Unknown Truck Driver In Mississippi Wins Democrat Primary Race for Governor….

‘Merica – Robert Gray was so busy working he didn’t even have time to vote for himself.  He never spent a minute campaigning, and never spent a dime on his campaign. After his victory the Mississippi Democrat party, and Mississippi media, had no idea who he was, so they asked him to stop by the capitol for introduction.

mystery manJACKSON, Miss. (AP) — The 46-year-old truck driver who won the Democratic nomination for Mississippi governor says he spent nothing on his campaign and knows nobody in politics. He didn’t even vote in the primary because he says he was busy.

Robert Gray can’t explain how he defeated the trial lawyer who was the favored candidate of the party establishment in Tuesday’s primary.

Gray, who has lived in the Jackson area most of his life, visited the state Capitol on Wednesday for what he said was the first time — and it was at the request of reporters trying to answer the biggest question in this Republican-dominated state: Who the heck is this guy?

“Everybody’s been trying to figure out who I am. I guess I’m a quiet person, by nature,” said Gray, who uses the CB handle “Silent Knight,” because, well, he’s not exactly chatty.

Democrats controlled Mississippi politics for decades, but they’ve been steamrolled in most governor’s races for a generation. Now, many longtime Democrats worry that Gray will simply be the next hapless victim of a well-funded Republican machine.

“Does anybody know or has anybody ever seen Democratic gubernatorial nominee Robert Gray?” Marty Wiseman, a Democratic-leaning retired political scientist, said on Facebook.

Wiseman questioned how someone who made few appearances could carry most counties and win a three-person primary without a runoff: “Something ain’t right about all this.” (read more)

Robert Gray

Meet Robert Gray


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42 Responses to Unknown Truck Driver In Mississippi Wins Democrat Primary Race for Governor….

  1. seabrznsun says:

    This is hilarious. At least he can now look forward to a nice retirement package if he wins. I’ve got a hunch he better not give up his day job though.

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  2. peppie says:


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  3. wanthetruth says:

    It seems like they didn’t like what they had so they chose another option.

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  4. 1hear2learn says:

    Perhaps a conservative should quietly get in on Dem primary ticket, win the nomination (no money spent, no campaign promises made), then suddenly reveal their conservative platform and challenge the current Rino? Could be fun to watch it play out.

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  5. archer52 says:

    I just saw that. Was half asleep and had to double check it. Sure enough. Good for them. The lawyer got beat- soundly!

    I’m convinced after six years of Obama not only are the Republicans fatigued, the Democratic party is worn out. Their bench is old. Their ideas are old- and caustic. And frankly, if the Republicans would get out of their own way, they would take commanding control over the politics. I think they make the mistake of believing that their victories were due to their moderate positions. In fact, I think most Americans have had it with the progressive party’s abuse of their rights.

    At some point the frog does realize he is in boiling water and may have just enough fight left to jump out.

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    • peachteachr says:

      I agree, archer. So far the hoobahs have said that Hillary has a problem with men voters, then blacks, and now women voters. So who is left to vote for her? I believe, like you, that the whole country is deeply fatigued with this mess Obama has made. That’s how this truck driver walked away with the nomination.

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  6. shirley49 says:

    Another sign of how pi**ed off we are. Same as why Trump is doing so well. WE ARE MAD.

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  7. georgiafl says:

    In a sane world,
    – Jeb, Romney and some of the others would run as Democrats.
    – Communists would not be in control of the Democrat party.
    – Policy would be made by evidence and common sense instead of $$$ and power-mongering.
    – Judges would not change law from the bench.

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  8. Wiseman questioned how someone who made few appearances could carry most counties and win a three-person primary without a runoff: “Something ain’t right about all this.”


    If a Republican loses an election and claims there was anything suspicious about it, he’s called a “nutjob”.

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  9. TheLastDemocrat says:

    Someone may have mis-programmed the e-voting machines. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

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  10. joshua says:

    he musta gotten a lot of votes from Courtland Ms.

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  11. Beowulf says:

    Didn’t the incumbent GOP governor have an uncontested primary? I wonder if Miss. Republicans just trolled the Democrats by crossing over to vote for the nuttiest candidate (not that it’d change outcome in November whoever Dems nominated).

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  12. Simba Gibson says:

    Actually what happened is Mississippi has a two party ballot system. When you go to the voting place, you ask for either a Dem or Repub ballot. Since most of the local races were on the Dem ticket, a great many Repubs crossed over and asked for a Dem ballot. You can be sure that in the November general elections, the Repubs will vote for the Repub nominee!


  13. Sandra says:

    Something is not right here. This was not a write-in, Robert Gray was an official candidate. And yet he plays stupid. How did he know to run for office ?

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  14. Serpentor says:

    Maybe they confused him with John Gray.


  15. czarowniczy says:

    Don’t get too het-up here, this is Mississippi, remember? Remember the just past Senatorial race when a Republican upstart that was hugely popular was favored (by the unknowing) against a long-sitting Republican incumbent suddenly just disappeared in a puff of smoke?
    Mississippi has a total population of about 2.9 million – NYC has 8.4, LA 3.9 and Chicago is close with 2.7. Three cities in the US have larger populations than the state so you can imagine there’s a lot of strange things that can happen in those huge spaces between people. Id NYC, LA and Chitown have really….less than democratic and straight-arrow…governments and they’re packed into sardine-like spaces you can imagine what can happen in a state where you have a handful of folks per square mile.
    I immediately and drawn back to the Louisiana 1991 gubernatorial race where well known and beloved criminal Edward Edwards needed to be elected and, conveniently for him and his backers, David Duke comes out of nowhere to be his opponent. A lot of these things are staged and manufactured like fast foods, both for for unthinking public consumption.

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  16. jackphatz says:

    An Alvin Greene replay. More or less proves Democrats, on average, know less about politics the Republicans.

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  17. ZurichMike says:

    Stealth Manchurian Candidate?

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  18. lovely says:

    Name recognition? Maybe the constituents thought he was related to Freddie Gray.

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  19. Jett Black says:

    Until it’s known how/why Gray got on the ballot to begin with, everything else is pretty meaningless–well, except hating on establishment party candidates and supporting outsiders (e.g., Trump), which are the only meaningful, legal things we can do in politics at this point.


  20. Rick says:

    Payback for McDaniel? Doesn’t hurt Cochran, but makes Dems look foolish and helps the Republican candidate.


  21. 1american1st says:

    Sounds like the Democrats are fed up with the “establishment” politicians & “lawyers”, too.


  22. The chances of Democrats actually winning the election were always vanishingly small, but Gray’s appearance at the top of the ticket will likely complicate efforts to hold on to the offices they do control in the deep-red state. I did not know Mr. Gray prior to Tuesday’s election,” Brandon Jones, the executive director of the Mississippi Democratic Trust, said in an interview with The Daily Beast.


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