The 2014 Year In Review Videos Begin – First Up: MSNBC

It’s an annual snicker event when the year in review video’s begin to surface and you can see the moonbattery encapsulated.

The 2014 review begins with MSNBC:

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13 Responses to The 2014 Year In Review Videos Begin – First Up: MSNBC

  1. doodahdaze says:

    My favorite quote of the year. Lib voters and MSNBC patrons in a nutshell.

    “I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan, simply because I don’t like eating fish, and I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.”
    ~Britney Spears

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  2. Lou says:

    MSNBC helped the Republicans win the House and the Senate IMO with their race baiting and defending the original ground and pounder Trayvon Martin. someone told me that this was planned to help Republicans win. I honestly believe their lack of objectiveness helped Republicans win.


    • Lou says:

      I’m stating this because I’m sick of both parties in general. If Dems lose, we choose the lesser of 2 evils. I’d like to see a Senator like Ted Cruz win, but I’m afraid our next President will be a RINO.


  3. True Colors says:

    Some good stuff in that video.

    Most people here do not have the time nor the inclination to sit around watching msnbc all day. But just imagine if we did. The sheer volume of goofs, gaffes, and lies that we could uncover from that nuthouse would be staggering.


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  4. lovelyd24 says:

    Funny stuff.

    My favorite though had to be the original Mr. Tingles on election night,

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  5. My favorite in the clip was the girl at the very end – funny stuff. Do it again!


  6. taqiyyologist says:

    7 comments. 8, now.

    MSNBC in the title.

    Almost 4 hours since posting. >2 comments per hour.

    I can see the gears turning in SD’s head. “How can I reduce the ridiculous amount of hits that I’ve been getting for CTH’s top-notch, antiPulitzer-worthy reporting lately? I know! A MSNBC thread!”


    • taqiyyologist says:

      I can see wanting to throttle down the hits, to lengthen the life of whatever you have cooling your servers, but man… MSNBC? That’s like the nuclear option.


    • joshua says:

      Like a visit for Christmas to bring cheer to residents of a mental detention facility….watching MSNBC stuff makes me understand users of heavy drugs better.


  7. Llynn00 says:

    What a year, not sure if that is making me laugh or cry. Certainly is sad.


  8. janc1955 says:

    From Al “I’m The Victim” Sharpton, taking a page from Benny Crump’s dictionary: The AVALAUNCH that we were told for months was gonna happen for Republicans has not happened.”

    Dude is too stupid to live.


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