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The president says raising tax rates would help solve our long-term debt problem, but it’s hard to take this argument seriously, for two reasons.

First: According to the president’s own Treasury Department, the tax increases he is advocating would generate $85 billion in new revenue next year.   By comparison, the monthly budget deficit in October was about $120 billion, and the total deficit for fiscal year 2012 was roughly $1.1 trillion. Simply put: We cannot tax our way back to budget surpluses and economic prosperity. Without major spending cuts and entitlement reforms, we will continue running huge deficits, regardless of what we do on the revenue side.

Several things to watch for in all of this budget bullsh!t from Demonrats, and that is what it is – BS -, are the following:

  1. Whenever you hear the term “Tax Expenditure” HEADS UP’! That is Demonrat politispeak for “Raising Taxes”. They consider your income as theirs to own, so if they give you a “tax break” or “tax deduction” they consider it a “tax expenditure”. Money they have ALLOWED you to keep, out of their kindness. If they are reducing tax expenditures they are raising taxes.
  2. Whenever you hear the numeric value put on the deficit reduction look at two things. a) The Amount, and b) The Timeframe.   In the ridiculous Obama example above he is talking about an imaginary subjective goal of his to reduce “deficit spending” (not the actual deficit, just reduce the speed of spending above revenues) by $850 Billion over 10 years. OR $85 billion per year.  $85 Billion per year is pittance. The deficit is by itself over $1.1 Trillion per year.
  3. If they wanted to remove the deficit the TRUE TARGET would be $18 Trillion in spending over 10 years.

The Demonrats have not proposed a budget, they never passed a budget last year, they are just sitting on the sidelines trying to score political points taking shots at those who are actually engaged in trying to make real substantive progress on a huge issue.

It is all just politispeak on the part of the Demonrats. Spin, manipulation, smoke-n-mirrors etc. They know “entitlements” have to be dealt with, but they prefer to position themselves as FOR support of “entitlements”. So they are playing a game of Russian Roulette with our economy. They are insufferable……./SD

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27 Responses to 9uht$&P(*&^%#!*(_sjdf[ogjs[dpofgl;(*%$#DFFHU%$#@

  1. nobaddog says:

    The President said it so its 100% true. If you disagree your a racist or just very stupid.


  2. Ugh says:

    Of course his plan is to blame the evil rich, and Bush.


  3. PatriotUSA says:

    I will take racist and ‘stupid’ any day. But we are not stupid compared to those who voted for this traitor to have another term, er ah dictatorship.

    Please see this site to see what constitutes a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN, which Obama is NOT and is therefore NOT legal to be POTUS. What is laid down in this work really fits in with much of what Sundance and others have worked so tirelessly to have up here.

    There are MANY fine and intelligent ‘treepers’ here. I am not sure I fit into intelligent but will let you all decide that and snark is always welcome as I sorta thrive on it.

    This about education for all of us and removal of a cancer from the White House and beyond.


    This goes way beyond the birther issue and is based on the Constitution and our founding fathers. I know the author and editor very well, I have read this ebook, all of it and it is a fine work.

    These are fine men, period.

    I and them are making NOTHING off this. I just decided to help out after reading this. I suggest you look at the preview for an excellent snapshot of this ebook. It is for our time to remove this POTUS and for our future. This was written for love of Our Republic, Constitution and what the Founding fathers gave us. I weep for our Republic and refuse to stay silent or marched into hell because of these traitorous, statist, progressive liberals with a terminal illness.

    Be sure to look at the section at the site titled “Conservative Blockade’ and trust me, most of you will not be surprised by this section or the names of those ‘conservatives, spit, who even refused to look at this BEFORE the election.


    For those truly interested I can get a copy at no cost but that is for serious folks only and limited.

    I hope a few are willing to take a look.


    • jordan2222 says:

      OK, PatriotUSA ….. You have my attention. My normal micro bio is “Strict Constitutionalist” at other sites. Like Scalia, I am an Originalist. I believe one must have studied the Federalist Papers and have a comprehensive understanding of the Declaration Of Independence in order to interpret the Constitution in the context of today’s society. That is my position.

      I have never heard of Bob Gard.

      Reading a 1,722 page eBook sounds a bit intimidating unless the content can hold someone’s attention but it would still be a challenge for most folks. If you can get me access, I would like to give it a try.


      • PatriotUSA says:


        The book is a bit overwhelming, especially getting started and I did struggle with it at first. BUT as a long time student of American Military history (that is what my degree is in, worked for and earned with not a cent of financial aid in the early and mid 1970’s, when there were still Excellent, conservative instructors around and political correctness was not even really very common at all), I am very used to such reading. It gets much better as one gets farther in to it and it did take me a about two plus months as I hate reading on the computer and am an older guy who prefers the haunts of a fine old library or personal study, filled with historical and old manuscripts, documents, books rather than a kindle or such technology. Good bottle of Whiskey to sip at with a fine cigar. This is not light reading and yes, I had not heard of Bob Gard either until over one plus year ago when this was still in the works. The book, Founding Brothers by Joseph J. Ellis ties in most nicely with Mr. Gard’s work.

        I have several copies and can send one to you. NO cost, how is that?

        Contact me through my site where I MODERATE all comments and decide if they go up
        or get deleted. This is the link for me post on Mr. Gard’s ebook:

        Leave a comment and I will get back to you this way.

        I am up very late at night and thanks for your interest. If you do not like it or have constructive criticisms, Mr. Gard would like to hear them.


    • doodahdaze says:

      In other words the USA no longer exists. I really agree with that. Fundamental change has taken place. We have not kept the Republic. We are run by a Gangster and his merry band.


  4. Sharon says:




  5. ZurichMike says:

    Why aren’t the Republicans using this very simple, very effective graph 24/7 at all meetings, all press interviews, all talking head shows? SHOW SOME SPINE.


  6. akathesob says:



  7. ytz4mee says:

    The CBC reported last night with a straight face that the OECD is recommending that the US and Europe contribute additional “quantitative easing” (ie: money printing) as their obligation to “avoid” a worldwide recession.

    Extend and pretend. The longer it goes on, the greater the pain at the end.


    • doodahdaze says:

      There are three key players in the Obama re-election in my opinion.
      1. Bernake
      2. Cristie
      3. Roberts
      Without these three even a Kangaroo could have taken him out.


      • doodahdaze says:

        Make that four. I forgot Petreus.


        • ctdar says:

          5) voter fraud via computer or human
          6) “lost”military ballots


          • kate says:

            this leaves me so baffled. Serious. I watched a clip yesterday on you tube: Whoppie lets lose on Glenn Beck. She says to him, the thing that pisses me off “really pisses me off Glenn, because you lied” she doesn’t back down. FINALLY she pulls out the race card ! Yep, that is what is happened during the Obama term/s. RACE ! NOW think about this, President Obama and his people have lied to our faces on national t.v. Benghazi ! Voter machine & illegals voting, illegal contributions. EXCUSE me ! Really, a minor infraction is 15 minutes of bitching on Glenn via Whoppieee….and yet our own President is a lier and a scandalist socialist and people just don’t get it. This is about facts. NOT color. Get past that COLOR and look at this for what it is and what is it doing to our country. God Bless America!


  8. doodahdaze says:

    As anyone can see the Taxes plus the cuts that are not even cuts will not even cover the interest. This means that everyone is lying. This also means that in the end math will prevail. The USA is still in the denial stage of the death spiral.


    • ctdar says:

      Oh and my favorite from Obama regarding raising taxes, we need to do this now before holidays and will come to table at later detail to iron out details…
      Where Have We Heard That Before??


  9. czarowniczy says:

    Sorry, I’m a bit stunned right now, I’ve just spent two days at the state legislative level trying to get Mississippi to accept the US passport as a positive proof of US citizenship. Thought we had the problem of Mississippi not accepting the validity of DC-issued documents in 1865.
    Anyway, what mo’ betterer way to realize his goal of the US being driven down into a soviet status than by destroying the economy, having a class war and driving the citizenship to the brink of a race war? The largely urban population would never allow itself to be driven into a race war, its having been brainwashed into believing that the problems of the various Federally protected groups are all the fault of revanchist-white-conservative-incorrect-thinking. BTW, I have black and Latino/a conservative friends who are feeling the pressure to free themselves of the oppressive colonial thinking of the Eurocentric ofays and gabachos lest, when the time comes, they be labeled as Uncle Toms or Tio Tacos. Ayers and the progressive trash that worked with him in having the POtuS steal the presidency must be clapping their arthritic little bomb-making hands at the damage they’ve wrought. Whatever progress has been made in unifying this country over the last nearly-50-years has largely been destroyed and may never be undone.


  10. obsidian53 says:

    It is POTUS Obama”s problem and I am just along for the ride, no guarantee I’ll get where I wanted to go or what condition I’ll be in when I do. But I’m up for thrill of the adventure kinda like riding in a Taxi with a manic for a driver but what the hell.

    I sure as hell ain’t bored anymore!


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