Candidate Donald Trump on Sunday Talk Circuit….

♦ In museums, he is allowed to touch the art…
♦ The Holy Grail is looking for him…
♦ He never wears a watch because time is always on his side…
♦ He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it feels….

trump general

Normally a candidate would have to go to the various news show studios for the Sunday Talk interviews. Not Donald Trump. The Sunday interview hosts come to him.

First up NBC Meet The Press (Chuck Todd):

Next ABC This Week (George Stephanopolous):

Trump rally texas 2

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90 Responses to Candidate Donald Trump on Sunday Talk Circuit….

  1. John Smythe says:

    Hey Sundance, I’m never disappointed and can count on your guidance to lead me to the well.

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  2. libby says:

    Thanks, Sundance.
    Made me laugh so hard wifey accused me of sounding like the guys laughing on “Revenge of the nerds”

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  3. jackphatz says:

    A “mental fitness check” fortunately should keep firearms out of the hands of the Liberals.

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    • Daniel says:

      Trump has been listening to some very sane people in this subject. But he has failed to counter the classical claims of reduced gun violence with increases in other violence. He also fails to point out the obvious — putting guns in the hands of good people will not turn them into bad people.

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  4. JohnP says:

    You left out “Once killed a New York City Building Inspector with his hair”.

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  5. zephyrbreeze says:

    Saying, they are probably copycat murders, places a big portion of the blame at the feet of the media. The leftist media is in a quandry because they want to create hysteria around the incident for ratings and for political purposes, but they have to know the coverage may influence copycat murderers.

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    • Millwright says:

      zb, Unless all reports of the perp’s own statements are false, he admitted his was a “copycat” action to give him his “15 minutes of fame” . The Media isn’t going to admit to their complicity in this instance or others where similar motivations were eventually revealed. Nor are the elitists willing to acknowledge many/most of gun crimes are directly attributable to a lack of enforcement of gun laws on the books for decades ! Or, when these laws are enforced gun crime plummets !

      It was also interesting to watch another media dweeb completely at a loss without off-screen prompting unable to “go with the flow” . I give DT high marks for being patient with him.


  6. Excellent, just excellent…

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  7. coeurdaleneman says:

    Saint Trump.

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  8. zephyrbreeze says:

    “If your poll numbers start to drop, will you get out..?” LOL.

    He points out he hasn’t even started to hit Joe Biden, or Rumplestilsken Bernie Sanders.

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    • onsu says:

      I don’t believe that is Biden, he’s singing about my neighborhood in FL, a republican gated community with over 110,000 residents. Rubio was just here, Carson coming in a few days. The whole place votes republican and democrats never come here.

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      • onsu says:

        Donald Trump would reign supreme here, the whole place is built around golf. I’m hoping he announces he is coming here too – 110,000 republican votes to be had. There’s even a book about it called Leisureville. Jeb’s father spoke here so I’m pretty sure Bush will be coming also. My guess is “scare” them with Rubio and Carson and then bring in Bush to “rescue” them.

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    • Kitty Myers says:

      OMG! :O That’s hilarious! (And Trump doesn’t drink.)

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    • Sundance thanks so much for posting! both are complete and full interviews. the one i found elsewhere online was cut off.
      Go Trump!

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  9. tychesd says:

    These reporters keep asking him when or what it will take for him to drop out. Is this because Daniel Henninger wrote a whole column about it this week? Why aren’t they asking Jeb Bush these questions, as the guy is hanging in this race by the thread of his massive campaign chest and very little voter support?

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    • TheTorch says:

      They are all at it – asking this question, so it clearly is co-ordinated. I think the reason is that they are trying to imply that he is not serious about the run and are hoping he answers in a way that they can use to make that point to the voters. To create the narrative, that this is all a bit of a lark, so don’t take him seriously and besides he will drop out at some stage.

      They can’t hurt his poll numbers, so they are trying a different tack, they really are insufferable!

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  10. oldschool64 says:

    I had missed the first 5 minutes of the “This Week” interview. Thank you so much for posting this.

    Stefanie calls Trump passive on this shooting? He derisively calls him “Mr. Fix-it”? Donald should have given this clown the “Jorge Ramos” treatment.

    I really don’t know how much more of these moonbats I can stomach!

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  11. jackphatz says:

    Stefinopolis, his voice is hard to listen to. He’s an a$$, can I say he’s an a$$?

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    • oldschool64 says:

      Of course you can Jack. Although a$$ whole might be more accurate.

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      • TheTorch says:

        Stephanopolous is a clinton hack and actually a jerk!

        Also a terrible interviewer, some of the questions were pathetic, he was basically at one stage trying to imply that Trump’s tax plan is created in such a way to be of great benefit to him personally!

        Yes George, that is why he put the tax on the poorest at 0%! If it was all about him, it would not be zero would it George, it would be 5% or something ?

        Also George, why would he attack the carried interest regarding Hedge Funds, considering that will hurt him financially as I understand.

        George you really are an idiot.

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      • jackphatz says:

        You’re right, whole does make a$$ look better….thanks!


  12. gary lacey says:

    I find Toodd an insufferable SOB.

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    • annieoakley says:

      I do too.

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      • PatriotKate says:

        I watched the first few minutes and had to turn it off. Chuck Tood rudely interrupts and tries to force him to go a certain direction. If they aren’t willing to let Trump talk, I’m going to skip the interview. Too many other opportunities for good ones, like the surprisingly respectful and fair Don Lemon interview last week.

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        • texasgypsy53 says:

          I never turn off Trump. If you notice,Trump never lets the inturuption stop him. I also love the fact that they have to come to him. He won’t stop his war with the media,and they know it. Coming to him means,”we surrender!”. Cripes,even Bill Clinton couldn’t get the media to come to him. They can’t stop him,and they know it. He will be the next president. And as far as the cheating at the polls go, I think he has the power to stop that too.

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    • John Smythe says:

      Toodd keeps looking away during questioning; once to the right and then a couple seconds longer to the left after pausing returns to look at Donald who never ever takes his eyes away from a direct look to the interviewer.

      Young Toodd has no right to be acting as if he is sophisticated or experienced enough to be asking questions of Donald that he does not even have a clue as to what is being said.
      IMHO, Donald is a true intellectual genius with outstanding skills. I am so impressed.

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      • JAS says:

        You are so right. Steely eyes on the target all the time on a one on one. That is classic top level negotiation. The other person tells you so much with their mannerisms, and most importantly, their eyes. Trump knows how to do this VERY well.

        It is a really bad thing when you think your are in the MSM and smarter than politicians and can take them to the mat, and all of a sudden you find yourself on a one on one against Trump.

        it’s downright embarrassing to watch someone’s a$$ get kicked around like that on live TV..,,

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      • marierogers says:

        had to cut out of interview..chuckie was makin me dizzy..cannot stand this bearded lib!


    • Agree! The look on Todd’s face at the 30:41 mark…when Trump told him that assuming he gets the (GOP) nomination, he would WIN…was great!

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    • SharonKinDC says:

      Does ANYONE like Todd? I ask this as a serious question. Never have seen any general approval of him.


  13. hocuspocus13 says:

    🇺🇸 TRUMP 🇺🇸

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  14. czarowniczy says:

    Ohhhhh I’m agonna be ahopin’ and aprayin’ that this man stays on a roll to the RNC. I’ll have my 108-quart cooler full of Blue Ribbon beer and the smaller HDTV hooked up in the bathroom so that I won’t miss a minute of the show. Yesssssss progressive RATS, breathe deep the growing irritation and numbers of the liberal-dreaded conservatives. Maybe they’ll declare RATS an agricultural pest just as they have rats and institute appropriate control measures. Spaying and neutering would be a nice start.

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  15. TwoLaine says:

    Ya’ missed one. TRUMP’s call in interview to Fox & Friends Weekend.

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    • dizzymissl says:

      I loved this one because you KNOW all those with TDS expected him to be mad about the SNL skit. Instead he said he loved it (except for the wig that they need to improve upon) and that he has known Lorne Michaels forever.

      I could literally feel the disappointment of the anti-trumpsters. 🙂

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    • wondering999 says:

      Grateful that Mr. Trump brought up the massacre of our military people in a “gun-free” disaster zone in Chattanooga. Sometimes I feel that outrage has been forgotten already. Thank you Mr. Trump.

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  16. sunspots7 says:

    Trump is The Most Interesting Man in the World.

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  17. Sharon says:

    It’s so sweet that they drag all of their equipment and their people to his house. 🙂

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Sharon, a point a lot of people will miss. I would call this, “making them dance to my tune”.

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      • boutis says:

        It is also very effective time management. He doesn’t have to drive to Fox, get makeup, microphones, trudge through the building to the set, etc. He is so very good on phone interviews that no one can beat him. Decades of working phone calls is very evident. He is the best. He can do five interviews in the time it takes another candidate to go to a studio and do one. So smart. So efficient. So effective.

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    • Dixie says:

      I read somewhere early on that Trump insisted they come to him for their interviews as we have been observing that just about all of them do. I think it was because he can control the interview better and have his own videos or recordings done of the interview in case they misrepresent or edit what he says. You probably already know this but some here might not be aware.

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    • TexasRanger says:

      It’s Also Excellent Time Management By Trump

      Trump Can Do 4 Shows In The Time It Takes Other Candidates To Do 1 Show.!

      He Gets A Lot More Coverage and Exposure While Maintaining Better Control of The Interviews.!

      Trump Does It His Way and I Really Like His Way.!

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    • MaryfromMarin says:

      It’s so sweet that they drag all of their equipment and their people to his house.

      Just practicing for January 2017.

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  18. sunspots7 says:

    Trump is The Most Interesting Man in the World.
    Trump 2016

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  19. Dixie says:

    I tried listening to the Chuck Todd interview and got so angry with Chuck for playing the adversarial position being argumentative and interrupting, interfering with Trump’s answers, I couldn’t make it through 1/4 of the interview. Trump displays a tremendous amount of patience but last I heard, Chuck Todd wasn’t a candidate so what’s he doing debating Trump?

    Then I tried listening to Stephie’s interview with Trump. It was just as bad as he was debating Trump too….didn’t listen to that one but less than 5 minutes.

    IMHO, they are attacking his positions so vehemently, they are causing him to back off a little and I don’t like that either. I want him to be BIG FOOT and tell them what he thinks about a subject and then tell them to BACK OFF. I don’t think Trump should play polite pc footsy with any of them or allow them to debate him. Besides, they need him more than he needs them and he’s doing okay with his own campaigning as was plain to see in Tenn. yesterday. I guess Trump’s going for the free publicity but they are busy trying to make him look bad and it’s not worth it.


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    • Don’t worry, Dixie! Politeness by Trump is one of his tactics! Too bad you didn’t watch to the end of the Todd interview. Trump’ revealed his next brilliant move right in broad daylight and Todd didn’t get it. Too funny.
      Mrs. Trump and Ivanka want more attention paid to women’s health, right? And they are going to get on the campaign trail, right? And no matter how many times Todd asked, Trump wouldn’t say when they would go out. Why?
      Why, you ask? When did Biden say he would announce? Right. He didn’t.
      Remember how Trump said several times, “I haven’t hit Biden yet.”
      Now put that all together and you’ll see the next brilliant Trump move. LOLOLOL!

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  20. MfM says:

    The Library of Congress building in Washington D.C., came in under budget and I believe on time, if not early. That included all the artwork and amazing architectural detail. The were bragging about it on tours twenty years ago, so it shouldn’t be hard to find out the details.

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  21. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    I can’t listen to George Streptococcus!

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  22. PremAmerica says:

    Donald Trump was also on the Premiere of Sharyl Attkisson’s show Full Measure today. It is on Sunday mornings at 9:30 AM….

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  23. wanthetruth says:

    Noticed in the Meet the Press interview they did tight in headshots of Trump, barely showing his tie much of the time. Can’t help but think they thought it was disadvantageous to him. Also I really dislike Chuck Todd’s eye action. It makes him look weasely and dishonest. Whether this is his style all the time or not, I still think it indicates the age-old connotations and just speaks to his true character.

    Don’t find anything positive about Georgie’s (and co.) part of interview – did they cut answers, editing to their satisfaction? I don’t say they misrepresented Donald’s words, they just didn’t allow his full thoughts to be presented.

    One other thing, did Donald make him interview him in the hallway or lobby? Every time I heard the elevator ding I kinda smiled. No nice room for you Georgie… you gotta earn it!

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  24. stringy theory says:

    Great intro. For a second, I thought it was for “the world’s most interesting man.” Why, heck, it is–it’s Donald Trump!


  25. Christine says:

    I wish Trump would read The Treehouse about how that killer in Oregon wasn’t much of a loner at all. He could cast doubt on the media who he is already taking down in notches and put pressure on it further. Maybe he is picking his battles carefully.


    • wondering999 says:

      May the Trump campaign succeed and flourish instead. I don’t want any more government by the people who put that article out.

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    • TheTorch says:

      Inevitable that they would start the AD attacks as early as possible and also use the millions of dollars they have.

      AD attacks can work to a degree, but I have never been convinced that they are that effective. Yes there can be some killer ones, but a lot tend to be quite poor.

      Also this election cycle is likely different, as there is a lot of unrest and hatred for the establishment to an extent that I don’t think we have seen before. If that is the case, then I think ADs will be even less effective than usual.

      But at some stage, Trump will need to respond with attack ADs of his own, so he does not give the opposition too much control of the airwaves. Although considering he is pretty much on TV 24/7 at the moment, maybe he does not need to bother LOL.

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    • stringy theory says:

      Bluto needs to add this sage’s prediction to that long list of his. Calling Bluto.


  26. wondering999 says:

    Away from the TV, on the supermarket front…. just bought a few items on the way home. Stopped short at the checkout magazines to flip through “National Enquirer” (which gives Hillary Clinton 6 months to live?!)

    “People” has Trump & Family on the cover and inside, and this reader thought it was good, positive. Should any Trump staff look at this thread, wanted to note that I Like like like Mrs. Trump’s dress. Photos are often color-adjusted, but the dress was a beautiful shade of blue. Found the style appropriate and appealing in an understated way, very classy First Lady. 🙂

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    • margarite1 says:

      I think that was a top and pants Melania was wearing, not a dress. I like her just fine but I’m not the jealous catty type. There are obviously a lot of rat women who probably can’t stand the thought of such a spectacular First Lady…..meow!

      I tweeted Trump the warning from Sundance about what the media will try with Melania….I know SD is correct…if they can’t get Trump down with direct hits they’ll have no compunctions about trying to use his very glamorous wife. Due to spending a ton of time on conservative sites I am sure that unfortunately some of the media tactics will work.
      Idiots….we have a country to save and don’t need to get mired in side shows!

      Fortunately it appears that most Trump supporters are quite wise to the dirty tricks and will damn the torpedos and vote TRUMP….The Most Interesting Man In The World! (I like that!)

      BTW, I think Todd and Steffie are both over their heads trying to interview Trump – what have they ever really done in life but be mouthpieces?

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  27. marierogers says:

    exactly my feelings..they will try aiming at wife…keep her out of the media..maybe just appearances with no interviews! she may be clever/coached by hubby, but the MSM is cunning!


  28. dizzymissl says:

    Great ad:

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  29. wondering999 says:

    Took some more time to watch the Chuck Todd “Meet the Press” interview. Agree that Todd’s style of interruptions and trying to plant words in the mouth of his interviewee are annoying as well as transparent.

    Trump and Todd talked about “not covering” mass shootings. Thought about the recent IKEA killings in Sweden which have gotten very little coverage, possibly because they involve recent immigrants.

    In response, IKEA has pulled their knife displays, but when you are dealing with demented people, you have to try to get ahead of them with “human restrictions”. For example there are some places where a local home health agency has locked up the forks and knives, and the eating spoons are all soft-ish plastic. “Front-line” staff have to confront the difficulties of recognizing and dealing with mental illness in practical ways. However, this work is very low-pay/low-status with high turnover.

    A professional woman with advanced psychology and business degrees recently spoke about her first job, right after achieving an undergraduate psychology degree. Her job involved management of a 300-lb 6’3″ woman with violence issues who had already broken many facial bones of another caretaker during meltdown. All of these front-line staff were paid minimum wage, and some of them acquired substantial injuries and medical bills during the course of their employment. This particular woman moved on after 6 months because the risks of her job far outweighed the benefits.

    We will need to talk about these topics if we tackle mental health issues (and I hope Trump succeeds, and that happens! Chuck Todd appears to have limited “real-life experience”)


    • wondering999 says:

      meant to write “human rights restrictions”
      These are instituted as needed, and should always have term limits, and ending time when the restrictions are reconsidered. But when you are dealing with people who have a history of attacking with knives, forks, pens or whatever else at hand, it’s risky to decide to end the restrictions. I know a couple of people who have incurred many thousands of dollars of surgical repairs while trying to restrain violent, demented clients


  30. The Boss says:

    Seems to me Todd and George used the exact same interview outline. (Yes. I tortured myslef and watched both interviews in their entirety). Neither interviewer appears to be an true intellectual heavyweight – it was almost as if they were going through the motions. Might the Journolist be resurrected?

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  31. R-C says:

    First off, Chuck Todd comes off as a TOTAL idiot, a rock with lips.

    Todd kept short-cutting Trump’s statements to make a colossal LEAP to an improper conclusion, and Trump kept dragging him back to reality.

    Over and over again, Todd butted his head against the wall, confessing to be “unable to understand” rather simple concepts. One wonders what it might take to “get through” to him.

    Like ALL liberals, he’s stuck in STATIC analysis; he has NO idea how baseline premises change based upon DYNAMIC policies. He did it on the economy: “I don’t know how you plan to “pay” for all the tax cuts.” He can’t see that decreased regulation, government waste, and tax rates change the baselines–the “old reality” no longer applies…except to numb skulls like Todd.

    The “new baselines” lead to fare MORE tax revenue being collected against a much lower cost structure–Voila! tax cuts “paid for” by increased revenues, resulting in the deficit going down. Too easy, really–you just have to actually DO it and follow through with discipline (ie, create a surplus and pay down the debt, as we all do in with our own finances).

    Todd did it again on “transportation and infrastructure”: “So far, you’ve proposed about 4 trillion in spending on roads and bridges. Where will that money come from?” Trump’s answer was brilliant. He called Todd out on his numbers, stating they are not correct–exactly right–and then he patiently tried to school Todd on how things get done in the real world.

    But, Todd just can’t wrap his static mind around a dynamic concept. The liberal media came up this price tag based upon their incorrect static thinking–not dynamic reality. “Oh, X has ALWAYS cost this much, so it will definitely cost at least this much in the future.” WRONG.

    And, Todd’s locked-down static mind-set also doesn’t take into account how Trump, the businessman’s businessman, will stock his cabinet with DOERS like him–execs who KNOW how to manage a department with an eye on the bottom line, etc. That act alone–of putting proven executives in place instead of political cronies–will pay untold dividends as they each wade into the “fat” stuffed away in their departments, snipping as they go. They will also KNOW how to let a contract that isn’t all fat and waste. Voila, MORE automatic savings, just based on “how Trump does business”. A Trump government will produce an actual budget based upon REAL numbers, not wasteful “baseline budgeting”.

    One more point: liberals like Todd think there is a finite pile of wealth in the world, and that’s it. It’s a matter of how it gets spread around. To them, Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ wealth came from someone else’s pile of money–NOT from “thin air” as is actually the case. Those two geniuses produced a new and exciting product, the “personal computer”; the product of their intellect, that took the world by a storm and earned them BILLIONS in new wealth in the process. (Yes, Mr. Obama–they DID build that!)

    In regards to Chuck Todd, Trump might as well have been talking to an anvil.

    I don’t even acknowledge that other pipsqueak from ABC, so there is no way I will listen to that interview. I’m sure Trump also schooled the little Clintonoid, though.

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  32. Millwright says:

    And once again you take the media “downtown” SD !! Thanx !!


  33. Christine says:

    Sundance could write copy for the J. Peterman catalog. Really. Good stuff.


  34. videoviewer says:

    Love how Trump is willing to talk straight and meet fire with fire every time. He is not afraid and it shows. Interesting that he has his carry permit.

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  35. mpmp2015 says:

    I loved the part when Stephanopolous wanted to embarrass Trump about his middle class tax cuts by mentioning that he made $250 million last year. Now, any politician would back track and try to downplay his wealth and look like an idiot doing so. HOWEVER, Trump completely turned the tables on Steph and CORRECTED him and said is was actually $605 MILLION DOLLARS. The reaction from Steph was priceless!!! A second there, he thought he got his opportunity to put Trump on the spot, but in fact he embarrassed himself with having the incorrect facts on Trump’s financial disclosure. Talk about in your face! Steph should have know Trump is not embarrassed about his wealth, he was probably offended that Steph under-reported his income.

    The benefit of telling the truth is that you don’t need to remember what you said the last time. I guess the correct number is $605 million. LOL!!!!

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  36. nwtex says:

    Ruben Obed- The Trump Latino Anthem- Official Music Video


  37. hocuspocus13 says:

    Reblogged this on hocuspocus13 and commented:



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