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Ferguforlosers Night #3 – Open Discussion Thread

Night #3 for FergusonOctober – the moonbat rally to show support for criminals and the crimes they commit – Discuss.

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Oh, The Humanity – Orlando “Free Hair Weaves” Leads To…. Well, Um… Excited Shoppers (ie. “Riots”)

As part of the store’s grand opening, it was giving away free hair extensions valued between $55 and $100. Shoppers started lining up Friday morning and by 8:30 a.m. there were several dozens of people in line. Pushing and shoving … Continue reading

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Kobane (Kobani) Still Standing Against The Onslaught of ISIS – Kurdish Fighters Continue To Fight Back Successfully….

One cannot praise the fighting resolve of the Kurdish people in Kobane Syria too much. The Kurdish men, and especially women, are amazing fighters and together with ordinary citizens including grandparents and children, they are striking back against ISIS. Good … Continue reading

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“Anxiety Deployment” – U.S. Military Families Carry New Concerns With Our Military Dispatched To The Ebola Hot Zone…

(Reuters) – At Fort Campbell in Kentucky, spouses of U.S. soldiers headed to Liberia seem to be lingering just a bit longer than usual after pre-deployment briefings, hungry for information about Ebola. For these families, the virus is raising a … Continue reading

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FNS Carly Fiorina Has Clear Eyes and Makes Great Points…

I hold no opinion of Carly Fiorina in a general sense, but the way she responded to Chris Wallace’s retort about Syria and Obama was exactly excellent. Right on target – as she drew out the insufferable pretzel logic. Well … Continue reading

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*Update* – Texas Ebola Nurse Wore Full Protective Gear And Treated Ebola Man *AFTER* Second ER Visit – CDC Blames “Breach In Protocol” – Hospital Says “Nurse Followed ALL CDC Protocol”…

Update 3:45pm:  “Ebola Nurse has a pet”: (CBS) […]  Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings reiterated this information, saying that the citizens of the city are safe. “We have a plan in place to send hazmat units into the patient’s apartment,” he … Continue reading

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UPDATE – BREAKING – A Second U.S. Ebola Patient Positively Identified – A Healthcare Worker At The Texas Hospital (Where Thomas Eric Duncan Was Treated) Has Tested Positive…

(CNN) — [Breaking news update, posted at 11:32 a.m. ET] “The (Ebola treatment) protocols work. … But we know that even a single lapse or breach can result in infection,” Dr. Tom Frieden, the director of the Centers for Disease Control … Continue reading

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The Enterovirus D68 and President Obama’s Executive Order #13295…

The True Story Of Enterovirus D68 is Not A Story of Surprise Back in July of 2014 we outlined how the “surprise influx” of Unaccompanied Alien Children from Central America was not in actuality “a surprise”.  We knew it was … Continue reading

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Michigan Toddler Becomes Sixth Death From Enterovirus D68 (EV-D68) – While Alabama Toddler Clinging To Life

Enterovirus D68, or EV-D68, is what should be called “The UAC Virus”. The timing, specific strain and outbreak pockets coincide with the introduction of virus carrying Central American Immigrant children. It might sound alarming to think that EV-D68 was introduced by … Continue reading

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Red Bull Settles False Advertising Lawsuit for $13 Million Because It Actually Doesn’t Give You Wings…

(Via Daily Signal) This one will be hard to top when it comes to absurd lawsuits. Energy drink company Red Bull settled two class-action lawsuits over its claim that “Red Bull gives you wings.” It seems some consumers took the slogan literally, and … Continue reading

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