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BREAKING – Operation “Hate Is Enough” Begins: #Ferguson State Senator Jamilah Nasheed arrested in Ferguson

The retreat continues…. Hopefully everyone is noticing the DOJ phased approach. Remember the federal DOJ/CRS is in charge of the activity on the ground in Ferguson and Saint Louis. All strategic arrests come pre-approved and fully supported. FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) … Continue reading

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Arizona Surveillance Video Captures Dem Operative Stuffing “Hundreds” of Ballots in Ballot Box… (video)

(Via The Blaze) An Arizona county party official said he saw a man stuffing “hundreds” of ballots into the ballot box and later told a local news outlet the entire incident was caught on surveillance video. “A person wearing a … Continue reading

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Mike Brown’s Family: “It’s Murder, and they will feel the wrath of God’s Vengence” *Update* Former Police Chief Says Fed’s Release Is “No Accident”, Need To “Let People Down Slowly”…

It’s understandable the family of Mike Brown doesn’t fully digest who and why information is leaking to the media from inside the “federal” investigation.  The CRS is working on an exit strategy – to the family, the prior DOJ alignment is a … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

From cartoonist A.F. Branco at ComicallyIncorrect.com.

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Obamacare Bronze Plan Premiums Set To Necessarily Skyrocket After The Election….

There’s a reason why the Obama administration is keeping the new rates for Obamacare hidden until after the election… (IBD) ObamaCare shoppers in search of the lowest-cost plan may come down with a mild case of rate shock when 2015 … Continue reading

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Where Predators Prey: Hannah Graham Updates – Police Searching Walnut Creek Park and Surrounding Area….

Potentially good news. Despite the fact Hannah Graham’s body has been located – apparently Virginia Law Enforcement are going to continue a search grid around the area of Walnut Creek Park and, more importantly, the surrounding geography where suspect Jesse … Continue reading

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Did 2014 Ebola Czar “Ron Klain” Appear In A 2001 Commercial ?…

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Secret Ballot Results – Turkey Loses Bid For U.N. Security Council Seat…

This is considered a staggering, albeit splendid, defeat considering Turkey was anticipated to be a shoo-in for a non-permanent U.N. Security Council seat. Previously Turkey had claimed letters of support from 160 countries. However, the actual voting by secret ballot showed … Continue reading

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Serial Killer Leads Police To Seven Victim Bodies In Indiana – Authorities Suspect More Over 25 year Pattern…

Indiana – CHICAGO (FOX 32 News/ Sun Times Media Wire) – Police in northwest Indiana identified a suspected serial killer Monday, saying the convicted sex offender who is in custody is believed to have killed at least seven women – … Continue reading

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10/20/14 Mike Brown Shooting – Open Discussion Thread

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