CBS Thinks Hillary’s Secret Communication Network is Funny….

I have a feeling they would have a different disposition if they were discussing a secret communication network of George Bush or Dick Cheney.

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9 Responses to CBS Thinks Hillary’s Secret Communication Network is Funny….

  1. Jim says:

    Faceplant The Nation.

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  2. zephyrbreeze says:

    The APPEARANCE of Impropriety IS an Impropriety.


  3. Father Paul Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  4. jakeandcrew says:

    Great article by Byron York giving a timeline of State Dept./Hillary stonewalling.


  5. Dean says:

    Once again, Hillary Clinton did nothing wrong, broke no rules and violated no policy. Once again, Barack Obama -who is totally left out of the equation- was receiving and sending emails to his SOS and apparently didn’t ask her why she wasn’t using a gov address (if he were so into openness). Once again the Obama loving media ignores that aspect of this stupid story even though it’s as plain as day.

    Once again where is the emphasis that Colin Powell deleted ALL his emails while SOS and national Security Advisor??

    NOTHING is worse than these media obsessed faux “scandals”

    And once again it was the under the discretion of EACH State Department employee to determine what was public and to be preserved and what was private. HRC should not be above the law, but she should NOT be below the law either.

    And let me conclude by saying these phony scandals only serve to strengthen her and make her look picked on and persecuted. She should welcome them.

    “Anybody the media gangs up on and hates must be doing something right”–Yours truly.


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