Egyptian Update – The Case Builds To Prosecute Morsi…

The current U.S. Administration stands solidly behind the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamist President Morsi.   However, the Egyptian people, the average citizen, want nothing to do with the freedom restricting brotherhood.

The liberal media in the U.S. will frame the current conditions as precursory to an outright civil war.   Mainly to undermine the populous movement and to deflect attention of the average American away from the Obama administration, assisting them in hiding their previous vocal advocacy.

morsi-clintonCAIRO – Egypt’s criminal investigation against the ousted president, announced Friday, is likely just the start of wider legal moves against Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood – ominous prospects for a country seething with violent divisions.

During Morsi’s three weeks in secret detention, military intelligence agents have extensively questioned him on the inner workings of his presidency and of the Brotherhood, seeking to prove he committed crimes including handing state secrets to the Islamist group, military officials told The Associated Press.

Military intelligence has had sole access to him and has questioned him at least once a day, sometimes for up to five hours, the officials said. At times they have presented him voice recordings of his conversations to question him on them, they said.

Throughout, Morsi has been denied access to television and newspapers, they said. He has been moved at least three times between Defense Ministry facilities in armored vehicles under heavy guard. He is currently in a facility outside Cairo, they said, without elaborating.

The military appears not to have decided yet what to do with the information it is gathering. But the officials said it could be used to fuel the civilian prosecution already underway, indict other Brotherhood figures or to justify a more dramatic move: renewing the ban on the Muslim Brotherhood itself.

The group was banned for decades, but became legal after Mubarak’s fall and was widely seen as the real power and decision-maker behind Morsi during his year in office. Morsi and the group denied it played any role.

“We allowed Hosni Mubarak to be put on trial and he is one of our own, so there is nothing to stop us from doing this,” said one military official familiar with the thinking of the military leadership. Mubarak was a career air force officer touted as a war hero before he became president in 1981. After his 2011 ouster, he was put on trial for complicity in killing protesters.

Since army chief Gen. Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi removed Morsi on July 3, Egypt’s first freely elected president has been held incommunicado by the military. Six well placed military and security officials, including two in military intelligence, spoke to AP on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the closed-door questioning.

On Friday, civilian prosecutors announced they had launched an investigation into Morsi on charges of murder and conspiring with the Palestinian militant group Hamas. At the heart of the case are allegations that Morsi and the Brotherhood worked with Hamas to carry out an attack on a prison that broke Morsi and around 30 other members of the group out of detention during the 2011 uprising against Mubarak. The attack killed 14 inmates.

The investigation is the first step toward an indictment and possible trial on the charges, which are punishable by death. Prosecutors ordered Morsi detained for 15 days pending the completion of the investigation and security officials late Friday said he was likely to be moved shortly to a civilian, high-security prison south of Cairo.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

The Brotherhood and Hamas deny the charges, calling them politically motivated. Morsi and the Brotherhood figures freed with him have said local residents attacked the Wadi el-Natroun prison to free their own relatives and that they escaped amid the chaos.  (read more)


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21 Responses to Egyptian Update – The Case Builds To Prosecute Morsi…

  1. cassidy says:

    Morsi is nothing but a thug, all dressed up. The Muslim Brotherhood is, and has always been, a terrorist Islamic group that tolerates no dissent, and has as its goal to become like Iran. If it were not for the military coup, anyone NOT Islamic would be punished. The trouble is, they have no constitution! I suggest we get a copy of OURS, translate it into Arabic, and send it over. Every religion should be respected. Worship, sure, but don’t force your religion down someone elses’ throat. I think the first 10 Amendments would be a great start to achieving freedom.


  2. charlotte says:

    “Human Events Raymond Ibrahim (h/t MZ) The Arabic satellite program, Al Dalil, (“The Evidence”) recently showed the evidence, which consisted mostly of video recordings.
    One video records events on July 8, during pro-Morsi protests in front of the Republican Guard building in Cairo, where Morsi was being held, and where the bloodshed between the military and Brotherhood began. The video shows a young man with a shaven head and a Salafi-style beard approaching the Republican Guard barrier; he gets shot, collapses to the ground, and dies—as other protesters fly into a rage against the military. As the video plays, it seems clear that the military shot him.
    However, watching the video in slow motion and in zoom clearly indicates that someone from behind him, from the pro-Morsi throng, shot him. The whole time he falls, in slow motion, he is still facing the Republican Guard. Yet when the camera zooms in, the bullet wound and blood are visibly at the back of his head; his front, facing the military even after he falls, does not appear to have a scratch. Considering that the military was facing him, it seems apparent that a fellow Morsi-supporter shot him from behind.”
    read on…


  3. Yakmaster says:

    It has now become more difficult for this administration to use “freedom” as a cover for the previous Muslim Brotherhood rule of Egypt now that the vast majority of the Egyptian public has rejected tehem. The “bumps in the road” of Obama’s foreign policy are growing to the point that rhetoric can’t minimize their importance. The easiest solution for practiced liars in such a political situation is to pivot away from the facts and divert attention onto something, anything, else. Change the subject. Create a new, more urgent, “conversation.” After all, Sheeple have Attention Deficit Disorder.


  4. ctdar says:

    Wonder if during his questioning, could Morsi be implicating other world leader(s) that have been assisting him & the Muslim brotherhood get off the ground?


  5. sangell says:

    I recall how, when Mubarak was toppled, Muslim brotherhood gangs stormed the national police HQ and grabbed all manner of files. Those no doubt are some of the state secrets the military is concerned about.

    As a practical matter, the Egyptian military should execute Morsi and quickly. You don’t want a guy the Islamists can rally around and hope to restore to power in a prison cell somewhere. That was the big mistake the Venezuelan military made when they toppled Hugo Chavez and had him in custody on some island. Of course the ‘international community’ meaning the US and other Western powers get all squeamish about ‘executions’ except when they are selecting the people who need to be executed by drone or special forces teams. I hope the Egyptian military goes ahead and decapitates the leadership of the Muslim Brotherhood as a matter of genuine ‘National Security’. They’ll get a lot of heat from Washington ,London and Brussels if they do but its better to take the political heat than to risk their own executions if they don’t exterminate these folks now when they have them in custody.


    • John Galt says:

      “Of course the ‘international community’ meaning the US and other Western powers get all squeamish about ‘executions’ except when they are selecting the people who need to be executed by drone or special forces teams.”

      If they had shot about 30 clerics in the mid-60s in Iran, we wouldn’t be having problems with Iran today. Khomeini, spared from execution, didn’t return the favor, murdering thousands of political prisoners.


  6. CJO says:

    Morsi is also implicated in Benghazi–Libya investigators interogated some of the terrorists that attacked the outpost and said he sent them. Morsi made a campaign promise to get the Blind Sheik out of our prison. There were some cameras at the Benghazi compaond that did work and there is video of the attackers shouting out to the guards (February 17th Martyr Brigade, an AlQ affiliate was hired as security after the state department insisited our own 18 member special forces security force be sent home about 2-3 weeks before the attack) the attackers are recorded saying,”Don’t shoot! Morsi sent us!” The source of this material believes Stevens was supposed to be a high value hostage to exchange for the Blind Sheik. Unfortunately, the attackers killed their target. During congressional testimony, Hicks mentioned some strange phone calls–he alluded to being suspicious, that he thought they would be ambushed and possibly taken hostage…he was probably right.


    • John Galt says:

      I would not be surprised if Zero made a deal with Morsi to trade the Blind Sheik for Stevens in exchange for assistance in Syria. Since the Egyptian military seems to have maintained close surveillance on Morsi from the outset, they may have some scandalous information on Zero & Hillary.


  7. Saltwater says:

    Hey Canadacan: 10,000 more like it ! This is the guy that was heavily supported by O Bama!!! Don’t you just love it??? Jus sayin…..


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