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Mooch: “Leave this bastion. Go out in the wilderness”…. Where Those Bitter-Clingers Live

First Lady Michelle Obama took a jab at rural Americans during a speech she delivered to Democrats at the posh Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, according to a White House transcript of her remarks. Her comments came as she was … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Judgement Day, By Whom, and For What

Bill Whittle expounds on the story of “Boiling Frogs”.

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The Rebel Alliance Is Destroying The Death Star – Grassroots Conservative Patriots Out Fundraising Establishment GOP Machine….

New York Times Headline:  “Rebel Conservatives Excel in G.O.P. Fund-Raising, Heralding a Tug Right“… WOLVERINES ! (Via New York Times)  Insurgent conservatives seeking to pull the Republican Party to the right raised more money last year than the groups controlled … Continue reading

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MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry Has A Sixth Sense Tuned For Racism Detection – She Knows It Because She Carries An Innate “Racial Trigger”…

The lady who wore tampons in her ears on television, and later mocked Mitt Romney’s grandson because he was black, has a spidey sense for detecting racism. She can define it when others cannot, or so she says. However, given … Continue reading

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Henry Hazlitt’s ‘Blueprint for Disruption’

On January 30, The Blaze posted this book review of Business Tides: The Newsweek Era of Henry Hazlitt entitled, The 1948 editorial that could be the GOP response to every Obama State of the Union Address.  An Excerpt:

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Tebow Superbowl Commercial – “Without A Contract”

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The Articulation Of The Rebel Alliance – Wolverines !

The articulation of the rebel alliance captured: For the value within the backstory GO HERE

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