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Just Another Typical Hillary Clinton “Ban Bossy” Supporting Feminist in 2014….

(Newsbusters) Lest there be any doubt, Amanda Marcotte really hates pro-lifers. In a two-part rant posted March 14 and 17 on Raw Story, the morally challenged feminist writer attacked pro-lifers as “consummate liars,” “anti-choice kooks” with “boring,” “half-baked nonsense” and “shit arguments.” But Marcotte’s … Continue reading

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Payin’ The Racial Lotto: New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio Using “Disparate Impact” To Provide Millions In Grievance Payouts…

The only thing the aggrieved New York Minorities have to do to get a windfall of money is show that they took the FDNY service exam.  Hizzoner claims it was racist to make firefighter applicants take a written test, since Blacks and Hispanics do … Continue reading

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Number 8 – Another Global Banking Suicide

A rash of banking suicides has people concerned. NEW YORK – A 28-year old Manhattan investment banker has died in an apparent suicide, police sources said. Kenneth Bellando, who worked at Levy Capital since January, was found dead on the … Continue reading

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White House Uses Executive Order To Re-Write Freedom Of Information Act and Conceal Documents…

When historians look back on the Obama presidency one thing will be certain, his supporters, and those who voted for him, were oblivious idiots.    This latest discovery –THE GREG MEMO– shows after taking office President Obama penned an immediate executive order to essentially … Continue reading

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MH-370 – Update: Residents Of The Maldives Report Possible March 8th Sighting Of Missing Malaysian Flight…

 Previously: “Watch The Maldives”   Now today: HAVEERU NEWS – Residents of the remote Maldives island of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll have reported seeing a “low flying jumbo jet” on the morning of the disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight … Continue reading

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Bumper Sticker Of The Day…

H/t: The Looking Spoon.

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MH 370: The “Kairn Hypothetical” – How Would The Entire World Respond To A Flying Nuclear “Hot Potato” ?

Yesterday contributor Kairn wrote this outline which holds mind-blowing ramifications if an intercontinental airliner was equipped with a nuclear device.   Obviously, things are unknown and this is just a hypothetical outline of what could happen if a rogue Islamic … Continue reading

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Epic Sheeple – Minneapolis Lesbian Police Chief Dons Hijab In Solidarity With Islamic Law…

Oy,… There’s a headline you don’t see often.   Lesbian…. Solidarity…. Islamic Law ?   Seriously, can she be a bigger doofus ?   Someone might want to tell Chief Harteau the Sharia folk don’t like “teh gay” aspect. (Via Front Page Mag)  When … Continue reading

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Oh, Good Grief – Get A Grip: PC Canada ‘Cowboys-and-Indians’ cheerleaders photo sparks university furor in Saskatchewan ….

Talk about pathetic political correctness and overblown response…. OH’ CANADA – The University of Regina is responding after a photo depicting some members of the school’s cheerleading team posing in stereotypical “cowboys and Indians” costumes sparked outrage over the web. … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread – March 18th

Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come. THY WILL BE DONE, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those … Continue reading

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