Yemeni Jihadists Attack Air Base and Presidential Compound – President Flees – Josh Earnest Still Claiming Success….

ISIS is claiming victory in Yemen, the Yemeni President has fled, the U.S. air base has been abandoned, the U.S. embassy was evacuated.   However, despite these troubling facts and reports the White House is sticking by their former assertions that Yemen is a success story.  Watch Josh Earnest today:

CAIRO — A Yemeni air base used by American forces for counterterrorism operations came under attack by army units and fighters allied with the Houthi movement on Wednesday as they clashed with forces loyal to President Abdu Rabbu Mansour Hadi near his current refuge in the southern city of Aden.

yemen-men-540x304A satellite television network linked to the Houthi movement announced in the morning that its fighters had seized the base, Al Anad, north of Aden, and found it empty and looted. The Houthis said they had also captured two senior officials loyal to Mr. Hadi, including the defense minister. But those reports could not be confirmed.

Warplanes struck a location in Aden near Mr. Hadi’s compound around midday, and antiaircraft guns returned fire. Several news reports said that Mr. Hadi had left his home in Aden, possibly for fear of such an attack. There were conflicting reports early Wednesday about whether he had left the country as well, although few believe his departure would end the factional fighting.

The antiaircraft fire from the ground indicated that Mr. Hadi’s forces had not abandoned Aden. A television network controlled by the Houthis announced a $100,000 bounty for Mr. Hadi’s capture.

The United States evacuated its military personnel from Al Anad several days ago, with fighters from Al Qaeda’s Yemeni affiliate moving closer from one side and Houthi fighters pushing closer from the other.

Yemen is sliding toward a civil war with ominous elements of a sectarian feud, a regional proxy conflict, the attempted return of an ousted authoritarian, and the expansion of anti-Western extremist groups like Al Qaeda and the Islamic State eager to capitalize on the chaos.  (read more)

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17 Responses to Yemeni Jihadists Attack Air Base and Presidential Compound – President Flees – Josh Earnest Still Claiming Success….

  1. Brett says:

    Once again, obama can walk away whistling while claiming, “My work is done here…”.

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  2. mazziflol says:

    Man, if this is a success, I’d hate to see a failure…


  3. aprilyn43 says:

    And America’s president, Obama goes golfing, on vacation; basicly nothing. But then except to promot Islam and pander to Muslims that’s a perfect description of the accomplishments of Obama, NOTHING!

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  4. manickernel says:

    “Sliding” towards civil war? Looks pretty full scale to me.


  5. Susan M. says:

    JV is really moving up to Varsity.


  6. John Galt says:

    “State Dept. confirms Yemen’s president has left his house, but doesn’t know where he is”

    Nobody trusts Obozo.

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  7. sundance says:

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    • BertDilbert says:

      The press is now treating Josh Earnest as the new Baghdad Bob. After years of our support the place go to crap. Just like the rest.

      After WW2 America rose to prominence because the production and infrastructure of the world was blown up giving us a monopoly or near so. For America to return to the “good days” there will have to be a similar large scale war decimating production and infrastructure. However war by the US to accomplish this goal is politically unacceptable. I think the new plan is to export government overthrows and let civil wars accomplish the rest and the ME is just a proving grounds to carry out this plan. Look at Ukraine as well.

      Everything we touch goes to crap. Is it all accident or intentional? At some point you have to start asking questions as to the level of incompetence or look for another motive.


  8. beaujest says:

    When will no one show up to hear this maniquin “jack his jaws” ?

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  9. sundance says:

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  10. Sam says:

    Josh Earnest would claim success if robed men screaming Allahu Akbar and waving scimitars were invading the White House. I can no longer listen to the US “Baghdad Bob.”


  11. cg says:

    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses.


  12. Wow, the WH sure loves itself some “central government.” A chilling phrase, if there ever was one. Also, ” few believe his departure would end the factional fighting.” Yeah, if that mean old dictator/head of government/elected leader just left his position those “extremists” would be happy. That has been the thought behind a lot of ME action, hasn’t it?


  13. Grega48 says:

    At the White House we have Baghdad Josh: at State we have the Baghdad Bobsey twins. Swell.

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  14. chiavarm says:

    We need a side-by-side picture of Ernest and that Iraqi guy that kept saying that Iraq was winning the war.


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