SPEAK UP! (Redux)


Earlier today I was having a casual conversation with a long-time coworker.  We talked about this and that, and she asked me if I was following the Jodi Arias trial.

My coworker is a woman in her sixties, very well read, and is more conservative than not, I would say.

I responded to her that I knew about the trial, but hadn’t been “following” the trial.  I knew about the verdict, knew that the penalty phase was still to be decided.  Then, I brought up the three other big topics in the news this week – the Kermit Gosnell trial, the Benghazi hearing, and the Cleveland kidnapper.

Shocked.  She didn’t know about Kermit Gosnell, or about the Benghazi hearing.  I explained both to her.

Then I heard Rush Limbaugh’s commentary, “Low-Info American isn’t watching Benghazi”.


Benghazi? Low-Info America is Watching Jodi Arias and the Cleveland Kidnapping

RUSH: Not much going on out there today, folks.  There really isn’t very much.  The big news continues to be the Jodi Arias verdict and the guys in Cleveland, the alternative lifestyle guys.  The Benghazi hearings, you may have heard about them.  They’re taking place in Washington.  You may not have heard about the Benghazi hearings, actually. It’s just the Republicans’ latest attempt to politicize a highly successful Obama administration policy.  And once again the Republicans are showing that about all they have is their partisan chops, nothing really to see here.  Jay Carney at the White House, the spokesman, says nothing really going on.

In fact, at Yahoo News, which is a favored news site for low-information voters, they have one story on Benghazi. What they do, they basically publish the feeds from ABC and AP and Reuters, that’s what they do in general, not just Benghazi, but that’s Yahoo News, ABC, AP, and Reuters.  And the one story on Benghazi at Yahoo News has the headline:  “Democrats:  GOP Fails to Show Scandal in Benghazi Deaths.”   Continue Reading


We here at CTH sometimes forget that not everyone is following the news the way that we do, and depend on ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN for their news.  It is really depressing to realize that otherwise good, intelligent, people don’t know about the important stories of the day because the big media outlets refuse to cover them.

I wish I had the solution.  All I have to suggest is that each of us needs to patiently and courteously teach our family members, friends and coworkers whenever possible, and hope that it piques their curiosity, and that they will pass it on to others who had no idea either.  Post to Facebook, and Twitter too.  Do what you can do – each of us can educate a few people every day, if they are open to the education.

Here’s the last post I wrote about Speaking Up.


I hope at least some of you take this to heart.  We often wonder if we are just speaking to the choir, or if we are reaching any of the thousands of people who read us every day, but don’t comment.  I really, really, really, hope that we are!  I have to believe that we are.


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28 Responses to SPEAK UP! (Redux)

  1. aliashubbatch says:

    I thought his name was Kermit Gosnell. 😐


  2. boutis says:

    You have to think to watch the Benghazi hearings. Cleveland and Arias all you need is outrage.


  3. auscitizenmom says:

    They are absolutely trying to cover it all up and ignore it. But, those pesky Republicans keep getting in the way.


  4. jvj says:

    Never comment but visit here multiple times every day so you’re reaching at least one.


  5. dreamerspirit says:

    Stella, do you ever wonder why someone you work with has so little interest in their country? I see all the interviews they do on TV where they stop people randomly and ask them basic questions about current events, the names of the VP of the US or what the branches of federal government are; simple, basic questions. The vast majority of people across all spectrums usually can not give a correct answer. Why? Do we take our freedoms so casually that people are going to be blindsided or do they just not care that their freedoms are being usurped? It scares the bejesus out of me.


    • stella says:

      Me too, dreamerspirit. The woman I am talking about is interested, though, and she is very busy with many things, so she gets her news the easy way. That, unfortunately, is what a lot of people do – what I used to do way back when. They aren’t stupid, and think that they ARE informed. They just don’t realize what the media has become.

      ADD: For instance, this woman runs 1/2 marathons, takes care of her 3 grandchildren on weekends sometimes, works full time, reads voraciously (she’s reading through all of the Pulitzer prize winning novels right now), volunteers at her local library and at the Community College theater. She was open and glad to listen to me too.


      • taqiyyologist says:

        I’m guessing NPR is the spoon on the other side of her high-chair that she prefers

        Ask her if she knows about Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer Prize.

        You will undoubtedly get a blank look, and a “huh?”


        • stella says:

          Don’t be so hard on her, Taqi. I doubt very much that she listens to NPR (hey, I do now and then myself). As I said, her views are quite conservative – she’s for less government, hated the auto bailouts (we are in Detroit, don’t forget). What I am saying is that most people – good people – still rely on traditional sources for their news. Some are technologically challenged.

          P.S.: She probably does know about Duranty.


          • taqiyyologist says:

            And we must speak. I agree, and I’n not so much being hard on her, personally, as being my own cynical self, and I apologize.

            I love quite a few folks who are Lo-Info or even (to the NPR listeners who do get at least some information not fed to them by the rest of the MSM) Medium-Info, and all are different, some receptive, some combative, some whose foreheads gain veins and our of whose mouths might sometimes fly flecks of spittle,

            Some don’t care at all about ANY of what is discussed here.

            And I mean really, they don’t. NONE of it matters. Like so what? I’m just here.

            To that I would say, “LACK OF LOVE FOR ANYONE BUT YOU, MUCH?”

            But I don’t, either because I assume they wouldn’t get it, and be completely offended and never talk with me again, or I am a coward.

            Instead I just love them. Love is a verb.


  6. marie says:

    You had to work hard to find Benghazi hearings on tv yesterday. Even Fox left it for a very long time to show the Arias trial.

    Just remember–Watergate took forever to take hold. Of course, they had 2 reporters and a supportive and influential editor that placed their reporting finally, on the front page, but at first, the news W & B had uncovered was buried in the back pages.

    Also remember that the Watergate hearings were, while fascinating to high-info voters, hard to follow for the average Joe. There was soooooo much testimony, so many names, and the House questioners were all over the place at first.

    Finally, remember…and this is key and it is very depressing…even after the American public knew what Nixon’s high command had done, even after they became convinced the POTUS had a hand in the cover-up, the majority still wanted him to stay as POTUS.

    Now, never think that “lacking integrity” describes only “Democrat voter.” The knife of stupidity, dishonesty, and partisanship is double-edged.


    • stella says:

      That’s all true, Marie. There are two big differences when comparing Watergate to Benghazi: Nixon resigned rather than face impeachment. And nobody died, or was injured at Watergate.


      • marie says:

        1) Nixon survived what? Two years of the story before it reached the stage where impeachment became a reality? Obama is not even close to that. (Don’t give Dick too much credit. Had the tapes not existed, he’d have stayed. He didn’t think he’d done anything “wrong.” “Obstruction of justice ” is just a phrase when you are the one who has participated in doing the obstructing.

        2) Nobody died. No, thank God, but the Constitution of the United States was under attack (as it has been under this Prez.)

        3.) The press was out to get Nixon; it is out to protect Obama.

        4.) Both men (and Hilary) are personalities that suffer from hubris. I am often amazed at the similarities between Nixon and Obama –although Nixon had skills Obama lacks–both are thin-skinned as hell and feel enemies are all around, a dangerous combo of traits.

        5) Both men, as POTUSes get the benefit of the doubt from the public. The public, even those who didn’t vote for that candidate, can’t stand finding out their Prez is a crook or a liar. It makes their country look bad, make them look bad so denial is a big reality.

        This isn’t over, by a long shot, but it’s hard to forecast where it will go as it’s always hard to forecast the Byzantine meanderings of a scandal.


  7. tara says:

    Off topic … remember just after the Boston bombings there was at least one person who said that there were bomb sniffing dogs and other heavy police presence at the finish line? And we know there were snipers on at least one roof?

    Five days before two bombs tore through crowds at the Boston Marathon, an intelligence report identified the finish line of the race as an “area of increased vulnerability” and warned Boston police that extremists may use “small scale bombings” to attack spectators and runners at the event.

    The 18-page report was written by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, a command center funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security that helps disseminate intelligence information to local police and first responders.

    The “joint special event assessment” is dated April 10. It notes that at the time there was “no credible, specific information indicating an imminent threat” to the race. “The FBI has not identified any specific lone offender or extremist group who pose a threat to the Boston marathon,” the report reads.




  8. Saltwater says:

    FOX News is not for low information voters, as Limbaugh calls them! None of the other news channels carried the Benghazi hearings., to my knowledge that is. They barely mentioned it as part of the news. They also did the same with Fast and Furious! Jus’ sayin’……


    • stella says:

      I didn’t criticize Fox – and I don’t think Rush did either, did he? Anyway, my point is about speaking up with low-information voters, and we can all do that!


  9. texan59 says:

    I for one have come out of my shell with regard to many of these items we discuss here on a daily basis. For those of you on Facebook or Twitter or have your own blogs – speak up. If you get someone riled up, then you’re probably heading in the right direction.


  10. OFF TOPIC:


    Romney’s campaign, in true “Pretending to Run For President” fashion, cancelled the ad.

    Because it would have been effective. Can’t have that when you’re only pretending. And living large. And making bank like superstars. With private islands. And Gulfstreams.


  11. CrankyinAZ says:

    I know… and I just don’t get it. I live here in the Phoenix area. It was about 3 or 4 weeks into the Jodi Arias trial before I even realized it was a big story nationally. I didn’t even know about it at all, because I watch the local news, maybe once a week (because it is so vapid!) I didn’t follow it at all… and honestly don’t care. There are lots of gruesome and sensational murders in this country all the time – I honestly don’t see what was so “special” about this one. Just glad it’s over!

    I did follow the Cleveland kidnappings a bit, I have to admit. I’ve kept up on the Gosnell trial too, as depressing as that is. But, yesterday, tried to tune into the Benghazi hearings… as much as possible. C-Span 3 was mighty helpful in that endeavor!


  12. jordan2222 says:

    Thanks, stella, for posting this “reminder.”

    Low information voters? Some are No information voters.

    I still advocate changes in voting laws. You should not vote unless you can read understand the ballot.

    I spent hours on ours in Florida before voting. HOURS!!!!


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  14. Josh says:

    ” … each of us needs to patiently and courteously teach…”

    “Do what you can do – each of us can educate a few people every day, if they are open to the education.”

    Good advice, of course. I’m sad to state that I’m out of patience and therefore cannot be courteous. I’m tired. I find that too many are NOT “open to the education”. They just do not care and cannot be made to do so. But then … every now and again I do meet a person that seems to understand … and care …

    Every so often, a glimmer of hope (and not the B. Hussein O. kind of hope) …

    THANK YOU – all of you at the CTH. G-d bless you all. May He keep you positive and motivated. You are all appreciated probably more than you could ever know.

    Hope everyone has a wonderfully productive weekend 🙂


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