North Korea Fires Live Missiles Over South Korea….

Russia invading Ukraine;  North and South Korea exchanging missile fire;  Hey, it’s like we’re back in the 1950’s.

(Via CNN) — A day after raising the possibility of further nuclear tests, North Korea has engaged in provocative live-fire exercises near the South Korean maritime border, leading to an exchange of fire between the two neighbors.

Kim Jong-un

Semi-official South Korean news agency Yonhap reported Monday that the North had begun the drill just after noon (local time). The Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) confirmed that some North Korean ordnance landed in South Korean waters, and that the South responded with fire.

The JCS confirmed that the North Korean offshore military exercise began around 12:15 pm (local time) Monday, and said that “a part of North Korea’s shelling reached South Korean side of the NLL (Northern Limit Line) and we (South Korea) responded with K-9 self-propelled guns into the North Korean waters above NLL.”

The statement is in line with Yonhap’s report that the North fired “several” artillery shells, to which South Korean military responded with self-propelled artillery fire. The South Korean K-9 howitzers have a 24-mile (40-kilometer) range.

It is not clear how many of the shells fired by North Korea reached the Republic’s territorial waters. Although there was a lull, North Korean offshhore firing seems to have resumed, with Yonhap quoting a resident of Baekryong Island, which is in close proximity to the NLL.

“Some (North Korean) artillery fire landed in (the) southern part of Northern Limit Line — but in the water,” a South Korean Ministry of Defense spokesperson told CNN. “We counter-fired over the Northern Limit Line”.

When asked what South Korea fired back at, the MOD spokesman said “We are not shooting at North Korea, just shooting into the sea.”

The spokesman declined to answer where South Korea is firing from and if the exchange is still ongoing. The official also refused to confirm if civilians are being evacuated or put into shelters on the front line islands.  (continue reading)

kim jong obama

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16 Responses to North Korea Fires Live Missiles Over South Korea….

  1. Love O’s new “do” – how appropriate!


  2. ctdar says:

    What is the South waiting for, NK committed an act of war by firing over the line.


  3. auscitizenmom says:

    The picture {gag} is really awful {gag}.


  4. CoffeeBreak says:


  5. rashomon says:

    I just heard from relatives stationed in Seoul. No big deal. Nothing unusual. It’s the North Koreans annual temper tantrum over the joint maneuvers of South Korea and the U.S. which happen every Spring and have happened every year for decades, occasionally requiring SK to move the island occupants to safety as the NK’s love to practice firing at that patch of ground.


    • justafly says:

      So then this becomes another wag of the dog’s tail? Anything to redirect attention from the scandal du jour


      • rashomon says:

        Yep. You’d think the media would catch on to the ploy, but no….

        Worse than NK, Obama is coming to Chicago on Wednesday for more fund raisers, which means O’Hare and Midway air space will be screwed up, and FBI are now scouring the streets and placing barricades that disturb traffic patterns already disrupted by gigantic potholes. This guy’s entourage numbers in the hundreds! How many planes does it take to transport all the people and junk? And we pay for it as he always manages to meet (for five seconds) with someone about something having to do with “official government business.”


    • nyetneetot says:

      I recall reading somewhere a while ago that NK and SK trade bullets every once and awhile across the DMZ.


      • rashomon says:

        They describe “Junior” as one of those neighbor kids in your back seat asking every two seconds “Are we there yet?” You want to bonk him, but can’t. You want to put him out of the car, but can’t. You’re inclined to ignore him, but if you do that, there’s the chance he’ll grab the steering wheel just to get your attention and cause no end of damage. A brat, in other words.


  6. unitron says:

    Stolen off of Twitter:

    Retweeted by Richard Hornsby
    KimJongNumberUn ‏@KimJongNumberUn 7h



  7. Yep – time to go into the “bomb shelter” business! That makes me want to watch “Blast from the Past” again. Pretty funny movie.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    Lil Kim – he be illin’- Run DMZ


  9. Gregg keyes says:

    By now someone should know where the North Korean guy with the stylish hair do sleeps at night. Therefore, we should have some new and interesting, maybe even thought provoking news headlines by tomorrow morning. If only we had guts.


  10. labrat says:

    I don’t like this. My nephew lives in Seoul.


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