Hillary Received and Transmitted CIA Name Via Email…

Of course the apoplectic leftists -who previously went crazy over Valerie Plame being outed as a CIA source- will now hypocritically be silent; figures!

WASHINGTON DC – On March 18, 2011, Sidney Blumenthal — Clinton’s longtime friend and political adviser — sent the then secretary of state an email to her private account that contained apparently highly sensitive information he had received from Tyler Drumheller, a former top CIA official with whom Blumenthal at the time had a business relationship.

Hillary - orange is the new black

“Tyler spoke to a colleague currently at CIA, who told him the agency had been dependent for intelligence from [redacted due to sources and methods],” the email states, according to Gowdy’s letter.

The redacted information was “the name of a human source,” Gowdy wrote to his Democratic counterpart, Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, and was therefore “some of the most protected information in our intelligence community.”

“Armed with that information, Secretary Clinton forwarded the email to a colleague — debunking her claim that she never sent any classified information from her private email address,” wrote Gowdy in a letter to Cummings.

Clinton has repeatedly said she never sent or received classified information on her private email server “that was marked classified at the time that it was sent or received.” But the FBI, at the request of the inspectors general for the intelligence community and the State Department, is investigating the handling of classified information on the private server.

And while there is nothing that indicates that the email from Blumenthal (who was not a government employee) was marked classified at the time Clinton received it, the sensitive nature of its contents should have been a red flag and never should have been passed along, according to a former veteran CIA officer.

“She is exposing the name of a guy who has a clandestine relationship with the CIA on her private, unprotected server,” said John Maguire, who served for years as one of the CIA’s top Mideast officers.  (read more)

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  1. justfactsplz says:

    One can’t help but wonder what foreign nations may have actually succeeded in hacking into Clinton’s server. S.B. should have never been involved in state department business. He did not work for the state department yet Hillary and he had a lot of back and forth with the emails. Sharing the name of the CIA operative could have put them in grave danger. I hope there are a lot of gotcha moments when she testifies later this month before the Benghazi committee. Let her know it does indeed make a difference that four American men lost their lives due to her actions and negligence.

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    • ctdar says:

      She will never testify. Health woes or worse.


      • peachteachr says:

        I agree, ctdar. I began to think exactly that, health woes or just being a grandmother to little Charlotte a couple of months ago. I believe the health woes is a more natural excuse with less of a black eye for her.


      • justfactsplz says:

        Right. I’m not holding my breath here.

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      • gulfbreeze says:

        If she does, she would be wise to pull a Lois Werner and plead Fifth Amendment privilege and walk out. She is incapable of telling the truth, so it’s hard to imagine she will be able to answer any questions from GOP members under oath without committing perjury.

        Oh how I hope that someone asks her about her knowledge of exactly what a person with the highest security clearance (such as she had…and likely could have had since at least 1992 as FLOTUS) should know about recognizing classified and higher clearance information/communication. She must be forced to refute this nonsensical defense that information that she received was not marked classified or higher clearance. Whether info is marked or not is irrelevant. Read this blog article to understand how much she HAD to know as a holder of her security clearance:


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        • IntoTheFray says:

          I worked with government classified data most of my working life and you are right on. While you certainly pay attention to classification markings, you quickly learn to recognize either classified or “potentially classified” material rather quickly. Names of CIA operatives would be a HUGE red flag that even the most junior of people would recognize as classified, whether properly marked or not. This information should NEVER be on an unclassified Internet email system and probably not on a Secret email system.
          Hillary should be in a permanent orange jumpsuit in a very restricted hotel, known as prison, for passing a CIA operatives name over the unclassified Internet. SO SHOULD BLUMENTHAL! If we had a GOPe who had an ounce of courage, they both would be.

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      • John Galt says:

        The longer Hillary hangs in, the more money she banks when she ejects.



    • Sentient says:

      Hopefully that imbecile Issa will stay away from any hearing with Hillary Clinton.

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    • The manner is which Hillary Clinton set up and managed her private email and server is downright STUPID! As a lawyer, former First Lady, former Senator, former Secretary of State and candidate for President of the United States – she absolutely knows and can recognize classified, top secret communications when she sees it. Consequently, that she chose to conduct her communications on non-government, unsecure, private email, hosted on her personally owned and controlled server speaks volumes about what she does with power. She set this up deliberately from the outset to hide what she was up to. She KNOWS she broke every law on the books with regard to handling classified material, bribery, influence-peddling and God only knows what other illegal activities. If she testifies, she will be revealed for the dangerous, devious, traitor she is and has always been. I doubt she’ll ever testify. She’s finished!

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      • IntoTheFray says:

        Speaks volumes about her character, of lack thereof!
        NOT someone we want running our country.


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      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        or intentional?


        • seeingeye2 says:

          Hillary showed her ignorance to me when she stated she didn’t want to use 2 separate email accounts because she didn’t want to have to carry 2 devices. Even if she knew that to be untrue, she was obviously ignorant of how intelligent the American people are since she anticipated that we would believe her excuse.


      • sixmax11 says:

        moreover, dozens (maybe hundreds) of people, inside the government also knew she did not use a “.gov” email address. yet, no one said, or did, anything while it was happening. to me this is just as bad as what clinton was actually doing. is the entire federal apparatus that incompetent? a truly sorry situation.


      • justfactsplz says:

        No telling how much money was made by the Clinton Foundation and was discussed in her emails also. I sure hope she’s toast.


    • archer52 says:

      He was hacked by a private person “Gullcifer?”, now in prison.

      There is no doubt if he got to SB, he got into hers as well. All he had to do was mimic an email and boom!

      The count now is Russia, China and Germany, and I think one more that left traces of attempts.

      Germany because of Obama spying on Merkel’s phone I’m sure. Plus the Germans, and basically everyone else, don’t trust what Obama says.

      Of course they want the inside scoop.

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  2. lovely says:

    Hillary will say that it depends on your definition of “sensitive”.

    How sobering it is that some in our nation are even considering electing this woman to be the leader of the less than free world.

    Dark days.

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    • Dave says:

      “Dark days” indeed” and not a time to be sober for sure….:) Things are becoming overwhelming, it’s getting hard to keep up.

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    • archer52 says:

      Which is why the FBI took the State Department servers. What they are doing is building a case on her and her underlings. The way it will go is this;

      Classified marked material leaves a .gov source.
      Travels to an email held by Huma, Cheryl or some loyal bonehead.
      The emails arrive at Clinton email with the “classified” removed.
      Back up to the last person who handled it- arrest same.
      Then talk about the ten to twenty years the egghead, penciled necked nerd is going to serve for the crime, a class he DIDN’T take in Harvard, and ask him what he knows.
      Go up the chain- wash, rinse, repeat- until you hit the super loyals who won’t cave.
      Charge them and send them to jail.
      Maybe Hillary goes, because they realize she has no power (remember, they hung and beheaded queens many times before when their time was up). Or maybe she retires and writes another book that nobody will read.

      Either way- she is gone.

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  3. Paco Loco says:

    Scooter Liby went to jail for nothing but innuendo. Clinton is a walking, talking national security leak.

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    • JeremyR says:

      Innuendo? Hardly the right term. He was not the leak, and the leak of Plame’s name was not a violation. She was not a covert agent and had not been for some time.
      He was the victim of a witch hunt orchestrated by people in the demonicRAT party for pure political show. It diverted attention away from how badly the Clinton crime family had mishandled essential intel in the last year of his regime. It also allowed for the spread of the lie that Saddam was not looking to buy yellow cake when the documents show he indeed was.
      In essence, he paid for another of her lies, and GWB was at fault in part for not standing up and revealing the truth which allowed this side show to happen.
      More evil from red rover and the GOPe.

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    • wizzum says:

      Innuendo…..Isn’t that an Italian suppository? I’m pretty sure that’s what Scooter thinks in any case.


  4. robertnotsowise says:

    I am sick of her

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  5. Voltaire's Crack says:

    Dear Representative Gowdy:

    I watch your country and sympathize for the embarrassment you must be feeling. How sad to try to seek truth and justice within a government so riddled with incompetence and deceit. I normally don’t do this, but I am making an exception this one time. Enclosed you will find a flash drive containing all of the emails you have been looking for. It really wasn’t so hard to obtain. A probe of the right server, a little social hacking as you say, and an elementary software kit were all that was needed. It was like taking marbles away from a child. Now I present you with the marbles. There is no need to thank me. The act is its own reward,

    So much simpler than the hoops you must jump through, Trey, if you don’t mind me calling you that. Subpoenas, legal delays, media pressure to abandon the investigation, threats from within and without, where my methods are direct and expedient. Yes, I know about those threats, too. Search the flash drive for the expression “skeleton”. You’ll learn something you didn’t know. And who said I don’t have a sense of humor.

    I ask for nothing in return, other than the ensuing amusement this transfer will ultimately afford, which is not yours to give anyway. Who knows, one day we may laugh about this together.

    Your observer from across the sea,

    V. P.

    P.S. If you encounter Donald Trump, tell him Vladimir gives him his regards. We have much to discuss.

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    • joshua says:

      Bush looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul, then captured his heart

      July 15, 2009

      Apparently, Vladimir Putin hasn’t been watching MSNBC. He doesn’t seem to know that America’s friends and foes alike are supposed to hate George Bush.

      Putin sent warm birthday greetings to the supposedly universally-hated Bush just hours before meeting with the supposedly universally-loved Barack Obama.

      “During the last years we have been working on strengthening Russia-U.S. cooperation. Although there were differences between our countries, I always valued your openness and sincerity,” Putin said. “With special warmth I recall your hospitality in the Crawford ranch and your family estate in Kennebunkport.”


  6. gary23902003 says:

    HC should have been in jail a year or so ago. How is she even able to throw her hat in the ring? If she ever gets indicted, wanna bet she leaves the country? That would make her a libbie loon hero! The Clintons have been dirty forever. I remember Bill the prez gutting the CIA, probably to cover his ass – emphasis CHINA, then the pardoning frenzy for all his “friends”. And they’re still just skating along. With a trail of bodies in their wake, as it were.

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    • Sentient says:

      Boner had put Darrell Issa in charge. Might as well have named Harold Ickes as,special prosecutor.


    • MTeresa says:

      I would be so surprised if Mrs. Clinton ever gets sent to jail, I’m afraid. I think the Clinton’s have so much dirt on everyone and if they don’t, they (their “people”) make it up or threaten anyone into silence. And then you have the loons who pretty much worship the ground HRC walks on (especially here on the left coast) and believe her crap about a vast right wing conspiracy. She is the almighty priestess of the pro-abortion, pro-alternative lifestyle crowd. They are one issue voters and will not even consider anyone else to be POTUS unless they walk in step with their social agendas.

      The only thing that would stop her is health issues, and I hear more and more about that possibility every day. I would never wish ill on anyone, but I think a lot of people wouldn’t be sorry to see her drop out because of it (including some in the DNC).


  7. Somebody put a cankle bracelet on this woman, pending trial! She’s a walking disaster area!

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    • sixmax11 says:

      i heard they tried that once, but they couldn’t find anybody willing to volunteer for the job. which, as it turns out, was good because there wasn’t one large enough to fit!


  8. peachteachr says:

    I read the whole 13 page letter to Cummings. You all really need to dig into the information Gowdy uses from the emails between Hillary and Sid. Many were written before the state department was involved in Gaddafi’s death and overthrow of his government in Syria. At one point, Sid says a comment is to be read “sotto voice” which literally means ‘under voice’ and later he writes of a plan being “deus ex machina” , ancient Greek for ‘a god introduced to resolve entanglements’; I looked them up. Who writes like that in emails???
    I am a huge Gowdy fan. I encourage you all to read all 13 pages. Sid, who Obama had banned from working at the State Department, was Hillary’s only adviser on Libya and although he was involved in a business venture there, had NEVER been to Libya. It’s all so Machiavellian. Lots of criminal acts, including naming a human resource on the ground who worked for the CIA. Scooter Libby need not apply. The emails equal high treason, imo.

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    • peachteachr says:

      I meant Gaddafi from Libya not Syria…sorry.


      • three by one says:

        Hillary was running a private intel op. Through Sid and possibly others. SD had it right six months ago.

        The private network was to avoid the Kenyan, more than the public.


        Some of Lara Logan’s discredited piece was on target.

        Now that her emails were officially recovered from the server and CT cloud outfit (as if a certain agency didn’t already have them), they can be “leaked” for maximum political impact.

        Debate is Tuesday. Will there be an October surprise?

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        • Lara Logan’s report may have ALL been on target. The media needs to go back and figure out how Cankles conned them.

          The person in Logan’s camp who got her to conflate the rest of her stuff with material from the book “The Embassy House”, turns out to be a Clinton operative. He knew that book could be targeted because the author didn’t trust the FBI, and held back in his statement to them (Hillary, of course, would have known this.) Cankles was able to use that discrepancy to not only torpedo the book, but to take down Logan’s report in the process.

          You can still get copies of this book (ISBN-13: 978-1476751139) on the used book market. The author was one of the Brits in charge of the Libyan security detail guarding the bridge to the embassy, and he makes the explosive claim that the guards were unarmed as demanded by the State Department contract.

          This is one more manifestation of the toxicity of the media’s ill-conceived ties to the Democrat party. They simply can no longer do their job properly.


          • sixmax11 says:

            if you’ll remember none other than the NY Times got in on the act too. they wrote a lengthy piece that also backed up the story about a video. funny, i don’t recall any retraction from those slimeballs.
            “The report by David Kirkpatrick, The Times’s Cairo bureau chief, and his team turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or another international terrorist group had any role in the assault, as Republicans have insisted without proof for more than a year. The report concluded that the attack was led by fighters who had benefited directly from NATO’s air power and other support during the uprising against Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi and that it was fueled, in large part, by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.”


      • Mist'ears Mom says:

        I agree peach, IMO the letter from Trey Gowdy should be published in every newspaper front page in the world. It is a piece of art, masterful, you couldn’t write a better screenplay or novel. Of course we know that’s not gonna happen.
        Mr. Gowdy says he will be releasing these Clinton recently found emails in “5 days”, that was on 10/7. I for one can’t wait for SHTF on 10/12. I hope Mr. Elijah is pooping his pants and scurrying around like the cockroach he is. My only wonder is what excuses they will come up with to cover it up.


    • Curry Worsham says:

      I believe Blumenthal was/is Hillary’s brain – the de facto Secretary of State. She’s not very bright and needed him to tell her what to do. I believe the real emails will reveal this. That’s why she never wanted them to see the light of day. She would be exposed as a fraud.
      Hopefully we now will see….

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    • tappin52 says:

      I had my doubts about Gowdy because of the lack of any meaningful progress in these hearings, but after reading the letter I feel refreshed in my hope that someone, somewhere will do the right thing.

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    • Chewbarkah says:

      “Sid…was Hillary’s only advisor on Libya.”

      Given the official purpose of the Committee, that is a key point that I hope Gowdy will seek to pin down. Hillary should be asked directly to name her policy advisors on Libya, and which “experts” backed the “film” narrative, and when? Then they can testify too. I anticipate Hillary either will have memory problems or try to assert executive privilege/classified sources.

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      • Or she’ll name names of people whose advice she rejected. There were apparently plenty of those in the military. Obozo might actually allow them to testify, on the grounds that it would make his tenure a CIC look far less incompetent.


  9. lilbirdee'12 says:

    No need to worry, the Demokrats and CN & N (Ms. Banfield) have it all figured out for y’all. This is not a scandal, it’s only a controversy. Just calm down, it’ll all go away soon ! Grrrrrrrrr!


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  10. Electric Head says:

    “Of course the apoplectic leftists -who previously went crazy over Valerie Plame being outed as a CIA source- will now hypocritically be silent…”

    Ya, but she didn’t ‘mean’ to, so it’s totally different here, OK.

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  11. Millwright says:

    Seems SC Rep. Trey Gowdy has grown tired of the “people behind the curtain in OZ” ! Great to see him “pull trousers” and publicly paddle the “demonrats” for their underhanded, disloyal and unethical behavior ! Thirteen “swats” worth ! I particularly like his Ppat’em kick em, kick em” technique !

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  12. PreNanny says:

    After reading the whole of this letter I lose hope that Trump or anyone can lead this country back from the corrupt cesspool it has become, not to mention other countries. What a nightmare.
    Countries, ex-generals,spooks etc, private citizens all competing for contracts ( read money )
    pre and post a war that had to be created out of thin air to even occur.
    What the hell is wrong with these people?.
    One thing is for damn sure the size of the Federal government must be significantly reduced 1/10th the size and scope it has morphed into is my opening bid and I am willing to go smaller.

    off topic:
    I am still waiting for the Fast and Furious emails from her servers and all the other things this evil woman has been involved in, will the new speaker look into any of it properly?
    Am not holding my breath the corruption oozes on.

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    • three by one says:

      Look at this article from March:


      Note the former intelligence and military assets who cheerfully cash in on their careers after retiring.

      These people don’t give a damn about anything but lining their pockets at the expense of this country and other countries. There is no “right” or “wrong”, there is only personal profit.

      This mindset is not a sudden change if heart the day they clean out their offices, this is carefully crafted during their years of “service”. Look at the gigs every O-6 and above land with contractors and consulting firms. Look at every elected official that turns to lobbying when they are finally kicked out by betrayed constituents.

      Why was Hillary hot for overthrowing Qaddafi and getting a new government set up? Imagine how much leaders pay for getting countri es’ assets freed up. Those $250K speaking gigs look like chump change compared to a “commission” on a country’s oil revenues.

      Ask yourselves who profits from Iran’s getting to spend that $150 billion. No wonder there was no functional opposition to Obama’s deal in Congress.

      Ask yourselves how many “thank you” million dollar positions await Congressmen who voted like good team players for TPP/TPA. Paul Ryan must be running the numbers for cashing in now vs. playing Speaker for a few years.

      If Hillary could make those kinds of deals without having to split the take 500 ways…

      We’re still just scratching the surface. Who knows where the investigation will lead. And why so many oppose it. Openly on the left. Quietly on the GOPe right.

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      • PreNanny says:

        Thank you for further insight.
        For all their money grubbing they are not students of history, it never ends well for those that created the need for revolution or their families.

        Enjoy this day am off to dig at an old charcoal iron furnace used to make all sorts of iron goods as well as Rev War cannons and ammo.
        Playing in Colonial dirt will cleanse my soul 😉


      • lastConservinIllinois? says:

        One hundred thousand likes.

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    • Southern Son says:

      I’ve posted it before, but it bears repeating. A Government BiG enough to give you everything you need, is big enough to take everything you have. Some may disagree, but this whole movement started with the TEA party. You should have been there at the Capital on a Tuesday, if I recall, to protest Obocare. I still remember driving back to so. Ga in middle of the night. I went with two guys I met through talk radio program that week. 14 hrs up, we talked constantly about big gov. We could hardly speak going home, after hollering at capital for three hrs. The unity of ALL the Patriots at Michele Bachmans house call that day, still fuels my fire today.

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  13. Doodahdaze says:

    Hillary for Prison 2015.

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  14. Clc says:

    https://www.judicialwatch.org/bulletins/unraveling-benghazi-mike-rogers-part-problem/ there s a lot of money to be made off of war and reconstruction. ole sid was just trying to get in on the action. so was mike rogers and wife. that’s the way washington rolls.


  15. lovely says:

    My take on Trey’s letter. First it was obviously written for public consumption, as Trey makes his case stating facts that are already known to Cummings. They is circuitously bringing Clinton’s malfeasance to the eyes of the public.

    Trey anticipates the Clinton/democratic defense and preemptively strikes it down.

    Clearly when anyone says they turned over “everything” we have the right to expect the plain meaning of the word “everything” to carry the day. The lawful bar of the semantics game is “How would a reasonable person use the word, what is the common accepted use of the word?”

    Clinton damns herself;

    “I agree with the need to keep the attack tempo up.” page 10 Why? The only logical rational that can be discerned from the limited release of emails is that Clinton was interested solely in political advantage and money. Her decisions in Libya seem to have zero connection to what is in the best interest of America, Libya, the Libyan people or a viable ME and solely to do with what benefits Clinton, her friends, and the PTB who support Clinton and her ambitions.

    Clinton’s knowledge of Blumenthal’s financial interests in Libya cannot credibly be denied (page 11/12).

    Also is it only me or is Clinton’s dull-wittedness blatantly obvious in her writing samples? Her selected writings make it even more obvious why she refuses to do real interviews or take real questions. Her conniving and lying have rarely been scrutinized in a manner which has caused her to defend herself on the spot and when they have been, Clinton does her best Marty Feldman face, scoffs at the questioner and walks away.

    The smartest woman in America. PPffffttt…

    Trey has been masterful in his letter as its stated designation is not an attack on Clinton and her corrupt dealings with Libya but rather it is a body of work designed to chastise Cummings for his partisanship yet in order to do so Trey opens a can of Whoop Ass on Clinton and gets some truly ugly facts out in the open.

    This is a checkmate letter in any non corrupt government.

    Kudos, Trey! Kudos!

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  16. czarowniczy says:

    This is one of those things that really grinds on me. Back around 2001 the CIA was making its HUMINT data more available to analysts, the particular classification came out in two tiers. First tier required a sweat-provoking polygraph and the second, shorn of its data that could reveal sources, methods, etc, just required a ‘read-i. During the read-in the newly initiated would see a short film and sign paperwork attesting that s/he realized that were s/he to compromise any of these data said compromisee’s nether regions would barbecued without benefit of pain reliever and, oh yeah, the Company would probably be very, very PO’d at you.
    I was limited by You Know Who as to whom could have unfettered access to the info, we didn’t just read-in anyone and the SOP was to receive a direction from way above to read this person in, not even local supervisors at the work area could give permissions – they could ask but unlike many other SCI areas, access was closely held. I only saw one slip up before I retired and it was contained and buried with great energy and use of resources.
    This is the kind of intel info Hillary compromised, State is a prime user of it, perhaps THE prime user of it, and it appears, as was the case with her hubby and his staff during their misbegotten tenure at the WH, more of it may have been compromised. We’re hearing ‘Top Secret’ but we’re not hearing who owned that intel or what (if any) SCI pocket it fell into. She either didn’t care about the classification, or consequences to the human sources, or thought herself too important to be distracted by the boundaries imposed on mere mortals in these situations. We don’t know if anyone’s been compromised (i.e., dead or in jail) through her activities but I”m betting she won’t get held to the same standards as the staff.
    There were questions during Bill’s tenure about why the WH refused to have standard security clearance checks done on so many staffers, especially as they had almost daily access to sensitive information. There were also some lingering questions about WHO may have had ACCESS to classified information WITHOUT clearance or ‘need to know’ – hint hint hint.
    This disregard for the rules while in pursuit of fame and fortune seems to be a family tradition. Rules are for the ruled and are imposed by the ruler – and if you give Hillary an inch she’ll become a ruler.

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    • lastConservinIllinois? says:

      I completely believe that HRC ran her e-mails through a private server so that it COULD be hacked.
      And I believe that Huma informed whomever State wanted to know about the private server (Muzz Bros, Chinese, Russians, Iran, etc), and then it was up to the foreign agencies to do the hacking – which I believe I read just in the last week that one of HRC’s IT vendors warned her that her setup could be subject to hacking.

      This woman, in a sane world, should have been in prison 25 years ago because of the Rose Law Firm Records.

      Enough already, for the good of the free world: lock this filthy, despicable excuse for a human being up already!
      Stop waiting for an election year to make the move!

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    • I think it’s pretty clear she would be a disastrous president. Whether that disaster would encircle the globe and have Chernobyl-like half-lives is the only question.


  17. IntoTheFray says:

    This sort of thing will NOT go away unless and until we can elect a GOP Congress that has the courage to stand up for and enforce regulations.The GOPe passiveness is enabling the corrupt DemoRATS. They are part of the problem, not the solution.
    Boehners replacement needs to be a true Conservative with ethics and the courage to enforce the law. McConnell also needs to go soonest and be replaced by a true Conservative. And of course, we need Trump to be elected POTUS in 2016!


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  18. Anne says:

    Am trying to understand all this HRC scandal, but it’s a real spiderweb. Question to those who understand and follow it all: who released Rep.Trey Gowdy’s lengthy letter to Rep. Cummings? I am glad it was released because it will help me understand Hillary’s appearance before Rep. Gowdy’s Committee. Will she appear? Only in her dreams or nightmares. I see a health crisis for Bill Clinton which will require Hillary to attend to his aid and comfort. Or, it could be Chelsea or Charlotte rushed to hospital. It would be seen as too, too convenient for her to fall, faint, or have to be hospitalized again. Thank you for this website.


  19. Jack-in-the-Box says:

    Andrew Sullivan called Hillary a talent-free hack on Real Time with Bill Maher.

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    • Eskyman says:

      I’m amazed that Andrew Sullivan actually makes sensible points against Hitlery, which are of course denied by the others. Toward the end of that clip, the female tries to defend Hitlery by saying that she has always “worked for women” which is laughable.

      Too bad Sullivan didn’t ask which of the “bimbo eruption” women (those raped or assaulted by good ol’ Bill) were helped by Hitlery, or how the 12yo girl that was raped was helped when Hitlery got the rapist off; opportunity missed.

      I’m also very glad that I don’t have to watch Bill Maher; the man is a glib idiot, totally in the tank for Hitlery. He obviously has a devoted following, which I would call “useful idiots.”


  20. ssupsky says:

    I hope and pray that Hillary is not charged or indited for anything. If she is, it will be a big waste. I hope the people investigating drag their feet for another year and half. There needs to be a reckoning for all that has happened.


  21. Irene Matthews says:

    At one point a few months ago I remember thinking that if she got elected, at least she wouldn’t be as bad as Obama. Oh how wrong I was!

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  22. Mist'ears Mom says:

    The degree of corruption being exposed is mind-boggeling. Shrillary needs to be in jail or at least indicted. This letter and posting by Sundance is icing on the cake of the debacle called HRC. The Benghazi brief – 3 years later by Sundance later is excellent and well worth the read. Amazing to see the tie in now after Gowdy’s letter and the surfacing of these emails with Sid scumbag Blumenthal. This is a huge mess made by Obammy and his crew, with the help of the other traitors all in for a buck.


  23. cali says:

    The ex-CIA contractor – Tyler Drumheller – conventionally passed away on 2 August 2015 – its questionable if it was a co-incidence!
    He assisted in removing top secret/classified headings to enable these emails flowing into Hillary’s unsecured server – she only used McAfee software. Many secret or top secret info were repeated ‘verbatum’ on Hillary’s server.
    Blumenthal’s server was hacked by Romanian hacker ‘Guccifer’ who published a chain of emails between Hillary and Sid; bringing the private server used by Hillary into the public domain.

    The Clinton Foundation also served as the shadow government during Hillary’s term. She had her own intelligence network not affiliated with the CIA. The Washington Times published a ‘phone conversation’ between Hillary and another one of her ‘agents’ discussing intelligence in Libya while also manipulating it against the DOD’s warning. It was no secret that the overthrow of Ghaddafi was the goal from the beginning by Hillary and her posse.
    Despite offers from Ghaddafi himself to go into exile or by his son on his fathers behalf were discarded by Hillary.
    Then there is the missing 3.5 billion dollars in gold Ghaddafi wanted returned right before the assault on his country although this topic went down the black hole and never reported by the American msn.

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