White House Threatens Bob Woodward “You Will Regret This”…..

In the typical Alinsky fashion the full weight of the Obama-Chicago Machine is now specifically directed at author Bob Woodward. Why? Because he told the truth: President Obama is now railing wildly about a false “cut” in spending from a sequestration structure that he, together with Jack Lew, created at the White House.

Woodward calls out the “madness”:

Then the White House threatens him:

Obama - I want you to argue with themBob Woodward said this evening on CNN that a “very senior person” at the White House warned him in an email that he would “regret doing this,” the same day he has continued to slam President Barack Obama over the looming forced cuts known as the sequester.

CNN host Wolf Blitzer said that the network invited a White House official to debate Woodward on-air, but the White House declined.

“It makes me very uncomfortable to have the White House telling reporters, ‘You’re going to regret doing something that you believe in,’” Woodward said.

“I think they’re confused,” Woodward said of the White House’s pushback on his reporting. (read more)


The media is going bat sh!t crazy in their defense of Dear Leader.

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80 Responses to White House Threatens Bob Woodward “You Will Regret This”…..

  1. justfactsplz says:

    President Obama should remember that Woodward does not scare easily.


  2. lovemygirl says:

    I read that article earlier. It isn’t wise to anger the press. Maybe Valerie has met her match in Woodward? One could only hope.


    • boutis says:

      Woodward is an editor and his work over the decades essentially made the newspaper. CNN is fighting the BGI with Zucker vs Soledad OBrien and now Woodward vs Obamas. The news/infotainment industry is going broke because of their blind loyalty to these scammers. The battle lines are forming only it isn’t so much ideological as economic. Look at Time and Newsweek both Obamabot rags and now bankrupt. If they keep following Obama off the cliff they are done because they won’t have an audience except Obama sycophants which is not economically viable (and that audience has no money to spend with advertisers. Example Zucker looking at Soledad OBrien’s pathetic 250,000 total audience of mostly women over 60!). The Obama propaganda has run its course and they killed off their consumer/newswatchers. Let them go after one of the guys who brought down Nixon.


  3. anwtex says:

    eeegads! That woman is scary! And such a far cry from anything, at all, that in any way remotely resembles class, poise, or actually, anything feminine. She and Hillary could be bookends! What a disgraceful embarrassment to this wonderful Country. The Country that God shed His grace on.
    And then my mind now goes to Jackie Kennedy…….a LADY.

    I wish when I wake up in the morning this all would have been just a very bad nightmare.
    And she and the man she is married to simply never existed let alone commandeered my Country.

    What in the world has become of the people in this Country that not only elects the likes of her husband but then holds them up as the “be all end all”

    The wheels are falling of this place for sure.


  4. lovemygirl says:

    Are there any flattering pictures of the First Lady? Me Bad.


  5. texan59 says:

    We were talking about this yesterday on the OT. Erick the Red agrees with me. obama = Nixon. 👿



  6. stellap says:

    Apparently the threatener is a man. Here’s the Politico article and video interview with Woodward that came out last night:


    (From Politico) UPDATE: The official Woodward is referencing is Gene Sperling, a top economic aide, as BuzzFeed reported last night and we confirmed. Sources tell us the White House might release the full exchange to show it was much more innocuous than Woodward suggests.


  7. fmhayes48 says:

    Is this the same Sperling as in the “Sperling’s Best Places to Live” fame?


  8. jordan2222 says:

    I find all of this is funny as hell. My entire attitude has changed since last November and it really makes a difference in how I view things.


  9. ctdar says:

    Obama & WH thuggery dam about to burst? Lanny Davis comes forward & reveals he was threatened as well for his reporting:

    Good, I’m glad these guys have guts to come forward and say enough is enough. I wondered a few weeks back when some writer/reporter was going to have his moral compass get the best of him and jump away from the Obama koolaid. Probably make a lot of money too in reporting the TRUTH!


    • ctdar says:

      and isn’t ironic that both Woodward & Davis are @same age? These 2 reporters have more integrity than ABC, CBS, & NBC sychophants combined!


      • ytz4mee says:

        “Integrity” ????????????????????????????????????
        Oh, they were quite happy to publish stolen documents when it meant bringing down an “evil” Republican …. but a Progressive ideologue? Not so much?

        Integrity? Investigative reporting on the Drone program? Not so much
        Investigative reporting on the destruction of careers of valuable military members who dared cross the BGI complex? Not so much
        Investigative reporting on Benghazi? Not so much
        The widespread election fraud and illegal off shore donations? Not so much
        The manipulation of the “unemployment” statistics? Not so much
        The backdoor continual bailouts of the Fed Reserve private shareholders, at the expense of everyone else? Not so much.

        Integrity my azz.


        • ctdar says:

          In light of what has come out in last few days I was comparing Woodward & Davis to those at the alphabet channels in coming forward and shining light on Obamas lies about sequestration so yeah in my book that’s integrity and i will take anyone that has the guts to come forward to chip away at this administration facade no matter how large or small the story.
          I was not commenting on these 2 reporters past or any other stories currently in the news.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Sorry I can’t shed too many tears. Where was their “courageous” reporting during both election cycles, following up on stories about Obama’s checkered past, the election fraud/theft/intimidation, the advancement of the BGI at the expense of anything else…

      Oh, yeah. Crickets. They were quite happy to sit on their hands and watch them coast to another “Victory”.

      Eff them.


  10. Cherpa1 says:

    I can’t get too hyped up about Liberal Bob Woodward. He has been supporting the Liberal Agenda on a highly Liberal newspaper, the Washington Post. No doubt Bob has integrity. Still he is a high flying Lib and a supporter of Obama. What ever is there internal fued, Bob is still a Liberal.


    • brocahontas says:

      This should at least tell you how corrupt the Obama admin is though.


      • michellc says:

        I read yesterday that even Common Cause or whatever they’re called, too many left leaning groups for me to keep them all straight, was calling them out on buying access through their new non-profit agenda group.
        However, if you were to try to argue with a liberal about this instead of them seeing him as corrupt or communist or off the map he’s so far left, they’d argue that it just proves he’s a centrist because he makes both sides unhappy.


  11. creepytwins says:

    The stories and comments on the liberal blogs are so very predictable. Bob is an attention grubbing, money seeking, senile old man. At the same time, they are saying that it wasn’t much of a threat. Ironically, the threat wasn’t to put Woodward in a gulag or assassinate him. The threat was to destroy his credibility, which is exactly what Obama’s disciples are doing today. They certainly aren’t talking about the fact that the sequester was Obama’s idea in the first place.


    • boutis says:

      Change the subject by dehumanizing the opposition. Reminds me of Trayvon Martin Scheme team versus GZ. They do it over and over just like all fascists do.


      • creepytwins says:

        Exactly. They aren’t arguing whether or not Bob Woodward is right. He is. The sequester was Obama’s idea and it was a bad one. Woodward’s “mistake” was pointing it out during a marketing push to absolve Obama from any responsibility. The left had all but pinned the entire thing on the Republicans before Woodward dared to open his mouth and point out the obvious. And now they’re out to destroy Bob and will not discuss the facts, which inconveniently contradict their claims. However on the plus side, none of these turds have the bona fides to challenge Bob Woodward; Like him or not, the guy is a legend in journalism. In fact, he’ll probably write another #1 bestseller about it.


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  13. Patriot Dreamer says:

    It’s not just Woodward and Lanny Davis:

    Ron Fournier: Yeah, I Got the Abusive Treatment From the WH and the Same ‘You Will Regret This’ Threat


    Looks like the WH is trying to kill this story before more stories from other journalists start picking up real steam.


    • ctdar says:

      Yes, the alinsky tactic of kill the messenger at all costs is aimed now at Woodward. As one of the commenters from article said it is like when Carville was doing the talk show circut by going after Lewinsky and labeling her as a stalker. Smartest thing she ever did was hang onto that dress with Clinton’s semen stains all over it; if she hadn’t she would probably have been murdered due to a robbery gone wrong or a “suicide”.


    • ctdar says:

      The outings of the reporters throwing Woodward (whose work is probably the reason why many got interested in news reporting)under the bus begins. They don’t even ponder the possibility that Woodward is correctly reporting the facts about the Obama White House, they immediately go after the messenger.


    • stellap says:


      As editor-in-chief of National Journal, I received several e-mails and telephone calls from this White House official filled with vulgarity, abusive language, and virtually the same phrase that Politico characterized as a veiled threat. “You will regret staking out that claim,” The Washington Post reporter was told.

      Once I moved back to daily reporting this year, the badgering intensified. I wrote Saturday night, asking the official to stop e-mailing me. The official wrote, challenging Woodward and my tweet. “Get off your high horse and assess the facts, Ron,” the official wrote.

      I wrote back:

      “I asked you to stop e-mailing me. All future e-mails from you will be on the record — publishable at my discretion and directly attributed to you. My cell-phone number is … . If you should decide you have anything constructive to share, you can try to reach me by phone. All of our conversations will also be on the record, publishable at my discretion and directly attributed to you.”


  14. Jm$82435W says:

    Obama is imbued in the Thug mentality


  15. boricuafudd says:

    The Liberals finally have their guy inside, Carter was liberal but to meek. The One, for reasons that escape me is popular, has the thug mentality to do what they want, and a team of like people doing his bidding. They will protect him, in the 60’s and 70’s they were fighting the “man” now they are the “man” and intend to stay that way. For some this is the realizations of their dreams, the goal that had eluded them when they were young.


  16. triage says:

    Liberals now love government power and control. Big brother is now great and trustworthty and we should all fall in. What happened to the hippies bumper sticker of “question authority”? This is amazing to see how all these liberals now are so easily led by authority. They don’t even care about the bill of rights anymore. Jim Jones never had it so easy. At least he had to take the time to brain wash his followers. These idiots are falling all over themselves to get in line with Dear Leader (peace be upon him).


  17. ctdar says:

    Woodward on Hannity tonight


  18. Ron Callaway says:

    Is Michelle Obama a man?
    Put that in “search” and be surprised as to how many think she is.


  19. 22tula says:

    Devil’s Advocate
    Could this all be a trick? The Rooting Them Out Game. Bob Woodward, I want you to make a complaint to the media about White House official Gene Sperling. Then we will wait and see if any left leaning reporters pops up their heads and voice their complaints. It’s Purge time. Hey it worked for Stalin.

    “Nikita Khrushchev”
    By John Simkin, March 2013
    “One of Stalin’s favourite tricks was to provoke you into making a statement – or even agreeing with a statement – which showed your true feelings about someone else. It was perfectly clear to me that Stalin and Beria were very close. To what extent this friendship was sincere, I couldn’t say, but I knew it was no accident that Beria had been Stalin’s choice for Yezhov’s replacement.”

    “Bob Woodward is a White House Appeaser”
    By Cliff Kincaid – March 1, 2013

    “Post Finally Digs into Growing Petraeus Scandal”
    By Cliff Kincaid – November 24, 2012
    Consider what this says about Petraeus: the top spy in the Obama Administration thought he could get away with having an extramarital affair with a woman young enough to be his daughter and that her receipt of classified information would be covered up for his benefit.

    It is good that the Post is pursuing this matter. But where is Post Watergate reporter Bob Woodward? He has been appearing on various programs in recent weeks, such as Fox News Sunday and CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, but there is no indication he wants to get to the bottom of this Obama Administration scandal. His byline is nowhere to be found.

    On November 11, he was accepting a journalism award at Colby College in Maine, where he was being adored by young students for his role in the Post’s Watergate coverage that brought down the presidency of Republican Richard Nixon. “We should worry the most about secret government,” Woodward said.

    It appears, however, that Petraeus and Broadwell were flaunting this aspect of “secret government.” Neil W. McCabe of Human Events reported that they appeared together as a couple at the October 27 OSS Society Annual Dinner and “mingled as a couple at the VIP reception” before the dinner. As the general made his way around the Washington Ritz Carlton ballroom, he said, “Broadwell followed one pace behind.”

    “Watergate reported Bob Woodward receives Colby’s Lovejoy journalism award at convocation”
    By Matt Hongoltz-Hetling – November 12, 2012

    Was this info in Bob Woodward’s Watergate book? Was Richard Nixon set up?

    “The Curious Case of Henry Kissinger”
    by JR Nyquist – February 2001
    Leon Jaworski, the famous Watergate Special Prosecutor, once called Kissinger’s creature, Al Haig, “our thirty-seventh-and-a-half President.” Jaworski, however, was not joking. Adm. Elmo R. Zumwalt, Jr. said that Haig was “extremely ambitious.” After Nixon’s resignation, while Gerald Ford addressed a cheering joint session of Congress, Jules Witcover noticed Haig in the VIP gallery of the House and noted that Haig was “in a sense applauding his own deft achievement of presidential transition never contemplated in quite that way by the Founding Fathers.” Witcover said it was “a bloodless presidential coup engineered by an army general, a man who had gravitated to the very right hand of one president and who, when that president fell, saw to a swift removal of the body….”

    As it happens, there is a book that attempts to show Haig’s role in Watergate. The book is entitled Silent Coup. In it, Haig is depicted as the man who overthrew Richard Nixon. Why? Because Haig was the secret creature of the Joint Chiefs, working to thwart detente. But this is wrong. General Haig was the creature of Kissinger’s agenda. The ever-observant General Palmer pointed out:

    Had Watergate not occurred, there was at least a slim chance for South Vietnam to obtain adequate U.S. aide and to hold its own despite the grave disadvantage of the cease-fire agreement.


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