More Mug Shots Than Birthdays – Police Identify Armed Gunman Who Attacked Former CNN Host and Husband…

Tomorio Walton was 27 check out the number of mug shots here.

Former CNN anchor Lynne Russell was also a deputy sheriff, private investigator and martial artist. Her husband, Chuck de Carlo, who also reported for CNN, is an ex-special forces man with a biography well versed in defending himself.  Together they had his and hers guns with them in their hotel room.  Perp picked the wrong couple to mess with

CNN imageALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) —The man fatally shot by a former CNN reporter at an Albuquerque motel had fled parole in Tennessee, police said.

Albuquerque Police Department spokesman Tanner Tixier (tih-SHAY) said late Thursday that Tomorio Walton had absconded from parole out of Memphis and it wasn’t clear how long he had been in New Mexico.

Chuck de Caro and his wife, Lynne Russell, were in their room when Walton, 27, allegedly tried to rob them, authorities said.

Russell, a former CNN anchor, said the couple stopped at an Albuquerque Motel 6 on Tuesday night after a long day of traveling and they also had their dog. She said an armed man was at their door when she returned from getting something from their car.

“He pushed me into the room and that’s when my husband came out of the shower and saw what was happening,” Russell told KOB-TV. “We tried to calm him, confuse him and do everything we could do to just come out of it in one piece.” (read more)

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48 Responses to More Mug Shots Than Birthdays – Police Identify Armed Gunman Who Attacked Former CNN Host and Husband…

  1. texan59 says:

    The $.50 solution.

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  2. RVAguy says:

    My Peggy Bundy fetish is being triggered…excellent shoot and I hope de Caro makes a full recovery.

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  3. Sharon says:

    Well done, Mr. de Caro.

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  4. James F says:

    Stupid criminals, if you are going rob former CNN employees using a gun, choose an unarmed mark like Piers Morgan. Although that hypocrite is probably armed himself.

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  5. bertdilbert says:

    The repeated theme, repeat offenders, no jail room. What is the Trump solution? Prospective wall builders?


  6. True Colors says:

    In all likelihood, the rap sheet info and mug shots are all things from after his 18th birthday. Who knows how many times he got in trouble before then as a minor.

    We constantly hear stories about how the criminal justice system is supposedly SO much harder on black people. But yet, we see stories like this where a black person has been arrested countless times and still gets back out on the streets. Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Darron Wint, etc. Also, Jesse Matthew had been accused of numerous crimes but kept getting off. The criminal justice deck was certainly not stacked against those people. Actually, the opposite of that was true. They were all handled far too lightly.


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    • georgiafl says:

      This time he had escalated to armed robbery and was ready to kill or r’ape or both.


    • czarowniczy says:

      I’ve been on and on about how, when a major crime involving a minority perp is brought to the news, the reporters go on and on about many of the inconsequential aspects while almost totally ignoring the perp’s background. Every now and then the New Orleans stations will perp’s sheets and see that s/he has dozens of arrests going back to childhood, including felonies, that have had NO actions by the DA’s office – the charges have been squashed.
      We have shooters with dozens of violent crime arrests that rarely get brought to court and frequently get a smack on the wrist punishment. We’ve had felons of ankle-bracelet release commit murders, robberies and assaults – the court/SO can’t even effectively monitor its own electronic release tracking program.
      There are lots of reasons these ticking time bombs are still walking around the city, not the least among them the PC feelings by DAs and judges that there are too many young black males (openly admitted by one judge) in jail. They’re aghast at the lack of diversion programs that would redirect young offenders from street thug lives to gainful employment as nuclear engineers, or something along those lines, and hope that giving the young man a second, third or 27th chance will help him turn his life around. Doesn’t make the NOK of their victims sleep any easier though.


      • auscitizenmom says:

        With a very few exceptions, it seems the only thing that stops the forward motion of most of these criminals is a well placed bullet, since they won’t keep them in jail.

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        • czarowniczy says:

          It becomes a lifestyle just like bus driver, short order cook, architect – it’s a career, that’s why they’re called ‘career criminals’. Much of the public still believes that all they need is a chance and a hug, a delusion heavily supported by the courts and politicians who are lost in dealing with them. Now it appears we’re electing the more competent amongst the career criminals to political positions – at least they dress better.


  7. True Colors says:

    Will this go down in the statistics as a white on black killing?



    • Daniel says:

      That may be an unfortunate thing and would be worthy of investigation to find out. If it turns out that self defense killing would add to the “white on black” killing statistics, then the crime stats just became less useful. While it spins more easily for the pro-white side to say “and a good number of those white on black killings were self-defense” but the argument becomes weaker because it is more speculative.


  8. Plain Jane says:

    It ticks me off that self defense stories have contain “…It was unlikely de Caro would face any charges in what appeared to be a case of self-defense, police spokesman Simon Drobik said Friday.”

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  9. Daniel says:

    And the reason they are both “former” CNN is what? Could it be they are both gun owners and believe in the right to defend themselves?

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  10. Tomorio is gone….let’s live for today! Righteous shoot! Thank you Mr. De Caro…..speedy recovery. The BEST part of this story is the EX (former) CNN anchor/reporter aspect. Perfect scenario would be they left because of morals and values not held by CNN. At any rate….thanks


  11. georgiafl says:

    Last night I read that MOTEL 6 has a contract with prison systems to house released prisoners for 3 days until they can go elsewhere. If this is true, it’s a dangerous choice for the general population.


  12. auscitizenmom says:

    The repeat criminal is now a good boy and will commit no more crimes.

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    • JeremyR says:

      The sad part is he may have passed on his defective genetics and may not qualify for a Darwin award after all that.


  13. Lee Jan says:

    Thanks to Obama every city in America is a ‘sanctuary city’. Criminals welcome.


  14. Moishe Pipik says:

    Prediction! His family will claim that Chuck de Carlo murdered him, after trying to buy drugs from him and he refused to sell.

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  15. czarowniczy says:

    I can see/hear CNN reporting this as a confused young man, historically oppressed by a racist society and unable to meet his life goals of becoming (fill in this space with something ridiculously unattainable) losing his way. After being profiled and arrested by a brutish Southern police department he escaped and fled to the Southwest where he hoped like-oppressed sympatico peoples of color would shelter him and give him time to cleanse his soul of the debris from decades of being marginalized. But having his ethnic rage triggered by the wanton display of the Confederate flag he involuntarily sought out a bitter clinger at a NRA-sponsored gun show, bought an illegal weapon and used it to try and extract ill-gotten funds from members of the ruling c;lass that hold him in economic bondage. He thought they were from FOX.
    See what happens when you watch too much CNN in the airport waiting areas?

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  16. archer52 says:

    Love the part where she puts one gun in her purse then hands it to her husband. They both had already decided there was going to be a gunfight that night. Too bad for the thug, he erroneously thought it was a robbery with him having the gun. duuummmmy!!

    Then they shoot him down, get another gun and shoot him again. Too bad hubby took a lick, but that’s is the price you sometimes pay to survive.

    This ain’t the movies kids.

    And as I predicted, cops showed up, took a look and went. “Sounds good to us, we’ll be in touch. Have to go back and write up my four line felony report starting with, ‘Known felon attempted to rob-at gunpoint- two lawfully registered gun owners, who killed said felon with great vigor and determination. It is my conclusion said action was justified. Detailed autopsy to follow. But probable cause of death was the addition of multiple perforations to the skull that do not resemble the design and function of a breathing mechanism and the failure of the cranial structure to maintain a watertight seal .’ “


  17. moe ham head says:

    a happy fourth indeed


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