BREAKING REPORT- Video of Germanwings Crash Discovered Amid The Wreckage in Passenger Video Micro-SD/Memory Card…

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Germany’s Bild News is reporting a cell phone “SIM card” (Micro SD, Memory card) has been recovered from the wreckage of Germanwings flight 9525. According to reporting by the German media outlet there is video on the SIM card showing what was taking place in the cabin prior to, and up to the moment of, the crash.

Bild is reporting the video appears to be taken from the rear of the passenger compartment, possibly by a cell phone, and shows absolute panic as the passengers on board were aware of the crisis. Passengers are reported to be crying out to God in numerous languages and shouting throughout the video.

There are three distinct sounds which accompany the video – appearing to be attempts by the pilot and others to break down the cockpit door. Massive panic and confusion is visible amid the passengers, then the sound of metal scraping – then the video stops.

From the report via google translate: Paris – were from the last moments on board German Wings flight 4U9525 there is a video that BILD and the French magazine “Paris Match” view.

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It is a few seconds and documented what happened immediately before the crash on board.

The storage medium with the video sequence that survived the crash apparently unscathed, was found on the scene of a person belonging to the group of investigators. This video is an important piece of evidence!

Although the scenery on board is chaotic and totally blurred and no individuals are identified, the authenticity of the video is unquestionable.

The recordings were made very back of the plane. It is unclear whether this was done while standing or sitting. It is also not known whether a passenger or crew member has filmed.

The video supports the statements of the French prosecutor Brice Robin, who has given a detailed press conference last Thursday.

► The screams can be heard on the video, showing that the passengers on board knew in what a desperate situation they were in. In several languages is the cry heard “My God”.

► The video also seems to confirm what the previous analysis of the voice recorder found: At least three times you can hear clearly metallic beats. Apparently the pilot tried to the end, break up the cockpit door – either with an ax or other metal object.

► Shortly before the end of the video seems to be part of the aircraft touching a mountain. The video can be seen that the car is thrown with a blow to the side. Once again you can hear people cry – then the video ends.

Why can still be obtained in the mobile phone these shots, although the machine crashed on the mountain?

Mobile Phone Tester Dirk Lorenz (43) of “Stiftung Warentest”: “The fact that a smartphone to survive a crash, I think is unlikely. Memory card in it, however, can be very durable. Even if a mobile phone is divided into a thousand pieces, the memory can still survive, for example, if the device has cushioned the impact.” (full link)

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39 Responses to BREAKING REPORT- Video of Germanwings Crash Discovered Amid The Wreckage in Passenger Video Micro-SD/Memory Card…

  1. whuptdue says:

    May God rest their weary souls. I do not have a need or any desire to witness such horror. Unfathonable sadness and sympathy for the families and loved ones dealing with this.

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  2. Cyber says:


    I’m not watching this.

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  3. Justice_099 says:

    Video on a SIM card?


    They must mean a memory card, not a SIM. You can’t store videos on a SIM card.

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  4. BobNoxious says:

    Let’s hope the actual video never makes the light of day. Sadly, some soulless piece of garbage will probably try to make money off it. Makes me want to puke.

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    • ytz4mee says:

      I think the British fleet street and Bild papers already have.

      It is unforgiveable that they tried to spin information found on this memory card as leaked “official transcript” info from the cockpit voice recorder, which is in the custody of the BEA.

      Absolute scum.

      Prayers for the families of the lost.

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  5. getouttahea says:

    This is so horrible. I can’t imagine the terror those passengers must have felt. Personally, I have always hated everything about flying: the height, speed, and being in an enclosed space which can’t exited. Truly nightmarish.

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    • Justice_099 says:

      You can’t tamper with it. And even if you could, they most certainly do not have the equipment to do that.

      Full-capable download kits are ONLY sold to independent investigation boards (FAA, BEA, etc…)

      They could edit, clip, and poke at the converted audio files. But they could not alter the source data.

      They “could” (if they had the right equipment) completely manufacture a flight from scratch and pretend it is the recording from the crashed flight.

      But Lufthansa couldn’t do it and again, the custody of the recorder is VERY tightly controlled. No one person is ever left alone with it.

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    • JB from SoCal says:

      “He wuz framed I’m tellin’ ya!”
      Neatly overlooking his locking out the Captain for 8 minutes or more, and his time-out for mental problems, among other facts . . .


  6. taqiyyologist says:

    MicroSD cards are the most durable form of storage ever made.

    They are waterproof, and the size of a pinky fingernail. Darned near indestructable other than with fire or EM forces.

    They can store 200GB right now. Next year, or the one after? 10TB.

    This is why I think there exists other video of the Mike Brown shooting. Probably many. And they will surface years from now, just “found” after their owners perish in random drive-bys.


  7. Jill says:

    The person who took the video must have had nerves of steel to have kept recording while knowing death was eminent.

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    • imreek says:

      If the video does get out, and it just may, I hope the heirs of the individual who took it can sue. Perhaps the Digital Copyright law can be put to some good use.


  8. lovely says:

    For what it is worth

    However, Lieutenant Colonel Jean-Marc Menichini, a high ranking official involved in the recovery operation, has categorically denied that any mobile phone footage had been found by investigators at the site

    It seems very unusual that any investigator or searcher who found such a clue to the last moments would allow any media to see it. Does anyone know if they are keeping the crime scene fee of reporters? I can’t imagine they are letting reporters sift through the mountain ravine but the field of debris is so large maybe all of it is not cordoned off and a “reporter” discovered the horrific piece on their own and carried it off.


  9. mike and brandy says:

    I wonder if the ‘mental illness’ angel is just a cover story for a recent convert to some..say… Religion of Peace???

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  10. TeddyOn20th says:

    How does a video like that get saved? I’m sure we’ve all had situations where something we’ve been working on or recording was lost because we didn’t press the Save button when we were done. In this case the phone (and person holding it) were destroyed while the video was still running. Was the video stored in RAM in a pre-saved state?


  11. colin says:

    Yes good point, if your battery runs out while filming video it dose not save it. I smell BS


  12. jewelsc6 says:

    So is there a video? I am hearing there may be a video..


  13. Vanessa says:

    Oh my God. I would never set foot on a plane. You couldn’t pay me to. I’m so incredibly upset over this. This airline, putting a 28 year old with history of severe mental illness, in a cockpit. All those innocent people, the babies! Young people with their entire lives ahead of them. My hope is, the copilot and he alone, suffered terribly. Most cowardly, unforgivable act. Plain EVIL. Monstrous. Words can’t describe my Hate for this guy.


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