Obamacare – Further Down The Slippery Slope….. U.K. NHS Already There…

Remember when we were talking about the enevitable slippery slope of Obamacare in conjunction with the Nanny State mindset, and taken to its logical conclusion?

Doctor ObamaBig brother to log your drinking habits and waist size as GPs are forced to hand over confidential records – GPs are to be forced to hand over confidential records on all their patients’ drinking habits, waist sizes and illnesses.

The files will be stored in a giant information bank that privacy campaigners say represents the ‘biggest data grab in NHS history’. They warned the move would end patient confidentiality and hand personal information to third parties.

The data includes weight, cholesterol levels, body mass index, pulse rate, family health history, alcohol consumption and smoking status.  Diagnosis of everything from cancer to heart disease to mental illness would be covered. Family doctors will have to pass on dates of birth, postcodes and NHS numbers.

Officials insisted the personal information would be made anonymous and deleted after analysis.

But Ross Anderson, professor of security engineering at Cambridge University, said: ‘Under these proposals, medical confidentiality is, in effect, dead and there is currently nobody standing in the way.’ Nick Pickles, of the privacy group Big Brother Watch, said NHS managers would now be in charge of our most confidential information.

He added: ‘It is unbelievable how little the public is being told about what is going on, while GPs are being strong-armed into handing over details about their patients and to not make a fuss.

‘Not only have the public not been told what is going on, none of us has been asked to give our permission for this to happen.’


The data grab is part of Everyone Counts, a programme to extend the availability of patient data across the Health Service.  GPs will be required to send monthly updates on their patients to a central database run by the NHS’s Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Health chiefs will be able to demand information on every patient, such as why they have been referred to a consultant. Another arm of the NHS will supply data on patient prescriptions.

In a briefing for GPs, health chiefs admit that ‘patient identifiable components’ will be demanded, including post code and date of birth.  NHS officials insist the information centre will be a ‘safe haven’ for personal data, which will be deleted soon after it is received.

The information will be used to analyse demand for services and improve treatment.

But a document outlining the scheme even raises the prospect of clinical data being passed on or sold to third parties.  It states: ‘The patient identifiable components will not be released outside the safe haven except as permitted by the Data Protection Act.

‘HSCIC … will store the data and link it only where approved and necessary, ensuring that patient confidentiality is protected.’

Personal: The data collected includes pulse rate, weight, cholesterol levels, body mass index, family health history, alcohol and smoking status

Patients will not be able to opt out of the system(read more)

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20 Responses to Obamacare – Further Down The Slippery Slope….. U.K. NHS Already There…

  1. czarowniczy says:

    Yes, sounds like the posts were written by Orwell BUT before I left the intel business there were people doing high-fives and handsprings in the halls when it was announced that the medical-industrial complex (my wife’s phrase) would be forced to make everyone’s total medical information virtually available to anyone in the world with a ‘need to know’. Of course the excuse was it was for our own good, our info would be available to any physician in the system in case we needed emergency care away from home, would be available to hospitals without delay to help plan for stays and available instantly to other physicians if we changed primary care physicians and without fear of being lost in the mail. When we were told it would all be protected by a government (by law only the NSA can provide it) encryption system that would guarantee its security from prying eyes we laughed so hard tears came out of our own. ALL of you financial transaction records are encrypted by the financial firms that hold them BUT again, by law, the NSA must have the key to that encryption system also. So now the Feds have virtual access to everything from your income to your outgo to your med files to your emails – without end. The Beltway firms that they hire to do search and analytical algorithms have already begun to develop programs that will crawl the data and build a profile of – well – whoever they want, and other algorithms will build profiles of – well – anyone they want using said ‘purely anonymous’ data. Buying ammo – baying gun cleaning supplies but don’t have a gun on records? Michelle wakes up an the wrong side of the bed and decides that every white male with a BMI in excess of 29 whose cell phone GPS puts him in an ice cream shop must be tracked down and publicly flogged? Obama looking for Treepers to use instead of clay birds as we biodegrade faster? BWAAAHAHAHAHA!

    Just wait until you go to buy a gun and the salesman, after running your record’s check, asks you how your hemorrhoids are doing.


    • stellap says:

      Reminds me of the article I read the other day about the credit companies providing (supposedly) private salary history of approx 1/3 of the U.S. population to creditors, potential employers etc.


      • waltherppk says:

        We will all be assigned a guinea pig specimen identification number and associated “patient profile” but it will be called something different that sounds more socially pleasing and progressive than calling it Gestapo subject dossier number so and so.


      • czarowniczy says:

        That’s no sweat – there are at least two commercial systems who buy and sell peoples’ credit histories (not the three credit reporting agencies) that police at the local to Federal levels use, along with skip tracers and just about anyone else with about $25 a search. Some of the on-line ‘find anyone’ services use them and filter the info. The 3 credit reporting agencies sell certain info to credit card companies, that’s why you get those ‘preapproved’ offers in the mail. Your stuff ain’t safe no mo’.


    • ytz4mee says:

      Just recently we were singled out for “secondary inspection” while crossing the US border by car. The reason? They wanted to question why only “some” in our party were flying internally to another part of the country that day and why we were not all going together.

      It’s already here.


      • czarowniczy says:

        It’s bullshit meant to make the public believe that somethings actually getting done. While working fro a Federal agency on loan we surveilled a business suspected of being involved in international drug dealing. We took photos of a vehicle in front and when a DEA person saw them he blurted out that they knew about 10 kilos of weed were in it then wouldn’t say anything more. When we dug through the agency’s database we found it had crossed the US/Mexican border some dozen times in the last three months, each time with a flimsy BS excuse that wouldn’t pass the muster in a kindergarten class. Only later did we find out this guy’s been moving drugs in the area for nearly thirty years and everyone from the locals to the Feds knew it yet he was never busted – go figure. Wart on Drugs is over 30 years old and all that’s happened is drugs are more available and cheaper.


        • ytz4mee says:

          You mean, just like our govt knew the socialist leaning Nuns in Central America were the actual force behind the drug trade there while conducting the “War on Drugs” …. ?? Like that?


          • czarowniczy says:

            Like how certain US agencies seem to pop up wherever there are illegal drugs. How Laotian drug lords were evacuated from SEA when VN fell while Nung and Hmong fighters were left to die. How flights from Central America to tiny Mena, Arkansas made the airport a rival for Atlanta traffic at times. How no one screws with the Bekaa valley even though it’s lousy with terrs as it supplies so much of Europe’s drugs. How the Taliban banned opium production in Afghanistan but almost immediately after our invasion they were growing it again and State was excusing their doing so. Like how the War on Drugs is some 40 years old but they are more plentiful and somewhat cheaper now. I’m just saying…


  2. waltherppk says:

    All citizens are being reclassified by government as patients first and citizens having privacy or any other rights second. Doctors will now make your decisions for you and government bureaucrats and social engineers will tell those doctors what your decisions are. See how that works ? It is the ultimate diabolical control scheme for implementing tyranny by changing the fundamental priority status of every citizen to being a patient first and a citizen second, where every life management decision is taken out of the hands of the citizen because the priority (or more accurately the pretense, of course) is for “more knowledgeable experts” to make decisions as to what is best for their “patients”. Welcome to the brave new world ….it is a global medical clinic where you of course are now declared by law to be the “patient” and “medical experts” will decide what is best for you.


  3. waltherppk says:

    This stuff is mark of the beast implementation phase 1.


  4. retire2005 says:

    SUNDANCE, quick, screen grap THIS:


    The photof Obama is dated Aug. 4, 2012.

    The article is dated in January, 2012.

    Nothing about this administration is honest.


  5. BertDilbert says:

    Everybody at arms and man your post! THEY ARE COMING FOR OUR BACON!

    Bacon Control Act of 2013 – only 7 strips of bacon per package…

    Heh, just kidding….


  6. The original code name was not “Everyone Counts”
    it was “Everybody Counts” but it was deemed to be too close to the actual truth: “Every Body Counts”


  7. lovemygirl says:

    As a former athlete, I can’t wait until the “health freaks” hit a certain age and develop health problems. Perhaps knee replacement surgery for pounding on the pavement rather than an approved government track. Maybe even something genetic rather than a lifestyle. Good luck when you age and have no problems.


  8. czarowniczy says:

    Paranoids just might say that part of the planning was based on a ‘patient’ not wanting to tell his doctor(s) everything as his/her medical details might be a bit too personal to share with the Usual Suspect drones the Feds hire to paw through your records. In a certain number of people this would complicate their treatments and increase the probability that they’d die, thereby lowering their numbers, gleaning society and redistributing more estate taxes to the perpetually needy. Win-win unless you’re the deceased.


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