Follow Up – Thirteen People Arrested Yesterday During Protest Over Kelly Thomas Verdict !

update-1UPDATE: FULLERTON, Calif. — Thirteen people have been arrested while protesting the acquittal of two former California police officers charged in the beating death of a homeless man.

Police Sgt. Jeff Stuart says Saturday’s demonstration in Fullerton, which drew about 200 people, turned violent when someone assaulted a KCBS-TV camerawoman. Stuart says the camerawoman fled into her news van, and her crew called 911 when a group surrounded the van.

Stuart says officers in riot gear came to disperse the crowd, and arrested 10 for not complying.  Police also arrested a woman in the assault and two others for scrawling an obscenity and an anarchist symbol on police property.  (LINK)

Another Report from the LA Times HERE

Watch the video (below) – decide for yourself

HatTip Jello CALIFORNIA – An Orange County jury Monday found two former Fullerton police officers accused of killing a schizophrenic homeless man, Kelly Thomas, not guilty.

Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli were charged with striking Kelly Thomas with a baton and a stun gun in a beating that left him comatose. He died five days later.


[…] Orange County Dist. Atty. Tony Rackauckas said prosecutors would not pursue charges against a third Fullerton officer accused in the Thomas case. That officer’s trial was pending.

“I don’t intend to proceed with another trial when the two officers here were acquitted,” he told reporters.

The jury took less than a full day of deliberation to reach the not-guilty verdicts.

Rackauckas told jurors the former officers had abused their authority on the July evening when they confronted Thomas.

Ramos was facing second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter charges, and Cicinelli was charged with involuntary manslaughter and excessive use of force under the color of authority.

The incident, captured on surveillance tape, was shown repeatedly during the trial, but each side drew different conclusions as to what it showed.

Prosecutors said the video captured a real-time homicide with the officers beating a homeless man, even as he called out for help. Defense attorneys said it showed two policeman trying to restrain a violent suspect who possessed abnormal strength.

The coroner’s office determined that Thomas died of brain damage from lack of oxygen caused by chest compression and other injuries sustained during his struggle with police. (continue reading)

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27 Responses to Follow Up – Thirteen People Arrested Yesterday During Protest Over Kelly Thomas Verdict !

  1. cg says:

    Reblogged this on Catholic Glasses and commented:
    Those cops should be in prison for the rest of their lives, for killing this sweet homeless kid. I never seen such monsters of cruelty. My GOD bring this kid TRUE JUSTICE. May this poor kid’s soul, rest in peace, via the Mercy of GOD. This is AMERICA???? It’s not the Home of Brave anymore … It’s the Home of the COWARD’s.


  2. jordan2222 says:

    Thanks for this……..


  3. Evidently this defense attorney has trouble with second grade math. Before it was all over with, there were six pigs at the trough, not two. Fat Ramos mouths the words “You see these fists? They are getting ready to F’ you up.” WHILE THE GUY IS SITTING ON THE GROUND!!!! He should have took off runnin. Fat Ramos would have had a heart attack trying to catch him. Why Fat Ramos isn’t behind bars is anyone’s guess. Its plainly obvious this was murder. Anyone in close proximity to Fat Ramos should be vigilant and on guard. Familiarize yourselves with his appearance and if threatened by Fat Ramos, you must do your duty.


  4. Further proof of WHY there is a “right to bear arms” and WHY it has nothing to do with hunting


  5. scaretactics says:

    Now THIS is a protest that is warranted, unlike so many of the protests concerning TM.

    Where is the ACLU? Where’s Jesse Jackson? If Kelly Thomas were black….you bet they would be there.

    IMHO, a schizophrenic, homeless man has served his purgatory here on earth already. Add to that this brutal, senseless beating…..he is in God’s loving arms at this moment, free of the he** of this world.


  6. auscitizenmom says:

    I am always suspicisous of who these people who were arrested are in a situation like this. “scrawling an obscenity and an anarchist symbol on police property”


  7. anniemae says:

    This story is so disturbing to me. I have a friend who is bi-polar and a daughter who suffers from anxiety. Being bi-polar is NOT just a ‘mood swing’ thing. I have only seen her ‘off her meds’ once and she was completely out of it. It is scary to think of what would have happened to her if the police got involved before her family got to her.

    There has to be some other way to ‘control’ someone other than beating him or her.

    I wonder why the crowd surrounded a news van? It seems like they would welcome the news media reporting the protest.


  8. Moroni Breitbart says:

    After watching the video, it’s clear the prosecutor, along with the cops should be in prison. Really leaves me in a quandary as to what I’d do where I to round a corner and see such a display of gross abuse of ‘supposed’ authority by those who are sworn to protect. I greatly fear that instinct might take me down a road I might regret – that of holding these ‘tough’ guy wanna-be officers at gunpoint till some law abiding cops could show. Don’t think it would play out that way though…


  9. raskog says:

    Guns to protect from criminals AND the police state. In this case, government is the enemy, in collusion with terrorists and Satan. Evil knows where to find evil. Among power mongrels.


  10. Skeptiktamk says:

    You guys are firing on pure emotion from watching the video. You need to pull yourselves together, and ask what did the jury know that we don’t? Here is a link to a story that will shed a little more light on the matter. e


    • LetJusticePrevail" says:

      I think you’re missing the point. I can’t speak for everyone, but I can say that I am perfectly aware of Kelly Thomas’ violent past, both in his home, and in his previous encounters with police. So, yes, I can understand that there was some justification for the officer’s initial interest in Thomas, and his desire to remain in control of a situation that involved an individual who had become violent (keywords) in the past. But, that doesn’t justify the extent of the prolonged beating they administered to a man who had not reacted violently on this occasion and reacted only when he was struck by both of the first two officers. But, most alarming of all was the claims by the Fullerton Police Department that the officers in question had followed their training when they administered what proved to be a fatal beating to a man they clearly had outnumbered, and already under control. THAT bothers me, more than anything else.


      “getting former FBI agent John A. Wilson, the prosecution’s use-of-force expert, to acknowledge that it was proper for officers in the field to rely on their training was a key turning point for the defense.
      During the defense phase of the case, police Cpl. Stephen Rubio, the former Fullerton police training officer, testified that he saw nothing in the surveillance video that violated police training.”

      Police training condones beating a detainee with the butt of a taser, causing the kind of wounds that Kelly Thomas sustained? That’s a problem, no matter what verdict the jury returned.


      • Skeptiktamk says:

        You make good points. I didn’t think it was necessary to hit him with the taser either just from watching the video, but my point is that we have not heard all the evidence presented to the jury. I have no reason to believe it was a rigged jury, and they, after hearing ALL the evidence, found them not guilty, and did it quickly. I wonder if the trial was captured on video. I’m going to look for it.


        • jello333 says:

          Were there civilian witnesses who claimed that Kelly was a threat to the cops, right up till the end? I highly doubt it. And so if not, it doesn’t really matter what else came out in the trial. The only evidence that matters is the video/audio, and whatever statements the cops on-hand (including the defendants) made. So we’ve got the video/audio, which is open-and-shut, right? Okay, but I’m sure the cops’ statements tried to counter that audio/video. But in order for that to succeed, it requires that we BELIEVE the cops. Pardon me for a second while I go throw up! Anyone, including those jurors, who would believe one word out of the mouths of those slime after watching/hearing what was on that tape are…. well, I’ll stop here.


      • jello333 says:


        All Kelly’s past (assuming it’s all true) justified was the cops being somewhat more “on guard”… and that’s assuming they KNEW about his past. But that is ALL it justified. Nothing in that video, nothing whatsoever, gave them the right to do what they did. Here’s part of my thoughts: I think they were GLAD to be able to do what they did. I think they, Ramos at least, was very much looking forward to such an opportunity. He and his buddy should now be rotting in the deepest, darkest dungeon.


  11. bobby1122 says:

    Dirty Da’s covering up for murdering cops.


  12. jello333 says:

    Sorry I missed this update when you posted it, Sundance. And thanks again. So NOW surely Rev Al, Jesse, and their buddies will be out protesting, right? Maybe they’re just biding their time, trying to put together something REALLY big? Yeah…


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