Detroit – 10 People Shot At Block Party, One Killed….

DETROIT – Ten people were shot, one fatally at a block party on a basketball court at Webb and Dexter on Saturday night.

Police do not know the reason for the shooting, and are still investigating.

At least three of the victims who were shot were women, ages 30, 45, and 26.  Asst. Chief Steve Dolunt said it’s a miracle no kids were shot as many were present during the shooting.

As of 10 p.m. Saturday, police were not releasing the identity of the person who was killed

A 46-year-old man is also in critical condition and two other men, 21 and 26 years old are in serious condition.

Dolunt said police do not know the reason for the shooting and thus far people at the party were not being cooperative with police seeking information.

He said there was no excuse for shooting when kids were present. There were little kids and strollers, he said. “It’s a party,” he said.

“I think one individual was the target the others just happened to be at this party,” Dolunt said.  (read more)


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46 Responses to Detroit – 10 People Shot At Block Party, One Killed….

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    “Not being cooperative.” Okay, it’s their party.

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  2. Sharon says:

    Asst. Chief Steve Dolunt said it’s a miracle no kids were shot as many were present during the shooting….(h)e said there was no excuse for shooting when kids were present.

    So if kids were not present the shooting is more better or somethin’. Lowered expectations do have a predictable effect on behaviors.

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    • auscitizenmom says:

      Yeah. It appears. And, I guess these people don’t mind living scared all their lives since they don’t want to get together and try to stop it.

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    • dginga says:

      That was my thought as well. No big deal if a party attended by adults only ends in a shooting, but if KIDS are present, that’s a whole other thing. But then, where else are children going to learn that violence is an appropriate means of conflict resolution in the black community if they are aren’t allowed to witness it at neighborhood gatherings when they are growing up?


  3. mariner says:

    If the shooter wasn’t white, there’s nothing to see here.
    Mover along.

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    • myopiafree says:

      Brought to you by Thugs-R-Us. If the police get involved – they get arrested for “insulting” the Thugs.

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      • lorac says:

        Exactly. They’re being racist by just asking the questions to try to solve it. When I read, thus far people at the party were not being cooperative with police seeking information., my first thought was, “and here we go”. The police are in a catch-22. They have to solve it without any help from witnesses, and they better not question or arrest anyone who is black – even if it’s accepted that the shooter is black.


    • ThankYou,Treepers says:

      At that time of the week nobody white would be within miles in any direction of that location unless they were speeding along the expressway. Otherwise a white person being in that area at that time would be more uncommon than a shooting.


  4. Millwright says:

    Seems like “bidness as usual” for Detroit ! And, once again, the ‘victims’ won’t talk to the ‘Po-Po’ ! As I mentioned elsewhere this evening this is a social problem, not a gun problem ! The prevailing meme in low-class black neighborhoods of “snitches get stitches'” pretty much says it all !


    • Kitty Smith says:

      I guess I see things differently than many. What I see is an opportunity to reduce the size and expense of a department by not responding to or patrolling neighborhoods with residents who don’t want anything to do with the po-leece. Shut the investigation down, reassign the manpower and reduce it where possible. Reduce the size and cost of the department through attrition. As officers leave or retire, don’t fill those slots. Beat assignments would show the no-go zones – neighborhoods where the police aren’t wanted, conveyed to them either by words or lack or cooperation.

      it seems so simple to me.

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      • RJ says:

        Your response reminds me of my late Mother’s dictum “you made your bed, now lie in it!”

        This sad truth gets lost on so many, does it not? Only in this day and age, where our government has taken the role of an extended “mommy and daddy forever” for those with no ambition, no hope, no drive, and no will–who really never started life that way–what would one expect to happen after withdrawal of primary structure?

        Chaos is your resultant, complete societal breakdown, beyond Lord of the Flies…a return to the animal kingdom…a mimic of the middle east reality, our homegrown ISIS made up of those with no future going after those who took it away years ago.

        This just might be the game our Dear Leader dreams of–has wanted, and intends to do his best to create. Change you can believe in, hope that you can be duped once more…

        I have never seen so many who refuse to think about this reality. And yet ,here’s the present Pope claiming that he too knows all when it comes to global warming…

        Man is god, god is dead, there is no god…man is it! The world revolves around me.

        When does one realize he/she is too “self centered” in life? For some…never!


    • Suzee says:

      If you’re a high-class black, you live in a white neighborhood, like Obama’s in Chicago.
      Black neighborhoods, by definition, are lower class.


  5. Horsesoldier says:

    Where’s Waldo…oophs, I mean Deray


  6. EdWatts says:

    Every time the Crips have a picnic, the Bloods show up and mayhem ensues.


  7. Allen says:

    Solution: Make all the citizens wear bodycams and charge the cost to hardworking taxpayers!


  8. Allen says:

    Should’ve had more ammunition.

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  9. Allen says:

    Where’s all the burning, looting and vandalism? Hasn’t Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton been notified yet? Oh, they must be perpetually involved in Chicago. Loretta Lynch doesn’t investigate “love crimes” like this.


    • myopiafree says:

      Jessie does not get involved when it is thugs shooting thugs, with weapons that ARE ALWAYS STOLEN. But he will blame “white legal gun owners”, when thugs with stolen guns shoot each other. If you are “white” and point this tragic truth out to Jessie, then you are called a racist. It is these kids with no fathers, that grown into these feral young adults, with no humanity at all.

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  10. Tkim says:

    Anybody seen a manifesto penned by the shooter ? We need to explore the vast psyche underbellies of these young men who shoot people to death. Also, we need the DOJ to investigate these as hate crimes. Someone guns you down and you thought you and him was cool? That’s a hate crime right there. Come ON Loretta! There is hate in Detroit. Stomp it out! Charge it out! Legislate and censor it out!


  11. czarowniczy says:

    ‘Police do not know the reason for the shooting…’ Lemme guess: “He dissed me!”, “He cheated me/my boss on a drug deal!”, “He shot my son/father/brother/cousin/friend/fill in the blank!”, “He cheated on his SAT/CAT exams!”
    All smarmyness aside, why do we feel the need to excuse this behavior through explaining it? When was the last time you heard of a white block party or any innercity white party ending in multiple shootings, including children? OK, let’s include Asian block parties too. If I threw in Latino innercity parties the rate would go up again, making me wonder why certain groups are more likely to end up with a news-worthy party than others.
    Can’t ask those questions though, that would cast a tainted light onto the cultural practices of protected groups and while blaming the overbearing and oppressive Eurocentric culture for the bad behaviors of others is ‘in’, blaming these groups fro the bad outcomes of their own choices ‘isn’t’. How about we blame that evil NRA-led Republican (as in ‘white’) gun culture that corrupts the simple, natural souls of all it touches?


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