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FOIA Discovery – Hillary Clinton State Department Facilitated Muslim Brotherhood Delegation To Enter U.S. Without Inspection…

Outlined in new documents obtained by The Investigative Project on Terrorism we find confirmation the State Dept coordinated the entry of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood delegation into the U.S. in April of 2012.   Using a designation “Expedited Entry -or- Port Courtesy, normally reserved for … Continue reading

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Rise Up Kentucky – We Must Not Fail,….. And It Begins With YOU !

Support Matt HERE Interview with Matt Bevin Mitch McConnell Hates The Tea Party Mitch McConnell Supports Harry Reid Why This Race Is So Important

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100 Percent of Rapes In Norway Committed by Muslim Immigrants….

Maggie’s Notebook […] In Oslo, Norway there is a Muslim-rape epidemic with 100 percent of the rapists being “non-western males,” with 9 out of 10 attacks against Norwegian women. These statistics are said to be documented by Norwegian police. (Learn … Continue reading

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A New (Non-Islamist) “Freedom” Constitution Approved By Egyptians – The “yes” vote was 98.1 percent, and 38.6 percent of eligible voters took part…

CAIRO – More than 98 percent of voters backed a new Egyptian constitution in a referendum this week, authorities said on Saturday, though the turnout was lower than some officials had indicated, with under 40 percent of the electorate taking … Continue reading

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Law Suit Involving Anal Probe Drug Search Results in $1.6 Million Settlement…

The Police were convinced by his posture he was hiding drugs. So, against his will, they pinned him down and shoved exploratory probes up his butt and took x-rays – weeks later, he received a bill for $4,539. (settlement link) (ORIGINAL STORY) … Continue reading

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Sochi Proactive – Russian Special Forces Reportedly Kill Top Chechen Jihadist Leader Doku Umarov

( Hat Tip ctdar ) MOSCOW — A Chechen rebel warlord who has plagued the region for decades and most recently threatened to attack the Sochi Olympics is dead, Chechnya’s Kremlin-backed strongman said Thursday, but he offered no proof and … Continue reading

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One Month Follow Up…. “shortly” ?

Define “shortly”… ? DECEMBER 17th 2013 […] The Florida Bar opened an inquiry, which included very specific questions regarding our policies for each and how we were conducting ourselves. We responded promptly and to The Florida Bar’s satisfaction, and the … Continue reading

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