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Both Suspects Aged 16 and 17 Were In A “Second Chance” Program – Rock Hill South Carolina’s First Murderers Of 2014

More interesting disturbing than the actual criminality aspect, is the statement from the Second Chance School Director, Jamie Quinn.   What exactly is he saying here, or more importantly, perhaps, what’s he not saying?….. ROCK HILL    Two teenagers wanted for murder walked … Continue reading

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Stompy Feet

I haz a crayon

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Dear Leader: I Will Not Be Defied “I Have A Pen” and I Will Use Executive Action To Control You If Needed – Non Compliance Is Not An Option….

President Obama Tuesday said he’s “not going to be waiting for legislation” from Congress to move forward on his agenda in 2014, further stoking a clash between both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue over the reach of executive power. “I’ve got … Continue reading

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Senator Kay Hagen Refuses Ticket and Attendance For Milli Vanilli Concert….. (Held On Her Front Lawn)

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Democrats on Hillary’s Hit List Beg For Her Supreme Forgiveness – Grovel, Grovel, Grovel…

Pathetic, spineless, High School politics…. WASHINGTON DC – Democrats atop a political “hit list” of politicians who betrayed Hillary Clinton in 2008 are trying to get back in her good graces as she weighs a 2016 comeback. Clinton campaign aides … Continue reading

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Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Being Called Out For Supernova Hypocrisy – With Hometown Press She’s For New Sanctions Against Iran, With D.C. Press She Opposes Them…

(Via Washington Free Bacon) Jewish community leaders in South Florida say they are growing frustrated with Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D., Fla.) over her conflicting statements regarding a bipartisan Iran sanctions measure in the House. Following a Washington Free Beacon report detailing her … Continue reading

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Idiots On Safari….

In case you’re a little fuzzy on the whole “Good VS Bad” thing…. …Don’t Stalk a Bull Elephant:

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