“She Couldn’t Breathe” – The Brutal Murder of 19 Year Old Jessica Lane Chambers…. (With Video) *updated*

19-Year-Old Jessica Lane Chambers was brutally murdered in Mississippi two nights ago.


Unfortunately the details of her murder are so horrific to comprehend they make the current racial anxiety in the headlines seem small, yet also potentially more explosive.

…When the fire department got there, she was walking down the road on fire. […] They squirted lighter fluid down her throat and in her nose…

Yes, Jessica was white; and no, by all accounts her killer(s) were not.

Jessica chambers 2

She wasn’t just attacked, beaten, and burned alive – she was brutalized beyond all horrific imaginings. When you identify what took place, and contrast her horrific murder against the current national dialogue, you can also understand why the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI), and all Mississippi politicians, will most likely lead the media to bury this story as quick as possible.

Thanks to President Obama and AG Holder’s intentional use of racial division to advance their political goals; and against the faux racial outrage of Mike Brown and Eric Garner political narrative, the national anxiety around race in general, and racial crime specifically, is tenuously high.

High, and more unstable than recent memory.

If the facts, the gruesome and horrific facts around this story, were to hit the Mainstream Media, Mississippi might well burn. Jessica Lane Chambers suffered a similar fate as another buried and brutal murder story, Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

However, unlike when Channon and Christopher were murdered this time there are already protests in the streets – the Christian/Newsom horrific murder was buried at a time when the consequences of discussion were far less.

So it can be expected that all efforts will be deployed to hide and then diffuse the truth of Jessica’s murder. Which leads to the discussion: If we don’t tell this story, who will?

The early reports of Jessica’s death include:

chambers 2

MISSISSIPPI – […]  Jessica Chambers, 19, was found burning near her car that was also engulfed in flames. She was flown to a hospital in Memphis but later died. Early autopsy results reveal that Jessica died from severe burns that covered 98 percent of her body.

Her father, Ben Chambers, said investigators told him his daughter was set on fire.

“When the fire department got there, she was walking down the road on fire,” he said. “Only part of her body that wasn’t burned was the bottom of her feet.”

He continued as he held back tears, “They squirted lighter fluid down her throat and in her nose, and apparently they knocked her out. She had a big gash on top of her head.”

In her last breaths, she may have sent investigators down her killer’s trail. (LINK)

However, what you won’t see in that report, or any report, is the race of her attacker(s). One of which, according to exhaustive social media, is already in custody.  There are no official accounts of any suspects in custody, and the media narrative is generally explaining the events, however according to her social circle one suspect is in police custody.

Jessica chambers convo 4

jessica chambers convo 8

Jessica was trying to exit a relationship with a black boyfriend, who, again according to social media accounts, had been abusive to her throughout their relationship.  From Jessica’s perspective it was over, however apparently her ex did not accept her leaving.

The identity of the ex-boyfriend is well known to the surrounding multi-cultural community, which is PC code-speak for “the non-white friends and social network” who knew her.

jessica chambers convo 7

Whether her attacker acted alone, or, as most suspect, had a crew of like-minded thugs enlisted to assist in his brutal attack, is unknown. What is well known is that Jessica had broken away from the abusive boyfriend prior to her murder.

Jessica chambers convo 6

jessica chambers convo 1

jessica chambers convo 2

jessica chambers convo 3

The horrific nature of the murder speaks to a profoundly violent person carrying it out. It is beyond our comprehension what she had to endure in those final moments of her life.

However, looking to the larger picture, and knowing the MBI (Mississippi Bureau of Investigation) has taken lead in the investigation -under the auspices of her father, Ben Chambers, working for the Sheriff’s department- it’s not a leap to quickly identify how the MBI and Mississippi political class would immediately want to tamp this down.

Unlike the death of Mike Brown, and unlike the death of Eric Garner, Jessica’s death was premeditated murder with extreme malice aforethought and horrifically special circumstances – which, if proven, will most assuredly result in a death penalty charge against at least one of her murderers, perhaps more.

Then again, jail might be the safest place for him/them:

Jessica Chambers 3

Jessica chambers 5

(Obit link)

Funeral Home

High School Group 1High School Group 2 –  Father speaks out – Police search for clues

Family and Friends Seek Justice – Social Media 1 – Social Media 2 – Social Media 3

Facebook 1 – Facebook 2 – Facebook 3 – Facebook 4 –  Facebook 5

jessica chambers 4

Anyone with information on the murder is urged to contact the Panola County Sheriff’s Office at 662-563-6230.

update-1UPDATE: 2:00pm 12/9/14 (EST) “Coincidentally” DOJ Attorney General Eric Holder is in Mississippi today for a My Brother’s Keeper speech. Notably he cancelled a following timed engagement for “pressing matters”.

In addition, according to people on the ground in Panola County, the DOJ-CRS entered the case this morning. For those of you unfamiliar, the DOJ-CRS is the federal “Department of Justice – Community Relations Service”.

The CRS involvement means essentially that local officials and MBI (Mississippi Bureau of Investigation) will have specific guidelines to follow with any/all media contacts. The media will be given a specific, sensitive, heavily controlled messaging narrative. Those of you who have followed the CRS over the past 5 years know exactly what that means.



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565 Responses to “She Couldn’t Breathe” – The Brutal Murder of 19 Year Old Jessica Lane Chambers…. (With Video) *updated*

  1. Lamar Baria says:

    I’ve spent most of my adult life in Mississippi. In twenty years I’ve seen the majority of the middle class neighborhoods throughout the state destroyed by the rise of sin, immorality and crime that seemingly follows the minority population as it takes over the entire state one home at a time. There is a common theme that sadly can’t be ignored and that is the total lack of humanity that runs through the veins of the young here. All one has to do is look around in Mississippi and the despair in what used to be hopeful, God fearing, hard-working predominantly white built communities screams DANGER as the bullets, drugs and disease now tears through any decency that is being left behind every minute. The spiritual problem that’s lying hidden in the bushes waiting for a willing victim is what nightmares are made of….God help us!

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    • sophie1150 says:

      If we continue to deny the increase of black on white crime, this hatred will intensify. The media suppresses cases of blacks killing whites creating a belief that they don’t happen. There are whites and some news sources that fear they will be called racist and all the while, Rome is burning. ALL facts must be reported. The way to get national news agencies attention is thru the social media. Tweet, twitter, e-mail, comment on every site and write hard copies. Do not let this story die as so many acts of violence are tossed in a dusty box and forgotten. A few days after Begic’s murder, a Bosnian woman was forced out of her car by blacks and beaten. Where is that story? Blacks are attacking Bosnians in the St. Louis area. We must have justice for ALL. The news won’t touch black on black crime. Please, don’t give up.


      • WispyDandy says:

        There is no increase of ‘black on white’ crime. In fact crime in general is down in this country. You are a victim of media hysteria and if she was killed by someone black that she knew or had dated, that doesn’t make it a hate crime. It just makes it a crime.


        • Chip Bennett says:

          …and if she was killed by someone black that she knew or had dated, that doesn’t make it a hate crime. It just makes it a crime.

          How much time should I spend looking for your assertions that, had it been found that Darren Wilson or George Zimmerman had acted criminally, that their crimes weren’t “hate” crimes merely because of the skin colors of the parties involved?

          Thank you for articulating the absurdity of the concept of calling some crimes “hate” crimes. All malum in se crimes are hate crimes, by definition.

          Newsflash: “hate” isn’t criminal. Only actions can be deemed criminal. Actions aren’t more or less criminal based on the beliefs of the actor.

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        • ytz4mee says:

          Is that the latest “talking point” being taught in your ProZi “teach-in/workshop” or whatever it is the DU has tagged your groupthink sessions?

          Unfortunately for you, the visitors here are educated in the diversion/deflection/denial tactics of the far Left. We don’t accept the premise that the only people allowed to discuss “racism” and “hate crimes” have black skin and/or are black power enablers. It is the modern kakocracy that has created the concept of a “hate” crime.

          The real problem you have is that your side is angry they no longer can demand silence and/or create the frame of reference for the discussion.

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        • sophie1150 says:

          Wispy, wish your comment was true. Go to the FBI homicide rate and you will see the increase of black on white. BTW, did you read the book “White Girl Bleed A lot”?


        • Colin Wright says:

          ‘There is no increase of ‘black on white’ crime. In fact crime in general is down in this country. You are a victim of media hysteria and if she was killed by someone black that she knew or had dated, that doesn’t make it a hate crime. It just makes it a crime.’

          Doesn’t it make it a black crime? You know, it’s not just whites who are victimized: blacks make life hell for Asians and Hispanics as well.

          Interestingly, as the country becomes more Asian and Hispanic, I think we will see a real backlash. You see, Asians and Hispanics have not been as thoroughly brainwashed into thinking they have to accept this abuse as whites have, and at some point, they will start retaliating. Indeed, one of the less-covered aspects of the LA riots was how the looting and burning stopped right at the edge of Korea town — the rioters were literally met by a thin red line of Korean riflemen. You could see the line even months later: burnt-out strip malls and such right up to a certain street and then boom — no damage at all.


        • sophie1150 says:

          I suggest you check facts before making a bogus statement. Who said anything about a hate crime?


          • Colin Wright says:

            ‘You are a victim of media hysteria and if she was killed by someone black that she knew or had dated, that doesn’t make it a hate crime.’

            If one is killed by someone black it is never a hate crime.

            Just look at the indictments. As to ‘media hysteria,’ this case has gone almost completely uncovered.

            The perpetrator was black, you see.


    • Rick says:

      The welfare system was created in the late 60’s to use taxpayers money to buy votes for the democrats ……. plain and simple by Lyndon Johnson and his group of thugs. This country has been under assault by the rich corporate institutions ……. particularly those who provide materials for war ……. since the 50’s, slowly but surely taking over control of the Congress and the President and the Supreme Court. The American people have been concerned about everything except anything that was important in the political arena and the culture that has changed as a result of those political changes. They have cared aboutt nothing but money and things and entertainment or sports. The amt of corrupt legislation has continued over the yerars piling up as no one try to even overturn the corrupt welfare legislation. You cannot get 3 damn white people to cooperate on anything. You can’t get 1000 people to go to Washington but millions go to stadiums every weekend to watch stupid dumb-assed sports. They’ve had almost 50 years to overthrow a program that paid the lowest stupidest laziest most immoral people to breed. You had 50 years to overthrow that and many other corrupt laws. But you did nothing ….. YOU ARE ALL GETTING WHAT YOU DESERVE.


      • auscitizenmom says:

        “You all”? Were you just born yesterday?


      • derksut says:

        I agree with some of your comment, there is definitely a dumbing down of the American people, I believe TV has had a huge impact in this area. Sports and mindless drivel have been fed to us. I was born in 1959, and marketing has shaped my thoughts and desires since a youngster. I wear a Oakland A’s ballcap, constantly, they’re “my team”. So yes, I could be considered in the group “you all.
        But now I see. In some part by the TV and media that is part problem, but also part solution. And to sites such as this that are bringing awareness to those that are looking.
        What I do find odd is this being posted to a comment section 40 some days ago, almost buried so no one can see. Wouldn’t your view be better served in the Open Discussion forum that’s offered daily?


  2. mr. barker says:

    An article full of innuendo and teen gossip culled from tweets and texts. As one of them so rightly said, people are acting like they were there. If her killer turns out to be black it will not be covered up and the facts will not “be hidden”. Why would they be? You’re all looking for boogie monsters under the bed and in this case they simply aren’t there. There has been a lid on this case because nobody has yet been arrested. When someone has been arrested AND if the media doesn’t address it THEN you’ve got a story on your hands. Right now you’re cranking up your creaky ole propaganda/ conspiracy machine just for the hell of it. Show some respect for the girls family and don’t use it for your personal and political agenda.

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    • stella says:

      Most of the people here are trying to help. They have done good work in the past, including on the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin case. When investigating something, every tip isn’t right, or supposition correct, but by discussing things truth eventually is found. The police can’t (or won’t) do everything. Peacekeeping in this country depends on citizen participation.


      • stu says:

        It is my contention that whoever did this must have been burned themselves by the terrific explosion. And the rear end of her car had been damaged quite badly, which must have left damage to the car that hit her. I don’t believe it’s the jilted lover, he might have set her up, but it’s someone who didn’t want the light on drug dealing that’s responsible.


    • Flora says:

      “Show some respect for the girls family and don’t use it for your personal and political agenda.”

      I think you missed it, this is all people do now. I live in central St. Louis County, not far from Ferguson. We had communists (you know, like, unapologetic real ones, not just democrats that want health care reform, so Fox News call them “commies”), race hustlers, someone described he and his little group as “anarcho-socialists”.


    • ytz4mee says:

      There has been a lid on this case because nobody has yet been arrested.

      You are so far off the mark it isn’t funny.

      There has been a lid on this case because to examine the truth of what happened to Jessica will rip the scab off some uncomfortable and inconvenient facts about the true state of rural America and what is happening to American culture, values and mores out of view of large swaths of the population.

      Our mission here isn’t to support the cognitive dissonance of Progtards.

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  3. the last remaining centrist says:

    I’m an interracially married white male with a young son; I’m also an educator in Mississippi. I’m following this story with sadness, horror, but no rage, just a desire for openness and justice. The particular heartlessness and brutality of this murder suggests either a love gone horribly wrong, or the coldest sort of criminal intent, or both. If the murderer turns out to be a young black man and former boyfriend–well, let him be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Procedural justice and equality under the law are what I value. I voted twice for Obama. If the Mississippi state authorities, with or without the support of Holder’s Justice Department, try to occlude the truth or cover up what happened, I’ll be as ticked off as the next good citizen. But I always advocate calming down, collecting facts, and avoiding settling on tempting fact-patterns. Haven’t we all seen the movie? There’s always a second and third act in the movie–be it “A Time to Kill” or “To Kill a Mockingbird.” To the extent that this blog facilitates an open conversation, it’s doing a good thing. To the extend that it facilitates, or seeks to facilitate, racial rush to judgments, it’s not doing a good thing. I’m intrigued by the willingness of the moderator to make real attempts to keep things in line.


    • stella says:

      The moderators are neither frequenters of Stormfront, or members of the New Black Panthers (I fear that some of our visitors are one or the other). We are simply amateurs running a blog on our own time and expense. We do the best we can. We had almost 150,000 views yesterday (I don’t know exactly how many comments). We had one day last week where we had more than 450,000 views. Most of us are women, and some of us have full-time jobs and homes to run in addition to moderating here. Like a cop, we don’t catch all the speeders, or like a fisherman, we don’t catch all of the fish in the sea. Try to understand; if you see something particularly egregious, please send us an email with a tip. I spend hours of almost every day doing this because I think it’s important. This is not a money making blog!


      • the last remaining centrist says:

        Thanks, Stella. I like the tone of your reply. I’ll add that I’ve just spent a bit of time scrolling through Roderickus Pride’s Facebook page. Obviously FB pages are idealized self-projections, but they also sometimes offer clues to what’s behind the front. The guy certainly doesn’t give off what some might call thug-vibe. His comments speak more than once about the importance of God in his life. There’s one post in which he shares a gruesome photo of two young black men–gangbangers, it appears–who are shot up, bloody, and dead, in the front of their own car. His comment seems to suggest that he’s warning his peers away from that sort of life. Sometimes, of course, people who post such things are secretly warning THEMSELVES away from such a lifestyle. I trust we’ll learn more in coming days. A sad, terrible story. Mississippi small towns can be beautiful places; there’s more interracial friendship in this state than most non-residents know. I’m hoping, quite frankly, that the killer is white, not black. Whoever it was, the act was depraved and inhumane. The word “animal,” BTW, which some folks like to throw around in such cases, is unneeded. Depraved and inhumane do just fine. Deep breath, everybody. Continue to share information.


        • stella says:

          Actually, this blog was founded primarily as a conservative political blog, where we could express our opinions, share the daily news and socialize with other like-minded people.

          It still serves those functions, but we got involved in the Zimmerman/Martin trial a couple of years ago (we were even written into Jack Cashill’s book, If I Had A Son), and the “crowd sourcing” done here was followed closely by both the prosecution and defense teams.

          Since then, Sundance has followed a couple of other cases, including the Mike Brown shooting, but has done good work on international subjects, illegal immigration, and other topics of interest. The rest of us occasionally write posts for the blog, but are heavily involved in moderation, especially when we are covering an explosive topic such as this one.

          Take a look, also, at the Mailboxes and Old Barn posts. Our moderator, Sharon, is quite a good writer! Here is one particularly fine work by Sharon:



        • ytz4mee says:

          I’m hoping, quite frankly, that the killer is white, not black.

          Spare me your white guilt colonialism complex. These are the types of sentiments that got us into the mess we are in now as a nation.

          The word “animal,” BTW, which some folks like to throw around in such cases, is unneeded. Depraved and inhumane do just fine.

          You aren’t the thought police here. It smacks of the sociopathic nature of most ProgZis to want to control people, which starts with deeming what is “acceptable” speech.


          • Chip Bennett says:

            The word “animal,” BTW, which some folks like to throw around in such cases, is unneeded. Depraved and inhumane do just fine.

            On the other hand, likening depraved humans to animals is good enough for the Bible. Off the top of my head, I’m thinking of Nebuchadnezzar in Daniel 4, and also the rather visceral imagery of Romans 1. (And there’s also the counterpositive example, where God elevates Balaam’s donkey by giving it speech, so that the animal could demonstrate to Balaam what an ah, er… donkey he was being.)


            • ytz4mee says:

              The savages that behave in the willfully depraved manner that led to this crime even popping up in someone’s mind, let alone being bandied about on public social media as something that would be “okay” speaks to the self-degradation in the underclass that defines them as uncivilized and ergo, animals.


    • Loretta says:

      OBVIOUSLY there IS NO LOVE involved, therfore this killer regardless of his COLOR Deserves DEATH for death. He is a BEAST and must MAN UP! !


      • the last surviving centrist says:

        Maybe others have pointed this out, but I’m a little slow on a key point: Roderickus Survivor Pride, as the story above plainly shows, was one of several black townspeople (along with Natasha Jackson) posting (or tweeting) condolences. He calls it “a horrific crime.” So why has his name come up as a suspect?


        • auscitizenmom says:

          He is supposed to be an ex-boyfriend, and she is supposed to have been abused. That is why people were considering him. There was a very young girl who was kidnapped in her apartment complex some years ago. They found her body in a nearby dumpster. The teenage killer made a big show of helping look for her and seemed all concerned and then they found out he did it. It is easy to type condolences.


      • ytz4mee says:

        We don’t know that the perp was a “he”. Women have been known to commit horrific acts of violence against others as well.

        Don’t close your mind to any and all possibilities.

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    • philohio says:

      From what I read yesterday morning, you’re on to something.


  4. Faith says:

    I find it strange that horrific crimes like this can be boiled down to just another topic in the war,of the races. I doubt that her parents care much if her killers were black, white or little purple men in space suits. I’m sure that all this back and forth about race issues is meaningless in the eyes of anyone, black or white, that knew and loved Jessica. She was taken too young, too horrifically, and much too soon. Justice must prevail, regardless of skin color.


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  6. karin lindgren says:

    Death penalty, death penalty, death penalty! I cannot say it enough. Of late, there have been too many heinous murders of young people. Let’s get the animals who do these crimes off the street and into Old Sparky’s lap!


  7. Robert Summers says:

    There is a black crime wave in the country. It is not racist to point out the facts. Here’s some perspective.

    In the 1920s and 1930s the United States had an urban “underclass” of Italian criminals (and some from Irish and other ethnic groups) that robbed, assaulted, murdered, extorted, and made money off the illegal drug of that time – liquor. Obviously they were a small fraction of the Italian immigrant community – I don’t know what percentage. My grandparents were part of that Italian community in the South Side of Chicago, and told me all about it. Back then no one tried to cover it up, and law enforcement actively fought it.

    Today we have an “African” underclass of criminals, law enforcement won’t fight it due to political considerations, and the liberal press covers it up. The official crime and prison statitistics show that at least one quarter of the young black population – mostly young men (and some wowen) between the ages of 16 and 35 – have been convicted of felonies. While this group is only about 3% of the total population in the U.S., they account for a staggering over 40% of all crime. But despite these facts (easily checked from the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics and state information) liberals and the majority of the media continue to deny there is a horrfic crime wave being commited by young black males who identify with the media-promoted “gansta” thug culture. Since Obama became president and Eric Holder the AG, there have been THOUSANDS of racist assaults, rapes, and murders by young black males on whites, hispanics, and Asians. None have been federally prosecuted as hate crimes. The “knock-out game” is an epidemic across the country. The newest assault methods are for young blacks to beat someone to death with hammers or burn them alive – as in this crime we are discussing.

    Liberals CAN’T admit this black crime problem because it is they who have caused it, by destroying the black family (over 70% unwed births) with welfare and other free benefit programs. At the same time they’ve destroyed the economic opportunity of young blacks with their support of failing urban public schools and the awful teacher’s union (a huge money contributor to the DNC). Their tax policies drive blue collar employment through factories overseas (compare Chicago and Illinois factory jobs today to 50 years ago.) BTW, the whole once-great state of Illinois is being wrecked by the destruction of the black family and the black crime wave. The South Side of Chicago will be like Detroit in 20 years.

    Now the difference between the Italian gangsters and the black gangsters is that the FBI, IRS, and the whole federal government FOUGHT them, and the press EXPOSED THEM, so the Italian crime wave eventually retreated into limited mafia families in a few urban areas. And when we ended prohibition and took away their revenue. In contrast, we continue the stupid “war on drugs,” and the feds let the Crips, Bloods, and the dozens of other black organized multi-state crime gangs run wild. And they let them exist in the prisons. Because of course it would be “racist” to put a stop to it. So it is spreading, not decreasing. And Obama, Holder, and their crew are “racialists.” The Obama family went to a well-known racist church in Chicago for years, where Pastor Wright (a frend of Louis Farakan) taught about “the white man’s greed” on a weekly basis. (They let their two young daughters hear this crap.) Holder won’t prosecute ANY of the black on white/Asian/Hispanic racist assaults and murders because they are “his people” – how he justified not prosecuting the New Black Panther party for threatening voters.

    Unlike the Italian gangsters, the welfare system, Section 8, EBT cards, etc. allow the criminal black underclass to survive and thrive. Typically a “baby daddy” gangsta lives off one or several unwed mothers getting these benefits. This did NOT occur with the Italians. So over the years, the children of former Italian gansters became law-abiding citizens. They had to in order to survive. But so long as the Democrats keep supporting the black criminal underclass, and the media keep covering up the crime wave, there will be no end to the criminality.

    More whites, Asians, and Hispanics will burn like this girl, or be pounded to death with hammers, like the young man in St. Louis a few weeks ago. It has just begun.


  8. Loretta says:

    Set an example for this PUNK COWARD who did this to her. Death penalty, and FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT. DON’T ALLOW him to sit and marinate in prison sucking up tax payers money! !


  9. J. Phil Rushton says:

    Multiculturalism doesn’t seem to be working out too well.


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  11. heidi says:

    so many not ready for the coming of the Lord, i feel sorry for who ever did that to Jessica, they will burn in hell forever if they don’t turn themselves in and repent.


  12. heidi says:

    you burned Jessica to death, now she is experiencing heaven with Jesus her pain is ended. you will burn for eternity unless you repent and turn themself in. Was it worth it? from now until the day you die, you will be haunted and hounded by the thought that you are gonna pay for that crime one way or another for the rest of your life.


  13. heidi says:

    to whoever did that horrible deed…………. you are already in hell, the King of all Kings has removed his Holy Spirit from you, His hand of protection has lifted off you, now it is your turn. be afraid and repent. your only hope is confession and repentance.


  14. rosie says:

    i live in florida and most blacks are terrified of ‘southern justice’. i don’t know what can happen in mississippi, but there are a lot of whites frightened of black youth, violent or not. i think the Trayvon Martin episode was a tragic killing of a young innocent black man, but if this Jessica Chambers tragedy is the result of a deranged and violent black, or blacks, specifically targeting a white woman, i think you might see some justified southern justice, hopefully to the actual killer or killers and not innocent people. if they really name the killer, i think the police should just let the community at him. there are times that ‘southern justice’ can be the best justice ….


    • Mary says:

      We are a nation of laws with a criminal justice system. Please don’t advocate mob
      “justice.” Justice does not exist in that context.


  15. Patriot 21 says:

    This story so disturbed and sickened me. I hope & pray those responsible are brought to justice. Altho after seeing the local “Buford T Justice” law enforcement of that town, sadly I do not expect much. I’m sure they are too fearful of inciting racial tension, to bring those who are above the law because of their race to be held accountable. I’m sure, who ever was there behind that store that evening, had premeditated this act, were waiting to ambush this young girl. I’m certain they have very good idea of those who were involved. If they have the courage to actually prosecute them is another thing entirely.


  16. This is such a horrific and tragic story. I cannot imagine what this family must be going through right now, and hope that justice is thoroughly served. Bullying and hate crimes are becoming all too common in our society, and there needs to be more awareness about it. You might want to check out an excellent book entitled, “Creating Hate: How It Is Done, How To Destroy It: A Practical Handbook,” by Nancy Omeara. It is very enlightening, and opens your eyes about this important issue. You can find the author’s website here: http://www.authornancyomeara.com/


  17. Daniel Martin says:

    What a sad slice of America we see here, the legacy of the Left. Poverty, drugs, corruption, immorality, gangs, ISIS-style murder, silence for fear of gang reprisals- politically correct and engineered multicultural rot replacing everything that was good and decent about America; a story with no heroes, not even begrudging ones. Someone knows who did this. I urge them to come forward.


  18. Cleo says:

    You know anyone who can be cruel to hurt and tortured a human being is a very sick animal who does not deserve to just be put in jail,please know that I love God and all my brothers and sisters White,Black all races but I’m a widow who lost my loving husband to a young gang member and I have to raise our younger children by my self and what happened to that beautiful young lady is unreal.They need to do the same thing to the person who did this to her maybe if we got to choose what happens to someone who takes another’s life crime would go down a lot.Prayers going up for her and her family may God bless you.


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