If You Enjoy Or Prefer White Meat Turkey….. You’re Racist ! So Sayeth The Left….

Of course they do….  everything is racist.   EVERYTHING.  Last month it was Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches that made you a racist, now it’s Turkey

undefined(Progressive Logic) […]  But, seriously, I mean no disrespect, especially in this holiday celebration of fellowship and thanksgiving. And, yes, I’m familiar with the phrase “de gustibus non est disputandum“—there’s no arguing about taste. But in the case of white meat from a Thanksgiving turkey, well, I’d argue about that. White meat turkey has no taste. Its slabs of dry, fibrous material are more like cardboard conveyances, useful only for transporting flavorsome food like stuffing and gravy from plate to mouth. It’s less a foodstuff than a turkey app, simulated meat, a hyperlink to real food. […]

And the guy was boasting that his turkeys were “bred to have 18 to 22 percent more white meat.” After which the CBS announcer made a stupid wisecrack about breasts that alone would make you want to forgo the silicone-textured mega-butterballs.

And these are ciabatta-bread people, not Wonder Bread people! Do they still associate white meat with refinement? It was enough to make me wonder whether there could be a racial, if not racist, subtext here. Perhaps there is a clue in the shifting fate of the “other white meat”—pork.

I’ll never forget the moment when I learned the antebellum racial origin of the phrase “living high on the hog.” I had driven down the I-5 “grapevine,” that fog-shrouded mountainous interior route from San Francisco to L.A. with a couple of Communist Party women who were mothers of death row prisoners (long story). When dawn broke and we arrived in Watts, they guided me to a place called Ray’s Redwood City, an all-night, almost all-black joint where the ladies of Saturday night dined with the ministers of Sunday morning (not at the same tables), and my fellow travelers ordered me a dish called “high on the hog,” a mountain of scrambled eggs topped by a fried pork chop.

It was then I learned the etymology of the phrase in America. It hails from the plantation days, when the white slave owners dined on choice pork chops cut from “high on the hog” while the slaves made do with the lower parts of the pig—the ham hocks, the pigs feet, the pork bellies, and the innards. White meat was high on the hog, but not higher on flavor than other (often darker) cuts. Indeed the “other white meat” now available most frequently in lean and tasteless pork chops and cutlets has little more taste than white meat turkey.  (continue reading)

The term “racist” was invented by the German-Jewish homosexual rights activist Magnus Hirschfeld. He was also a Marxist and a leading member of the notorious Frankfurt School. He theorized that the term “racist” could be used to demonize the political enemies of the left. The word is designed so that there is no real way to defend yourself against charges of “racism.

Joseph Kay provides the counter consideration –   A paradox informs today’s race relations. On the one hand we have an African-American President and nearly all of the historical civil rights agenda is now law. In countless ways, life for African Americans has never been better. On the other hand, race-related Political Correctness (PC) grows harsher by the day. Yes, talking about race is still permissible but you better watch out. Even acknowledging the rise in black-on-white violent crime can be risky. The Bell Curve sold over 400,000 copies after it was published in 1994; today it might not even see the light of day.

Why? After all, the election of Obama was supposed to bring a post-racial society. Of course, it has not. Blacks still lag behind whites on nearly everything that counts, and all the traditional, “respectable” explanations for this gap grow increasingly less plausible. And, as “respectable” explanations fail, the one cause that dare not speak its name (and least in polite society)—intractable biological differences—slowly moves to the forefront. Repressive PC is thus a preemptive measure to choke public discussion of what is unthinkable and unspeakable: that racial differences in crime, child rearing, welfare dependency, educational attainment and all the rest are substantially rooted in genes.

Conventional explanations for why blacks lag behind whites number into the dozens and in their day, each sounded convincing, at least for a few years. During the 1950s one regularly heard about the legacy of slavery, inadequate school funding and poorly trained teachers, urban over-crowding (and white slum lords), white supremacist organizations like the KKK, discrimination in employment, white prejudice, lack of political access (especially in the South due to the poll tax and literacy tests), lead-paint poisoning, the absence of black heroes in school textbooks and movies, all-white TV shows, and all this topped off with apartheid-like Jim Crow. Then there were movie portrayals of blacks as childlike incompetents, e.g., Stepin Fetchit and Mantan Moreland. Further add the white plot to put liquor stores in the ghetto and, if that fails, claim that the CIA imports drugs. There was also the argument that the English language hindered blacks because of negative associations with the color black, as in “black magic,” “black mood,” “black eye,” and “black sheep.”

As each of these explanations waned (for example, school spending was equalized, the 1965 Voting Rights Act brought equal ballot access, lead paint disappeared, ghettos became less dense as millions of blacks moved to the suburbs), new explanations took their place: exposure to carbon dioxide from auto exhausts lowered black intelligence, welfare incentives destroyed black family cohesion, black infants did not get enough verbal stimulation, blacks students couldn’t learn because they were hungry, blacks received inferior medical care, written exams (including IQ tests) were culturally biased, banks refused to lend money to blacks, standard English was “foreign” to blacks and was to be replaced with Ebonics, whites unconsciously debilitated blacks with stereotypes and low expectations while blacks themselves internalized negative self-images. Another popular explanation was unhealthy diets, especially for expecting mothers.

More modern explanations of black failure tend toward multiple racisms invisible to whites but catastrophic for blacks (so-called “dog whistle racism”). Among these subtle racisms are implicit racism, environmental racism, aversion racism, subliminal racism, and unconscious racism. And don’t forget  institutional racism. The venerable term “colorblind” is now allegedly a code word for racism. The seemingly neutral political concept of federalism—favored by conservatives—has become the reincarnation of the 1950s era States Rights which, as “everybody knows,” actually means the Confederacy, that is to say, slavery.  The Stanford social psychologist Claude Steele has made a lucrative career of explaining that “stereotype threat” causes low black academic achievement.

Blaming whitey is a thriving industry with regular product launches. During the 1980s the field of Critical Race Studies rose to prominence in many law schools with its argument that white racism was part of our national DNA and was incurable. The judicial philosophy of strict constructionism is now being interpreted as a ruse to deprive blacks of civil rights. Michelle Alexander’s recent The New Jim Crow “shows” that the only thing that has changed for blacks is that white-dominated society now better disguises its racial repression: only outward appearances differ. The science-minded have used fMRI imaging to study the brain for unspoken racism and, sure enough, have found it. If all else fails, it is poverty or “the culture”—certainly not their race—that holds blacks down.

This menu of excuses has a desperate quality about it and cannot survive cursory inspection. “Invisible racism” evokes the days when physicists relied on ether to explain the transmission of light—and even if whites were racist, nobody has yet demonstrated how unexpressed, unconscious beliefs debilitate blacks.

Meanwhile, black youngsters from well-off families living in affluent suburbs lag behind their white classmates and their test scores resemble those of poor inner-city blacks. Obesity has replaced hunger, but black youngsters still fall behind. As for the “poverty does it” explanation, it is far more plausible that poverty is a function of intelligence rather than the other way around, and how do you explain the total failure of hugely expensive anti-poverty programs?

Head Start and similar early interventions have failed, though the government hates to admit it. Culture-free IQ tests show the same results as traditional “biased” tests. Endless affirmative action programs have not closed income gaps, though preference-heavy government jobs have helped. In some ways, the civil rights revolution never happened—millions of whites (even liberals) still flee blacks and avoid venturing into black neighborhoods despite powerful social pressures to the contrary.

Most embarrassing, the scientific basis of racial differences in intelligence grows in strength, though those who follow the mainstream mass media would never know it. But even if these scientific confirmations never existed or were successfully repressed, the case for at least some genetic component to racial differences in accomplishment is increasingly plausible. As Yogi Berra said, you can see a lot by looking around, and evidence is everywhere.

How can one account for the chaos and poverty in sub-Saharan Africa (including nations from which slaves were never taken) in spite of decades of independence and hundreds of billions in foreign assistance? Why do economies in Africa collapse when whites leave? What’s wrong with Haiti despite years of massive government and private assistance?

The evidence on the home front is even more compelling. Racial preferences have opened the eyes of millions of whites by bringing them into contact with incompetent, affirmative-action blacks. Why is it that when blacks come to dominate a school, standards decline and crime rises?

What do Detroit, Newark, East St. Louis, Gary Indiana, Camden, Birmingham, Chicago, Philadelphia and several other troubled, nearly bankrupt crime-ridden cities have in common? Can anyone name a city, even a neighborhood that improved when large numbers of blacks moved in and whites left?

Finally, recent waves of immigration show that upward mobility for the desperately poor is still possible even when new arrivals are “people of color.” Why do Vietnamese refugees who are uprooted from their families, speak little English, and live in squalid housing nevertheless excel in school? Similar successes can be found among the Chinese, Koreans, Indians, and Filipinos.

This is not to say that a genetic explanation is becoming widespread. Biological explanations are probably more common than, say, 20 years ago, but probably fewer than a quarter of all whites state them openly (and among the liberal elite, this figure is probably less than 5 percent). Still, the mounting weakness of non-genetic explanations permits The Great Taboo to gain traction, and it takes ever more heavy-handed PC to keep it down.

The weakening of today’s “respectable” explanations does not, however, mean the eventual triumph of race realism. It is just the opposite: The dishonest orthodoxy will only be pushed harder and will doubtless hang around, if not dominate for decades. One can still meet ostensibly smart people who (at least outwardly) insist that black academic shortcomings result from unequal educational funding, too-white textbooks, the lack of black role model teachers, and all the rest, though each of these explanations is demonstrably false.


Racial bell curves from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

Be prepared for even more hate crime hoaxes while the definition of “hate” continues to expand (John Derbyshire calls this “hate creep”). Meanwhile, academics are already inventing next year’s lies, each one more bizarre than the last (a Princeton professor of sociology recently suggested in The New York Times that young blacks are disadvantaged by irregular sleep patterns). Defenders of racial orthodoxy also easily hide behind propositions that are unfalsifiable, such as, “it’s the culture,” or “solutions require more time.”

The key to understanding this tenacity is that blatant falsehoods rest on economic self-interest and nobody makes a living from contrary arguments. For millions of blacks (and many whites, too) environmental determinism is the ticket to a government-facilitated good life.

At the very core of affirmative action is the assumption that black deficiencies are reversible if blacks get a temporary leg up. Imagine trying to justify affirmative action if racial differences were scientifically certified as genetically hard-wired, and this were publicly accepted?

What, then, might the future hold in the face of unrelenting, burgeoning racial PC?  My own view is a Darwinian one: With a sufficient number of clever people, societies incrementally adapt to tribulations, though the changes may be imperceptible and little is said (adaptation may be easier if nothing is said). In fact, this slow and quiet disengagement from the egalitarian fantasy is already happening.

Consider, for example, the absolute public silence about reinvigorating dying cities or African-American neighborhoods. These Third-World conditions are now just part of the landscape. This is a far cry from the 1960s, when urban renewal, model cities, scattered site housing, the Job Corps, Upward Bound, Project Uplift, church-based social services programs, and similar high-profile measures targeted urban blacks. The once commonplace call to attack black poverty and all the rest by focusing on “root causes” has quietly slipped into oblivion. Nor is there much talk of spending millions to combat soaring AIDS rates among blacks.

Perhaps the last major push to fix a race-related problem was George Bush’s No Child Left Behind effort to reduce racial differences in academic achievement. That failed program is now almost universally denounced as wasteful, and there seems to be no enthusiasm for its replacement, President Obama’s Race to the Top.

When was the last time you heard “schools, not prisons”? Note that neither presidential candidate said much about the “crisis” of black illegitimacy.


It is, for example, hardly an accident that many new automobile factories are located in the South, safely away from high concentrations of African Americans. Many firms now put their back offices in places like South Dakota, while others leave the country altogether or automate. I’ve noticed that telephone-based customer service has improved as companies discover places where you can hire polite, helpful employees who speak clear, unaccented English. I always ask where the customer service person is located and recent responses include Ireland, Fort Worth, and Orlando. Record-breaking unemployment among young blacks, especially in urban areas, testifies to this adaptation.

One could also argue that the influx of Hispanic workers represents an adjustment to the problem of dealing with blacks in the workplace. Hispanics are preferred, given their superior work habits, better attitudes, and reluctance to file lawsuits at the slightest hint of discrimination. Much the same holds for the growing number of Caribbean blacks who have replaced native-born blacks as medical workers and domestic servants.

Adaptation is most visible at a personal level. John Derbyshire may have been terminated at National Review for being “offensive,” but millions of Americans—many unconsciously—still follow his advice on race relations: Avoid blacks, even if this means not helping blacks in trouble. Many bars and restaurants promote racial segregation by seemingly innocuous choices in background music, décor, pricing, menu selection, and overall ambience.

Needless to say, solutions by quiet subterfuge will depress race realists, and the blatant lying and hypocrisy can be unbearable. Realists long for open acknowledgement that massive government efforts to impose equality are an expensive failure. And make no mistake, race realists are a persecuted minority and this persecution will grow as their arguments become indisputable. Still, there is much to be said for hypocrisy to sustain civil society. Honesty may be the best policy—except when it comes to race.  (article)


In the 1980s, the Employment Service of the Department of Labor “race normed” the results of a then-popular job aptitude test called the General Aptitude Test Battery (GATB). It did this by first ranking everyone only against people of the same race, and then adjusting final scores to put everyone on the same bell curve.

In other words, if a black’s raw score put him at the 60th percentile for blacks, his adjusted score put him at the 60th percentile for all test takers. This meant that a raw score of 300 became an adjustedscore of 79 for a black, 62 for a Hispanic, and 38 for “others,” meaning whites and Asians.

The Employment Service didn’t tell anyone it was cooking the scores, and when the facts came out, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act of 1991 that banned the practice.

However, if an employer wants to hire by quota—and that is what he must do or fight off the sharks at the Department of Justice—race norming is the best way to do it. If you hire the black or Hispanic with the highest score at least you know you got the best black or Hispanic.

To repeat: People are just crazy enough to go along with a system like this. They pay for dialysis for illegal immigrants. They say “diversity is our greatest strength.” Republicans think they can “reach out” to Hispanics. So, judging on present form, they are perfectly capable of carrying on with the quota game, even after some future World Genome Project finds that the alleles for intelligence are not spread evenly around the world.

[…]  It is a huge mistake to build a society on any kind of lie. Mistaken assumptions lead to wrong policies, and wrong policies lead to everything from minor mishaps to catastrophe. The assumption that people of all races are exactly and precisely equal in every important respect—let us call it “the delusion”—is very dangerous.

Every time blacks and Hispanics fail in any way, the delusion requires that we blame whites. This has grim consequences. First, the assumption that whites are guilty puts them at a psychological disadvantage that makes them unable to defend their legitimate interests.

Second, it means society pours tremendous resources into the futile task of “narrowing the gaps” and trying to get blacks and Hispanics to behave like whites. Since whites are assumed to have caused the “gaps,” it is right that they finance these futile efforts. This drains individuals who must pay for absurd programs, and who are elbowed aside to make room for their alleged victims.

The logic of the delusion requires that these misguided policies and wealth transfers grind on until the gaps are gone—that is, until pigs have wings. There will be no way to call an official halt to the folly until we puncture the delusion.

Another dangerous consequence of the delusion is that it is part of the current buncombe about race being an illusion. Races are not only equal, we are told, they are equivalent and interchangeable. That means Europe can fill up with Moroccans, and the United States can fill up with Mexicans and nothing will change. This is absurd, of course, but it is meant to soften up for dispossession.

Why should we worry about losing our countries?   We are being replaced by ourselves!

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35 Responses to If You Enjoy Or Prefer White Meat Turkey….. You’re Racist ! So Sayeth The Left….

  1. ZurichMike says:

    Does preferring breast meat make you sexist as well as racist?


  2. gretchenone says:

    These people are experiencing the final phase of liberalism…total insanity. Let us hope with enough meds it can be reversed or arrested. 😉


  3. cajunkelly says:

    OK, so spank me and call me racist. 🙄 I like *WHITE* meat.

    I guess I’m supposed to ignore that it’s call white meat because it has less veins in it and has absolutely nothing to do with the race of the chicken, eh?

    I wonder now about those chickens you can buy/cook/eat that have *all* BLACK MEAT. Now ain’t *that* racist? Yeah, I do mean the meat is BLACK. Nasty looking stuff.


  4. nameofthepen says:

    Israel – the most apartheid country in the world:
    “European Jew vs. Israeli Jew on Multiculturalism”

    Israel – the most openly racist country in the world:
    “israel the racist state.3gp”

    Jews ran the slave trade. A video by a Black man, Dr. Tony Martin, Emeritus Professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College:
    “Tony Martin on Jewish Slave Owners”

    Yet, the White culture (White, Anglo-Saxon, Christians) is blamed by the social media (Hollywood, TV, novels, school texts, etc.) is constantly portrayed as cruel, greedy, oafish slave-traders and owners. It’s become a meme, with which we are beaten into some sort of false guilt and abject submission.

    Interesting tactics, in light of the disproportionate number of Jews in those key areas of “mass perception control”.

    But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them. – Joel Stein, the Los Angeles Times, December 19, 2008:


    I, for one, am tired of it.

    And I’ve become willing to speak out about it, and against those whom I consider are doing it.


    • Chip Bennett says:

      Zionist rhetoric raises a huge red flag for me, and as far as I’m concerned, is equivalent to any other form of antisemitism.

      Just sayin’…


      • nameofthepen says:

        Chip Bennett says: “Zionist rhetoric raises a huge red flag for me, and as far as I’m concerned, is equivalent to any other form of antisemitism.”

        I understand. And, you are welcome to your opinions.

        I don’t consider facts to be racist. To the best of my knowledge, I posted facts, Chip.


        • Chip Bennett says:

          I’m sorry, but the assertion that “Jews ran the slave state” is not only not “fact”, but is in fact as specious as it is absurd.

          Jews were minimally involved in the Atlantic slave trade. I’ll not trust assertions to the contrary from a despicable excuse for a human being such as Black Nationalist and Holocaust denier Dr. Tony Martin (who Wikipedia can’t even sugar-coat), or from the likes of Nation of Islam, who published their despicable book alleging the same.

          The nonsense that the Jews ran the slave trade is so far beyond absurdity that even Henry Louis Gates, Jr. couldn’t defend it.

          And then that bovine excrement about teh JOOOOOS running the media, Hollywood, Wall Street, and the government? Antisemitism and conspiracy theory.


          • nameofthepen says:

            Chip Bennett says: “Antisemitism and conspiracy theory.”

            Well, Chip…everything I posted was gleaned from the writings and claims of Jews themselves. Which you would have learned, had you bothered to study my posting before you responded.

            So, since the source material was Judaic, where’s my so-called “antisemitism”?

            Like I said before, facts aren’t racist. And, I’m not either.

            But, then, Jews aren’t a “race”, any more than Islamists are a “race”. In fact, most Islamic people are actually Semitic, whereas by now, most Jews aren’t. They are Ashkenazim. That’s a whole other avenue I’m not even going to go into here.

            BTW, Chip, you might get a giggle out of this:

            “It’s a Trick, We Always Use It.” (calling people “anti-Semitic”)

            And, you might take this to heart:
            “Jewish Man Exposes Israel’s Lies”

            No, I don’t “hate Jews”, Chip. I hate troublemakers, as any rational person does. And, most powerful people in this world are troublemakers. And, many powerful people are Jews.

            And, just like I don’t agree with what the troublemakers in the gubmint of USA do in my name, neither do all the Jews I know agree in the slightest with what the trouble-making power-brokers of their global community are doing in their name.

            Just sayin’…


            • Chip Bennett says:

              So, since the source material was Judaic, where’s my so-called “antisemitism”?

              That false premise is a logical fallacy. Just because a particular Jew believes something to be true about Judaism, does not cause that belief to be true, nor is such belief evidence that the assertion is true.

              In fact, most Islamic people are actually Semitic…

              Likewise, just because someone is descended from Shem does not mean that such person is inherently capable of being antisemitic.

              … whereas by now, most Jews aren’t. They are Ashkenazim.

              And that depends entirely on your connotation of “Ashkenazim: do you mean “descendants of Ashkenaz”, or do you mean “European Jews”? Though, in either case, the distinction is irrelevant. An Ashkenazim Jew is equally hated by Islam as a Sephardic Jew.


              • nameofthepen says:

                Chip Bennett says: “logical fallacy”.

                Chip, I know you didn’t have time to watch what I posted before you denied it.

                Now, that’s what I call a “logical fallacy”.

                Again, facts are facts. Whether they are uncomfortable, or not. Whether they come from someone we approve of, or not.

                I see this distresses you. I’m sorry.

                Plus, as soon as I answer Jordan’s comment, I’m done with this topic.

                I have posted some excellent links here. You have the opportunity to deepen your understanding by watching them. It’s up to you, of course.



    • jordan2222 says:


      Great post with some good links.. thank you.

      You said: Jews ran the slave trade.

      Stokely Carmichael, Malcom X, and Eldridge Cleaver were quite vocal about it as is Louis Farrakhan on occasion, but I suspect a lot of folks do not know the true history of slaves coming to America or why blacks hate Jews.


      • Chip Bennett says:

        Yes, the Nation of Islam represents a completely objective and unbiased viewpoint with respect to Judaism. Why would I ever suspect anyone who adheres to an ideology that fanatically wishes to wipe Israel off of the map to have a – shall we say – jaded perspective of Jews?


      • nameofthepen says:

        jordan2222 says: “Great post with some good links.. thank you.”

        Jordan, thank you for your comment. A couple of points I’d like to just adjust here. First of all, I don’t think all Blacks hate Jews. I don’t think most Blacks understand the difference between the small contingent of truly trouble-making Jews, and “Whitey” in general.

        Secondly, I don’t put Malcolm X and Farrakhan in the same class. I kinda admire Malcolm X.

        But, I consider Farrakhan a huckster of the first water. As proof of that, he’s got his people all lined up to join $cientology.


        And, I’d be very surprised if he won’t be receiving a secret kickback for every one who $igns up. If they had any sense at all they’d run as far and as fast as they could from this new “destiny” he has mapped out for them:


        • jordan2222 says:

          Whether Jews were involved in the slave trade or not is debatable but even if it’s not true, some blacks believe that it is and it’s ONE reason why those that do hate Jews. I say this from personal interaction with blacks AND Jews in the past. In the late 60’s, while in the USAF, I tried to relate and identify with blacks. I took a course at the University of Albuquerque. It was actually a master’s level course and required a “thesis.”

          Part of my assignment was to read various books written by blacks, including Soul on Ice. I also had to write a paper.

          Here was the subject: Pretend you are a married black man with 2 children living in New York. Describe in detail a vacation trip with your family, to Florida, including where you will eat and sleep and what you will do for fun, including beaches and other places you will viisit. That was in 1968 or 1969. No internet service was available back then so I had to do all of my research the old fashioned way.. i.e. by going to various libraries.

          I had previously been to see a George Wallace rally while stationed in Massachusetts but went with a group of black girls. All of that contributed to my evolving and now, current view of race.

          My previous posts describe where I am now. I am a fan of Fred Reed, Thomas Sewell, the Angry Black Man and John Derbyshire among others who speak the Truth and tell it like it really is. Fred Reed is my absolute favorite. Read this one for starters, in which he describes the The Coming Race War in America and The Need to Lynch Zimmerman

          The Need to Lynch Zimmerman:


          It is number 516 of the 537 articles available online.


          • nameofthepen says:

            jordan2222 says: “http://www.fredoneverything.net/Zimmerman.shtml”

            Dang, Jordan! Why’d ya have to go and post that? 👿

            I ended up being over at his site for hours! 😆


            • jordan2222 says:

              After you have read all of his articles, sign up to receive his newest stuff. That is how I stay current. You might want to save the page that shows ALL of his articles because he does not always do that.

              I have sent his stuff to quite a few folks who had never heard of him but they are “addicted” now like me. I also follow Thomas Sewell and John Derbyshire and check out the Angry Black Man once in a while because there is no link to get updates as far as I know. He would have made a great speaker at the GOP convention but so would other blacks. Maybe that is one of the reasons why so few blacks vote for them. There is only one black conservative left in Congress. .Tim Scott from SC.

              That is a liability but it’s hard to get any of them into office. Even Allen West could not keep his job.


              • nameofthepen says:

                jordan2222 says: “I also follow Thomas Sewell and John Derbyshire and check out the Angry Black Man once in a while…”

                Jordan, thanks again. Will check them out! 🙂


  5. ottawa925 says:

    Here is what I do not understand: Why – O – why doesn’t anyone who has the public stage ever respond to term “white racist” that ALL peoples, let me repeat “ALL PEOPLES” have been enslaved and/or tortured and killed or kept in bondage throughout the history of the world. People have done so to THEIR OWN, and it still goes on today. YET !!!!! You have the blacks that want to claim racism as a grievance particular to them and have kept this going for hundreds of years.

    Anybody ever see the movie Zulu? British soldiers up against the Zulu tribe? There is no way slave traders with one shot muskets went and took blacks from Africa unless leaders of the African tribes made the trade with them willingly … a trade off for something. These African tribes would have slaughtered these slave traders. What they lacked in modern weaponry they made up in numbers.

    Here you see the small British unit defeat the Zulu’s in the last scene. However, they were trained soldiers and with a last ditch effort employed the rows of musket fire, giving the first row a chance to reload as second and third rows fired away. But a boat load of untrained slave traders? …. I think not.

    In any event, since the civil rights … MOST (not all) blacks and those that would use the term racist to their advantage latched on to the term like a pitbull on a piece of meat and they haven’t let go since. It’s a term that is directed toward one group and one group only …. Whites. Only whites are racists. When the blacks call whites “the man”, a term that translates to “the oppressor” THEY are not racist. Only the oppressed can use the term racist against oppressor. Yet, were not blacks oppressors when they held in the Jews in bondage for several thousand years ??!!! Or is that a fairy tale … and the Egyptians built their own pyramids? Do we not see today blacks of one tribe killing, raping and maiming other blacks? Why is it you never hear the outcry from American blacks on that? Why are powerful blacks not on the first flight to Africa to do something to stop the insanity? No. They would rather hold onto to something that happened 200 hundred years ago with the help of BLACK tribe leaders.

    It’s a distorted fairy tale. They did the pick and choose, and decided to only cast the vile slave traders and plantation owners. Is it any different today? Maybe a little, but I’m sure horror stories accompany what is going on today, when businesses, corporations and yes, farming decided to side step our labor laws and basically keep slaves as employees.


    • stringplayer55 says:

      The liberal elite who would salve the collective conscience of all whites by assuming that white Christians are responsible for all of the ills in this world would keep hidden the fact that the African slave trade was dominated by black Africans in Africa. No, among the liberal elite, the African slave trade was perpetrated on black Africans by WASPs. Now just hush up, would you!!!???

      At the same time, let’s agree that as White Anglo-Saxons, we should flagellate ourselves for the Crusades. The Muslim world only hates the West because the West has for centuries had a crusade against the Muslim world that continues today with our economic policies and efforts to steal whatever resources the Muslim world possesses. Certainly, that is understood, right? Never mind that the Crusades actually started when the Saracen’s massacred 3,000 Christians in Jerusalem in 1065. The fact is that, by label, the West were the Crusaders.

      You see, these labels are like tattoos. Once you have been labeled, it is there forever. Attempt to deny that the label is stuck on you and you only succeed in proving the need for the label. Never mind whether the label has any basis in reality. You’ve been labeled. Consequently, you are what the label states you are.

      Finally, let me confess that I, a WASP, do actually LIKE white meat from a turkey. When properly prepared (brining to keep the moisture in the meat as the turkey is roasted, first roasted breast side down and subsequently breast side up) AND when properly sliced (never slice the turkey with the grain in large, flat slabs; instead cut off the entire breast and then slice across the grain), white meat is tender, juicy, and flavorful. It is, actually, the best part of a well cooked bird.


    • jordan2222 says:

      Zulu was a really interesting. eye opening, movie.


  6. Chip Bennett says:

    But in the case of white meat from a Thanksgiving turkey, well, I’d argue about that. White meat turkey has no taste. Its slabs of dry, fibrous material are more like cardboard conveyances, useful only for transporting flavorsome food like stuffing and gravy from plate to mouth.

    The poor soul has never had the pleasure of eating a properly cooked turkey. White meat isn’t dry; over-cooked white meat is dry.

    Of course, I’m one of those crazy fools who has always preferred thigh meat to breast meat – whether from a chicken, a turkey, or a… er, nevermind…


    • ottawa925 says:

      I prefer dark meat, I like a wing too. White meat for me is strickly to make sandwich with mayo.


    • jordan2222 says:

      Properly cooked? A turkey cannot be properly cooked without brining it first, which most folks don’t do or know nothing about. Once you eat a brined turkey and roast it with the breast side down, you will never eat it any other way. I am partial to dark meat unless the turkey is brined or smoked or deep fried, but turkeys should be brined regardless of the cooking process.

      CAUTION: Do not brine self basting turkeys. I would not even buy one of them,


      • Chip Bennett says:

        Brining is a requirement! Though, I still roast mine right-side-up. I just roast it slightly lower-and-slower than the package instructions.


        • jordan2222 says:

          If you have a frozen turkey, you can put the frozen bird in the brine instead of waiting for it to thaw. |f there is no room in the fridge, as is most often the excuse, use a cooler. Just make sure it is completely submerged.


          • jordan2222 says:

            Fat (and juices) will flow down to the breast if you cook it breast side down. Try it and I think you will see a big difference.


            • stringplayer55 says:

              Turkey should be started breast side down and spend most of its time roasting breast side down. However, in the last hour it should be flipped over so that you get a good skin on the entire bird. With brining and roasting most of the time breast side down, the white meat is moist and flavorful in this method.

              Note that just as important as knowing how to roast the turkey is knowing how to carve the turkey. Don’t cut wide slabs with the grain. Instead, cut the entire breast off the bone and then carve across the grain. When properly roasted AND CARVED, the breast meat can be exquisite.


              • jordan2222 says:

                You are correct. I assumed most folks would know to finish the bird, breast side up as they do with other dishes for appearance . I slice everything against the grain, from corned beef, roasts and London Broil to turkey.


  7. 22tula says:

    What about the dessert? You left out the dessert. Where’s the Apple Pie?
    Where is the apple of his eye? Where is the missing ingredient – Fathers?

    “Dear Father, Dear Son” By Larry Elder
    Dennis Prager interview – November 25, 2012
    Scroll down to podcast

    “Dear Father, Dear Son: Two Lives… Eight Hours”
    By Larry Elder


  8. jordan2222 says:

    When it’s all said and done, there is a certain segment of blacks who REFUSE to assimilate into our white society and that is by choice. .. Intelligence may or may not have anything to do with it . I suspect those are the same ones who are genetically predisposed to sudden rage which we have often seen when they successfully rob a convenience store, and needlessly kill the clerk as they are ready to leave, almost as if it’s an afterthought but an uncontrollable one. When a black teenager kills a law enforcement officer in uniform as happens here in Florida all too often.. well that just make no sense at all and defies my form of logic.

    No way are we created equal. I readily admit that blacks are better at many things and will leave it at that.


  9. jordan2222 says:

    Fred on Everything..

    If you want to read some brutally honest articles on race relations, then Fred Reed is a must. He and John Derbyshire are much alike. Warning: Once you get started, it might be hard to stop.



  10. boricuafudd says:

    I had read Dr. Kay article and I found it troubling, while what he says is all true, PC has run amok the underlying issue of intelligence among between races is dangerous. This is what is now happening, the bars are lowered or adjusted according to race. While I don’t doubt, in fact, I concur that blacks are not performing at the level of other races, some which face higher obstacles, his contention gives reasoning for not applying and changing the goals according to race. For example, if we know that blacks average on a test is 80 percent, then that would constitute an equivalency of 100 percent, and so on. This in turn would lead to the thinking that, even though blacks are only 80 percent efficient as Asians, a set aside must be made to adjust for that. The problem is that this thinking is belied by the the success of African international students, who outperform their American counterparts. While, it is true that AA’s are falling behind in the country, the reason mentioned is not the cause.

    As for Ron Rosenbaum, he is just another elitist from the East Coast trying to define other people while disguising his own prejudices.


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