UAE Back In The Fight – United Arab Emirates Launches From Jordan….

JORDAN – United Arab Emirates fighter planes roared out of an air base in Jordan on Tuesday to pound Islamic State militant positions, marking a return to combat operations by one of the United States’ closest Arab allies in the fight against the extremists.


The Emirates’ decision to launch fresh airstrikes from the kingdom after a hiatus of more than a month was a strong show of support for Western-allied Jordan, which has vowed a punishing response to the militants’ killing of one of its pilots.

It also is likely to quiet concerns in Washington about the oil-rich Emirates’ commitment to the fight.

The seven-state federation, which includes Abu Dhabi and Dubai, stopped conducting airstrikes late last year after Jordanian Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh was captured when his plane crashed behind enemy lines, according to American officials. Al-Kaseasbeh was later burned alive in a cage by the militants.

American defense officials last week said they moved search-and-rescue aircraft closer to the battlefield, helping ease allies’ concerns about the coalition’s ability to aid downed pilots.[…]

The Emirates had not commented on the suspension of its airstrikes in December, and Tuesday’s statement was the first confirmation it had restarted combat operations.  (read more)


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39 Responses to UAE Back In The Fight – United Arab Emirates Launches From Jordan….

  1. auscitizenmom says:

    Pretty planes.


  2. texan59 says:

    Apparently some of these kingdoms ARE more concerned with staying alive rather than being mohammed’s chirren. 🙄

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  3. rashomon says:

    Jordan, which already has a poverty-ridden population and need to corral disparate tribes from throughout the region, has taken on millions of displaced Syrians and Iraqis. No one wants peace in the Middle East more than that country regardless of their feelings about the U.S.


  4. Col.(R) Ken says:

    Did Obola sell some F22s? Just kidding, I see the USAAF tag on the wing. Remebering the thread awaile back about a Air Rescue Unit deploying, in case of a down aircraft those boys/girls go in too snag the down pilot. The AF has a package, (aircraft) that goes to where the pilot lands.

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    • JohnP says:

      The re-depolyment of our Apaches from Baghdad to Erbil was part of this deal.


      • Col.(R) Ken says:

        I knew that, hopefully all of the tools that are needed deploy with the Battalions. You don’t draw the KZ or CAV box on the map, and say “out targets for today are,,”


        • JohnP says:

          We now have a lot of assets in Ebril. It cheeses off Baghdad to no end. Who cares? Baghdad couldn’t organize a seven-year old’s slumber party. I still haven’t seen one Spector, but the Hogs are there, Marines and 82nd Airborne.
          Then there are some spooks could be Delta, per a very fuzzy report from a Kurd on the ground. He said they are very big, very scary, all dressed in black and all business.


  5. MrRight says:

    UAE is oil rich but they also now own the second biggest silicon manufacturing force in the world.
    And recently took over control of IBM manufacturing in new york.

    That to say, we will soon have to think about arab oil in the gas tank and arab electronics controlling the car itself.

    For people driving to work at the fabs in New York, its must be weird to think, every time they drive to work they funded the arab nation that acquired and now control their original american made jobs…


  6. JohnP says:

    The UAE is now going to be flying their plaines out of Jordan That’s going really extend their time over targets. The IS thugs are already whining about the air strikes on Raqqah and Tal Abyad.


  7. JohnP says:

    Marines surrender their weapons before leaving Yemen.
    Too cheap to send a military aircraft, Obama makes the US Marines take a commercial flight out of Yemen. They were forced to surrender all weapons before boarding the plane.


  8. taqiyyologist says:

    Obama hates our military.

    Why shouldn’t he? They hate him. And everything he stands for.

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    • And unless/until there is a military coup/revolution in this country by those that hate what he stands for he has more power to diminish them than they have to diminish him, and he’s using it.

      A lot of the service members who hate him for what he stands for and is doing have left the service or are waiting until their time in is done, I think. Others have been involuntarily dismissed or relieved of duty for some blown up infraction.

      It’s why Obama fears veterans so much. They have long memories, as do we.

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  9. czarowniczy says:

    Jordan and the UAE are about the two smallest nations in the Hot Zone that do not have US internal backing – Qatar has CENTCOM forward for the time being. They know that they are on ISIS’s (not to mention Iran’s) short list so it’s a no-brainer for them to go after ISIS before ISIS can go after them. I’m betting they don’t trust their Moslem-lite ally in DC to pull their cookies out of the fire – US stock ‘s gone down in the last – oh say – 6 years and I’;m betting Jordan and the UAE don’t trust the POtuS to take the trash to the curb on time.
    I’m also betting that folks in the governments here and in Europe will make sure the Jordanians and UAE get replenishment of expended supplies to allow them to do what we should be doing big-time. They’re going to need full supplies if the POtuS and his krewe start to turn against them in favor of Russia and Iran’s plans.


  10. Dixie Darling says:

    Wow….everything sure is ratcheting up. It’s almost as though we are building to a crescendo.

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