Oregon Shooter’s Father Says He Had No Idea Son Had Firearms – “Mom” and “Manifesto” Still Seemingly Off Limits….

Original Information HERE ~ Follow-up Information HERE

Shooter Birth Certificate Name is: Christopher Sean Mercer – 07/26/1989 (Black Male).
Mother: Laurel Margaret Harper – 04/05/1951 (Black Female)
Dad: Ian Bernard Mercer – 05/15/1960  (White Male)
Divorced in 2006

update-1Ian Mercer (DAD) comes forward and says he had no idea his son had any firearms. He also claims the last time he saw his son was prior to Chris and Laurel moving to Oregon.

The parents divorce was in 2006 and Chris Mercer was always in the parental custody of his mom, Laurel Margaret Harper, so it is possible the father had no idea – but it strains a level of credulity that Mom and Son all-of-a-sudden took up a firearm hobby. Facebook statement before shooting by Mom:

oregon shooter 12 mom statement

It is increasingly odd how the media are refusing to seek out Laurel Margaret Harper, or highlight anything about her specific background as it relates to their travels, history and relationship. A reader only needs to remember Adam Lanza (Sandy Hook) as a reference point for how the media went after the “mom angle” in a previous high-profile shooting.

In addition, it is increasingly odd how the envelope containing Chris Mercer’s manifesto along with a memory stick is apparently “off limits” for inquiry. Both the media and federal LEO appear to have a double-standard when it comes to releasing/discussing “manifestos”; see Dylan Roof (SC shooter).

oregon shooter 10 mom 2-1 edit

A willingness on the media’s behalf to hide mom, and hide the manifesto, reflects a general sense that the information contained therein would run counter to a preferred media narrative.  Additionally perplexing – after the police were questioned about the manifesto yesterday they said “no more press conferences would be forthcoming”.


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244 Responses to Oregon Shooter’s Father Says He Had No Idea Son Had Firearms – “Mom” and “Manifesto” Still Seemingly Off Limits….

  1. manickernel says:

    Sounds like our shooter was upset that Obama never came through with all that Hope and Change and Free Stuff.



  2. jewelsc6 says:

    Just heard on the news that Obama is going to Roseburg Oregon, even thought the town has stated they are angry he politicized it, and they do not want him there.


  3. Ivehadit says:

    Sundance, did you see THIS?!!
    CBS News: France Train Hero Spencer Stone Stabbed, In Stable Condition
    October 8, 2015 8:00 AM

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  4. Rebel Mope says:

    From the Sacramento Bee:

    A man who suffered critical stab wounds during an assault in midtown early Thursday is being identified as Spencer Stone, one of the heroes who stopped a terrorist attack aboard a train bound for Paris in August.
    Officers were called at 12:46 a.m. Thursday to the 2100 block of K Street where they found a man with multiple stab wounds in his torso.
    Officers initially thought the man would not survive the stabbing. However, once he arrived at the hospital, medical staff was able to stem the bleeding and he is expected to survive.



  5. Kenyon Hull says:

    Odd that this black man would ask Christians to stand and be murdered-a distinctly Muslim action. There is probably a fatwa out on the three kids who foiled the jihadi on the bullet train. Confirmation comes in the form of jihadi’s knife attack on the airman in Sacramento that the police have so little information on. Islam is here folks, to murder, terrorize, rape and eventually to conquer. Shouldn’t we be doing something about this?


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