“The president told me I would get immediate help,”….

D’oh ….. and, and… she seriously believed him !

She said she was honored to meet Obama, but she is also frustrated that she has yet to receive help from either her insurance companies or the government. “The president told me I would get immediate help,” she said.

“Looking back on it, it wasted a lot of people’s time,” she said of the visit.

The future of the North Point Marina remains uncertain. “I am just moving minute by minute, because the insurance companies are telling me no, no, no!” she said.  (article)

I’m serious…. and then she said she thought we would help!

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11 Responses to “The president told me I would get immediate help,”….

  1. ytz4mee says:

    She can take that hug to the bank, baby.


  2. lovemygirl says:

    My wife keeps stopping me from engaging our Prog friends. I simply want to explain the reality but she wants me to keep it between us and our consevative freinds. She knows I will go overboard and put a damper on a social event.
    What was funny was my daughter opened the back porch door while I was out there and with her “prog” child freind that had spent the night asked me if Romney said he was going to raise taxes on the poor and lower them on the rich. I said no, she replied to the prog daughter “I told you so”. They went back to playing.


  3. doodahdaze says:

    Help! I’m stupid cause I have no brain!


  4. Liberals USED to be the optimistic ones says:

    The great part about having a black president is you are never allowed to criticize him since no one expected much from the affirmative action president, anyway


  5. Mikado Cat says:

    I may be four rough years, but if it can solidly be hung around the Democrats necks, maybe it will do some good.


    • LOL… you really think it’s going to be only -four- more?
      Lucifer says you’ve got that boy in the White House for a long, long time.
      After he’s crowned, kiss the 22nd Amendment bye-bye. 👿


      • obsidian53 says:

        Yup, 9 out of 10 people in my area believe the same thing, we ain’t never gonna get rid of this tyrant who will be America’s first lifetime POTUS. Unless the people rebel and unless the military sides with the constitution and the people.


  6. hoonan says:

    I was in the Rockaways a couple weeks ago helping with Team Rubicon. Here we were a totally volunteer organization helping people out where we could, which ended up demoing basements and homes removing drywall and flooring before mold started setting in, shoveling sand etc. Well in one area which was more low income than the area near the beach etc we had been going door to door a day earlier asking if anybody needed any help and we would try and get to them.
    People couldn’t believe people would just show up and do that….for free…so there was some mistrust as if we were some sort of scam (with looting and all going on it’s a bit understandable).

    So day 2 after helping a few homes they started to open up more and we got a more open response and more requests….but then on day 3 we started to see some backtracking where a day earlier people needed help and the next it was “Thanks but No thanks” which puzzled me until I was told a story but another group where they watched a man tell his neighbor, who had a team in the house preparing to do work, somethign about and “Government, Obama, and FEMA” next thing you know the guy didn’t want help and soon as they watched that guy practically go house to house nobody in that block needed help anymore…..the theory is a rumor was going around that if a volunteer group came in and helped you in restoring your home you’d get less money when that big ole FEMA check was supposed to come and you’d be assed out on your Obamabucks……………


  7. Patriot Dreamer says:

    She was just a photo op. to him.


  8. cajunkelly says:

    Rebuild North Point Marina


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