Donald Trump on Mediabuzz (Full Interview)…

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  1. Racine Thyme says:

    Every time I hear someone call Trump a clown, I start pressing them for reasons why they think that. They stutter. So then I ask for specific examples of him acting like a clown. I get nothing.

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    • stringy theory says:

      They’re acting like parrots that simply repeat what they have heard. There is no thought or intelligence involved.

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    • tarawa1943 says:

      Eminent Domain is not in the Constitution of the USA, it is in the marxist philosophy of the state owning everything. This is one reason I would re-think voting for Trump. Personal Property ownership is a right given by Natural Law (God) which cannot be circumvented by man. He is not a clown but he did not think this one issue through thoroughly and is playing politics.


      • boutis says:

        It is in the Fifth Amendment. “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.” thus part of the Bill of Rights which are the first 10 amendments December 15, 1791.


      • Murse says:

        Sorry, tara, but if this is your biggest issue with the current state of the union then you are missing the mark. Trump is not going to be a pure conservative, if anything he is a pragmatist. If Trump is able to spearhead a movement that destroys the GOPe then he is the man we need now. No other GOP candidate is in a position to do that.

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        • Marie Rogers says:

          if this one thing loses your vote, then i have to think MR TRUMP never really had your vote!
          youre looking for doesnt exist!


          • tarawa1943 says:

            Perfection exists only in JESUS, I have that. What I want is a man who will not fold under pressure from Govt. perverts, corruption, love of money or cultural relativism. Nobody has my vote yet. If Trump will not stand for the natural law right of stopping the Govt. taking one’s personal property, he will fold for taking everything from the good legal American Citizen. You can count on it. BTW: tarawa1943, google it Murse.


  2. Racine Thyme says:

    Speaking of media intentionally trying to portray him poorly, I have finally had to accept the fact that Glenn Beck’s truth has no agenda, has an agenda. This week he did everything he could to convince his audience that Trump is fading, or in freefall, or spiraling downward …

     He is outright lying. It is a loss of innocence, and probably not just for me.

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    • TheTorch says:

      I stopped listening to Beck a while back, constant anti-trump bashing, and pushing other GOPe candidates that make no sense, considering what he has previously stated/believed.

      Beck has some personal animosity against Trump for some reason and he is losing all objectivity and credibility.

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      • yeah, i wonder what it is?
        i remember he had a similar reaction to Huckabee back in 2008. he was really butt hurt that Huck was beating Romney at that time and because of the anti mormonism that was causing evangelicals to reject Romney, Beck’s savior.
        there was one episode where Huck was hurrying in the airport and ran into Beck but couldn’t give him a hug or something and Beck was crying. literally in tears. i remember watching in disbelief tears flowing down his face as he recanted the scene.

        so maybe Beck has some other candidate favorite that in like manner is being blown away by Trump’s popularity? Cruz? who knows?

        sure is weird though since Trump voices many of the things that Beck has been decreeing like us for many years. very strange his abject terror and hatred of Trump.


  3. ZurichMike says:

    The interviewers seem a little more respectful / fearful of The Donald. Or am I imagining this? Perhaps they realize that ratings are more important than being snarky.

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    • The Boss says:

      The offhanded comment Trump made about ratings boosts interviewers and their networks enjoy when he is a guest was IMO his artful way of letting Howie (and others) know he can deliver viewers, and he can keep them away. He’s setting up a win-win.

      I haven’t read yet The Art of The Deal, but after re-reading my reply, I think I’ll go buy a copy.

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    • from what i remember Howard Kurtz has always seemed to like Trump, or at least report about him more honestly than the rest. which isn’t saying much, but he does seem to genuinely like Trump and has always spoken with him and about him in respect that i know off. Howard never comes across to me as a snotty elitist. seems pretty down to earth to me, unlike the rest.

      i cannot say for the pip squeak guy in the CBS video cuz i don’t know him. i will say for a snobby snotty snarky elite he was somewhat subdued as far as not ridiculing Trump.

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      • justfactsplz says:

        I think Howard supports Trump. One day on Fox Dana was real snarly with Howard when he stood up for Trump.

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        • i think i saw that one too. i remember at that time it seemed Howard was the only one taking Trump seriously.
          wonder if it has anything to do with Howard also being from Queens so maybe some mutual respect there? homeboy comradery? 🙂
          seemed to me even stephen colbert reacted in like manner when Trump reminded him he’s from Queens too.
          Trump is just so awesome and so engaging and fun and interesting.

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      I think they realize it’s not working, and the comments they’re getting on FB, Twitter feed, and even via email have been scathing… and the media credibility, already low, has sunk lower, due to obvious bias, whether taking part of a quote, misrepresenting what he said aka lying about Trump, or using snark/disparagement to brand him unworthy.

      They only have themselves to blame. Furthermore, due to the MSM behavior, it’s my opinion it solidified Trump’s baseline support to the point he’s untouchable by the media now. Just desserts!

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  4. moogey says:

    And right on schedule, previewing Kurtz’s interview on Maria Bartiroma this morning….the Fox panel was into ‘trash the Trump tax plan’.

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  5. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:

    Another good interview from Trump!

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  6. Millwright says:

    After winnowing through the usual FTN heaps of chaff I did find one gleaming
    “grain of truth” . When the interviewer turned to his (Trump’s) “empire” Donald Trump spoken openly about be willing to turn it over to hi9s children and its current management. From this I conclude Mr. Trump perceives our current socio/political/economic situation as being opportune for creating his “Legacy”. He’s at the peak of his powers – physical, mental, economic and socio/political – he has nothing left to “prove” in his chosen profession, but seems to have an overweening desire to recreate the America of his formative years. He certainly has my support in that objective !

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  7. NJF says:

    I think a great talking point for Trump against big govt is the fact the US govt is the largest employer in the country. It’s a shocking statistic IMO

    Also, one of the recent money train articles revealed another interesting factoid. It stated that a newly elected POTUS typically “repays” devoted cronies and or donor types with appointments and jobs. Approximately 7,000 of them. SMH


  8. I am voting for TRUMP and watching carefully all those trying to derail him. I’m also watching Obama for something nasty America doesn’t want before he leaves. I pray I am wrong.

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  9. Marie Rogers says:

    isnt allowing the 200,000?? refugees in America nasty enough?
    MSM has not paid any attention to DT stating that many of them are young women or children.. they will be in our neighborhoods and our tax dollars will support them!.
    one of my neighbors who is 86 yrs old gets a paltry $16 monthly in food stamps..betcha the refugees will get a helluva lot more!


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