Newly Released FOIA Reveals Agenda – Sanford Police Department – Randy Smith – The Sanford Cover-Up….

This one should interest Mark O’Mara

New Police Chief Cecil Smith

Sanford Police Department, Sergeant Randy Smith, who was assisting Detective Chris Serino, in the Trayvon Martin case, and who shortly thereafter became Lieutenant Randy Smith, before quickly retiring in January of 2013, appears quite happy to have excluded this information about Trayvon’s interactions with the police department from the Victimology report produced by Serino.

We were wondering who was the decision maker into not including Trayvon’s diverted, and unofficial, criminal record from the case assembly. Was it Serino, or was it Randy Smith? Here is  Smith’s own sworn affidavit to the internal affairs division of M-DSPD. This should interest Mark O’Mara and Don West quite a bit.

Here’s the affidavit from the guy on the other end of the phone call who sent Randy Smith the information:



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48 Responses to Newly Released FOIA Reveals Agenda – Sanford Police Department – Randy Smith – The Sanford Cover-Up….

  1. FrenchPug says:

    Only smiths is new here right? The other ones on this page you posted earlier?


  2. goddessoftheclassroom says:

    Is there any way that Sgt. Smith never received this?


    • sundance says:

      NOPE. That’s why I attached the Hadley report from the other end. He swears in his affidavit he called smith back and smith confirmed he had received all pages. Hadley even went through the pages with Smith on the phone to insure 100%. Besides, Smith confirms in his affidavit that he rec’d them.

      Detective Hadley (Miami) then told his Sergeant Tagle, who was in the room, and who watched him shred them after he and smith hung up. Tagle confirms the account 100%… and then Tagle cuts lose on M-DSPD leadership in a BIG way.


  3. nivico says:

    What do the six different case numbers represent…?

    Are there six separate incidents involving TM while at Krop H.S.?


  4. diwataman says:

    Wait a minute. They sent him the jewelry report. When did O’Mara get that report? And when did he finally get around to looking at the evidence from that report?

    Let’s remember O’Mara wants to only address the five minutes of this case when the State has already gone beyond that.


    • sundance says:

      I don’t know if O’Mara ever GOT the jewelry report. I’m going on the assumption NO, because that was the court hearing/motion about the M-DSPD. Remember?

      Which means Smith and Serino, or smith by himself, trashed it…. as in “destroyed evidence”…. or, well, I guess they could have just “hid” it somewhere.


      • diwataman says:

        When West was on the stand in one of the hearings he talked about having 8 or 9 pages I think from the SPD file. The jewelry report is 8 pages. I have to go back now and try to find when West said that.


      • diwataman says:

        Got it:

        Defense got M-DSPD report Jan 9, 2013 from SPD file.

        2:43:09 Line of questioning
        2:44:54 SPD File (150 pages)
        2:45:55 M-DSPD Report
        Nelson cuts West off immediately before he can explain the report and ends hearing abruptly.


        • diwataman says:

          This also tells me that there subpoena to the school system many months before did not result in this information. It’s the school, M-DPSD and Corey that were covering up.


          • sundance says:

            Yep. I certainly know the M-D school system was intentionally covering this up. And yes I think I told you privately that the State was also aware of it…. What we ended up having to do to get this was exactly what I told you I thought we were going to have to do. 😦

            That sucked. But at least the majority of it is now exposed. The redactions are easy to see through.


        • sundance says:

          So O’Mara/West got the M-DSPD report, but the report itself was never used in the Victimology report compiled by Sanford PD. In essence, Sanford didn’t hide it, but also didn’t use it. …. and until now, we had no evidence they even made a conscious decision. Now we know they chose, for whatever reason, not to include it.


        • moaldee says:

          good job…


      • Mr. Izz says:

        Perhaps they “forgot about it”. Similar to BDLR.


  5. HughStone says:

    This guy was in the jury yesterday or the day before.
    He was watching RJ i think.


  6. AlphaWookie says:

    I want to start a new food line “Creppy Ass Crakers: you’ll just die over them”


  7. taqiyyologist says:

    I just worked all day, got home, and read nearly 4,000 comments on every thread. Amazing day. This trial only seems to get more surreal with each day.

    SD: Prayers gone up, many times. Be safe. Get a pardner. Take shifts.

    Does someone have the link to the YouTube channel which contains the video?


  8. John Galt says:

    So nobody ever talked to Dunn? deposed?


  9. FrenchPug says:

    Is nancy grace retarded or hard of hearing? They are all worked up because a witness said that after the shot zimmerman was on top. Well no sh/t! Did they just expect him to lie there with martin on top of him? George said what he did after the shot and it matched her testimony. Now they are interviewing tom owen!!!!!! He must have no shame whatsoever. Jasmin rand said that the DNA proves that GZ lied. The lack of DNA that the crime scene tech was meaningless. She must have missed that. Now nancy can’t understand gravity. Why am I watching this? They cut the doctor off that was using the gunshot residue to prove that martin must have been on top with a commercial.


  10. nameofthepen says:

    Gotta love that phrase “Exceptionally cleared”. Something so…trendy…about it! 🙄


  11. recoverydotgod says:

    Trying to remember Randy Smith’s connection in the case:

    Sanford police took one position on Trayvon shooting in public, another in paperwork to prosecutors
    8:30 p.m. EST, July 7, 2012|
    By Rene Stutzman, Orlando Sentinel

    It was signed by lead Investigator Chris Serino and his boss, then-Sgt. Randy Smith…

    Sgt Randy Smith’s signed off on 3/22 the supplementals to the investigation 3/18 [lady with dog witness interview 3/10], 3/19 [Tracy Martin listening to 911 tapes], 3/22 [Wagner pics]


  12. jello333 says:

    “I had a bunch of different phone calls from Miami Gardens officers with stuff going back and forth at the time.”



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