BREAKING: Busy Day In Memphis – More Arrests For BP Gas Station Mob Beating – Also 19 Gangster Disciples Arrested In Drug Bust…

Memphis police holding press conference. Ongoing – updates will follow

Memphis 3

UPDATE: Carl Johnson, Jordan Clayton and Branden Brookins held with no bond after making first appearance in Shelby County General Sessions Court Thursday morning in the April 10 drive-by homicide of 7-year-old Kirsten Williams. They are all charged with first degree murder. (read more)

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50 Responses to BREAKING: Busy Day In Memphis – More Arrests For BP Gas Station Mob Beating – Also 19 Gangster Disciples Arrested In Drug Bust…

  1. cohibadad says:

    lol. flash mob. sounds like such an enjoyable event, like the Christmas Carol flash mobs, but with more action and less music.


  2. But don’t they have to get Obama, Holder and Sharpton’s permission to make arrests their prized children. (Snark off)..
    Just can’t wait for the excuses they will try make for this, or how long before it becomes way back page news…


  3. doodahdaze says:

    Under the jail with these democrat constituants.

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  4. Be Ge says:

    Which of these fine gentlemen does look more like 0b0z0 son?

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  5. fred says:

    Holder reduced jail times and sentences for black offenders because so many were getting arrested. That’s because the same guys get arrested over and over a lot like how they count deportations. Now do you think Loretta Lynch will reverse this or increase the odds black male offenders will be allowed back out on the streets like illegal alien criminals under Holder. Lynch will be worse. Didn’t Walter’s buddy have a long rap sheet too and no time.

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  6. lastConservinIllinois? says:

    19 GDs?
    Might this tie into theJessica Chambers case?

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  7. watcher says:

    Want to bet the 22 year old shot isn’t related to the 7 year old girl murdered.

    I wish this could be the catalyst to go nationwide and clean up the mess.

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  8. joshua says:

    what ever happened to the Memphis connection with Courtland MS in the JUSTICE FOR JESSICA case?

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  9. justwow12 says:

    One of the adult males just got his bond reduced, was $100,000 now it’s $30,000. This has to stop.

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    • ButterCookie77 says:

      It’s actually reduced to $5, 000.

      The judge also only ordered these bastards to not visit that BP gas station anymore.



  10. moe ham head says:

    dont worry folks
    al is on the way
    oh wait what forget that nothing to see here


  11. cal says:

    I can assure you NOTHING will be done to these “teens”! Each day the Daily “Shooting” News reports the endless crimes here and they always have a mug shot of the perps to put on screen because all their crimes go unpunished. The Judges just let them go after the story fades and the Public settles down. Laws are Racist don’t you know.

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  12. justwow12 says:

    Another slap on the wrist, baby Detriot is growing.


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