A Hypothetical Donald Trump Speech To The Teamsters Union…

Many interests within the body politic continue to tell us all there’s a necessary dividing line between Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, progressives or constitutionalists.  Indeed, if you were to force yourself to watch any number of hours of current news punditry you’d probably walk away with the same understanding.

trump generaljim hoffa jr

However, I come here today not to showcase our difference but rather to highlight our common cause.

Throughout the course of my life you and I have each found value in our mutual interests; each serving the other with a clear understanding that we both can benefit from a relationship based on mutual respect and appreciation for the value of labor.

In a larger sense there is a connection that binds us beyond the threads which connect your well-earned individual federation patch to your jacket.  Each person here today is a single member of a larger construct aimed to benefit the group by raising the tides of all ships with as much equality as possible.

But beneath the patches and affiliations there is a larger connective tissue; a connection which flows deeper than economics; a connection that exists larger than the value of our labor; a patriotic connection which binds us all as – Americans.

In a recent presidential debate my friend, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, interrupted an exchange on the stage.

Chris asked a question to the larger audience targeted to draw attention to the economics of an unemployed 50-year-old construction worker; and what positions each candidate carried to reconcile the concern amid the middle-class family.

In essence Governor Christie was saying “what about you guys”.

Unfortunately, a 30 second soundbite doesn’t quite fit the bill for a decent response.  However, as the only person on the stage who is actively engaged to improve the life of a 50-year-old construction worker, I found a particular level of irony amid the chattering class who seek to tell us, you and me, how to get it done.

No-one needs to tell us, those of us here today, how to get it done.  We know how to get it done.

We know full well how to unleash the spirit of labor and determination evidenced within this room.  This room is filled with the best git-r-done assembly in the history of modern economic enterprise.

The problem is not within the “getting”.

The problems lies within the “getting out of the way”.

Each of you here today know exactly what it means to work with and within a system of bureaucratic double-speak filled with words, and perhaps filled with learning, yet short on knowledge for how exactly to “get it done”.

How many of you have to deal with a little worn hard hat who draws and designates the best of plans, only to find out between the drawing board and the actual construction the blades of the turbine miss the size of the housing by more than six inches.

From my perspective any average hard-working person inside this room could eat every one of these politicians’ lunches, all of them.   And if they want to go down a superiority path… well, they are going to dead end in a place where that stuff is just plain useless; because eventually you’ve got to get it done. 

Allow me to prove our point:

  • Florida Power and Light won the prestigious International Edward Demming award for excellence in multi-platform engineering and efficiency superiority.

Now, those field engineers didn’t blow every Chinese, Japanese and European PhD intellectual out of the water with slide rules, CAD programs and engineering acumen. They did it with hard hats and dirty fingernails.

Because they lost the award, the Japanese spent 6 months studying FPL and later published a 1,000 page dissertation essentially saying FPL “wasn’t really good, they were just lucky”…..

FP & L field leadership laughed, took out markers and wrote on the back of their hard hats: “WE’RE NOT GOOD, WE’RE RUCKY”….

  • When every single Kuwaiti oil field was blown up by Saddam Hussein, they said it would take 5 years to extinguish the fires, cap them all off and restart their oil pumping industry. The Kuwaitis and Saudis called Texans, Americans, our people, who had them all capped and back in working order in 8 months.

We are a nation that knows how to get shit done.

  • When a group of Northern Chile mine workers were trapped two miles underground, they said no-one could save them. Who did they call for help? A bunch of hick miners, Americans, our people from USA coal country who went down there, worked on the fly, engineered the rescue equipment on site, and saved everyone of them….

That’s our America.  That is the connective tissue that binds us and makes us more powerful and consequential than any nation on earth.

That spirit is what runs through our DNA; that spirit is what’s being held back; that ability is what we need to unleash and use to bring back our economic engine and manufacturing base.

That spirit is what’s going to keep our 50-year-old construction workers employed and able to provide a strong and stable life for our families.

That, my friends, my brothers and sisters, is why I’m here today asking for your help in restarting this engine.

When any business or industry fails to show you their respect and appreciation for the value of your labor, you have a tool to force those in ownership and management to the table of recognition.

When any business refuses to properly assign respectful valuation to your efforts, you have a process to push-back.

That tool, and that push-back, in its ultimate form is a collective strike against those who refuse to properly value you, respect your labor, and reward your efforts.

Within any strike, you form a line – a position not to be crossed.  A gathering of brothers and sisters united in common cause to force the enterprise from a position of self-interest and into a position of mutual benefit.   You block anyone from crossing that line and compromising your position.

In many large and consequential ways that reason you cast a picket line is why I have demanded a wall, a barrier, an unfortunate -but necessary- picket-line-of-sorts, on our southern border.

What you seek to protect with the formation of your economic boundary is a line in the sand;  so too do I wish to protect another common interest with the formation of a similar common boundary.  My interest is this great country.

Either we have a country, or we do not.  It really is that simple.

Either being an American means something, or it does not.  I believe it does.

I am here today, in front of you, to ask you to support me as a candidate for President of The United States, and I am also here to make a pledge to you.

Regardless of whether you join me on that picket line, I will not stop fighting for you.  I will not stop fighting for you, because something much more important than the patch on our national jacket connects us.

We are a family of Americans.

We will always share a common cause.

I hope you will join me.

God bless you and your families and may God continue to bless the United States of America.

trump rally texas 3

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40 Responses to A Hypothetical Donald Trump Speech To The Teamsters Union…

  1. zephyrbreeze says:

    And he’s making a genuine sacrifice to run. He is outshining the competition. Here is a short video from the People magazine aricle:


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    • patrickhenryrevisited says:



    • patrickhenryrevisited says:

      Clicking on the link won’t work.
      Link will work if you copy and paste it into a search


    • sundance says:

      Think you could spam a thread any better ? Or does this take practice ?

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    • margarite1 says:

      See the connotation the video gives to what Melania says about her husband?

      “Does Melania ever get frustrated with the Donald’s controversial views?” And then they said that she is “careful” and then they add that she says you can give him advice (implying that she disagrees with him) but he will still do what he wants. I think this is what Sundance was talking about.


      • Sharon says:

        Well, speaking as an admin/founder who has been in the branches since the first day, I think what Sundance is talking about is – (and if he’s not – here’s what I’m talking about) – how about reading the post, responding to the post, participating in a conversation based on the post rather than promoting and linking and filling the thread (on the first comment yet) with favorite videos. Rude.

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        • margarite1 says:

          I noticed something in the linked (by someone else) video that pertained to recent comments that Sundance made – and yes, on an entirely different thread.

          Thanks for the heads up.


  2. joshua says:


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  3. booger71 says:

    As usual, Trump nails it.


  4. IntoTheFray says:

    Damn sundance, that was AWESOME! Why didn’t you run for President?!? Lol!

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  5. Dave says:

    Awesome Sundance…”Just who the hell are you anyway” (G.S. Patton to new aid in the movie:)) But really, if your not working for Donald, you should be……This speech would bring tears. Did to me and I don’t really care much for unions, but the point is well made. We’re all Americans!

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    • margarite1 says:

      I signed up on Twitter specifically to send DJT some Sundance links. He hasn’t responded to me so no idea if he’s see them but I hope so.

      This “speech” by Sundance is inspiring, invoking pride and oneness like we felt after 9/11, and is absolutely true. We had a construction business and employed hundreds if not more, working men. They knew how to get things done, to make a measurable difference in their world, create something of lasting value.

      I think DJT speaks for us, the real backbone of this country. How odd that a billionaire connects with real people but I think it’s because he isn’t a hedge fund guy, he is a builder and I find that so pointedly appropriate.

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  6. jeans2nd says:

    This is exactly what our North Coast union members have been saying for months, nay, years. “No-one needs to tell us…how to get it done. We know how to get it done.” You betcha. Thank you for this piece. Perhaps someone may start listening and get out of their way.

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    • peachteachr says:

      Sundance’s comments work across the vast sea of professions in the USA. I could have taught so much more if the regulations didn’t require me to document everything and then test it.
      A high tide does indeed lift all boats.

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  7. wanthetruth says:

    Great speech Sundance! Hope Trump finds a pattern in the nuggets of gold within it (if he doesn’t just use the speech!) and creates a speech as moving and real as that above.

    He is for America and for the exceptionalism that makes us full of pride – not because we’re above others, but because standing up for ourselves and for something greater than us made America a great nation.

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  8. IrishMutt says:

    That was an excellent, even stirring, piece Sundance. I particularly liked the Allow me to prove our point section. I would gladly donate a slab of my fortune, such as it is, to the first POTUS aspirant who delivered and truly meant it. I’m buoyed by the fact that reading your words I can believably picture Trump doing so.


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    • Dave says:

      I remember that as well. UNION MADE was a good product. The problem that I have is with public sector unions. They and the .Gov negotiate against us, the tax payer. I’m old enough to remember when the cheap Japanese products begin to flow in. It was really junk stuff. That was all before Nixon opened up China and it’s gone down hill from there.

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    • justfactsplz says:

      Me, too. We need to get back to that. American pride.

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  10. facebkwallflower says:

    Well, this letter covers all and everything Trump could and would say most likely anyway; only now naysayers will say they are not his words and he has to get his stuff from some blog and see, he does have speech writers after all.


  11. Ellie says:

    Great, great speech Sundance! l pray that Donald reads it. Some solid political advice comes from this blog! Focus needs to be on unifying the country. No more division…

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  12. winky says:

    I remember commenting here some time ago with tears just streaming down my face to a picture of the Trump plane with a trump logo flying high into the sky and it said…”Hold on America, Help is on the way”
    I have been reading this with tears streaming down my face and so moved wondering how these passionate words could ever be written…..Amazing Sundance!

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  13. lilbirdee'12 says:

    Powerful ! Another awesome Sundance original !


  14. Dixie says:

    Sundance, that hypothetical speech, which I hope becomes reality, made the feeling of patriotism rise up in my throat and brought tears to my eyes. It filled me with hope for the future which has begun to seem so desolate. But we Americans really are special and we can bring our great country out of this stupor if we all work together to save her and get it done.

    I hope Trump or some of his people see this awesome speech and make use of it, if not all, at least parts of it. You really should be working with him.

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  15. BigMamaTEA says:

    Thank you Sd.{grin}

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  16. justfactsplz says:

    Well, I see I’m not the only one brought to tears. This was an outstanding speech, Sundance. I have been given this union deal a lot of thought. I was raised by unions but haven’t thought any good about them in my adult life. I know how they lobby and can get out the vote. The unions would do well to partner with Trump and endorse him. Together they could really get it done. All of us patriots joining in having common ground will get it done.


  17. woohoowee says:

    Yes, because we’re Americans! That’s what it’s all about!


  18. Juan says:

    An endorsement by the Teamsters would be nice, but either way the rank & file will be with him. They were with Reagan & even somewhat with other GOP candidates. They make good money for the most part & don’t benefit from all the “free stuff” doled out by the socialist Democrats. In fact they like many are tired of paying through the nose for it.

    Theoretically, Teamster dues money does not go to politicians. That comes from a separate fund called DRIVE ( Democratic, Republican, Independent Voter Education). Members are encouraged to voluntarily donate to the fund & I imagine in some locals there is coercion to do so. The Union leaders decide who gets the money … often against the best interest & wishes of the members.


  19. yohio says:

    Sundance the greatness of any speech is the ability to evoke strong feelings, it made me feel proud, patriotic, pride, and also nostalgic for and innocence that this country lost with the Vietnam war. I hope Mr. Trump will be able to read this amazing speech and God willing have the opportunity to Make This Country Great Again. BRAVO!

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  20. PreNanny says:

    Trump thankfully is a honest man and would never pander to a group/union like the Teamsters in this fashion.
    That is why I like him

    Praising their strikes as simply wanting a fair wage and respect?
    It is those bloated wages and demands that have helped chase industry out of America and end millions of jobs that surrounded the now closed plants.
    It is those bloated wages that add millions to taxpayer funded projects in non right to work states.
    The Teamsters who are doing their damndest to put every independent trucker out of work
    that git er done spirit?.
    The Teamsters who send goon squads and I truly mean goon squads to rough up anyone at any rally that is pro right to work legislation?
    I could go on but those are a few examples.

    Was this written a la ” I came to praise Brutus..”? I just don’t see this as anything that Trump would say.


    • Dee says:

      PreNanny, Unions have their problems, for sure and they do usually lean left. But if different and what sometimes seems like unlikely groups can unite as a coalition
      toward the common goal of electing Trump think of how strong we could be.
      It made me think of a quote from PJTV’s Leave us alone coalition series – “People don’t have to agree on everything. The guy who goes to church all day and the guy who wants to make money all day look over at the guy who wants to fondle his guns all day and they say that’s odd. But as long as what you want the government to do is leave you alone, each of these people is voting for the same candidate.”

      Sort of the same concept here. I don’t think Trump has to “pander” to or praise the unions. He could just simply point out our common ground. I want a wall built and the flow of illegals to stop. Unions could support that, it would put Americans back to work. I want the bad trade deals we have made re-negotiated. Unions could support that, it would bring jobs back to the US. I want our military rebuilt. I think unions would support that, many suppliers to the military are union shops. I want common core ended. I think unions could support that too. I think there are more areas of agreement than not.

      Put aside what you personally feel about unions and think of the bigger picture of the election. Union endorsement of Trump would be “Yuuuge”.

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  21. cc feig says:

    And yet another masterful work of art, Sundance! So clearly, you bring to life the intentions, the passion, the patriotism of Trump… and through the magic of your words, we can actually feel the conviction to Make America Great Again! Yes, our hearts are filled with hope! Thank you, Sundance… and God Bless…


  22. Dean Z. Douthat says:

    I’d rather see this speech at a more respectable union, specifically UAW who are most seriously impacted by Obama & establishment trade policies. Teamsters are facing massive downsizing due to technological advances (self-driving trucks) in the intermediate future.

    Also, in the passage about being the only one on the (R debate) stage who has actually created union jobs and hired union workers, I suggest a broader reach. He’s the only person running for President — D or R — who has done that.


  23. rashamon says:

    The Donald should add a list of:

    All the U.S. facilities shuttered in the States to be resurrected in another country. To magnify that this job creep is not going away, divide it into the most recent (Nabisco) and those that long ago gave up stateside jobs to be permanent employers elsewhere (Nike, Apple, Schwinn).
    All the U.S. industries knocked off their premier pedestal of Made in America as foreign firms can make the product better and/or cheaper (steel, textiles, computer components, autos, printing, plastics).

    Unless one drives through the backroads of American, it’s hard to realize all the ghettoes that have created thanks to job loss. Here’s a list to consider:



  24. karnakelli says:

    The Teamsters are evil, and Trump can absolutely win without them. Those three “git-r-done” examples had nothing to do with the Teamsters — a couple $25,000 bribes and a task force of 55 highly-paid “consultants” would have been required to effect the Chilean mine rescue, for example.

    Nothing good ultimately comes from an association with corruption, and the Teamsters have been the very definition of that term for more than a half century.

    Beyond that, Trump doesn’t give speeches, he strings together non-sequiturs for an hour. That’s part of his appeal. If Trump ever delivered such a cogent speech as the example above (and it truly is a great speech) I’d know he’d hired Rubio as a speechwriter.

    I’m a proud Vulgarian Trumpette, and he certainly doesn’t need advice from our peanut gallery, but I’d keep my hand on my wallet whenever I got within 50 yards of a Teamster official.


  25. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Sundance, OUTSTANDING speech, I’m snapping my Zippo!!!

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  26. peachteachr says:

    Most of you long time treepers have probably recognized my admiration of Thomas Paine. I believe his The Sunshine Patriot is one of the most patriotic pieces ever written. Sundance, your piece brought tears of pride and patriotism to my eyes. Paine said, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day so that my child may know peace.”


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