In His Own Words – You Decide

Seriously, I don’t want to frame what he is saying, nor provide any interpretation of it other than what he is actually advocating.    Just listen and think for yourself what exactly is Jesse Jackson calling for (It’s only two minutes):

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61 Responses to In His Own Words – You Decide

  1. arkansasmimi says:

    Not trying to be funny or ugly, but I can hardly understand what he is saying. Has he had a stroke or something? I will try a 3rd time. Shivers..


  2. Sharon says:

    On one hand he accuses those who are concerned about second amendment rights of having a confederate mindset–but then he keeps on talking about the need for a reconstruction program to fix what the criminals with guns have done to Chicago.

    He hyperventilates about those who are concerned about second amendment rights as opposing their government--as though that’s a bad thing.

    He mumbles about the insufficiency about talking about the economy without making gun control a major element of that discussion….I’d like to hear someone challenge him as to how he made that connection. (He had a predetermined destination with this whole statement–because the “logic” within his statement makes no sense.)

    Sounds to me like he’s grabbing points and subpoints off of every power point he’s done in the last 20 years to all of his BGI audiences and just mixing and maxing to apply pressure to his current glory ride: take guns away from those who own them legally because those who own guns legally tend to be the same folks who care about living free in a Constitutional Republic.

    He’s not saying all the crap he says in this to try to persuade or inform: he says it to justify what he’s already decided has to be done.

    My Platte River take after one listen. (Platte River=2 miles wide, but only 2 inches deep)


    • howie says:

      Sounds about right to me. To a progressive the cure for the failures it causes is more progressivism. Here is living proof. Blame everything except the real cause and insist on more of the same. An incurable death spiral.


      • Don P. says:

        What a blathering idiot. And never mention anything about black responsibility. Time for his black Lincoln to reconstruct. And my head explodes.


    • libby says:

      Well, the criminals dont yet have total control of the city as long untli law abiding citizens who love the constitution can be disarmed and made into victims of the criminals


  3. ZurichMike says:

    Through his incoherent mumbling (he sounds like Shirley Q. Liquor), I think he is trying to cover many bases: (1) expanding Chicago’s gun-control laws to other states (the politically correct thing to say to appease his leftist base), (2) blaming whitey in general (to appease the race whores), (3) reconstruction — which is a code word for reparations and more money for him and his black grievance industry (to appease the full-tilt racial whores, (4) painting gun owners as potential terrorists (Alinsky maneuver).

    He never talked about (1) black on black crime, regardless of weapon choice, (2) breakdown of the black family, (3) the fact that Chicago supposedly has the toughest anti-gun controls in the nation, (4) conflating all types of weapons as “bad”

    Did I miss anything from this fake minister of racial hatred? This worn-out, ignorant, you baby daddy whore for the left?


  4. yadent says:

    He mentions Reconstruction and how the US is familiar with the concept. After the Civil War the South under Reconstruction was sectioned into military-ruled districts and those districts had to met certain conditions for re-admittance into the Union. In order to prevent the Courts, especially the Supreme Court from interfering with Reconstruction, Congress repealed the Habeas Corpus Act 1867. It almost appears that he is calling for some sort of martial law with possible suspension of certain parts of the Constitution, ala the South during Reconstruction. Am I misreading this??


    • Sharon says:

      Good explanation…my understanding about the details of historical “reconstruction” is way too fuzzy, but you got it said. I think that his use of the word “reconstruction” is definitely code for what he wants to have happen. He uses code because he doesn’t want to say it plainly, and because he knows (or expects) that those to whom he is sending his message will understand it..


    • sundance says:

      NO. Bingo. He is calling for the 2nd Bill of Rights. And YES, the DHS (Martial Law) to take over Chicago law enforcement….

      “Reconstruction” code phrase is ….”not committed to equality of outcome but a fair opportunity with decent security.”

      He said Obama is interested in updating a “second Bill of Rights” alongside the existing one. His idea is to model it after Franklin Roosevelt’s economic Bill of Rights. [Obama frequently sees himself as one of the acclaimed presidents and in this case apparently it is Franklin Roosevelt] Sunstein wrote that Roosevelt believed the Bill of Rights and the Constitution guaranteed ”political rights” but did not assure equality in the pursuit of happiness, thus the need for an economic Bill of Rights.

      FDR did not mean to change the Constitution nor did he mean that the SCOTUS should enforce it. His Bill of Rights was a political statement, Sunstein said.

      More on the 2nd Bill of Rights Both Jesse Jackson and Cass Sunstein are advocating for Obama HERE:


      • yadent says:

        So they want for the US a more rapid implementation of the failing social/economic policies of the European Union coupled with the domestic ‘strong arm’ ability of say a country like China?


        • howie says:

          The Really Great Society. The Great Society was an unmitigated failure. More like Cuba. Jackson is just another lame brain communist. Unfortunately Bush gave them the tools to work with in undermining the country. Let the demolition begin. Remember Anita Dunn. She let the cat out of the bag. A combination of Mao and Mother Theresa. Yes they are that crazy.


    • Don P. says:

      I will say this. If he wants to see a revolt the words he was choosing are the right ones. We in the South have a long memory.


  5. chevymisty says:

    I couldn’t understand most of what he said like everyone else…but um…the thing about Aurora being by the airport and that The Batman Psycho could have blown up a run way…well we know he couldn’t have…but the airport is about a fifteen minute drive from my house (to the entrance not even the drop offs)…which makes it twenty-five from the theater…so I would say ten or fifteen miles maybe even about twenty to an actual runway at DIA. Pretty sure what that psycho used couldn’t do anything from that distance…However the mall…I am sorry the Town Center. Is right across the parking lot. Yeah the place where the black thugs shoot each other up. The place where they had to put an APD inside of it to help control the thefts. The place where on Friday-Sundays if you are under 18 you are not allowed in without an adult over the age of 18. The Place where all the places of intellect have been taken over by bling stores, shoe stores, and clothing stores. Yeah that place where the black thugs wreak havoc. Don’t get me wrong Aurora is a pretty nice place and I still like the mall. (they have the best pizza place ever there) and it is for the most part a good place but its gone down hill since I was a kid…and why? well inside this gun free zone there’s probably at any time fifty thugs with guns or knifes waiting for you to say the wrong thing. Most under the legal age to attain a gun and most of them semi-automatic handguns. You know those guns they want to ban because they can blow up airplanes and railroads. Not to mention all the crap they steal there.

    Amusing little story to end my weird ramblings…My mom and I went there once to get a necklace of hers fixed (see not to bad if we are willing to take in jewelry to be repaired) and she saw this little white thug kid with his pants around his ankles…Without skipping a beat my mother says “Look at him with his pants down like that. Maybe I should go over and pull them up for him.” Well the wannabe thug heard and pulled his pants up without missing a beat.

    So there is the end of my ramblings where only some of it was relevant. Sorry.


    • ZurichMike says:

      No worries. James Joyce made “stream of consciousness” a literary trend! LOL!


      • canadacan says:

        And incoherent speaker shows an incoherent mind. this type of rambling makes me want to go ballistic. he dares to sit there and pontificate on how the rest of America should live and the country should be run. remind me to keep my powder dry.


        • howie says:

          That is what Socialist Engineers do. Sit around and babble with silly theories that sound good but don’t work. The problem is that the people have elected them and given them the power to experiment at will. They see us as Laboratory Rats in their grand designs. Amazing. Let’s try this…let’s try that… Good Grief. It is a monster, never ending, Rube Goldberg Machine.


    • LittleLaughter says:

      In reply to your description of the mall:
      Several years ago, I worked at a large bank in an area of Charlotte. At one time, it was a very busy commercial area, with several banks, restaurants, and a mall. Over the course of a couple of years, however, the entire neighborhood started going downhill. Robberies were common place. The area became predominantly black. With all of the robberies,rapes, muggings, and vandalism, businesses started closing and moving to other parts of the city. It was looking like a mass exodus. Suddenly, there were TV news crews talking about the closings, as the AA community screamed racism, saying businesses were moving out because whites moved out and blacks moved in. They never gave any talking points about the high crime rate that had spiked since the AA’s started “taking over” the area. I myself realized the shift at my bank, where each day, we saw numerous attempts by AA’s to commit fraud. They would bring in checks that were forged (usually a family member’s check they had stolen). Our branch was robbed. Once, while in the drive thru teller area, a young AA male came running through the lanes carrying a brown paper bag. He hid under the shrubbery. Seconds later, a policeman came running through. I turned on the mic and shouted to the officer “he’s hiding under the bushes!” He was dragged out and arrested. He had a 32 handgun and a bag of cash he had stolen from the check cashing business across the street. (Wanna bet the handgun was stolen?)
      My point being, that when the thugs took over the area, they did their thug thang and then were angry because the merchants moved away! There were endless news reports stirring the racist pot. Go into that neighborhood now, and it looks like downtown Baghdad.


  6. brocahontas says:

    Not very coherent and he did try to use some big words but the basic gist is that he wants to establish martial law and employ out of work black guys to be the armed force to enforce it.


  7. Knuckledraggingwino says:

    Of course Jackson is unwilling to acknowledge the fundamental, most inconvieniant truth. Black people are only 1/8 of the population yet they commit over 1/2 of all homicides and nearly 2/3s oval gun homicides. If there was any logic to Jackson’s call to suspend Constitutional rights to control crime, he would advocate making it illegal for Black people to purchase or possess firearms. Instead, Jackson advocates imposing martial law that would be enforced by the same, Black thugs that are terrorizing the City while demanding more wealthredistribution as racial retribution. The result will inevitably resemble the slave rebellion in Haiti which resulted in almost all white people being exterminated.

    Political correctness be damned, we can not allow ourselves to be cowed into refusing to state the obvious.


  8. HughStone says:

    He is covers his mouth at certain key points.

    One is when he says “All they can do is LOOK at the gunshops” I had to play that one more than once. @1:12

    @ 1:26 Can anybody understand what he says.


  9. LittleLaughter says:

    Well, Jesse, I don’t want to be the “heppless” one who cannot defend myself against the criminals who will not care about your “Reconstruction” efforts! The guns being purchased from that gun store you would so like to see shut down, are not likely all purchased by the thugs doing the killings, but rather those guns being used in crimes were purchase illegally on the street after they were stolen from a law abidning citizen.


  10. mcfyre2012 says:

    Reverend Hairlip lost me at military weapons that blow up infrastructure. Much like Reverend Al, I just can’t take anything Jesse says seriously.


  11. John Galt says:

    Toward the end: “some plan for reconstruction. And we know how to do it. We’ve done it around the world.”

    WTF is he talking about? Everything that Zero has done “around the world” has been a complete fustercluck.


  12. czarowniczy says:

    JJ is a modern day Kingfish, if he hadn’t been standing next to MLK when he was shot he’d be on street corner doing 3 card monte. To show , post-Katrina,how the evil white contractors were ignoring black New Orleans black workers looking for work by stuffing their crews with ‘Mexicans’ he had a bus full of what hew called New Orleans men eager for work driven to NOLA. He called the press and staged an arrival with these ‘New Orleans men’ brought home from the 4-corners of the country, eager for work. Problem was that someone hadn’t coached them well enough. Most were not from New Orleans and they most surely didn’t want to do the work the ‘Mexicans’ were doing, up on roof tops in broiling weather putting blue tarps on roofs. Press exposed the mess and the excuse was that the NOLA residents were scattered to the four winds and he was just showing how…blahblahblah. Even the local black politicians avoided him post-K. Now if JJ would have said how many of those guns used in Chi-town shootings came from places such as Oxford, Ms where ‘certain’ groups have been tied to buying and shipping guns to the Midwest, Chicago in particular…then again, if the evil guns hadn’t have tempted the poor, disenfranchised and socioeconomically deprived street thugs…


  13. Since I don’t speak Mahogany, I had to get my buddy Trayvon* to translate JJ for me.

    * “Yeah, we be bro’s” … because I’ve cornered the Grape Soda market in Hell. 👿


  14. thomas cuny says:

    The audio was recorded on two different microphones with a delay between the two.
    Does anyone have a transcript?


  15. Tracker 3 says:

    Standard Jesse Jackson response. How anyone can take this man serious is beyond me. Not only does he ramble incoherently but his grasp of reality is suspect. No wonder low information voters/people spout some of this crazy crap…they take what was spewed by this man and scream it from the ghetto corners.
    This man does have influence though and plenty of ill gained dollars to push his agenda. His talk of revamping the Constitution and establishing what ends up to be martial law is jaw dropping. Can we get a talking point sent to him to say that semi auto rifles/pistols can’t bring down planes or infrastructure. If you want to see how infrastructure can be destroyed look at any inner city ranibow coalition community.


    • Dr. Bogus Pachysandra says:

      “semi auto rifles/pistols can’t bring down planes ”

      How much of a “lead” do you need to shoot down a plane? Could President Oskeeter do it?


    • Sharon says:

      The issue of “how anyone can take this man serious(ly)….” is a good one. Unfortunately, today our elected offices, bureacracies and regulatory agencies are chock full of individuals wielding authority who have not been “taken seriously” by anyone who actually knows them for most of their lives.

      Doesn’t change the fact that they are ones planting the charges that are, rather dependably, blowing up our nation.

      Being qualified to be taken seriously is not a requirement for public influence or power these days…thanks to those who have been either unwilling or unable to THINK since about 1990.


      • janc1955 says:

        Amen. It’s no longer about how much you know, but about how willing you are to shoot off your mouth despite being unable to form a coherent thought.


  16. Coast says:

    From his facial expressions, he’s not all there. Hope he’s not a danger to anyone.


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