A Tale of Two Cities – Both Baltimore and Saint Louis on Track For 30-Year Record High Homicides…

If Black Lives really Matter, one would think the protesting crowd is doing it wrong.  Does anyone think there might be a connection between Baltimore and Saint Louis…. Hmm

ferguson 7

Saint Louis – If the current homicide rate continues, St. Louis will have most homicides in 30 years.   Since January, there have been 70 homicides in the St. Louis area. If the trend continues, there will be a total of 168 homicides by December, the most since 1985.  (Crime Stat pdf)

Baltimore – […]  The 42 homicides in May marked the deadliest month in the city since August 1990, which also had 42 killings. The city has seen a surge in violence since the death of Freddie Gray on April 19, and the charging of six officers involved in his arrest on May 1. (link)

We shall have to reference the ancient book of ‘gnome saying’s’ to see if any connective insight can be found. 

gnome sayin'

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19 Responses to A Tale of Two Cities – Both Baltimore and Saint Louis on Track For 30-Year Record High Homicides…

  1. carterzest says:

    and both cities have had visits from the CRS/DOJ and National Guard…. What are the odds?

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  2. wizzum says:

    Ahh the book of Gnome Sayin. The sacred text of the Dindu people

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  3. As we are quite reasonable people posting in here, we simply cannot ask when does reason prevail? Not in these city’s, plus many others. One would think those people would see a problem killing one another @ 2x the percieved normal rate. ( whatever that is ) Since the good Rev. Al Sharp, DOJ, & Obama ( talking from his vast community organizer days of Chi town) have became grossly involved, I can surely say this, they really know how to kill each other.

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  4. georgiafl says:

    This sounds crass – but the herd is thinning itself…that is the herd of miscreants and criminals.

    I do hate it though, when innocents are killed by these criminals.

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    • kpm58 says:

      You know what is going to happen when their current prey starts to get more elusive.

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    • VegasGuy says:

      “This sounds crass – but the herd is thinning itself…that is the herd of miscreants and criminals.”

      Not in the least…..Black Thugs killing off other Black Thugs……

      That makes my glass 1/2 FULL if the Thug population is depleated by 100+ Thugs by EOY in those cities. Record? Maybe……Enough? Not quite……

      “I do hate it though, when innocents are killed by these criminals.”

      So true… then let’s just keep the innocent safe…..Police have to start ramping up Law Enforcement of the criminal elements. F”K the BGI & the WH.

      By the time the DOJ gets into an investigation, it’ll be year end anyway. The crime rate will by then be under control IF they start NOW…… Time to stop this nonsense while it is still stoppable, IMO.


    • Col.(R) Ken says:

      Georgiafl, your response does not sound crass, it’s the truth.


  5. Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

    Here is Baltimore, the Musical – what a catchy tune.

    Witness some of Baltimore’s ‘finest’ citizens at play.

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  6. TexasRanger says:

    Obama’s Changes Creating His New America in Full Swing.!

    Deadly Crime Wave – Surging Violence Tied to Police Fears.?

    CNN Video – WARNING – Loud Burst of Music at End, Beginning at 2:46


  7. Arkindole says:

    I did not post this…


  8. doodahdaze says:

    Obamacultire hero of the state.


  9. TKim says:

    What always stuns me is the number of kids under age 11 or 12 being shot at parks, on their streets, or in their homes by drive-by gunmen and the reaction is barely a ripple. Why do cop assaulting thugs get Teddy bear memorials, career criminals get protests, but these communities seem to consider black children shot by black adults simply collateral damage? Sick.

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  10. Bryan K says:

    I was at a dedication ceremony that Harry Reid spoke at last week. The fella sitting next to me was from Chicago. I mentioned the murder rate there. His response was…look who is killing who. Until the violence spreads to the white community little concern will be expressed by the general public.


  11. Millwright says:

    Inner city/ghetto violence won’t be addressed – let alone curtailed – until and unless those minority citizens ‘take the bull by the horns’ and deal with their recalcitrant elements by whatever means works. If that takes guns, so be it. But until/unless the minority communities take control of their own, (or make a damn good show at attempting) most of America won’t care. Where’s all the “minority role models” in all of this ? Conspicuously silent, or even endorsing the violence and lawlessness.


    • Jett Black says:

      Remember the vet who got interviewed standing out in the street, telling the rioters in his community to go home and get busy with education and job skills? Did <0bama, Dullton, or the mayor or SA or police chief give him a call? Buy him a beer? He got 15 mins of fame, then nothing. This is about keeping people disorganized, ignorant, and subservient–just active enough to be used as a “cat’s paw,” but not active enough in their own interests to really change anything. This is the political and social world ease and apathy have created. “America is not at war (with anything or anyone). America is at the mall.”


      • Millwright, Reasonable thoughts & actions vs Unreasonable thoughts & actions, peaceful resolution vs mayhem, murder, chaos, destruction of property & life w no one able to enforce the rule of law ( Police are handcuffed)
        Reasonable people must first wage war in order to have & maintain a reasonable peace in these community’s. Depending on ones view, the criminals are killing other criminals. The peaceful inhabitants will have to fight the evil in order to achieve a greater good.. I don’t see ANY leadership calling on peace, quite the contrary, the leadership is encouraging for war against Police, American ideals, the Constitution, Bill of rights, and I dare say the ” white Christian man & women” ( 2nd A. & Veterans, Active Duty as well. ) The President has enacted his world view & personel view on All Americans..it will take a dedicated effort by reasonable Americans to ensure the survival of our country as we once knew it. Americans (true) have done it before & we will do it again.


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