Fabricated Prosecution – Can The Full Weight Of The State And Media Outweigh The Justice System ?…..


Martin Family, with Attorney Benjamin Crump and Black Advocates wait to hear if George Zimmerman would be arrested.   Did the Scheme Work?  April 11th 2012

The Discovery Evidence in case of State of Florida vs. George Zimmerman clearly shows that Witness #8 “DeeDee” the mysterious girlfriend of Trayvon Martin is 18-years-old.

[pg #1 F-2] Witness #8 is 18-years-old and was 18 at the time of Benjamin Crump’s interview with her on 3/19/12 according to her sworn statement to State Prosecutors on 4/2/12.

Yet Trayvon Family of Attorneys reported to the public and to the media that DeeDee, known as Witness #8 (W8)  was 16-years-old on 3/20/12 ?  The family lawyers together with the State Prosecution Team continued to lie, deceive, and attempted to hide the truth.

Why is this important?   Well, for a couple of reasons.  Not the least of which is the conspiracy to deceive -AND- intentional fabrication of evidence or malicious prosecution.

  • Police Chief Bill Lee Said he had “no cause to arrest Zimmerman,” nor “any evidence to dispute Zimmerman’s accounts” on Tuesday March 13th.
  • Together with the professional race-baiting class, on Friday March 16th, the Trayvon Martin crew of family attorneys (aka The Scheme Team) pressured Sanford Mayor Triplett and got the 911 call tapes Police Chief Lee had requested to remain sealed evidence as the investigation continued.
  • Subsequently Benjamin Crump said he “found out about DeeDee” through Tracy Martin (Trayvon’s dad) on Sunday “night” March 18th.
  • The following day, Crump produced DeeDee in voice only.  Using ABC’s Matt Gutman on Monday night March 19th. (The interview where the reported rules, from Gutman himself, were only Ben Crump was allowed to ask questions *cough* ‘plausible deniability’ *cough* risk avoidance *cough*).
  • Benjamin Crump then held a press conference with all the media on Tuesday March 20th, where he introduced the devastated girlfriend DeeDee ear-witness.

A full week later on March 27th Florida Attorney Pam Bondi was stating clearly that “DeeDee” had refused interviews with authorities as noted in this, now released because it was forced to sunlight, transcript.

Pam Bondi:  Well, what we’ve done is appoint a special prosecutor. And that’s what she’s doing.  Conducting a thorough investigation because we need to get Trayvon’s girlfriend to cooperate which I don’t know if was happening previously.  And they may have had good reason for that.  But she’s cooperating now.

However, as previously reported by the former prosecuting State Attorney, Police Chief Bill Lee and the media, a Grand Jury was already impaneled to seat on April 10th.

A grand jury was already scheduled for April 10th when on Thursday March 22nd Police Chief Bill Lee, was forced to, pressured to, voluntarily stepped down.

The following day on Friday March 23rd the media was reporting the first stories of DeeDee now being subpoenaed to appear.

RadarOnline – The Florida State Attorney’s Office has prepared a subpoena for Trayvon Martin‘s girlfriend, who was on the phone with him in the moments before the unarmed African American teen was shot and killed by George Zimmerman, to appear in front a grand jury that will be impaneled on April 10, to determine if the neighborhood watch captain should be charged with murder, RadarOnline.com is exclusively reporting. […]

Trayvon’s girlfriend has been told that the Florida State Attorney’s Office has prepared a subpoena for her to appear in front of the grand jury. She has hired a lawyer to advise her and make sure that her rights are protected. Her attorney has told prosecutors that she is ready to appear and is looking forward to telling the grand jury what really happened on February 26,” a source close to the situation tells RadarOnline.com

But also on Friday March 23rd a new special prosecutor Angela Corey was assigned to the case who replaced Norm Wolfinger:

FLORIDA – A conservative, hard-nosed state attorney, Angela Corey, has been appointed special prosecutor to take over the investigation of the Trayvon Martin slaying. Originally the case was in the hands of Brevard/Seminole County State Attorney Norm Wolfinger, who had convened a grand jury for April 10. But the growing national and now international attention given the shooting of the unarmed 17-year-old spurred Florida Gov. Rick Scott and Atty. Gen. Pam Bondi to turn the case over to Corey. It’s unclear whether the grand jury will now meet.

Subsequently, after March 23rd something changed with the new STAR WITNESS.   Because while DeeDee might have been “looking forward to testifying” according to her attorney [Daryl Parks], she was still refusing to talk to investigators as noted by Bondi a full four days later.

Benjamin Crump “officially” introduced DeeDee, via the media, on Tuesday March 20th.  On Thursday March 22nd Wolfinger subpoenaed DeeDee for the Grand Jury scheduled for April 10th.  On Friday March 23rd Wolfinger was replaced with Corey. On Tuesday March 27th DeeDee was still refusing to be interviewed.

After Angela Corey took over the case (March 23rd), and sometime after March 27th, DeeDee became more open to being interviewed/questioned.

We now know who was present during that initial interview with “DeeDee” on April 2nd.

The interview took place at Trayvon Martin’s mothers apartment in Fort Lauderdale.  Sybrina Fulton, Tacy Martin, Prosecutor Bernie De La Rionda, Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson, Daryl Parks were all there.    “DeeDee” had to be tracked down by investigators and brought to the apartment.   Details Below from Discovery:


DeeDee was, according to her own attorney on March 23rd, willing to testify to the Grand Jury already scheduled for April 10th.  But once Angela Corey got the case (same day) things changed.   A different approach was now possible….

On the possibility that there might not have to be a grand jury hearing on  April 10 Daryl Parks spoke to Joe Madison (talk radio) March 28th:

Attorney Daryl Parks: “…we believe there might be a better due course,  legally…[Florida State Attorney] Angela Corey—once she takes the statements of  the witnesses she has the power to do what’s called a ‘direct filing.’ And that  circumvents [having to] go to the grand jury.”

The family wants Zimmerman to have his day in court, so they can have  theirs:

Daryl Parks: “We are pushing for the day that we see George Zimmerman suffer  what you see many others in our community suffer—he [should be] arrested,  handcuffed and brought before a judge to face his day. We want him to have his  day in court so we can have our day in court and watch him.”

(correction from earlier) DeeDee interviewed with State Prosecutors on April 2nd (as above) and again on April 8th , August 2nd  only this time they flew her to Jacksonville, she returned home April 9th August 3rd.

On Monday April 9th, the Grand Jury was cancelled.    On Tuesday April 10th the charges for arrest were processed for George Zimmerman the public was notified and a major press conference delivered by Angela Corey carried live on TV.   Second Degree murder charges were filed.

On Wednesday April 11th George Zimmerman was arrested.

What was it about DeeDee, and about that early April interview, that made the prosecution pull the plug on the Grand Jury?     Could it have anything to do with the fact that who they “sold” DeeDee to be in the public, “16-year-old girlfriend” (March 20th), did not match up with the person they all now knew DeeDee to be (April 2nd)?    18-Year-Old?  or is she…..

Keyser SÖze


(ABC) Trayvon Martin’s Last Phone Call Triggers Demand for Arrest ‘Right Now’

ABC News was there exclusively as the 16-year-old girl told Crump about the last moments of the teenager’s life. Martin had been talking to his girlfriend all the way to the store where he bought Skittles and a tea. The phone was in his pocket and the earphone in his ear, Crump said. – Matt Gutman

Gutman tweet 2

Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump jasmine rand 1 natalie Jackson Parks and Crump

Attorneys’ Benjamin Crump, Natalie Jackson, Jasmine Rand and Daryl Parks also falsely identified DeeDee as Trayvon’s 16-year-old girlfriend. Here – and Here – and Here – misleading the public and the courts.

The Global Grind also reported the details on behalf of the family:

Scheme Team with Russel Simmons April 14

The 16-year-old girl who was on the phone with Trayvon Martin in his final moments has come forward, saying that she has not been interviewed by Sanford police – despite Trayvon telling her he was being followed.

[…] Trayvon’s 16-year-old girlfriend, who is only being identified as DeeDee, recounted the final moments of her conversation with Trayvon before the line went dead. (article continues)

But she’s not Sixteen, she’s Eighteen. So what gives? What else are they lying about?



And why did the State of Florida never correct the hundreds of interviews given by the Trayvon Family and their Legal Representatives to both media, and law enforcement, where they claimed “DeeDee” was a 16-year-old minor?

Michelle Obama and Sybrina Fulton Daryl Parks and President Obama

Michelle Obama and Sybrina Fulton (Trayvon Mom) – Attorney Daryl Parks and President Obama

Something is SERIOUSLY rotten here. Perhaps it is not illegal to lie to the public, and perhaps it is not illegal for the media to assist in lying to the public, but it cannot be legal to lie to State Prosecuting authorities, manipulate evidence, and manufacture a falsehood just to get a person convicted of a crime.

Or, perhaps that should be a question: “in the new Obama-America is it” ?


March 20th 2012 – ON CNN – CNN legal analyst, Sunny Hostin joining, me now with more on all of this. Why don’t we go ahead and start with Trayvon’s cell phone friend? I understand you actually have a copy of her sworn affidavit. Give us the details, Sunny. We’ll kind of unfold the conversation from there.

SUNNY HOSTIN, CNN LEGAL ANALYST: Good morning, Kyra. I do not have a copy, though, of the sworn affidavit, but I did speak to one of the Martin family attorneys this morning for at least half an hour and she and I discussed this phone call.

Apparently Trayvon Martin on that night had been trading phone calls with a 16-year-old friend, a girl, and as they traded phone calls, one of the last phone calls, was at about 7:04.

Trayvon Martin told his friend that someone was following him. He was nervous. He was concerned. She explained to him that he should run. He told her he was not going to run, but he was going to walk quickly in an effort to get away from the person that he thought was pursuing him.

Well, Kyra, she then heard Trayvon Martin say to someone, “Why are you following me?”

That person then said to Trayvon Martin, “Who are you? Why are you here? What is your name?”

At that point at about 7:16 p.m., she says that the phone call dropped, that she felt that someone had pushed or tackled Trayvon and, at that point, the phone call dropped.

She tried to call him several times after that, no response, and, according to the timeline that the police are giving us, someone from the police department did arrive at about 7:17, just a minute later.

PHILLIPS: OK. So, Sunny, from what you just told us and what we’re learning about this phone call with this lady friend and what she is saying happened and how this al unfolded that night, still, how does this play a part in the number of investigations that are going on now because George Zimmerman has not been charged?

He says he was acting in self-defense. So, how does this play into the many ongoing investigations?

HOSTIN: Well, certainly this is very frustrating for the family. That is what the family attorney told me. They are pleased that so many people have stepped forward and are investigating this case, but she just told me, the family attorney, that the state attorney’s office in Florida has sent this to the grand jury.

That will happen on April 10th, so that is breaking news, Kyra. Our understanding is that the grand jury will be looking at this case on April 10th and, so, the case certainly is moving forward in that regard. (continue reading historical transcript from CNN)

Well if, on 3/20/12 the female Martin Family Attorney (either Natalie Jackson or Jasmine Rand) was conveying a frustration the case was going to a Grand Jury, then perhaps that is why the need to manufacture evidence and avoid the potential dismissal, or GJ nullification. Perhaps that is why they needed to make up a “reason for an arrest”? They did not want to risk the Grand Jury.

This CNN interview, along with dozens of others, provides no escape for the lie about DeeDee that the attorneys apparently coordinated.

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73 Responses to Fabricated Prosecution – Can The Full Weight Of The State And Media Outweigh The Justice System ?…..

  1. akathesob says:

    WOW Most excellent article. You have really shinned the light on who and what this bunch is all about. Great job Sundancecracker…


  2. Wraith says:

    Zimmerman’s gonna get railroaded. I wish it weren’t so, but… 😦


    • floridianne says:

      Releasing the 911/NEN calls gave them all the information needed to fabricate the DeeDee testimony. The state of FL needs to re-think the way evidence is released into the public realm. People are entitled to a fair trial because their lives are being impacted by the full force and power of the state. Instead the state plays their system like it’s a game. The entire case is a farce based on a pc affidavit where none exists…as explained by Chief Lee, et al. This is due to coercion by toadies who, not being sworn law enforcement officers, have no understanding of the duty and burden to actually prove a crime. And officers of the court possessing no conscience. A disgrace.


      • LoudaJew says:

        I think any thinking person can figure out that Crump and Co. matched DD’s story with George’s NEN call. now, it’s for the defense to depo that girl/woman.getting a depo from her will be interesting.


  3. arkansasmimi says:

    “Subsequently, after March 23rd something changed with the new STAR WITNESS. Because while DeeDee might have been “looking forward to testifying” according to her attorney Ben Crump, she was still refusing to talk to investigators as noted by Bondi a full four days later.
    SO CHUMP IS DD ATTNY TOO? Wouldnt that be some kind of conflict of interest~ in the real world?


    • sundance says:

      Daryl Parks took point on reppin’ “DeeDee” ( I meant to write Parks and will update). As noted in the March 23 RadarOnLine article she was “represented”….


      “On Monday, agents interviewed Martin’s girlfriend, the 16-year-old girl who, phone records show, was on the line with him shortly before the fatal confrontation, Martin family attorney Daryl Parks confirmed Tuesday.”


      Look at the statement of events from the 4/2/12 meeting….. “and later by Natalie Jackson and Daryl Parks”….. Then an overnight in Jacksonville 4/8 => 4/9. Who lives in Jacksonville? Daryl Parks.

      “DeeDee is represented” – DeeDee gives interview on 4/2 and all the players present are outlined. Her representative would be recorded. Who was recorded in attendance?

      The whole thing is a sham. Benjamin Crump created the narrative, Daryl Parks took lead on deeDee representation….. It’s all right there in front of everyone.


      • arkansasmimi says:

        THANKS SD! I think we all had pretty much thought one of them was repping DD. But lol when I saw Chump name, It just got me! Hope I didnt sound snarky, I didnt mean to if it did. Figured all along had to be one of them, to keep anyone else from finding out their “gig”


        • jello333 says:

          Crump, Parks, Jackson…. they’re all morphed into a single person, as far as I’m concerned. Virtually no daylight between them…. legally, morally, ethically.


      • James F says:

        Parks had a long busy day. He was on live with Nancy Grace April 2, 2012 – 20:00 ET, acting like the prosecution’s interview earlier that day never happened yet and still lying about DeeDee being a minor.

        PARKS: Well, part of the problem is she`s a minor so it`s a very delicate situation.

        GRACE: So? What`s delicate?

        PARKS: They`re trying to protect —

        GRACE: Bring the parents in.

        PARKS: Well, one, she`s been traumatized. Number two, they`re trying to work out the process. Obviously the prosecutors and their investigators have to travel to South Florida to do it. So those things are happening as we speak.



        • hoonan says:

          Did anybody catch this in the Nancy Grace interview with the cousin?

          RONQUAVIS FULTON, TRAYVON MARTIN`S COUSIN: Yes, Nancy. How are you doing?
          GRACE: I`m hanging in there and I want to know how his family is doing.
          FULTON: Oh, man, it`s been tough going. I mean, a murderer is still out there at-large. You know we have no peace until justice has been served.
          GRACE: Ronquavis Fulton, I want to talk to you about Trayvon Martin. Do you know this girl he was talking to on the phone that evening?
          FULTON: No, but I met her at the funeral.
          GRACE: You did?
          FULTON: Yes.

          I thought DD wasn’t at the funeral….hmmmmmmmmm…so many liars telling so many lies….


      • recoverydotgod says:

        The date [3/28] of the Joe Madison show interview [3/28] of Daryl Parks is clear at this link:


        SiriusXM’s Joe Madison welcomed Travyon Martin’s father Tracey Martin and Daryl Parks, the Martin family attorney and advocate, for an interview in studio on his SiriusXM “Joe Madison Show” today (Wednesday, March 28) at SiriusXM’s studios in Washington, D.C.

        This CNN report also was interesting. Why would “Martin family attorney Daryl Parks” confirm FBI agents interviewed Martin’s girlfriend was my question.

        War of words continues in Trayvon Martin case
        By the CNN Wire Staff
        updated 8:27 PM EDT, Tue April 3, 2012



        FBI agents were in Sanford on Tuesday, continuing their interviews in a civil rights investigation of the case, which Martin family supporters say is a clear-cut case of racial profiling leading to an unjust killing. One of the people they met with Tuesday is Frank Taaffe, Zimmerman’s neighbor and friend.

        On Monday, agents interviewed Martin’s girlfriend, the 16-year-old girl who, phone records show, was on the line with him shortly before the fatal confrontation, Martin family attorney Daryl Parks confirmed Tuesday.



  4. LoudaJew says:

    what else are they lying about? very true Sundance


    • CMSIQ says:

      What aren’t they lying about? When political goals and financial reward intersect, people turn into rabid dogs. To hell with the truth, they wouldn’t care if Zimmerman was drawn and quartered.

      They will lose…and lose badly.

      It’s not just conservatives who see the light on this.


      • jello333 says:

        “It’s not just conservatives who see the light on this.”

        That’s true… NOW. After the tide has started to shift dramatically. But early on, even up till fairly recently, it really WAS mostly conservatives on the right side of this fight. And me being anything but a conservative, I’m ashamed to admit the vast majority of people on the left were (and to a large extent still are) WRONG about the facts of this case. In fact, a good part of the problem for the whole thing came from a certain segment of the left… that being the race-baiters (Sharpton, etc).

        So anyway, I just wanted to make sure to give credit where due. Not that anyone needs my help, but for my own conscience I wanna do it. While there are exceptions (like Jaralyn, and Deshowitz… and ME 😉 ) the people who really fought this thing early on when it mattered most, and helped get us to the point we are today, HAVE been, for the most part, conservatives.


  5. Sharon says:

    I haven’t read the article yet, and I’m about to–but sheesh, just the posing that had to be involved for that picture is nauseating.

    “Ok everybody grab a hand—ok. Everybody got somebody’s else’s hand? No, Crumpster–not her thigh–her HAND. Now…everybody looking at the camera? Nobody should holding their own hands—-everybody holding somebody else’s hand? Everybody looking at the camera? Look serious. Traumatized and serious and handholding……..we’ve been here for two hours, folks…let’s this done…ok? OK????”

    or something like that.


  6. docraoul says:

    Jack Cashill gives shout out to the TreeHouse.



    • canadacan says:

      George is going to be acquitted


      • CMSIQ says:

        There is very little doubt that GZ will be acquitted.

        I believe I read that Crump needs to get past the Stand Your Ground hearing, and then nothing will stop him from his millions. If so, that is where all their efforts will be.

        He deserves the same fate as Nikong. While I don’t know enough about that aspect of the law. I have to think it is a likely outcome with the transparent lying schemes he’s tried to pull so far.


        • jello333 says:

          No jury, no way. It MAY not even get to the immunity hearing (except as a formality), because I can see it being dismissed, at the request of the state, once things get too hairy for the Scheme Team. But if it does get to the hearing, that’ll be it. Won’t even matter if Judge Nelson turns out to be as bad as Lester. If she rules the wrong way, out of bias or more likely fear, it’ll be appealed. They’ll almost certainly win the appeal, but if not, then it’s on the the Florida SC. And if they lose THAT appeal… well, only then will this go to trial. Oh, and if that one in a million possibility comes to pass, then what are the chances that all 6 jurors vote to convict? Nope… hung jury (no many how many retrials are ordered) at worst for George.

          So no… no chance of George ever being convicted.


    • jordan2222 says:

      6 jurors, not 12.


  7. justfactsplz says:

    What else are they lying about? A LOT. I think the corruption goes to the very top. I found it interesting when the media showed Obama and Governor Scott exchanging words at an airport in South America. What business did they have together? They are not all that chummy to my knowledge. They just happened to both be there and run into each other I suppose. NOT.


  8. realitycheck says:

    Why, in August, was witness 8 flown to Jacksonville?


    • sundance says:

      My guess: To meet personally with Angela Corey and tell her story again. To wit Corey dropped the impaneling of the Grand Jury the next day (4/9), and instead chose to use DeeDee’s offering in the charging document “affidavit for arrest”. Which was put together 4/10.


    • Maybe by that time the State finally got around to looking at all the evidence they realized Dee Dee wasn’t being entirely truthful?

      I still think that they didn’t really look at much of the evidence before charging George. It explains why they had such a thin Affidavit of Probable Cause. Their first priority was to arrest and charge. They figured they’d find something in the evidence to support the charge once they had a chance to look at it. Oops.


  9. jordan2222 says:

    I have not digested all of this yet, but these things glared at first glance:

    How does someone legally refuse to talk to investigators?

    So Parks is the attorney for the 16 year old DeeDee? Wow!

    “On Thursday March 22nd Wolfinger subpoenaed DeeDee for the Grand Jury scheduled for April 10th.”
    Where is that subpoena? Does it have an address on it?

    Where is a copy of her sworn affidavit?

    What could possibly be the excuse for not turning over all the things mentioned in just this one thread to the defense?


    • sundance says:

      “On Thursday March 22nd Wolfinger subpoenaed DeeDee for the Grand Jury scheduled for April 10th.” Where is that subpoena? Does it have an address on it?

      Another exceptional point. Yes, indeed. If that report is correct then Wolfinger would have a physical copy of the address used to deliver a supeonea, unless he was giving it directly via hand to the Scheme Team…

      Then Don West could compare that address, to the address of the person who would show up at the deposition. Hmmmmm??? good point. 😉


      • jordan2222 says:

        Her age and address should also be in the sworn affidavit, What else would be in it?

        Where is her sworn statement or did they even bother to get one? .


  10. smoothcriminal says:

    Daryl Parks: “WE are pushing for the day that WE SEE George Zimmerman suffer what YOU SEE many others in OUR community suffer—he [should be] arrested, handcuffed and brought before a judge to face his day. WE want him to have his day in court so WE can have OUR day in court and WATCH HIM.”
    This right here tells us what this case is about: revenge. revenge against “the white man” who is “keeping them down”….they feel blacks are wronged, so they want to wrong a “white” man, even if he is hispanic. The plies rap “100 years” lays it out (and it should be noted plies supported trayvon early on, and his support was embraced by the trayvonites):

    [Verse 2]
    Ain’t talked to my dog yet but I know he sick
    Next fifteen years of his life behind a fence
    Cracker find a nigga guilty and hit him wit’ the bench
    Gave one of my dogs twenty-seven on his first offense
    The time they givin’ the nigga for the crime ain’t makin’ sense
    They jacked the number up now it’s eighty-five percent
    They did that to make you fuck niggas out there snitch
    And put conspiracy in the game to railroad the click
    And crackers feel like niggas ain’t got no common sense
    A nigga paper ain’t right they banned off the rip
    A public defender don’t get you shit but a long trip
    And judge sentencin innocent niggas without a guilt


    [Verse 3]
    How in the fuck can fo’ birds get you a life sentence?
    But give a cracker seven years for money launderin’ millions
    Shoot a nigga in the leg they sentence you like you killed ’em
    Cracker catch you wit’ that herron and throw you under the buildin’
    You a nigga that mean you guilty ’til proven innocent
    MOney talk and bullshit walk a thousand miles
    You ain’t got a paid lawyer then don’t go to trial
    Crackers owe each other favors, they’ll swap ya out
    “You give us him, we’ll give you him” know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
    Nigga took thirty years on a cop out
    Fuck you get thirty years for breakin’ in a bitch house?
    Crackers playin’ a dirty game boy this shit wild

    (link to plies “we are trayvon” tribute)


    • Lynn says:

      This is really, really sick. I wonder how the Public Defender, Nancy Daniel, in Tallahassee feels about this statement:

      “A public defender don’t get you shit but a long trip
      And judge sentencin innocent niggas without a guilt”

      Nancy Daniels is, without a doubt, one of the best public defenders I have ever met. And Judge Nikki Clark in Tallahassee, who is African American, and now a First District Court of Appeal Judge, was one of the fairest judges I have ever met. My favorite rant of Judge Clark was “Young man, don’t you EVER walk into my courtroom with your pants sagging down to your knees! Pull them up now!” Usually, it was the defendants in custody, but she didn’t hesitate to repeat this to ANY of the defendants who showed up in her courtroom.

      I would love to be a fly on the wall at the Tallahassee Bar Meeting when George is exonerated of all charges. Did you help with this little song, Mr. Parks and Mr. Crump? Stomping on some toes in Tallahassee?


  11. murderbythebook says:

    Wolfinger wouldn’t direct charge GZ. He decided to go before the GJ and present the evidence and It would be up to the GJ to charge. Regarding the protests it’s the best way to go. He knew he didn’t have the evidence and it was self defense. The GJ would have come back with that. No true bill. Corey had to take the case away before that happened. She had no intention of going before a GJ. They had to charge because of protests that would turn into riots all over the country. Already it was spreading out of Florida.

    Corey has done her job. Charges are filed and it is going to trial maybe.. Honestly I don’t think she much cares about the results. She’s done and it’s on Bernie’s back now.

    I realized from the begining when this happened, he was being railroaded.

    What can the scheme team do if he is found not guilty. They have already said they will respect a jury’s verdict.


  12. myopiafree says:

    Fabricated Prosecution – Can The Full Weight Of The State And Media Outweigh The Justice System ?…..
    PROBABLY. Those “people” make my skin crawl.


  13. mrsgeosqt says:

    You guys are AWESOME and I sleep better at night knowing GZ has all of you on his side. I just donated to his defense and to your site. I wish I could do more…


  14. Sentenza says:

    Must be good to be a Specially Trained American Super Investigator.

    I like the people that say that they “are” Trayvon Martin. They don’t know who is was. His parents won’t admit who he was. The media is trying to cover up who he was.


  15. Lynn says:

    Thanks to all for the work that you have put into this case. I would be honored to work with any of you! Honestly, I’m so disgusted by this case and truly believe that George and his family will finally be rid of these parasites in the very near future. My prayers are with you, George, Shellie and family.


  16. howie says:

    When a witness appears in a grand jury I do not think they can have their lawyer there. DD was served and was going to appear or face charges. Hmmm. This is where Corey enters the picture. Wow. It don’t get any more rotten than this.


    • myopiafree says:

      The G.J. is secret. We would not know the deliberations or evidence presented. Only the result a “true bill” or “NOT”. Only prosecutor Norm Wolfinger would have presented the case – including DeeDee. This is not a ‘guilt’ review – only if there is EVIDENCE of a crime.


  17. James F says:

    Secrecy, Parks? You mean like Coreys’s secret meeting with DeeDee that still has not been disclosed to the defense?

    PARKS: Well, we all along as a legal team we’ve advocated that we wanted her to have the case more so than a grand jury. As you know, in Florida, grand juries are in secrecy. And with her having the case as a prosecutor, she’s doing the investigation, she has investigators who are questioning witnesses, she knows their statements, and she can make the decision. So we have all the confidence in the world that after her investigation, she will charge Mr. Zimmerman.

    So we’re very confident it being in her hands versus being in a secret process of a grand jury.



    • James F says:

      Parks totally knew Corey was going to arrest Zimmerman way ahead of time.

      O’BRIEN: There’s been some, I guess, reports that have said that there are expectations that George Zimmerman could be arrested this week. Have you heard those reports? And what other information are you getting from the special prosecutor, if anything at this point?

      PARKS: She’s being very nonspecific about the actual date. We are very encouraged and hopeful that she will hopefully arrest this guy this week. The longer Mr. Zimmerman walks the street right now is very unfortunate for everyone because he has killed someone. He shot and killed Trayvon. He should have been in jail.

      So, the sooner this happens, the better. Obviously, it’s totally Ms. Corey’s call. We hope that she moves in an efficient matter so not only arrested, but also lead to George Zimmerman’s conviction.

      O’BRIEN: So, when you say she’s being nonspecific about the date, or are you saying that she’s indicated or signaled to you there will be an arrest, she just hasn’t said when?

      PARKS: No, I’m not saying that. I am — I’m hopeful. I personally am hopeful that she will and I think all the evidence is there. There’s no way in my opinion that she could do anything but file charges against this guy. All the evidence is there.

      So it seems to me logically he has to be arrested.

      O’BRIEN: What about a civil case moving forward? Because obviously she would be in charge of the criminal case if there were to be one. Would you have a civil case as well?

      PARKS: Well, obviously, we would. Bu, however, our major focus right now, Soledad, is the arrest of George Zimmerman. Once we get through that and get the criminal process goes into play, then our legal team will kick into action to address the civil matter.


    • kathyca says:

      I just watched an interview with Parks,and I’ve seen a dozen with Crump. All I can say is that I’m shocked that these people passed the bar and am truly doubtful that they legit did. It’s not impossible, but really, it’s also not that easy. When a person can barely speak the English language it’s stunning to me that they could graduate and pass the bar exam.


      • James F says:

        Parks is actually President of the National Bar Association, if you can believe it!

        April 2, 2012 – 08:00 ET he did another interview with Soledad, promising a recording of Trayvon’s voice. What a busy day for Parks!

        DARYL PARKS, MARTIN FAMILY LAWYER: Well, I think it’s important because of our use of expert as lawyers. Soledad, you may not know this, but I’m also president of the National Bar Association.

        So my familiarity with expert witnesses is very, very in-depth. I think that this expert’s opinions are very important in this case and the analyses that were done by both experts will go a long way in assisting us with this case.

        O’BRIEN: One of the things that he told us, Mr. Owens, is that he did not have an audio clip of Trayvon Martin to do a comparison to be able to determine what percentage likelihood was that it is, in fact, Trayvon screaming on that tape. Is that something you’re going to provide to him or another expert analyst?

        PARKS: We are more than happy to do that immediately so that he can do additional testing. I think it’s important, though, that he did make it clear that the test he did was one way of testing it and the second aspect that he would do if he had a replica of Trayvon’s voice which we will give to him.



        • kathyca says:

          While I feel quite silly addressing the “substance” of his comments, I’ve not seen or heard where a sample of Trayvon’s voice has been submitted to analysis by experts. Kind of pointless given that his own father has said on more than one occasion that it clearly is not (not to mention the additional witness testimony on that topic). That said, the NBA is not in any way remotely connected to the ABA — which is the association for normal lawyers who took the bar and practice in due course without having to use their race as a tool to have accolades bestowed upon them. The ABA has plenty of black members who are legit. Parks, Crump, Jackson, etc. make me sick


          • James F says:

            I did not realize there were multiple national bar associations. And they try to accuse Zimmerman of being ‘self-appointed?’ What a bunch of impostors!


          • Knuckledraggingwino says:

            Is the NBA really the Negro Bar Association?

            Sorry, I can’t help myself. I would understand an association for Black lawyers if it’s name identified it as such. However; an association for Black lawyers that uses a name easily confused with the ABA is grossly deceptive. It conforms to the most unflattering stereotypes of Black people.


          • jello333 says:

            Yeah, the first time I heard someone say “Parks is head of the National Bar Association”, the “National” part just didn’t click. All I could think was the massively important and influential American Bar Association. And so needless to say, I very nearly fell out of my chair. Fortunately, after thinking about it for a minute, I was like HUH? Wait a minute, something ain’t right here! And it was then that I looked up NBA and realized where the confusion was… “Ok, now THAT makes sense.”


      • howie says:

        All the defense has to do is keep pecking away at this. As they get closer and closer someone will break down. People do funny things when they know they are in hot water. Example would be Serino hiring Baez. How many witnesses now have lawyers? What do they need them for?


  18. Damn. So many articles. Can’t keep up.


  19. Gutman still hasn’t deleted that tweet.


    • jello333 says:

      Seems to be some real confusion there. The questioner seems to think there’s a recording of Trayvon and DeeDee talking on the phone the night of the 26th. And Gutman (who is obviously talking about the Crump interview) doesn’t seem to notice that the questioner is confused. So just based on these tweets, a person could easily go “WHAT?! There’s a tape of Trayvon and DeeDee talking?!”

      Even though these tweets are based on confusion, I’m amazed they haven’t gotten more play. Because at first glance, they look VERY BIG.


  20. Angel says:

    “”Zimmerman is about to go back on trial. There might be riots and conflicts because people are still mad,” said student Isis Clark from following article.

    Perhaps preparing people for the inevitable to avert those riots?


  21. recoverydotgod says:

    The media was willing to be played like a fiddle for the cause of social justice journalism, most likely why many go into journalism nowadays.

    NABJ Exclusive: Lawyer for slain teenager Trayvon Martin’s family expects charges against gunman

    Saturday, March 24, 2012
    Posted by: Aprill Turner


    At the spring board meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists, board members interviewed attorney Daryl D. Parks, the principal in the Tallahassee, Fla.-based law firm representing the parents of the 17-year-old who was fatally shot by a neighborhood watch captain.


    Parks said he hasn’t seen any photo or video evidence documenting any injuries sustained by Zimmerman during the altercation with Trayvon. He also said Trayvon’s girlfriend, whom attorneys say spoke with him just moments before his death, has yet to give a statement to police.



  22. tara says:

    I am just now reading this (trying to catch up!). Daisha was 18 when Crump interviewed her??? So at the very least, when Trademark was killed she was 17, not 16. Does anyone know her exact birthday? If she was 18 at the time of the killing … oh boy.


    • myopiafree says:

      Hi Tara – This chaos was intentionally developed by Crump. ( If you can’t dazzle them with your brilliance – baffle them with your BULL SHIT. ) He created two or three DeeDees. The last one was 18 years-old. We concluded that 16 year-old men – don’t date 18 year-old DeeDees (who went to kindergarden with Trayvon). There are so many false stories by Crump – that it is indeed difficult to sort them out.


    • WeeWeed says:

      Hiya, kiddo! Good to see you! 😀


  23. minor4 says:

    As far as I can tell, if you ignore DD’s subsequent additions and embellishments in her later interview (you want that too?), DD’s account corroborates Zimmerman’s own account.


  24. Sayers says:


    •On August 2, 2012, Moore and White picked up a witness (my assumption: Dee Dee) in Northwest Miami Dade and drove her to the Ft. Lauderdale airport where she flew to Jacksonville to meet with the State’s Attorney.
    •On August 3, 2012, Moore and White picked up the witness at the Fort Lauderdale airport upon her arrival from Jacksonville and drove her to a home in Northwest Miami Dade.


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