Contrast ! – While We Are Being Disarmed, Frisked, Cavity Searched, and Subject To VIPER – You Might Be Interested: Main Benghazi Terrorist Walks Freely, Sips Cocktails, and Scoffs At American Weakness

Casablanca — Although Ahmed Boukhtala is the main suspect in the September 11th terrorist attack on US consulate in Benghazi as well as a suspect in assassination of Libyan rebel commander Major General Abdelfattah Younis, he continues to live freely in Benghazi.

Conflicting reports have claimed that Boukhtala was imprisoned while others have said he escaped from prison and is now a fugitive. However, sources in Benghazi told Magharebia that Boukhtala remains at large and that the Libyan authorities have not arrested him.

“Boukhtala is not detained, and no official charges were made against him,” political activist Samir al-Jahani told Magharebia. “However, there are many suspicions around him.”

Al-Jahani believes that the government is trying as much as it can to avoid charges and clashes with extremist groups at this stage.

“Boukhtala belongs to an extremist group, and he is still followed by some gunmen. However, he no longer has his own militias since his Abu Obeida Bin al-Jarrah brigade was disbanded,” al-Jahani added.

undefinedHe also noted that 41-year-old Boukhtala is a regular person without any qualifications in Sharia sciences. “Some call him sheikh only because of his long beard and because he was the commander of Abi Obeida Bin al-Jarrah brigade during the revolution,” he added.

In a December 19th interview with Libya’s Quryna, Boukhtala vaguely responded to charges that he was behind the attack on the US consulate, which left the US ambassador and three other Americans dead.

He neither denied nor confirmed his responsibility for the terrorist attack. Instead, he tried to justify the assault by claiming that the place that was targeted was not a consulate but a security facility belonging to the consulate.  (more)

Meanwhile in The United States Of America


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3 Responses to Contrast ! – While We Are Being Disarmed, Frisked, Cavity Searched, and Subject To VIPER – You Might Be Interested: Main Benghazi Terrorist Walks Freely, Sips Cocktails, and Scoffs At American Weakness

  1. czarowniczy says:

    We were looking at Mexican coyotes bringing Islamic terrorists in over the southern border in late 2001 – anyone remember the van with. Midwesterners’ in it that crashed south of the US border in line with the Bush ranch and, when the Mex police got to it, they found AKs and RPGs inside? That was a very short-lived story, got spiked in record time. Did a wee bit of work on Muslims in Mexico – the areas around Mexico city have a lot as does the state right on the Guatemalan border. There are some Muslim villages in Mexico that are over a hundred years old and allegedly some interesting connections to the Tri-Border Area, but that was Southcom’s territory. The Muslim influence in Latin and South America is growing and with the loose enforcement of laws there (just throw a lot of cash around and you’re home free) I’d imagine that the entire area, Mexico in particular, will be a major Muslim terrorist day spa in short order. If we look back on how much US the War on Drugs has slowed the flood of narcotics you can imagine how much good the War on Terrorism will do in keeping us safe when the bad guys ramp-up here as they’ve in – let’s say – Chechnya. The Muslims are establishing a solid base in Latin and South America and once they feel they are rooted there, things may get real interesting here.


  2. akathesob says:

    What the sam-hell?/!


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