The Safari Principle As Official Policy – “Tactical Retreat” or “Empowering The Criminal” – The Ferguson Aftermath…

“He shouldn’t have gotten out of the car”, a phrase heard consistently in both the Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown shootings. In essence the argument being both citizen George Zimmerman and officer Darren Wilson held responsibility for the outcome because they exited their vehicle.

We have discussed this viewpoint as the “Safari Principle“, however now the Ferguson/Saint Louis police department is considering the argument -under the auspices of “tactical retreat”- as a standard policy.

ferguson angerSAINT LOUIS – Like many officers involved in deadly force encounters, Darren Wilson said his training took over when he shot Michael Brown in Ferguson.

But what if Wilson had been trained differently?

The national upheaval from Brown’s death, and some others since, has put enormous pressure on law enforcement to find ways to control people’s behavior while using less violence. One possibility — simple but repugnant to some officers — is to teach police to back away from certain difficult situations until help can arrive.

The concept is known as “tactical retreat” or sometimes “tactical withdrawal” or “tactical restraint.”

“We add the word, ‘tactical’ and not just ‘retreating’ or ‘giving up’ because that’s what makes it palatable for police officers,” explained Seth Stoughton, a criminal law professor at the University of South Carolina. The former Florida officer is a nationally prominent advocate for applying the softer approach.

“It’s basically the choice to work smarter rather than harder.”

Wilson has said he was in his police SUV on Aug. 9 when Brown, standing outside, struggled with him through the vehicle window and Wilson’s gun fired twice. Brown was struck at least once in the hand, and ran. Wilson gave chase, and Brown turned back. Wilson then shot him multiple times, explaining later that he feared for his life.

Had Wilson been coached in tactical retreat, Stoughton said, he instead might have stepped on the gas to drive away from the encounter, and kept Brown in sight while waiting for backup.

Wilson “could have been trained to do something different to allow him to apprehend Michael Brown without putting himself in a situation that made him feel deadly force was the only safe response,” Stoughton explained. “Train police officers to avoid putting themselves in danger, and you will see them use less force to get themselves out of danger.

“That’s good for everybody.”

Chiefs of the St. Louis and St. Louis County police have said in recent interviews they are reviewing training with the principles of tactical retreat in mind.

But it’s a delicate dance, warned Sam Dotson, the city chief.

“Society has to realize that we pay police officers to keep us safe. And if every criminal knows, ‘If I confront an officer, they will take four steps back, that’s my escape route,’ then that becomes the new norm.” (read more)

ferguson 17 assault


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79 Responses to The Safari Principle As Official Policy – “Tactical Retreat” or “Empowering The Criminal” – The Ferguson Aftermath…

  1. Sharon says:

    We add the word, ‘tactical’ and not just ‘retreating’ or ‘giving up’ because that’s what makes it palatable for police officers


    So tactical retreat doesn’t have legitimacy as a tactic, in his view? If that’s really what he thinks he should have kept it to himself.

    The officers who are being patronized should be incensed.

    What a bunch of fools in places of authority in our nation, from top to bottom.

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    • lovemygirl says:

      I was frothing at the mouth so bad I missed that statement. Now steam is coming out of my ears while I froth at the mouth… Suddenly I have a desire for one of those Foo Foo coffee drinks. 😆

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    • kathyca says:

      From his bio. Illuminating, no?:

      Seth served as an officer with the Tallahassee Police Department for five years. In that time, he trained other officers in report writing, helped create policies to govern the use of new technologies, earned multiple instructor and operator certifications, and taught personal safety and self-defense courses in the community. In 2004, he received a Formal Achievement Award for his role as a founding member of the Special Response Team. After leaving the police department in 2005, Seth spent three years as an Investigator in the Florida Department of Education’s Office of Inspector General, where he handled a variety of criminal and administrative investigations. In 2008, he received a statewide award for his work combating private school tuition voucher fraud.

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      • lovemygirl says:

        Report Writing? I’m a computer nerd and I’d be too embarrased to put that on my resume. His screams “Weenie”.

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        • kathyca says:

          I found the Tallahassee and Dept. of Education connections very interesting. Hmm…who else do we know from Tallahassee and where else have we seen interesting developments in the way public school crime is handled? Oh, and here’s what the Tallahassee PD Special Response Team does (from Wiki, but I’m guessing pretty accurate):

          Special Response Team-Mobile Field Force has 32 members and is responsible incidents involving crowd-management problems, various forms of protests, and any other events that may potentially involve civil disobedience. The part-time SRT team includes a team commanders, a logistics officer, a team medic, team leaders, and members of the response team.

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        • Dixie Darling says:

          He screams know-it-all who never had any real experience.

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      • oldiadguy says:

        I started to write a reply about Stoughton, but I thought better of it. I never write when my head is about to implode. So I will only SMH


    • BertDilbert says:

      But Mike Brown approached an officer who had his gun drawn on him which is suicidal. If Mike Brown was denied his death, would his civil rights have been violated?

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    • nimrodman says:

      “tactical retreat” – also known as the “Thug-and-Lawless-Rioter-Accomodation-Policy”

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  2. Sharon says:

    Society has to realize that we pay police officers to keep us safe.

    Aw, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy. Not any more you don’t.

    Add: The conversation documented in the article is entirely crazy-making.

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  3. Paul H. Lemmen says:

    Reblogged this on A Conservative Christian Man.


  4. kinthenorthwest says:

    As I have said other places I guess Wilson should have just stood there while Brown charged him like a crazed Bull. When Brown got done, I guess Wilson should have given Brown a big ole hug and told Brown to go and assault some more.
    H3LL, come on America; Brown assaulted 2 people in less than an hour. You think Brown was going to stop.
    H3LL just look at all the black violence lately…It has become a daily headline in too many cities.
    H3LL as I posted on the other Brown thread, St Louis passed all other cities in the US as worse city to live in; mostly due to crime.
    Two Women Killed, 6 People Wounded in Omaha Shooting (From the video it looks like a black neighborhood).


  5. lovemygirl says:

    So much concern over the criminal’s safety and none for the officer’s or the public’s.

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  6. auscitizenmom says:

    Let’s see – Tactical Retreat – works for me, as long as the officer is shooting while he is “retreating”. {Spit}

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  7. John Galt says:

    Put up a tactical fence and a tactical mine field around the hood.

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  8. James F says:

    By that logic, no cop should go anywhere near housing projects, ever. Fence them off and let them fend for themselves.

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  9. cohibadad says:

    I’ve come face to face with raccoons in the dark and without an easy exit for me on more than one occasion. They don’t just run like deer, they are quite aggressive. So I stand my ground and snarl at it if it doesn’t turn away fast enough. I let it know that I’m in charge and it better have a lot of friends or it better get out of my way. They want to teach the criminals to do that with the cops and if the cops “tactically” retreat, you can guarantee that the criminals will all adopt that strategy. How idiotic.

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  10. “Tactical Retreat”. Isn’t that what the French police did in Paris? Ok, they were unarmed, bringing only their bicycles to a gunfight, but their retreat allowed the killers to finish up and escape.


  11. doodahdaze says:

    If the media gave a smidgeon of investigative action to the BGI and Obama as they do to the air pressure of a football our problems would be solved.

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  12. Rob Crawford says:

    Bad news for the victims of criminals, good news for their allies in politics.

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  13. AghastInFL says:

    I’m pretty sure I have seen this act before…

    One question remains, what about serving and ‘protecting’?

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  14. Beaujest says:

    They should use the Obama,Hillary method ,have guns with no bullets or the NYC rule of no Tasers allowed for the police and no choke holds !


  15. Chip Bennett says:

    Let’s just call it Tactical French Law Enforcement: pre-emptive surrender to the criminals.

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  16. lovemygirl says:

    Next is our military shouldn’t kill our enemies because that will only make them mad… Oh wait, they already say that with their “Blowback” BS.


  17. Daddio says:

    Here’s another idea, the next time a police officer encounters a criminal doing what they do, just drive on by like nothing happened. It’s not worth your life!

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  18. gena says:

    doodahdaze, my sentiments, exactly.


  19. libby says:

    So, they want police as ineffective as UN peace keepers, I guess.

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    • czarowniczy says:

      Especially as we look back at the long list of successful UN peacekeeping operations. I shudder to think of where such UN forces would come from. I can see it now: ” We are very very hoop[y to bee heer, and wut is dis ‘running water’ thing of which yu speek?”

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  20. czarowniczy says:

    Woo, the natives ARE restless tonight…

    Yep, the Usual Suspects and their apologists want to lower crime by decriminalizing illegal acts by any means. Refuse a police officer’s request to stop for questioning – well first you argue the premise for the stop, preferably in some form of English generally understood, and then if he has the temerity to continue to make demands that you follow The Man’s Law you walk off in a huff of righteous indignation. If he dares to get out of the vehicle and press further you are ethnically justified in resisting the obviously racially-based affront to your niche-morality.
    I’m sorta lost here – first they whine and complain that there are two Americas and now they want…two Americas. That’s what I get for going to the bathroom too often, I miss those swings of the ethnic compass.

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  21. “Tactical retreat”? No thanks. I like this approach much better:

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  22. benzy says:

    So they are suggesting that police officers, when confronted with a criminal who is at all aggressive should simply tactically retreat, leaving the criminal to go about his “business”… the “business” of assaulting, robbing, looting, murdering and arson. What an absolutely brilliant strategy!!! NOT


    • springstreet says:

      I believe Officer Wilson was following every police procedure when he (after first calling for assistance) backed up his cruiser to question two robbery suspects. However, after an unprovoked Mike Brown attacked, went for a police officer’s gun and then fled the scene … at that point Officer Wilson should not have been forced to follow accepted police procedures. In his cruiser, he was now safe! He could holster his gun (not endanger innocent bystanders) allow his adrenaline to subside, wait for the back-up (which arrived 55 seconds later) and keep the unarmed, obese, waddling (tripping over his own pants) drugged up, unarmed felon in sight. At that point, the wounded 6′-5″ 295 pound Mike Brown was clearly identifiable. He had committed a broad daylight assault without a mask, wearing bright yellow marijuana socks, in front of numerous bystanders … and had even left blood/DNA evidence INSIDE the police cruiser!
      They were on a dead end street … not the OK Corral. In that situation, as hard as it is to say (knowing that Reverend Al Shakedown could use this for more race baiting) police engagement procedures should change … so that a lone policeman will not be forced to fire his gun.


  23. Utter nonsense. Once a man assaults a police officer while he’s inside his police car and attempts to take his firearm that’s goes off 3 times? No cop is staying in that car!


  24. “One possibility — simple but repugnant to some officers — is to teach police to back away from certain difficult situations until help can arrive.”

    I’m not an officer but I find it repugnant too. Fat lotta good that’s gonna do a victim who’s being attacked. Should the police back away slowly from someone robbing a store? How about a rapist about to attack a woman? A serial killer holding a gun to the head of his next victim?

    If the police are going to back away, what good are they? Criminals are, for the most part, going to be violent – that should be obvious, especially to someone who claims to have worked for law enforcement. Police should be able to use sufficient force to stop someone who is attacking another person, or depriving them or their life or property.

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    • 7delta says:

      “One possibility — simple but repugnant to some officers — is to teach police to back away from certain difficult situations until help can arrive.”

      And what guarantee would the officer have that when backup arrived that Blunt-Brained Brown wouldn’t have still charged a cop? So, he would have died with more bullet holes. Would the unconscientious objectors feel better? Of course not. They’d be wailing about overkill. Four or whatever against one unarmed teen.

      Fifty-five seconds is a long time when waiting on backup or while fleeing. Not every violent criminal is going to be an obese blunt-head. As overweight and out of shape as Brown was, he had more than ample time to get out of Wilson’s sight in an apartment complex, force his way into an apartment or a car, grab a hostage, etc. His first instinct would have been to find cover. There’s no reason whatsoever to think the Gentle Giant wouldn’t have done whatever he could to escape capture. The guy was fleeing, not calculating the logic that even if he got away, it would only be temporarily.

      It’s the cop’s job to attempt to keep Brown from having the opportunity to harm someone else. Wilson made the proper call professionally and morally. He put himself between Brown and the kid Brown could have snatched up or the old lady he knocked out to get into her apartment or the young woman Brown could have pulled out of her car, then run over in his panic to flee. If something had happened to someone else, the BGI/progressive wienies would be wailing and gnashing their teeth that Wilson shouldn’t be a cop, if he was too scared to get out of his cruiser to protect the public from a drug-addled violent criminal.

      Let’s face it, it didn’t matter what Wilson did, he was going to be wrong. This entire wienie roast has never been about Brown or Wilson.

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  25. monroe says:

    So, who is going to whine, cry, and loot when innocent bystanders are killed because the officer had to adhere to the tactical retreat policy? Then the BGI will yell that black lives weren’t protected. Once again a losing situation with this community.

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  26. manickernel says:

    If you need a break from the world going to hell in a handbasket…Taylor Swift revealed her belly button.

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  27. doodahdaze says:

    This is pretty simple. The people running the show are lunatics. Steeped in critical race theory and PC. Simple lunatics. Irrational liberal whacko’s.

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  28. starfcker says:

    My oh my, what a surprise the residents of our nations safari parks are in for, when we get a hard nosed real man running the show instead of these revenge of the nerds fools. Might happen in less than two years.


  29. Paul says:

    Simple solution. Pull out all uniform patrol. Let the people take care of their own security.

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  30. Roy says:

    Rules of engagement move from foreign battlefields to home battlefields. Insanely ridiculous in both places.


  31. whodoneit says:

    That’s all the gangsta thugs need to hear – that cops are being instructed to back off. What it will do is make them think they have even ‘more’ leeway to commit crimes and get away with it. I don’t suppose it occurs to any of them not to go there to begin with. Nah. All this would do is encourage the thugs while tying the hands of the police. Wrong move – wrong message.

    And I’m tired of this “I am Mike Brown” crap. Mike Brown was a thug. So the point is that they are thugs too?


    • beth60497 says:

      We’ve kinda seen a preview of what is going to happen with the policy to not chase cars running away from LEO. Crooks know that if they just run, the cops aren’t allowed to participate in high speed chases, so they always think they can out run them.
      Here in St Louis, we’ve had 2 major crashes from chases in 2 days.


  32. Dems B. Dcvrs says:

    “Tactical Restraint” – Democrat speak for innocents are on their own unarmed Safari.
    “Tactical Withdrawal” – Means innocent people are going to suffer or die at hands of “””Protestors”””.
    “Tactical Retreat” – Emboldening violent radical criminals to do even worse.

    What should be happening is exact opposite. When Sharpton’s “””Protestors””” rampage, when Obama’s Sons terrorize, when Holder’s hoods assault, and when officials call off National Guard, order Police to back off – Citizens should take back their streets with deadly force.
    No Peace, No Quarter.

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  33. revbacon says:

    “Train police officers to avoid putting themselves in danger, and you will see them use less force to get themselves out of danger.
    “That’s good for everybody.”

    Not exactly. The criminals think it’s great, and on the surface it seems like the cops have less risk. But besides being much less likely to give a result where the taxpayers don’t have to pay for both ends of a trial, it’s much more likely to have multiple deaths at the hand of that criminal at a later date. And the punch line is that it kills more cops too, probably. The deaths are just deferred, not canceled.

    And that’s really the thing that criminal-coddlers don’t get: it’s the future loss of (worthwhile) lives, not just the immediate loss. If cops confront an armed resistant criminal, the event space of outcomes probably looks like this: 1% chance that the cop gets killed, 0.5% that the perp gets away, and so a 99.5% chance that the criminal is off the streets, at least for awhile. If cops do this “tactical retreat” they probably have about a 0.25% chance of being shot anyway. (probably more, but I’m trying to be generous). They have about a 90% chance that the perp will go free to kill someone else, and probably a 10% chance* of the perp getting caught immediately by another cop that’s not been trained in the manly art of tactical retreat. Assuming that these people will kill (or otherwise ruin lives) until they are caught, let’s say for the sake of generosity that the cops know about each crime, but must follow these loony rules. So in the confrontation case, the expected cost to society in terms of valuable lives is 0.01 life, plus 0.5% times the 1 life he takes when loose, + 0.5% times 0.01 life the next arrest, + 0.5%^2 times (.01 + .005) etc. This is an infinite series which sums to (

    (.01 + .005) +
    .005 * (.01 + .005) +
    .005^2 * (.01 + .005) etc.
    which sums to .015/(1-.005) = .01507. About 1/70th of a life, all in. That includes about 1/99th of the life of a cop.

    If he plays possum, the expected life cost to society is
    (and again, I think my assumptions are generous): .0025% chance of a cop being killed, plus 10% chance of (from above) .01507 of a life being lost; plus a 90% chance that he will kill again; plus what ever happens on the next arrest, and the next, etc. Again we have a series which sums to:
    (.0025 + .001507 + .9) +
    0.9 * (.0025 + .001507 + .9) +
    0.9^2 * (.0025 + .001507 + .9) + etc.
    which sums to (.90407)/.1 which is 9.0407. That is, this tactical retreat has an expected cost of over 9 lives more than the confrontation approach. The cop lives lost (ignoring that cops are civilians too, and can become victims too) are about .0036/.1, or about .036, or about 1/28 of a cop life expected loss from tactical retreat. So it’s even more costly to the cops, let alone to society, to retreat rather than put down the criminals.

    *[note: someone may quibble with this number, but if this number is 0 than the cost to society of the “tactical retreat” i.e. “play possum” strategy is essentially infinite, until the perp dies or retires. For a geometric series to converge, it must have a ratio LESS THAN 1]


  34. TwoLaine says:

    Leading from behind…
    Because it worked so well in the rest of the world.
    Where’s that RESET BUTTON again?


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