Senator Elizabeth Warren Praises Black Lives Matter Movement…

The BLM movement has been well documented to include some of the most anti-social, hate-filled elements of the Occupy crowd; only BLM one comes with specific violence toward police and law enforcement.

SittingBullElizWarren(TPM) – Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) called on Americans to focus on racial justice and expressed her support for the Black Lives Matter movement in a Sunday speech at the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate in Boston.

Warren referenced the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-MA) focus on civil rights issues and said, “If his life and death had a meaning, it was that we should not hate but love one another; we should use our powers not to create conditions of oppression that lead to violence, but conditions of freedom that lead to peace.”

She said that since the Civil Rights Act, the United States has not come close enough to equality.

“Fifty years later, we have made real progress toward creating the conditions of freedom — but we have not made enough progress,” she said, according to her prepared remarks.

“Fifty years later, violence against African Americans has not disappeared. Consider law enforcement. The vast majority of police officers sign up so they can protect their communities. They are part of an honorable profession that takes risks every day to keep us safe. We know that. But we also know – and say – the names of those whose lives have been treated with callous indifference,” Warren continued, referencing Sandra Bland, Freddie Gray and Michael Brown.

Warren called for a focus on violence, voting rights and economic justice for black Americans.

“I speak today with the full knowledge that I have not personally experienced and can never truly understand the fear, the oppression, and the pain that confronts African Americans every day,” she said. “But none of us can ignore what is happening in this country. Not when our black friends, family, neighbors literally fear dying in the streets.”

“The first civil rights battles were hard fought. But they established that Black Lives Matter. That Black Citizens Matter. That Black Families Matter,” Warren said as she ended her speech.  (read more)

Tom Sawyer Ticket Biden Warren

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62 Responses to Senator Elizabeth Warren Praises Black Lives Matter Movement…

  1. flawesttexas says:

    Fool to think Black Lives Matter will support Warrens mostly Whitey self

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  2. Serpentor says:

    She’s the left’s brightest star, it’s too bad for her, but maybe good for everyone else, that she’s dirtying herself up with BLM.

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  3. Elizabat, another loser to the mix. Biden will probably run with Obama as his VP mid season. another losing strategy. Really none of it will help the Dems.
    Trump is going to win!
    His tax plan sealed the deal. Even huge corporations like Apple will return. I noticed Carl Ichan, aka Uncle Carl, came out and formally endorsed Trump today. And corporations coming back to USA will help the stock market as well. Really everyone will benefit from the tax plan. Except special interest groups and lobyists. What a brilliant plan Trump fixed them by removing their deduction loophole that keeps them breathing! Trump is really a VERY smart man!

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    • springstreet says:

      I don’t think Biden will run with Warren … I think he will pull a Putin and agree to run with Obama as Vice President (and then have Obama pull the plug on Hillary).


      • dakotacav says:

        A bit of a stretch constitutionally to have a former president run for VP. One might be able to make the argument, but another problem with this is that Obama, at this point in time, finally, would be a drag on the ticket given his anemic approval rating and high disapproval rating.


      • SharonKinDC says:

        Supposedly, per DCWhisper’s BO offered Biden his support…if he allowed BO to pick the VP. Word is it’s the idiot Deval Patrick. A disaster for MA…and a BO clone. Literally. He was groomed just like BO was. Was also a disaster, from what I’ve read from MA residents.

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  4. joanfoster says:

    Think about all the native Americas that are now pissed because Fauxahontas lied about having their DNA and now fronts for BLM.

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    • Twister says:

      A faux Indian theme song for Fauxahontas. Its set to an Indian drum beat and you shout the first word. Everybody sing it! DRUM-drum-drum-drum-HIGH-how-are-you-HIGH-how-are-you-HIGH-how-are-you….

      From a radio talk show host in DC (Chris Plante)


    • jeans2nd says:

      Would like to ask the Navajos just that, now being left with the Animus River spill and its toxins, and EPA treachery. Plus their health care “system,” BIA, etc etc.

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    • peachteachr says:

      Even more importantly, Warren took jobs that had been set aside for Native Americans. Tacky, very devious and did I mention tacky?

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  5. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    I would like to suggest a caption change to opening picture.
    Squatting Bull – as in full of and taking one on America.

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  6. Ellie says:

    Fauxahontus…she’s a democrat. She can’t help herself. Democrats divide people to advance an agenda. It’s just how she rolls.

    Now think about what you’re kids are learning about as they go to these overpriced colleges that you pay for!

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    • hebejg says:

      i can identify with that. i see college adversely affecting values i have tried to instill in my own son.
      after telling him my astonishment in learning shepard smith was gay (or so i’ve read from several sources) so i’ll be turning him off too and take him off my “people i respect” list his reply was “because he’s gay?”
      he’ll get it one day i hope.

      and anyone that has anything contrary to say about it needs to talk to the homophobic hand ’cause the ears surely ain’t listening.

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  7. RJ says:

    Note the glasses, realize the woman’s ego is beyond large, it rests in the elite country club world where she knows best–especially for the little people, those being the people who work the country club’s dining rooms, the club rooms, the caddy shack, and in the pro shop those who clean the members’ clubs and polishes the shoes.

    Talk down to me some more…ever realize how she made her money?

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  8. A white crayon & a black crayon are opposing colors.. They are not equal.
    I’ve heard this song & dance all my life.. I couldn’t care less about the equal rights fable. Warren is grasping at straws, again.

    That is all….


  9. deqwik2 says:

    Calling for a focus on violence while supporting BLM = mission impossible. Shows how much Warren knows about the real world.


  10. s.c. says:

    Please please please let us have Biden/Warren and watch the Donald expose her! If you are Native American or an Indian or whatever, are you going to listen to the guy who has said his entire life “I hate lies/liars” or this fraud who gained position and privilege by claiming to be one of you? And of course she looks nothing like you or yours. And there is documentation that puts her story seriously into question. Small percentage of the population that can make a big noise. Let’s take Alcatraz again, why not? Wonder if Murkarimi has jurisdiction?

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  11. Arkindole says:

    Lizzie vs. The Donald would be better than midget tossing in Hamlin TX on a Saturday night after a case of Lone Stars.


  12. Hillary tried to woo the support/endorsement of the BLM agitators, but they “worked” her and withheld their endorsement.

    I’m sick of these liberals who pander to fauxtesters.


  13. Mr. Izz says:

    Anyone who invokes Saint Michael Brown’s name in any situation takes quite a fall from the intellectual ladder… in my opinion.

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    • smiley says:

      maybe she’s also part negro.


      • SharonKinDC says:

        Because her grandmother noted in addition to her ‘high cheekbones’ she has ‘rhythm’?

        These identity politics frauds have gone so far they are lampooning themselves when they open their mouths. Go for it, Lizzy. You’ve already filed, through your hat in the ring to siphon off some of the Saunders votes and let the nation savor your pandering on a daily basis. Meanwhile, Americans of all demos will be disgusted. Will help Trump!


    • JeremyR says:

      Her ladder is already in a hole so deep it cannot reach ground level.


      • peachteachr says:

        Every word of this was known when she won the election against Scott Walker for the senate seat in Mass.


        • JeremyR says:

          Scott Brown. Walker is the Governor of Wisconsin and just dropped out of the GOPe splitter job.
          Massiveclueless has been a communist stronghold for half century. Look what else they sent to Washington, Mary Jo Kopechne ‘s killer, Jane Fonda’s collaborator and fellow turncoat, and a thieving pervert. Yup, they can sure pick em.
          We won’t discus their governor selections.

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  14. Ellie says:

    Ah, to see her in that feather headband she’s wearing, it makes me hungry for some freshly killed deer or a big fat bison burger. I think I’ll go back to my teepee and smoke a peace pipe.

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  15. emet says:

    If Ted Kennedy’s life had a meaning, it is that you should not let a human being slowly suffocate while you stand spinelessy by and plan your next move

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  16. hebejg says:

    ….then, having given her smoke signal filled speech the ignorant squaw jumped upon her horse (bareback, of course) and proceeded home.
    whilst drinking her fire-water-heap-good kool-aid she stopped paying attention to the route the horse was taking. the horse took a wrong turn and they wound up in the wrong part of town where she was promptly horsejacked, robbed and beaten for looking so white and left for dead……

    and then i woke up and realized it was all a dream.
    damn you sandman, ya did it to me again!!

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  17. beaujest says:

    In praising “Captain Oldsmobile” did she say that an interns life matters !

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  18. shiloh1973 says:

    She has the unmitigated gaul to quote Ted Chappaquiddick Kennedy. One of the biggest losers of all time.

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  19. Donald Joy says:

    STFU Dances With ‘Groids


  20. manickernel says:

    I think the wibbies embracing BLM are making a big mistake. A lot of blacks see BLM for the thugs they are, and are turned off by this.

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  21. jackphatz says:

    Warren is a typical feminist supporting a violent organization who hates (white) men.


  22. KillDozer says:

    She’s setting the stage for a Biden run but Joe was dirty in the black lies too,Truth be told, Waco represented the single greatest federally orchestrated one-day slaughter of racial minorities on American soil since Wounded Knee in 1890, and there, at least, the Indians fought back, killing more than 30 American cavalry. And no, this is not something I read on the Internet. I found a verifiable list of the dead, broken out by age and ethnicity, and counted them.

    The FBI had given the Branch Davidians video cameras. The Clinton White House knew who was in the buildings. So, almost assuredly, did the major media, but those video images were successfully suppressed, and the public never knew.

    Although usually hypersensitive to the concerns of racial minorities, the media turned a strategically blind eye to their very presence at Waco, not to mention their deaths. As intended, scarcely a black person in America knew the hell visited on his brethren by white police in those early uncertain months of the Clinton era.

    That knowledge would surely have strained black affection for the Clintons and maybe even party loyalty. The media were not about to encourage such a schism. Those under 30 may wonder how the media succeeded in keeping this information from the American people. The reason is simple: in 1993, a nearly monolithic broadcast media controlled close to all visual imagery.

    Fox News did not come online until 1996. The Internet was still in its embryonic stages. There was no Google, no YouTube, no Facebook. Even well informed conservatives were clueless about who died at Waco.

    I do not know how much Sharpton knows about Waco, but he can be confident his followers know nothing at all. If they knew the truth, they might not have applauded his call for nationalization of the police.

    But then again, media disinformation has undermined black America for so long, Sharpton’s followers might have applauded anyhow.
    Read more:
    Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

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  23. joshua says:

    Warren referenced the late Sen. Ted Kennedy’s (D-MA) focus on civil rights issues and said, “If his life and death had a meaning, it was that we should not hate but love one another; we should use our powers not to create conditions of oppression that lead to violence, but conditions of freedom that lead to peace.”

    Kennedy put his own brand of oppression of women….he just drowned them. If that is LOVE, maybe that is what Jeb Bush means about LOVE at the border…drown them all maybe?


  24. stringy theory says:

    Yes, fauxahontas, tell that to the “planned parenthood” chop shop that specializes in cutting up black babies. You might also mention that to the crooks who run Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, and on and on, who couldn’t care less about the black on black violence in their cities.


  25. czarowniczy says:

    “…the late Sen. Ted Kenned and said, “If his life and death had a meaning, it was that we should…” PARRRTAYYYYY til we puke and drown interns with impunity! Bwaaaahaaaahaaa – I’m a Kennedy and YOU’RE NOT!
    Ignore her, she’s just trolling for a date to the BLM prom

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  26. moehamhead says:

    she said black families matter
    dont see many of those around know do you liarwatha


  27. John Denney says:

    ““I speak today with the full knowledge that I have not personally experienced and can never truly understand the fear, the oppression, and the pain that confronts African Americans every day,”

    Um, any bets on whether or not she actually knows any African Americans who are confronted by fear, oppression, and pain every day?

    African American treepers, are you experiencing fear, oppression, and pain every day?

    Makes me think of two brothers I see regularly at the karaoke bar, both retired from the military, one a Chief Boatswains Mate, the other a Marine. I’m just not seeing any fear, oppression, or pain in their life. They’re both still body building and the younger is a semester away from his MBA. We take turns doing back-up vocals for each other. 🙂
    Oh, and the county in which I reside is mocked for being “lily white”, even though there are lots of Hispanics. They’re probably white racist Hispanics like George Zimmerman, dontchaknow.
    Except somehow we all seem to get along just fine when we’re singing karaoke. And we don’t do, “Kumbaya”.

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  28. JeremyR says:

    Indians I know have called her several names. Walking goose and strutting eagle are fairly common. Both denote a bird too full of Cr@p to fly, and the goose, well, they tend to exude a lot of it.

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  29. JunieG says:

    Whites too fear literally dying in the streets every day, but that is considered racism….

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  30. princeofspace says:

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  31. freepetta says:

    When is Lizzie going to pay back the citizens of this country for her FAKE INDIAN subsidies? (TAPPING HER FOOT)


  32. three by one says:

    “Sitting Bull” is missing an h


  33. BigMamaTEA says:

    Elizabeth Warren Goes Crazy for Black Lives Matter By Colin Flaherty, September 29, 2015,


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