VJ Day Celebrated – WWII Veterans Saluted – But Not In U.S.A.

Some incredibly inspiring pictures included within the links; be sure to visit.

(Via Daily Mail) The Queen led ceremonies marking the 70th anniversary of VJ Day today as hundreds of war veterans gathered in London for the historic occasion.

Britain paused to remember the millions killed during the Second World War, which raged on for months in the Pacific after Allied Victory in Europe.

vj day

As royals and politicians mingled with guests at ceremonies near Buckingham Palace, Navy veteran Jim Booth, 94, was seen dancing with the Duchess of Cornwall.

Camilla beamed with joy as she took to the floor with the war hero, from Taunton, Somerset, during a garden party which followed a service and wreath-laying ceremony at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church near Trafalgar Square.

Earlier veterans of the conflict and former prisoners of war joined the emotional ceremonies before walking through central London towards Westminster Abbey in a special parade.[…]

Actor Charles Dance read Rudyard Kipling’s poem The Road to Mandalay while classic British hymns such as ‘Abide with Me’ rang out.

Around 350 veterans and their families and carers later met with royals and the Prime Minister at a garden party hosted by the Royal British Legion in the grounds of Westminster Abbey.

The brave servicemen were met with applause when they arrived, with one of them joking: ‘Where’s the beer tent?’

Among the veterans was Gordon Smith, 95, who was a prisoner of war from 1942 and watched the atomic bomb explode over Hiroshima in 1945.

Mr Smith, from Rotherham, served in the Royal Electric and Mechanical Engineers and met Prince Charles at the event this evening, hailing the day as ‘marvellous’.

Speaking of that fateful day in 1945, he said: ‘We heard this plane. We went and had a look out and this plane was overhead and the next thing we saw something floating down.

‘We didn’t know what it was. It exploded in mid air and then there was a great big cloud like a mushroom. And that’s all we saw.’

Speaking about the commemorations, he said: ‘I think it’s been marvellous.’

Joseph Fisher, 93, from Newcastle, was in the Royal Army Medical Corps, and hailed the day as ‘fantastic’.

He said the reception of the crowd during the parade was “unbelievable” and it brought a tear to his eye. ‘I never expected anything like that,’ he said.

He added: ‘It’s very important because you mustn’t forget what happened.’  (read more, including incredible imagery)

Meanwhile in the U.S.A.

bill and barack golfing

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51 Responses to VJ Day Celebrated – WWII Veterans Saluted – But Not In U.S.A.

  1. doodahdaze says:

    We no longer have an American Federal Government it seems like. It is full of mutants.

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  2. tnwahm says:

    As I think about V-J day, I think of my friend who was in a Japanese concentration camp as a child in Indonesia. She is from the Netherlands and has 5 sons, 3 of whom live in the US. Her youngest son is how I came to know her. As she tells her story of how the Japanese were consolidating their camps with the end result being that they were going to light it on fire, she says, “you want to know why I love America? If the Americans hadn’t bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki, I wouldn’t be here.” I get teary eyed every time I think of her story.

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  3. MfM says:

    I think it went out of favor because we are the only country to drop a nuclear bomb.

    The British don’t have that stigma, so can honor it. It doesn’t hurt that the Queen lived through the war.


  4. Sandra says:

    Oh boy. Weaselzippers has a headline, Obama remembers Ferguson on 70th Anniversary of VJ Day. I haven’t opened the article to read it, I’m afraid it’s true.


  5. stella says:

    The Royal Family provides the British people with continuity of history and culture, quite apart from politics. That is something that we do not have in this country.

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    • ZurichMike says:

      I would give that honor to George and Laura Bush — despite what the foaming-at-the-mouth moonbat leftists spew.

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      • stella says:

        The difference is that Elizabeth – by far the most popular public figure in Britain – has been the sovereign for 63 years now. That’s longer than most of us remember. She has certainly evolved with the times, but has been a rock solid presence all of those years. The Monarch plays a very important part in British life.

        I am reading a book called, “Her Majesty: The Court of Queen Elizabeth II”. In it is this:

        But Jay [Sir Antony Jay] also gives her a new title – head of the nation. It is an equally important role but one with a much more personal dimension. Unlike the head of state role, which is clearly defined and happens automatically – appointing prime ministers, receiving state visitors, etc. – the head of the nation duties are down to each individual monarch. ‘They can be done well, or adequately, or badly, or not done at all,’ writes Jay. ‘They are the ones concerned with behaviour, values and standards; the ones which earn the respect, loyalty and pride of the people. If the Sovereign becomes just another occupant of a high office of state with no more relevance to people’s daily lives and inner feelings than the Lord Chief Justice, then that crucial link between nation and state will be seriously weakened and will perhaps break.’

        Hardman, Robert (2012-04-03). Her Majesty: The Court of Queen Elizabeth II

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    • We did before the current blight on our White House. There have always been speeches by greater and lesser office holders to commemorate important days in our history.


    • Director says:

      Had the Revolution failed my guess is that the capital of Empire would have shifted to New York or Chicago.


  6. Patric says:

    Yes, we did celebrate VJ Day in America! They commorated it with a weekend of celebration on the Midway, which is docked in San Diego, CA.

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    • stella says:

      What public officials were present to commemorate the occasion? Obama was playing golf on the other coast (he’s on vacation). In Britain both the Queen and Prime Minister were there, as well as the Prince of Wales.


  7. MaryfromMarin says:

    Grand images. God bless those veterans and their families.


  8. the US celebrates VJ Day on September 2nd, the day the Japanese surrendered on the Missouri


  9. ZurichMike says:

    Remember, too, that there was a credible threat of terrorism against the royal family recently, and part of this massive commemoration service was a giant middle finger to the terrorists. This is England, you islamonazi filth, where Things Are Done Properly such as honoring those living and deceased who fought back against German fascism and Japanese imperialism. We will dress appropriately, go to church, pray, and meet those heroes who can still make it to Buckingham Palace. Message: do not mess with The Queen.

    The most touching photo for me is one of the veterans, who, like his peers, is probably not so mobile and probably has arthritis — but who is photographed while in the process of standing up to greet the Prime Minister proudly and properly. I also adored the photo of Camilla dancing — such a lovely gesture on her part.

    There is only two people in the US political environment who would be able to be in that moment and connect with the veterans in such a dignified but convivial manner: George and Laura Bush.

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    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      ZM, good post. Your right about that, don’t mess with the Queen! Those Lads from the highlands would fall on those POS like the war dogs from H$ll if one hair on her head was mess with.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      …”able to be in that moment and connect with the veterans in such a dignified but convivial manner…” I presume that you are only referring to live vets – I can think of one DC pol who’s made a handy string of photo ops with dead ones. He does better with the dead ones he’s created – they can’t talk back.


  10. joshua says:

    Obama probably celebrated VJ by giving all of his cabinet members a new Toyota.


  11. TeddyOn20th says:

    The Japanese emperor (son of Hirohito) gave a speech today. It was heartfelt and beautiful, befitting someone who lived through those times and saw what his father did, and his commitment to pacifism was once again made clear. The warmongering prime minister, Shinzo Abe, on the other hand, is doing everything in his power to turn Japan back into the fascist totalitarian state that it was in the 1930s, when his grandfather was PM (yes, hereditary politicians in Japan are the norm, unlike the US where the Kennedys and Bushes are the exception). The very first sentence of this man’s speech on the end of the war was about how Japan is the only country ever to be attacked by nuclear weapons: full-on persecution complex.

    Sometimes the royals just know how to handle things with class. I salute Queen Elizabeth and Emperor Akihito as well. Obama and Abe can take a hike.


    • czarowniczy says:

      The Japanese nationalists have been on the, for lack of a better phrase, war path for some time now. The issue of erasing their non-nuclear policy has come up for discussion a number of times since the first rumblings in 1964 when Chins announced it was going nuclear. A majority of the public remains staunchly anti-nuke but more nationalistic Japanese pols at top levels are pushing the idea that nothing in any la or police prevents Japan from having a small number of nukes and ICBMs – OK, they have the ICBMs – for purely defensive purposes. Sorta like that self defense force that isn’t an army but gets moved around and rebranded in its missions from time-to-time.
      Guesstimates in the 80s were that Japan could have a working bomb (other than the two we gave them) within about 6 months and I do believe that could be true. Japan recently parsed its laws to argue that there’s nothing in them that would prevent Japan from handling and transporting other peoples’ nukes and even though a number of Japanese cities have made themselves ‘nuke free zones’ there’s always the question of the honorable eminent domain.
      Japan has the dual-use technology to drop an ICBM-launched payload on a dime, the super-computing capacity to effectively model a bomb design and the capacity to enrich/extract fissionable materials – that is, aside from going to Fukushima with a broom and dustpan. All they need is an opening.
      As the POtuS destroys America’s nuclear deterrent (too militaristic appearing to our enemies/his friends) and Japan sees us throw our friends shielded by our nuclear umbrella to the wolves you can bet that Japan’s paranoia over a resurgent China (come on Abe, cough out an ‘We’re sooooo sorry’ at the very least) will give them cause to rethink that ‘no nukes’ thing.

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  12. czarowniczy says:

    During the campaign for his first reign the POtuS stated a few times that he basically though the US military and US attitude towards the use of the military has to change. We come off as too militant to foreigners, we look at the military as the solution to problems instead of intense diplomacy and negotiations, we’re feared by far too many other nations.
    Well, we can see how well his philosophy’s worked in places like Syria, Libya, Iraq and now Afghanistan where they’re begging us to slow down troop withdrawals as the Taliban’s bulking up in Pakistan and there’s a fear US withdrawal will attract ISIS to boot.
    The POtuS’s policies are a rehash of the standard old-line Communist/Leftist/Progressive complaints about the US going back almost a century. Of course countries that we helped make into productive democracies don’t really see us as too imperialistic/militaristic but then they just don’t understand the picture in its entirety.
    The Left will never forgive us for being the major factor in the destruction of the USSR, lord knows that folks like Angela Davis had to go out and buy medical insurance after the USSR fell. There’s a whole raft of minority Communist hangers-on who had to find new funding and stroking after the clay feet on their idol crumbled. Had to get real jobs too – crap, talk about unfair. Now we have one of them in the WH and far too many folks out there with ho historical memory of how bad totalitarian regimes really are. Folks like Soros have the $$$ to assist the death of democracy along and folks like Obama have the desire. Selling Jews to the Nazis, selling the US to the Left, it’s all just business.
    Next step will be someone suggesting we remove all of those monuments dedicated to US militaristic imperialist exploits from public grounds and bulldoze those national cemeteries to build public housing for victims of white capitalist oppression. I think I know a soon-to-be-out-of-work mayor who might lead the program.


    • Director says:

      It’s going to happen the more we become a third world hell.

      What could a Nigerian or Mexican care less about than an abstract war fought between two factions of whites?

      Does it involve an EBT card?


  13. Director says:

    The man from Rotherham?

    He was there when Singapore fell? There when the bomb was detonated and there when the Pakistanis were caught (belatedly) enslaving young English girls in Rotherham.

    That’s a rather dramatic life.


  14. Obama has plans to present the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Bruce Jenner.


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