bluto says:

    48% ? No mere mortal can handle this much WIN. It’s unsustainable. It’s not consistent.

    Sure, 48% is a great number. But look at Trump’s history of polling. It’s all over the board. 48% here. 32% there and 27% somewhere else. Oh sure, he’s led the field for 100 days straight, but look how the numbers keep changing and rising. It’s the textbook definition of inconsistent.

    We need a steady, consistent conservative for President. Just look at Ted Cruz’s numbers. No matter what poll comes in, no matter what day, we can depend on Cruz polling at 5%. The is the type of consistent, steady, predictable leadership we need in Washington.

    Ted is the ONLY candidate in the history of the world…the Universe!*

    *Disclaimer: Bluto has been assimilated by the CruzBorg.
    Do not be alarmed.

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  8. TheTorch says:

    Just noticed this poll was conducted Friday 16th Oct to Sunday 18th Oct.

    Trump had a big rally in MA on Friday 16 that went very well – could be this poll is showing a big boost for Trump from that rally. Be interesting to see if this is sustained in a future poll.

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    • Doug says:

      Actually id love to see what rallies are doing to his poll numbers. Given the small comparative size of the electorate for primaries and the numbers hes attracting at these rallies not to mention the huge media exposure in each local market he is getting Id say a rally may be moving him anywhere from 1-6 percent in the polls. Places Like Massachussets are probably getting more movement from him campaigning there because of the lack of overall campaigning. Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina are pretty saturated with campaigning so Id bet they are moving less but still moving up too.


    • oldschool64 says:

      And let’s not forget that Trump’s famous Huma/Perv husband monologue also occurred in MA. Perhaps Trump’s funniest moment in a campaign packed with them!

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  9. Mr.Right says:

    MA 48%
    IA 24%

    This is a big clue for Trump on how to manage his campaign…
    (And for Rubio/Bush… its a sign that they will need a lot more money)

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  10. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Trump is the man! He will be the next president despite running against both the GOPe and the DNC!

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  11. kinthenorthwest says:

    So if the election is fair Trump will be the new man in the White House come 2017

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  12. ‘But this just proves that he’s not a true conservative since he appeals to liberals!’ Cue the ‘smart set’ whining.

    This is an amazing poll. Trump is putting together quite a coalition.

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  13. jello333 says:

    I’d love to see a broad-based poll here, where they ask not just Reps, but Dems and others too. Because if it’s close, not with Trump leading, but just halfway close… in Massachusetts?! Talk about heads exploding.

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  14. John Galt says:

    Wait until the “bandwagon effect” kicks in fully. This is YUGE!

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  15. bofh says:

    George Will was unavailable for comment…

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  16. snaggletooths says:

    Good news hearing this ! Trump 2016 can not wait


  17. Daniel says:

    This never gets old!

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  18. winky says:

    Wondering if Trump might be considering Scott Brown for VP


  19. rsmith1776 says:

    I count SIX ZERO’s, without the seventh one, the Primordial Zero in the White House.

    The Magnific…. slash that, the CONCUPISCENT Seven?


  20. flawesttexas says:

    Again…Karl Rove gonna need a lot more election fraud to beat Trump


  21. R-C says:

    As a US Paratrooper, I have but one “word” for this: “HOO-AH!!”


  22. NJF says:

    So do we know the details re: new Iowa poll which has Carson 8 pts over Trump?


    • Rosies Seeing Red says:

      NJF, I’ve been looking around at other sites to see which headlines they’re running with — Trump TROUNCING in Massachusetts with 48%? Or the Iowa news? Yeah, we all know the answer, and it was no surprise to me either.

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    • RINOKiller says:

      Likely a small sample was surveyed and that usually doesn’t favor Trump. As we have seen, the bigger the surveyed the larger the lead is


      • marierogers says:

        one poster here favoring carson was not aware of his ties with sharpton..we need to get more of that out there!
        have a sneaky feelin he may be a bozo in disguise!


    • manickernel says:

      The telephone-based poll of 574 likely Iowa Republican caucus-goers was conducted Oct. 14-20 with a margin of error is plus or minus 4.1 percentage points

      Among women Carson leads Trump 33% to 13%. What was it Ann Coulter said about women voting? 😉


  23. manickernel says:

    Quinnipac Iowa poll puts Carson well in front of Trump.


  24. RINOKiller says:

    Here’s the cutoff point of an acceptable poll

    x > 1000 – favors Trump

    x < 1000 – does not favor Trump


  25. zephyrbreeze says:

    Susannah Martinez is a good speaker. But Trump may want more of a person who can glad hand the world. Someone who’s been around the block a few times, and has amazing instincts about people. Trump likes to be unpredictable, and he is.


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