The Last Refuge Celebrates – 50,000,000 Visits!

Treehouse Hits The 50,000,000 Mark!

tree-houseThe Last Refuge – officially, The Conservative Treehouse – celebrated its fourth anniversary on February 1, 2015.  Now it’s time for another celebration (and we love celebrations) as we welcome our 50,000,000th visit!

The Tree has been approached over fifty million times, tapped for information, moved into for refuge and signed up for learning.

Fifty million times someone has said, “Self, let’s check out the Treehouse and see what’s up.”

Fifty million times someone perhaps said, “I saw that link—wonder what they’re up to….” 

Fifty million times, which, by the way, specifically does not include even one “click-in” from any admin folks.

This is an amazing commentary on the capacity of Americans to think; to reason; to read; to rise up and formulate responses to threats both local and national.

blue-forest-treehouse-lgThe Treehouse has always had the welcome mat out for those looking for a place to share what they believe, sharpen what they think and–if required–shop for ‘smores when the supply gets low.

“Reading makes a full man; speaking makes a ready man; writing makes an exact man.” Francis Bacon

It’s a pleasure to discover the widely read readers, the skillful speakers and the gifted writers who’ve found a comfy branch here.

Our readers end up reading more. Our speakers end up shaping their ideas in ways they haven’t before. And our writers! Thank God for all the writers, both in comments and in posts.  The writing makes the instant connection.  None of us stand alone.

Then some who were only readers try their hand at writing and discover that someone replies with, “Well said!” or perhaps “I saw something about that yesterday in this article at…..(link).”

Together we are so much more than we could ever be separately.

This past year we have welcomed many new people, and I think some of you will want to stick around as “regulars”.  Our “oldest” Treeper friends first met at another political blog site in 2009.  Some of us were new to the world of political blogs.  It’s a long story, but eventually we found it expedient to form our own blog home, and here we settled on February 1, 2011.  We can thank Menagerie for our name, The Last Refuge.

There were two “official” posts that SD wrote right away.  The second one was actually the last one he wrote for our other blog forum.  It is called, “A New Beginning…..”, and it has become our mission statement.  You can read it here.

ifihadasonMany of our current readers are a result of the posts on the subject of the George Zimmerman trial.  I think Sundance’s first post about Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman was in the Spring of 2012.  As a result, our blog traffic sky rocketed, and new readers joined us every day, right through the trial in the summer of 2013.  That was an exciting time for all of us here, admins and readers alike, in the life of The Conservative Treehouse.  As Jack Cashill said in his book, “If I Had A Son”,

“By trial time, this obscure little blog had become information central in Florida v. Zimmerman. Florida had on its side the state bureaucracies, the US Justice Department, the president of the United States, the BGI, the entertainment industry, and the mainstream media. Zimmerman had on his side two folksy local lawyers and their aides, an army of bloggers, and, most important, the truth. Despite the pressures, the Treepers had retained their integrity. Truth was still the coin of their realm. They cozied up to no one, not even defense attorneys Mark O’Mara and Don West, whom they criticized as warranted. If the attorneys wanted information, they came to the Treehouse. The Treepers did not go to them. This was an unprecedented battle formation in the history of American jurisprudence, and the major media did not even notice.”

From an modest beginning, we have built a strong structure.  We are now in the top 100 of conservative blogs.  Over the past 14 months, there have been 30,000,000 visits.  I can hardly believe it.  Thank you to all of you, because YOU made it happen.

We welcome all of you to actively join our community.  We’re sure you have a lot to say, and we’re willing to listen.  After all, we were all “dear readers” at one time or another.

At the heart of The Last Refuge is our belief in conservatism, a love of country, love for one another, and a belief in the Creator of us all.  We are imperfect beings, but with a desire for good, and an optimistic look to the future.  The Last Refuge could not exist without each of you in our little community.  YOU are what makes this work.  And this is About Us.

Help us celebrate.  Heck, have a piece of cake.  We just can’t celebrate without food.  And maybe WeeWeed will break the bar open early.  Seeing it’s a Tuesday and all!  Tunes are always welcome.


Now, tell us a little about yourselves, you new Treepers, if you feel so inclined.  After all, those 50,000,000 visitors include YOU!breitbartart

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146 Responses to The Last Refuge Celebrates – 50,000,000 Visits!

  1. nyetneetot says:

    I missed something again, didn’t I…. stupid work. 😦

    Liked by 2 people

    • BigMamaTEA says:

      but nyet, stupid work pays stupid bills.

      Liked by 1 person

      • auscitizenmom says:

        Yeah, Neyt, think about the chirrens. YOU have to cover all their EBT cards and rent for those really nice (before they got there) houses they live in. And, you need to cover the costs of the prostitutes for the guys who don’t want to work. Oops, guess that won’t encourage you. 🙄


  2. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Nye! I demand a recount! What the recount will expose is 45,999, 999 of those visits where by “she who will not be named”, checking up on you, and other having fun, serious discussions, sometime venting, expressing opinions, seeking and receiving guidance.
    Thank you Sundance, and all, this site has raised my awareness, my spiritual needs at times, and knowing a lot of my friends are in the same boat as I.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. shallbe4 says:

    Bless you Sun Dance you deserve every visitor and no one who comes to this website is ever disappointed.


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