Chuck Hagel Admits He Was Pressured by The Obama White House To Release GITMO Detainees…

It has long been suspected that President Obama took the direction to empty GITMO of detainees as a strategic maneuver once he was politically unable to put them into Federal DOJ custody for trial. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel confirms the pressure in that regard.

President Obama and his leftist ideologues want GITMO closed. Sending the detainees to Qatar or Mid-East allies became the politically strategic direction.

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19 Responses to Chuck Hagel Admits He Was Pressured by The Obama White House To Release GITMO Detainees…

  1. …and whom amongst us, the Treepers are shocked?

    And who in our duly elected Representative Government is going to do anything about any of the grievances committed by this Executive Branch against the People and all we hold sacred?

    I fear the answer is not a darn one of them.

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  2. tappin52 says:

    What is treason? Does it have a working definition that will trigger any action at all? Are there no consequences for aiding the enemy? Are there no patriots in the halls of power who will do their duty to this great nation? Is party ideology the only god worth honoring above all else? Must we suffer another 9/11 to make those with the reins of power focus on what is best for America?

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  3. waltherppk says:

    Will the Fort Hood shooter be sent to Qatar also? Have there been completed the arrangements to wire him his retirement pay at a taliban controlled sanctuary of his choosing? Maybe Obama’s old house in Pakistan is for sale, since Obama isn’t living there anymore. Has the VA loan been approved yet for Obama’s old house? Oh heck I got Obama and Osama confused. How could I ever do that? Must have been a Freudian slip.


  4. texan59 says:

    So instead of standing up to them and resigning, he just bowed his head shrugged his shoulders and said OK. No one up there has any convictions, and even less courage. 👿

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  5. labrat says:

    I often wonder why there aren’t more people within the government speaking out against what’s going on.

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  6. realitycheck says:

    Nice big salaries, power and benefits keep them quiet

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    • pspsst says:

      Fear, too. Of losing their jobs, going the way of military generals. These politicians have skeletons in their closet and Barry have all their details in NSA files.

      It’s the terrorist’s and communist african-background dictator’s M.O. to strike fear. The first black American president, who knew he was an Idi Amin?


  7. Anton says:

    Hillary and Obama are Drenched in the Blood of Innocent Christians

    Post away please–

    Have you noticed…everywhere Obama and Hilary go–same result…GENOCIDE

    Every American should be encouraged to read and listen to this stunning piece.

    Hillary Clinton is a despicable representative of America.

    The truth will out:



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  8. Thank you, Boko Hussein! Every day, you bring us a new and more jaw-dropping treason.


  9. doodahdaze says:

    This is stupid. We should behead every one of them tomorrow. Then capture some more to behead every time the do anything. Also destroy 3 mosques for every incident.


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