Progressivism, And The Battle Against Educated Citizens

The Struggle For Stupidity

And Standard, State, Stupidity at that


What 8th-Graders Were Expected To Know in 1910

The following 8th-grade exit exam materials for Washington state in 1910 were supplied to the Education Reporter by Vincent J. Doran of Anchorage, AK.



Herewith are sent lists of questions to be used by pupils of the Eighth Grade, who are candidates for certificates of graduation. The aim of these questions is to give the pupils of the Eighth Grade a test in both the technical and general knowledge which they should possess in order to be ready for the higher work. The following facts have been kept in view in the preparation of the questions:

  1. The advancement of the pupils.
  2. The general knowledge that they should possess.
  3. The supplementary work that is now expected of teachers in our schools.
  4. The requirements of the preparatory courses in higher schools.

If a pupil succeeds in passing successfully this test, he will receive a certificate of graduation, and will be entitled to enter upon a high school course.

Permit the suggestion that no teacher have charge of his pupils while they are writing upon the questions, and to this end the Superintendent or some one appointed by him should have charge of the following examination.

The papers are to be graded by the county Board of Education. The standard is uniform for the state, and is as follows:

Minimum 60%
Minimum in grammar and arithmetic 80%
Average 80%

The rules and program for teachers examinations are to be followed so far as they are applicable.

Very truly,


Superintendent of Public Instruction

divider, star and branchesTake the test, and see how you do!


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17 Responses to Progressivism, And The Battle Against Educated Citizens

  1. Daniel says:

    “Everyone is equal. And to prove it, we will change the measure of everything and change what everyone knows and believes.”
    — the liberal mind


  2. lovemygirl says:

    Did they get the test translated into their language of choice? 😉

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    • joshua says:

      press one for farsi, press two for ebonics, press three for txt message, press four for connection to civil rights section of the DOJ


  3. Old Hillbilly says:

    Bill Whittle is an EXCELLENT educator of men and women who possess rational minds and thinking skills! One of my favorites (along with Sundance, of course) available on the internet!


  4. peachteachr says:

    When I entered college in the fall of 1967, my English 101 professor said on the first day, “If you are here because your mama wants you to be here or you hope to avoid the draft (the Viet Nam War was raging then), it is my job to flunk you out early.” Can you imagine how offended students would be today if a professor dared to speak to them like that? He/she wouldn’t last until the water got hot. Still, in 1967 there was no English 98 or 99 for students who were not ready for college work. I watch a series called Longmire and last year he quoted part of the poem The Iliad. It was so powerful and so appropriate. I wondered then if many watching would even know what he was quoting from an epic poem that was once standard high school fare. My daughter and I were texting and just blown away. We were both so excited to hear great literature used on television. So, along with Bill Whittle, I urge you not to stand down from your fight against Common Core. We have relinquished so much already in education; we cannot afford to cede even more.


    • czarowniczy says:

      By ’69 the colleges were saying: ‘if you’re a Vietnam vet or a minority on on of the cornucopia of Federal grant programs, COME ON IN!!!!!!!!! Class starts promptly at 5-after-the-hour but if your tuition’s paid y’all can show up when ya feels like it.’ Grad school. many years later, was hard – they made us WORK. Always felt I shoulda gone for an Ethnic History’ masters instead of an MBA, probably could have made more money too as I’d have a degree in victimology.


  5. Centinel2012 says:

    Reblogged this on Centinel2012 and commented:
    Wait till common core is fully implemented!


  6. kkdgrace says:

    I don’t know why, but that video gave me chills..actual chills. Thanks for posting it.


  7. czarowniczy says:

    Progs made a faulty leap to the self-aggrandizing conclusion that all the poor, downtrodden and perpetually oppressed really needed was access to those systems that had made the perpetual oppressors great and powerful. After they forced the entry they discovered that obvious cure was obviously wrong, many of the lower class were lower class as OK with a career of being lower class. Ohhhh – I can hear the hissing now, but that’s OK. If the hissers will please explain why, after some 50 years of give-away programs that have provided almost unlimited free access to education and employment we STILL have so many professional poor and down trodden – and please, no Matthew 26:11, I’m looking for something that’s more concrete and relative to our situation here and now.
    The progs have been dumbing down the school and culture (note, Dumb and Dumber II starring the same team is being released – need I say more?) for decades to bring the achievers down to the underachievers’ levels, the latter being largely immune to levitation. We expect less of our children as students, over-achievement at the expense of the educationally inert is now a bad thing, the intelligent should do whatever it takes to achieve oneness with the vapid; 10th grade and we still have to have scissors with heavily rounded tips. Well, at least the kids graduating from private schools will have a large pool (if they clear away the stagnant crust) of day laborers to choose from in the future. We can also start a thriving export business of providing Asian countries with barely-skilled manual laborers who can clean up around the hi-tech gadgetry they’ll invent and build. How do you say ‘they’re here doing jobs the Chinese wouldn’t do’ in Chinese?


    • John Galt says:

      Most kids that can walk and chew gum are now segregated into a gifted program so they don’t make stupid kids feel stupid. Meanwhile, US college science and engineering programs are filled with foreign students.


      • czarowniczy says:

        Not everywhere, some schools still look at ‘gifted’ as an exclusionary term that makes the sluggards feel bad. I am fighting that battle this week with my grandson’s school. A private testing at a hospital showed he was gifted (2 grades above where he’s at) but his school is tending toward the concept of a child being brighter than his – ummm – peers but not ‘peers’ means he can tread water while they still teach the ‘peers’ to dog paddle.


        • Lucille says:

          Then it will be up to your family to keep your grandson’s knowledge growing at his accelerated pace. A child’s curiosity in a variety of subjects is what needs to be piqued, encouraged, nurtured, and praised. It will serve him well over the years and bring him great joy. It’s fun having knowledge simply for knowledge’s sake.


          • czarowniczy says:

            Always has been our job to ensure his education, the schools are just one dented and rusty tool in the chest. It’s 75 miles one-way from my house to his school and the school, when they sandbagged me late last winter, didn’t think I’d be bothered making the trip for those little parent-teacher meetings, and they’re also not used to parents with a deep knowledge of the system daring to challenge their arbitrary decisions regarding a child’s fate. Nope, spent part of the summer getting him tested for a learning disability by a specialist at a hospital who ONLY does learning disabilities so that if the school system brings in their expert to counter mine it’s going to be an entertaining cat fight. He has a slight learning disability, nothing major but it still qualifies him for special attention under a number of Federal programs, While I’m terribly sorry that the school system has a finite pot of resources and they seem to be tilting that pot in a certain direction – that ain’t his problem and the ain’t gonna make it his. My wife worked with him this summer and he’s now reading at a 4.5-grade level with comprehension and math just a wee bit behind – and I’m not letting the people our tax $$$ pay to educate our children waste his and our time. I have no idea where the schools expect us to get the next generation of educated workers who’ll pay the taxes that support the system – maybe hordes of educated Asians will start pouring over our borders – but if our kids, grand kids, all the way out are to get edumakated it looks like it’s going to be outside of the public school system.


            • ytz4mee says:

              The public school system exists solely as a host organism for various unions. Nothing more. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.


              • czarowniczy says:

                Host for unions and the union’s compliant members. At some point, as the Republican pool of potential tort suit targets starts to dry up, some smart (or starving, more likely) tort lawyers are going to start suing the schools for failures to educate children. Little voles turning on each other as their food sources dry up.


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